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Monthly Archives: January 2003

New Styles

I’ve added a new style for the site: Tech. Also, the default style is now very spartan instead of just being a copy of the Campbell style.

Alabama Car Tags

Over the past few months, I’ve been getting a lot of hits from people who are coming from search engines while hunting for information on “alabama car tags”. What’s up with that? I’m pretty sure that my Car Tag Saga isn’t what they are looking for. If you came here looking for that info, could you just leave a comment here about it? No big deal, I’m just curious about what people are actually hunting … Continue reading

JSF Member

A few weeks ago, I applied for membership with the Jabber Software Foundation. The vote for new members was yesterday, and all 17 people up for membership were voted in as new JSF Members. The responsibilities are pretty light — particpate in the jabber mailing lists, evangalize Jabber technology, and participate in the quarterly meetings. I was already doing the first two, and it’s no big deal to spend my lunch hour online for the … Continue reading

The Conversational Web

A lot of blog development of late has been directed towards establishing connections between multiple weblogs via mechanisms such as Trackback, Pingback, and friends. Throw in a little RSS and a news aggregator that can tell you where to go to comment on an article. Maybe add a dash of FOAF…. The result is that multiple websites become part of one big conversation. Well, if it’s a conversation, how about we add a splash of … Continue reading

More on FoafComments

Eric Sigler has whipped out a prototype of the FOAF Comment Identity idea. It’s still in its early stages, but it’s a good proof-of-concept!

RSS Feed Updates

I’ve updated my RSS 2.0 feed to include some additional information after reading this, which in turn links to this. I’ve also added <author> info to the <item>s, and <webmaster> and <managingEditor> info to the <channel>.

Another nifty use for FOAF

Ben Hammersley has taken an idea of Dave Winer’s and added a cool twist to it: Using FOAF For Comment Identity and Followups. I’ll probably work on implementing something like this on my site…in my Copious Free Time. Ahem.

Pingback Testing

Sam Ruby (who I really should add to my blogroll) is testing excerpts for his pingbacks. Here ya go, Sam, excerpt away! BTW, my blog auto-excerpts pingbacks, too. But I’m scraping the HTML, not the RSS.