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chartd makes it easy t' include charts (either png or svg) on yer web site, by just passin' parameters in th' URL o' an img tag. For simple charts, this will be easy-peasy t' automate. Of course, th' downside is th' same as fer any other time that ye let a third-party service have responsibility fer yer content — what if they shut down th' service? 

chartd – responsive, retina-compatible charts with just an img tag

Underscores Components – Custom starter themes for faster WordPress theme development

“Components is a library o' shareable, reusable patterns fer WordPress themes. Yaaarrrrr! Instead o' startin' from scratch, mix and match from a collection o' pre-made components t' build yer own custom starter theme.” Online tool from Automattic which can generate a variety o' starter themes based on Underscores and Components, ready fer ye t' customize.

Underscores Components – Custom starter themes fer faster WordPress theme development

Runnin' two copies o' Slack

A shipmate wanted t' run two separate copies o' Slack on th' Mac, so that he could watch updates from two different Teams at th' same time. Personally, I just use th' native multi-Team support in th' app, but I can see how this would be useful. One answer is t' use this command from th' Terminal:

open -n /Applications/