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Monthly Archives: March 2002

The Empire Strikes Back!

Unbelievable…. Words fail me. New happenings in The Car Tag Saga. Any suggestions out there for a new custom car tag? I kind of doubt they’ll let me get “ALSUCKS”.

Bill Gates vs. Miss Cleo

When you need tech support, who ya gonna call? Check out this comparison of Microsoft Tech Support vs. Psychic Friends Network. [via TastyLog]

Everybody Talks About the Weather….

A couple of weeks ago, we had some fairly cool weather. Well, what passes for cool here in South Alabama, anyhow. We had lows in the 20s (Farenheit, mind you…that’s around -5 for you Celcius-minded folks), and highs in the 40s (around +7C). We were all scraping ice from our windshields in the morning, and wearing heavy coats to work. Today it’s supposed to reach a high of 83F (28C). That’s March in South Alabama.

Site Upgrade

I’ve updated the code for this site. There aren’t really any new features, as most of the changes are “under the hood” bug fixes. Most notably, if you enter the site via the archives, the links for adding comments are now fixed. If you came here recently from Brent’s site and found that you had problems, I apologize.

Mr. Eaves and His Magic Camera

When Farrell Eaves dropped his digital camera in to a New Mexico pond, he thought that surely it must be ruined. But he fished it out and spent a few days drying it out, even tying the camera to the windshield wiper of his car as he drove down the highway. Surprisingly, he found that the camera still worked. But with a new vision of reality…. The images now produced are surrealistic, filled with vibrant … Continue reading

Clan Controversy

In Scotland, there has been some long-standing animosity between the Campbell and MacDonald clans, dating back to the Glencoe Massacre in 1692. Having marched alongside some MacDonalds at the Alabama Highland Games a few months ago, I kind of figured that after 300 years, this was more-or-less water under the bridge. Apparently not. A Campbell has been chosen as the head of a visitors center in Glencoe, and some of the MacDonald’s aren’t too happy … Continue reading

Almost Irish

There are only a few more days left until St. Patrick’s Day. To get in the mood, you might want to cook up some Irish dishes, or learn a little bit of slang.

How Bad Does Netscape 4 Suck?

I’m on a mission, and I need your help. I want to collect links to essays about Netscape 4 suckage. I already have a few (see below), but I’m sure there must be tons more out there. But! I don’t want just any old blather. I want well written articles with technical details, preferably by professional (or semi-pro) web designers. If you know of articles like this (or have written one yourself), please add a … Continue reading

Busy Bee

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I’ve stayed pretty busy at work, and at home, too. But it’s been a good kind of busy. Yesterday at work, we got our web team together and finally settled on a template and structure for a redesign of our company web site. This is something I’ve been itching to do since I started working here 2 years ago. Our web site has a lot of good features, … Continue reading

How Southern Geeks Spend a Saturday

Things my wife and I will do this weekend: Go to the Rattlesnake Rodeo Go to MP Surplus and buy some camos Purchase a Weird Al Yankovic CD Oddly enough, these are all work-related events for my wife.