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Monthly Archives: May 2004


I’ve upgraded this site to WordPress 1.2. The process was quick and painless. It took me about 20 minutes, 15 of which was spent making a backup up my databases and my web directory. You won’t see any obvious changes on the site right now. But maybe sometime soon I’ll find time to start taking advantange of some of the new features, and adding some plugins.

WordPress 1.2 “Mingus”

Yesterday, Matt released WordPress 1.2 (nicknamed “Mingus”). The whole team put a lot of effort into this release. And I’m also proud that WP 1.2 includes a lot ideas and fixes contributed from the general community. I haven’t had a chance to upgrade this site yet, but I’m looking forward to doing so.

Ping-O-Matic XML-RPC

We finally found time to do some more work on Ping-O-Matic, and have implemented an XML-RPC interface. You can now send a standard compatible ping to and we will ping a subset of our services. Currently, this is a fixed subset of seven services: Technorati MyYahoo! BlogRolling BlogChatter PubSub In the future, we will have ways for you to customize which services you would like us to ping on your behalf. … Continue reading

Mark Pilgrim Switches

In additon to the mention on Slashdot, there was another big event for WordPress yesterday: Mark Pilgrim switched. Mark cited the open nature of WordPress (as opposed to the restrictive licensing terms for Movable Type) as one of the primary motivators.

WordPress gets Slashdotted

There been a lot of hoopla lately about the licensing changes in Movable Type 3.0, and there have been a lot of MT users switching to WordPress. The news finally made it onto Slashdot today, so the WP server is getting hammered with a lot of extra traffic. Youch!

Open Source to the Rescue

Hurray for Open Source projects. At my work, we recently underwent a major system change behind the scenes (moved our line-of-business from a mainframe to an iSeries). When we did, our web server (IIS4 under Windows NT4) started experiencing a lot of problems. Of course, I assumed that it was a problem on the other end, and just dealt with restarting the web services several times a day while we tried to narrow the problem … Continue reading

Weight Goal

My weight stayed pretty steady most of last week, with a final bit of up-and-down over the weekend. When all was said and done, I had only lost 0.1 lbs. Current weight: 261.9 lbs.

Working Late

As mentioned previously, I came in late tonight (last night, technically) to work on our system conversion. It’s a good thing I showed up early, because they were running ahead of schedule on the data conversion, and they were ready for me to test the web applications around 11pm, rather than at 1am. Things went pretty smoothly, except for a problem with the fax functions. It had us scratching our heads, but I finally came … Continue reading

WordPress 1.2 Beta

Oh, and speaking of WordPress, we have a new beta version out! WordPress 1.2 Beta is full of word pressing goodness, and it’s a part of this nutritious breakfast! Those of you who keep track of such things, might wonder why we’re going from version 1.0.2 to version 1.2. What happened to version 1.1? Well, at some point during development, we had accomplished all of the 1.1 goals and had already begun working on features … Continue reading