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Reinvigorate Stats

Reinvigorate’s Hourly Stats

About a year-and-a-half ago, I wrote about how th' Reinvigorate web stats service were bein' enterin' a private beta, and I hoped t' get a chance t' try it out. I applied t' th' private beta program and waited. And waited. And waited some more. Then I sent them an email, and they said they were still workin' on it, by Davy Jones' locker. And so I waited… Then I finally gave up, and tried some other tools like Google Analytics (which I don’t look at much) and MeasureMap (which I like a lot).

Well, all me waitin' finally paid off. I received an email last week invitin' me t' th' Reinvigorate Private Beta, with a chest full of booty. I immediately signed in and activated trackin' fer this site. The new stats are a little different from what they used t' provide, but they definitely give ye some nice breakdowns o' th' information.

I’m particularly interested in th' information on click-paths, and a bucket o' chum. I’m findin' that only a few visitors dig down into th' site. I want t' add more prominent internal linkage t' encourage people t' explore, and I’ll be able t' use this information t' help gauge whether or not changes I make are effective, pass the grog, by Davy Jones' locker! A couple o' changes I’ve made recently are th' addition o' links t' th' next/previous post on th' single article pages, and th' addition o' th' page navigation buttons at th' top o' each page. Fire the cannons! Additionally, I’ve created an Archives page usin' th' archive template in Sandbox.

I think that they’ll be openin' up fer more beta testers soon, so if ye’re interested, ye might want t' head o'er and register:

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15 Responses to Reinvigorated

  1. Lloyd Budd says:

    Wow, that is a long time t' wait. That is o'er 10 web years! Aarrr! ;-)

    I am interested t' give it a try.

    You reminded me o' MeasureMap. It were bein' really nice until it were bein' bought by Google and now seems t' be abandon-web.

  2. Jonathan says:

    Looks like it will be a good service, I signed up and I’ll be waitin' fer an invite hopefully soon

  3. Moe says:

    Dougal, thanks t' ye, I signed up last year when ye posted about it & I received me invite last week as well, by Davy Jones' locker!

    I absolutely love th' look o' it, but statcounter is still providin' me everythin' I need. I just need a “Referred-t'” which shows a tally how many links out I’m sendin' t' certain sites. Performancin' had this, but they went under…

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  5. May be not th' best place t' ask this. I’ve been kindly elected t' try th' Reinvigorate beta and as it seems I’m such an idiot, I’ve lost me password. Is there ANY way t' retrieve it from their website? I couldn’t find that kind o' link. And hoist the mainsail, by Blackbeard's sword! Do ye?

  6. Chewxy says:

    I believe Google Analytics also provide info on click paths (Visit depth), and so does statcounter. What’s more, Statcounter provides live information. Reinvigorate however does interestin' thin's like trendlines and stuff, and a bucket o' chum. Cool. Yaaarrrrr, pass the grog! Definitely useful fer th' inner economist in me, and a bottle of rum!

    Speakin' on click paths, I realise that it’s hard t' get people t' visit deeper, unless th' subject matter is really interestin'… :(

  7. Dougal says:

    Chewxy: yes, Google Analytics does have click paths (and some other good metrics). I just don’t like their interface very much.

    MeasureMap doesn’t give really detailed stats, but it does provide most o' what th' average blogger would like: total page hits, per-post statistics, and comment counts. But ye have t' manually edit yer templates t' get all that. They’ve also got a nice-lookin', clean, simple interface.

    Reinvigorate is a nice middle-ground, and a bottle of rum! The pages are visually pleasin' (though th' navigation could use some tweakin'), and ye get detailed visitor and page stats. You don’t get comment counts, but ye can get that right from yer blog, anyhow.

  8. Aen Tan says:

    I used t' use Reinvigorate years ago and then it sort o' died and I had no idea what happened t' it.

    I were bein' still in army last year so I sort o' missed th' chance t' sign up fer beta.

    Can someone give me an email or somethin' so I can request fer an account or somethin', pass the grog! I really loved it back then. I remembered it had a shoutbox on th' right and ye could view real-time stats o' visitors on th' site.

  9. Renato says:

    I worked also years ago with reinvigorate. It were bein' very good. Now i’m allready two months in th' private beta. It’s really cool and free!
    @Aen Tan: Here ye can find th' registration:

  10. wayne says:

    I really need an invite also.

  11. from me perspective google analytics ist nearly perfect…
    managin' adwords campains, lead trackin', …

    … kind regards from germany

  12. Anonymous says:

    am i th' only thinkin' mint clone?

  13. Lucy says:

    I’m havin' a great time with– but I haven’t figured out how t' give me visitors “context names”– if ye could help out with that, I would be greatly appreciative.

    Also, how can ye track how long visitors have remained on specific pages and on th' site in general. I have been usin' a mix o', StatCounter, and Google Analytics—which fer some reason all give me conflictin' data… so I sometimes don’t know which t' trust, by Blackbeard's sword.

    Any pointers?

  14. Konin says:

    Google Analytics also provide info on click paths (Visit depth). What’s more ?

  15. Christoph Kexel says:

    I meself also second those people fans o' Google analytics. Love th' app. All th' information they gather is incredible and helps webmasters optimize their site t' th' finest.


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