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Monthly Archives: October 2002

The Artists Fight Back

The recording industry has been lamenting over the past few years about how music sharing on the internet has hurt their sales, and that artists’ rights are being violated. Of course, most geeks who burn MP3s know that they’re just blowing smoke. The RIAA is not working in the artists’ best interests. They don’t care about art, they care about profits. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against profits. I’m pure capitalist, through-and-through. But you … Continue reading

There are Four Lights

I don’t share very much in this weblog. Partially, this is because of time constraints — I don’t often have time to work on the computer at home, and I’m usually too busy at work to post more than very shallow links to other sites, often as a sort of centralized bookmark for my own future reference. Another reason is privacy — not for myself, but for the other members of my family. I have … Continue reading