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“dat is an open source tool that enables the sharing of large datasets, the goal being a collaboration flow similar to what git offers for source code.”



‘These books each take on specific core parts of the language which are most commonly misunderstood or under-understood, and dive very deep and exhaustively into them. You should come away from reading with a firm confidence in your understanding, not just of the theoretical, but the practical “what you need to know” bits.’


My Electronics Kit

Since I rekindled my electronics hobby last year, I’ve accumulated a lot of new stuff. Arduino compatible boards and shields (Digispark, DigiX), a Raspberry Pi, lots of components and sensors, LED strips, power supplies, a new soldering iron, etc. Due to a lack of a real workspace (maybe one day I can clear out the garage workbench), a lot of this stuff was accumulating in boxes, bags, and padded shipping envelopes on our bedroom floor.

My wife, Susan, had suggested getting some sort of portable storage container, and one day we found this ArtBin cake decorating box (aff link) on clearance at the craft store. It’s actually designed for holding cake decorating supplies. But it works pretty well for my needs. It has a top compartment that’s about 4 inches deep, and three separate pull-out containers, with divided sections.

I probably need to get a couple more of these to hold the rest of my stuff, but at least this is a start. In the end, I’ll probably wind up shuffling things around a bit. I’ll probably try to group things together at least a little more logically, like putting microcontrollers together, sensors together, passives, support ICs, power modules, etc.

And I definitely need more stickers to go on here. Actually, there was a Dangerous Prototypes sticker, but it seems to have fallen off.

Call me Pawpaw

As of 7:50 a.m. this morning, My wife Susan and I are officially grandparents. We will henceforth be known as Mammaw and Pawpaw.

Welcome, Carson Alexander Buckner. 9lbs 10oz, 20 3/4 inches. And congrats to proud parents Mary and Shane!

Pictures to come. Lots and lots and lots of pictures, I’m sure. ;-)


Pantheon Platform Adds WordPress Support

Pantheon, long known as a platform provider for Drupal hosting, has now added official support for WordPress, as well. Pantheon provides a scalable web platform with devops-friendly dashboards and tools for deployment and management.

The first and most obvious thing we did was ensure the platform was WordPress-friendly. This is the only piece of work that wasn’t on our roadmap already, but luckily it wasn’t very hard. The requirements for running Drupal vs. WordPress are quite similar.

The upside is that WordPress developers can expect tuned and friendly configurations for php, nginx, Varnish, mysql and Redis, with a stock set of Plugins to make the most of everything the platform has to offer.

WordPress Developers Rejoice! Pantheon Has Your Back

Interestingly, Pantheon already had a CLI (Command-Line Interface) tool called Terminus for managing services, which they originally implemented as a drush extension (drush is the “drupal shell”, a CLI for Drupal). In modifying their platform for WordPress support, they rewrote it as a stand-alone tool, borrowing a lot of ideas from wp-cli in the process.

We actually borrowed quite a lot from the wp-cli toolkit in this refactor. Our library code was largely portable from Drush, but we took their object structure and docstring-parsing magic, which is pretty strong stuff. As a result, we have a more robust CLI tool to build off in the future.

If you’re interested, they offer a free account to let you check things out (no custom domain on the free level). Paid offerings begin at just $25/month.

(I have no affiliation with Pantheon, if anyone is wondering)