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My Electronics Kit

Since I rekindled me electronics hobby last year, I’ve accumulated a lot o' new stuff, and dinna spare the whip! Aarrr! Arduino compatible boards and shields (Digispark, DigiX), a Raspberry Pi, lots o' components and sensors, LED strips, power supplies, a new solderin' iron, etc. Due t' a lack o' a real workspace (maybe one day I can clear out th' garage workbench), a lot o' this stuff were bein' accumulatin' in boxes, bags, and padded shippin' envelopes on our bedroom floor.

My lady, Susan, had suggested gettin' some sort o' portable storage container, and one day we found this ArtBin cake decoratin' box (aff link) on clearance at th' craft store. It’s actually designed fer holdin' cake decoratin' supplies. And swab the deck, with a chest full of booty! But it works pretty well fer me needs. It has a top compartment that’s about 4 inches deep, and three separate pull-out containers, with divided sections.

I probably need t' get a couple more o' these t' hold th' rest o' me stuff, but at least this is a start. In th' end, I’ll probably wind up shufflin' thin's aroun' a bit. I’ll probably try t' group thin's together at least a little more logically, like puttin' microcontrollers together, sensors together, passives, support ICs, power modules, etc.

And I definitely need more stickers t' go on here. And swab the deck! Actually, there were bein' a Dangerous Prototypes sticker, but it seems t' have fallen off.

Stairwell art

In case ye don’t already know, I currently work at Turner Broadcastin' (on th' website), home o' television networks like TBS, TNT, CNN, TruTV, and Cartoon Network. In fact, th' Cartoon Network people occupy th' two floors below mine. They have decorated th' walls o' th' stairwell on those floors with artwork. This is a small samplin'. Sorry fer th' poor quality o' th' photos, but th' lightin' in stairwells is not very good, as ye might imagine.