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Monthly Archives: March 2003

Software Hurts

For the last several weeks, I have had accute pain and some weakness in my left wrist. At first, I thought I must have stressed it when I was picking up my son, so I tried to be more aware and avoid putting further strain on it. However, the pain persisted, and I began to wonder if I was suffering from carpal tunnel or some other kind of computer-related RSI. The only problem with that … Continue reading

The Speech

A quick paraphrasing of President Bush’s speech last night: “Saddam has two days to get out of Bagdad, or I’m going to put him in a box.”


Hot diggity. Chris Nott finally updated his blog for the first time since November.

World of Ends

The latest meme making the rounds is World of Ends, an essay written by Doc Searls and David Weinberger. “All we need to do is pay attention to what the Internet really is. It’s not hard. The Net isn’t rocket science. It isn’t even 6th grade science fair, when you get right down to it. We can end the tragedy of Repetitive Mistake Syndrome in our lifetimes — and save a few trillion dollars’ worth … Continue reading

Car tag stuff

Made a minor update in the Car Tag Saga, including a link to a form where you can check the availability of a personalized tag from Alabama’s Motor Vehicle Division.

New Style: Clean

Added a new style: Clean. All my other site styles had dark backgrounds. I thought that maybe some of you would appreciate a white background, instead. There’s some sort of issue in IE that causes the articles to overrun the right-hand border as you get towards the bottom of the page. Funky. Looks fine in Mozilla, though. NOTE: Bug fixed, thanks to Big John from the css-discuss mailing list.

Mardi Gras

Today is Fat Tuesday. Which means that half of the people who live along the Gulf of Mexico will be late for work tomorrow morning.