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Do you ever wish your WordPress site was just a little more manly? Don’t you
think a nice thick mustache would suit your site? Mustavatar will man-up
your site by adding a mustache on any faces it can find in your avatars.
Author bios, comments, any place where standard avatars are used will get a
lovely thick handlebar ‘stache. Man it up with Mustavatar!


  • Add a settings screen.
  • Allow control of Mustavatar on a per-post basis,
  • Allow specified posts/pages to be excepted from mustachification.



  • First version, code-name “5 o’clock shadow”


Do you have a Gravatar with a human face in it? Post a comment to see your mustachified image! Or, just check out the examples below…

Original Style 0 Style 1 Style 2

Note: this site will typically be running a development version of the plugin, which may have features not included in the released stable version.

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