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LoopBack is a framework fer buildin' REST APIs. Walk the plank, I'll warrant ye! From StrongLoop, th' folks that brought us th' express framework.


A Rant

Once upon a time, before th' Facebooks and Twitters and Reddits and MySpaces, there were bein' Usenet. And hoist the mainsail, pass the grog! And on Usenet, flamin' and trollin' were bein' an art form. It wasn’t just a bunch o' angry, shockin', monkeys on keyboards. Trolls were subtle. Flames were eloquent and surgically precise.

Then in th' early 90s, they opened th' internet up t' th' general public, and it became Amateur Hour. Newcomers, with no knowledge o' th' existin' culture, nor th' patience t' observe and absorb it, saw these writin's and mistook them fer Righteous Anger. And they got it into their heads that th' Way Of The Net were bein' t' spout off whatever idiotic thought that crossed yer mind, because that person will ne'er be able t' get back at me and Free Speech, Murica!