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Monthly Archives: June 2004

Doors and windows

An old proverb says, “Every time God closes a door, He opens a window.” This is the last post I’ll make as a resident of Alabama. I’m about to leave my passkey on my manager’s desk, and take my last box of personal belongings out to my car. Then, I’m going to go meet my wife for lunch. By this evening, We’ll be full-time residents of Georgia. I’ll be back here for the occassional visit, … Continue reading

My first WordPress plugin: HeadMeta

Mark Pilgrim was in the #wordpress IRC channel earlier, asking if there was some way to add <link> and <meta> tags to the <head> section of a page for specific posts. It seems he wants to control how various search engines and other bots index individual posts. I replied that he could do this using the custom fields feature. A short while later, I had written my first plugin for WordPress: HeadMeta: .ZIP, .tar.gz, .phps, … Continue reading

Brain dump

It’s been over two weeks since my last update. I’m sure that it’s been terribly distressing to the three people who actually read this site. My only excuse is that I’ve been insanely busy, because a lot of things have been going on. Here’s a quick brain dump, which may or may not be in chronological order: My wife and kids have already relocated to Georgia, but I’m still in Alabama, finishing out my employment … Continue reading