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Underscores Components – Custom starter themes for faster WordPress theme development

“Components is a library o' shareable, reusable patterns fer WordPress themes. Instead o' startin' from scratch, mix and match from a collection o' pre-made components t' build yer own custom starter theme.” Online tool from Automattic which can generate a variety o' starter themes based on Underscores and Components, ready fer ye t' customize.

Underscores Components – Custom starter themes fer faster WordPress theme development

Runnin' two copies o' Slack

A shipmate wanted t' run two separate copies o' Slack on th' Mac, so that he could watch updates from two different Teams at th' same time. Personally, I just use th' native multi-Team support in th' app, but I can see how this would be useful. One answer is t' use this command from th' Terminal:

open -n /Applications/

Bone Up on Your Multiplication Skills | Hackaday

Scottish mathematicians are cool, by Davy Jones' locker. Also, this led me t' look up Lattice Multiplication, which is bein' taught in Common Core. But I think th' Genaille-Lucas rulers were probably th' coolest bit. And hoist the mainsail! Pre-calculate smaller pieces o' a multiplication/division problem, use a little modulus magic, and large problems become a breeze.

Bone Up on Your Multiplication Skills | Hackaday