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Monthly Archives: December 2001

Back to the Grindstone

Okay, the bulk of the holidays are over now. We had a good Christmas in the Campbell household, with lots of family visiting, and lots of toys to unwrap. And some of them were even for the kids! Among my goodies were a new Dilbert desk calendar, a couple of Dilbert magnets, a Coleco electronic football game (nostalgia rocks!), and some Rockem Sockem Robots (did I mention that nostalgia rocks?) My brother-in-law, John, made a … Continue reading

Tracking Santa

One last post before I leave work for the holidays. On Christmas Eve, gather the kiddies around the computer and take note that NORAD tracks Santa on radar. In case I don’t get to post again before then: Merry Christmas!

Mirror Project

For a while now, I’ve been meaning to contribute a picture to the Mirror Project. I finally got around to it. If you’re interested, you can see my first attempt.

Don’t Call Me a Fruitcake

“You can stick a fruitcake, or for that matter any cake in a bag, leave it on the shelf for three to four years, come back to it and make it better than ever,” contends Barham, a physicist at the University of Bristol in England and author of the book The Science of Cooking.

I Need This Now

Several months away? Dammit, if they’ve got a cure for the common cold, I want it NOW! I’ve had a sore throat since yesterday. Bleah.

ICQ Lite

What’s that — your company policy doesn’t allow you to install ICQ on your work PC? No problem! Just point your browser at ICQ Lite!

My Cat Hates You

Well, not really. He’s just cranky. But if you want to see lots of hateful cats, try (via randomWalks)

Design Rant

I’ve seen this linked from a few other sites already, but it’s a pet topic of mine, so I’ll link to it as well. Check out the Design Rant by Owen Riggs. It’s a well-spoken essay about that oft-seen idea of “separation of style and content”.