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Monthly Archives: June 2002

KLEZ Redux

A friend of mine asked me how I filter KLEZ in my Outlook mail client. I have two rules for this, and they look like so: Apply this rule after the message arrives with Content-Type: audio/x-midi; in the message header and which has an attachment delete it The second rule is the same, except the content type is “audio/x-wav” instead of “audio/x-midi“. You also might want to use the “permanently delete” action instead of the … Continue reading

Sleazy KLEZ

Damn, I hate virii. Some customer of ours (that is to say, my employer) is infected with the KLEZ virus. They received it in an email that had my email address on it. Trying to explain to a customer that they actually got the virus from somebody else isn’t easy. But we should be able to convince them if they’ll just do a little reading We might help track down where they really got it … Continue reading

Beam Me Up!

Did you know that today is International UFO Research Day? And did you know that Scotland (home of my ancestors) is a UFO hot spot? And have I ever mentioned that I have webbed toes? Amazing but true! I’ve created some forums for discussing webbed toes. Hopefully, this will be easier to manage than a bunch of comments on my blog posts.

Quick Update

Went to San Diego on business last week. Weather was great. Food was awesome. IBM Content Manager conference left a little to be desired (though I did learn a few things). We took the kids to see Lilo and Stitch yesterday. It was pretty good. Disney really knows how to pack a house. You have your cute little girl character to draw in all the girls, and you have your obnoxious, so-ugly-it’s-cute alien monster to … Continue reading

McAfee Hypes New JPEG Virus

I saw this mentioned on iStockPhoto earlier, and now I just ran across the discussion on Slashdot. I think michael’s comments pretty much sum up my thoughts on the matter.

Fun in the Sun

Ah, the beach! The summer destination of numerous families across the land. We joined the coast-bound throngs this weekend, and visited the lovely St. Andrews State Park, near Panama City, Florida. Along with our own kids, we had our niece, Julie. And at the last minute, we convinced Julie’s parents, John and Melissa, to come along as well. The trip down on Saturday was punctuated with thundershowers, but weren’t about to let them get us … Continue reading

Not Dead

…just busy. I’m working on one of those “we need it done two weeks ago” sort of projects at work. The problem is that it’s one of those drudgery projects. The program isn’t anything creative and fun. It’s mainly just taking a big HTML form and doing a huge buttwad of error checking on the data the user entered. Bbbooorrriiinnnggg. But it has to be done….