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Why should I donate?

For many years, I have contributed code to Open Source programs. I participate in these projects because I want to help make the programs better for everyone who uses them. In cases where I can’t contribute code, I try to contribute monetarily to the projects and their developers. I do this because if I find a program useful, then I think that its developers deserve to be supported.

Hopefully, you feel the same way.

If you feel that my work has helped you in some way, and would like to show
your appreciation, feel free to donate to the “geek ramblings hungry programmer
fund.” A small donation is appreciated just as much as a large one.

How can I donate?

I can currently accept donations via PayPal. Or, if you don’t want to pay cash, you could purchase something for me from my Amazon or ThinkGeek

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Dougal is a web developer, and a "Developer Emeritus" for the WordPress platform. When he's not coding PHP, Perl, CSS, JavaScript, or whatnot, he spends time with his wife, three children, a dog, and a cat in their Atlanta area home.
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