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Monthly Archives: April 2003

RSS Improvements

I’ve added full-content <content:encoded> article text to my RSS 2.0 feed. Does anyone have any comments on whether I should use <xhtml:body> instead? I generally make an effort to make my posts conform, but every once in a while, I get in a hurry and forget to encode an ampersand in a URL….


Matt Mullenweg (of photomatt fame) and Mike Little (from Journalized) are putting together a new blog system called WordPress. “New” is a relative term, since it’s based on b2, but it will be interesting to see where they go with it. I’m still toying with the idea of writing my own blogware….

50 Million More Historical Documents Online

The National Archives and Records Administration has put more than 50 million historical documents online. This will be a boon to researchers who previously had to visit the archives in person or phone in a request to have documents mailed to them. Now they can search online via the Access to Archives Database. via


I haven’t downloaded it yet, but it sure sounds good. Slimbrowser is a wrap-around interface for Internet Explorer. Basically, that means that you get the IE rendering engine, but with a slick new user interface that includes features like tabbed browsing, integrated pop-up window killer, site groups, and other cool stuff. via Phil Ringnalda

Tartan Day

Oh heck, I forgot that Tartan Day was coming up (April 6). If you’re near Mobile, AL, you might want to check out the event hosted by the Historic Mobile Preservation Society. “Every line of strength in American history is a line coloured with Scottish blood.” Woodrow Wilson


When I get back around to playing with my cameras again, I might just have to start playing around with PhotoPal, as well. It looks like a simple design, and I’ve already got some ideas for some features I could add. Maybe I’ll get a chance to contribute some code back to Noel. My idea is to add a “thumbnail tweaker” feature to the system, to allow the user to optimize the part of the … Continue reading

Daylight Savings Time

Here in the good ol’ US of A, it’s almost Daylight Savings Time again. Don’t forget to “Spring Forward” this weekend! There’s also some info at the U.S. Naval Observatory, if you’d like a more “official” source.


I’m surprised to see that my blog is worth $132.52 on BlogShares. Especially since Phil Ringnalda was complaining just the other day that his was only worth $18.94. Phil is already planning to manipulate the system and artificially inflate his share value. I bet that if I had enough time on my hands, I could trump his efforts and become the Enron of the blogging world….


I’ve been buried in work again, thus the dearth of posts over the past week+. My wrist is doing better — it only hurts when I use it for something really stressful (e.g. picking up something heavy), rather than almost constantly. On the downside, my car has apparently realized that it’s paid for, and is trying to make up for it by finding other ways to drain my bank account. The A/C compressor has died … Continue reading