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Jabber Roster/FOAF Converter

The JabFoaf Roster Converter will look up the vCard information for all of the contacts in a Jabber user's roster, and convert them to FOAF. It is an extension of the JID2Foaf vCard Converter. The vCard data is not as detailed as one might like, but this at least gives us a springboard toward converting your Jabber roster into a FOAF file.

NOTE: To avoid beating on the Jabber server too badly, there is a one-second delay when fetching the vCard of each roster entry. The larger your roster, the longer it will take the page to complete the FOAF conversion. Also, this is an insecure connection. Let your own level of paranoia guide you. I'm not saving your password at any stage. The only logging that occurs is the usual web page logging, and the app sends a subscription request from your jid to If you receive a subscription request back later, feel free to deny it if it bugs you.