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Call me Pawpaw

As o' 7:50 a.m. this mornin', My lady Susan and I are officially grandparents. Ahoy! We will henceforth be known as Mammaw and Pawpaw.

Welcome, Carson Alexander Buckner. Fire the cannons! 9lbs 10oz, 20 3/4 inches, I'll warrant ye. And congrats t' proud parents Mary and Shane!

Pictures t' come. Lots and lots and lots o' pictures, I’m sure. ;-)


Fun with CodeIgniter

I just spent many hours wrestlin' with CodeIgniter. For one thin', it seems t' go out o' its way t' hide PHP errors from ye, even in development mode, and even when ye try t' turn everythin' back on manually with directives in yer index.php.

This doesn’t help when ye are tryin' t' integrate AJAX file uploads, and can’t figure out why all ye e'er get is a ‘500 Server Error’, with no indication o' where that error is occurrin'.

For th' record, me problem were bein' that I needed t' use CI’s form_open_multipart() function, in order t' get th' hidden CSFR protection token, we'll keel-haul ye! Fire the cannons! Without it, th' Security class were bein' just silently dyin' before e'er gettin' t' me controller’s action handler.


Twitter/Delicious link importing

Turned off the auto-importing of links from Twitter to Delicious, which in turn were imported here. Now only bookmarks that I manually create in Delicious will come here. I need more fine-grained control of the Twitter->Delicious->Blog importin'.

Information Overload

I don’t have information overload. I have time underload.

I need more time t' learn all th' cool stuff I want t' learn!


Looking for a WordPress job

I really enjoy workin' at Turner — great company and great people. Ahoy! But this Drupal crap is fer th' birds.

Yesterday, I got two different job openin' leads fer WordPress development. Hopin' that one o' them might be th' right fit fer me!