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Monthly Archives: October 2004

WordPress is very…

According to Google, WordPress is very: sexy powerful easy hackable fast active much worth working with good very easy nice and lightweight And the next version is going to be even better.

No eclipse for us

We missed the eclipse last night. Despite having mostly clear skies in the early part of the day, at the time that the lunar eclipse started, it was raining here. Bummer.

Photomatt @ CNET

WordPress Ãœbermensch Matt Mullenweg has accepted a job at CNET Networks. Getting a job with a big-time tech media company would be cool enough on its own. But part of Matt’s paid duties will be to continue working on WordPress. I had the honor of being one of Matt’s references while he was in talks with CNET, so I got to talk to one of the folks there for a while about Matt, his work, … Continue reading

Fight for Your Right to Copy

The November 2004 issue of WIRED magazine comes with a CD of music by major artists. All of the songs are available under a Creative Commons license, and are freely distributable. I downloaded a BitTorrent copy the other day from LegalTorrents, and I finally got around to listening to it this morning. (I use BitTornado as my BT client, BTW) I’m really digging it. There’s some great tunes in there. Some of the artists featured … Continue reading

Lunar Eclipse: Oct 27, 2004

I had forgotten that there’s going to be a lunar eclipse tonight. It starts at 9:14 PM EDT, according to NASA. Maybe I’ll be able to stick my head outside briefly to see some the action. Such as it is. 🙂 (via: Donncha)

TarPit update

I’ve had a minor modification to my Spammer TarPit plugin in place here for a couple of weeks, but I’m just now getting around to updating it for public consumption. New in version 1.3: the plugin will now emit an HTTP 403 “Forbidden” status code, and the content-type is set to “text/plain”. There’s little hope that a spammer bot will actually recognize and respect the 403 status code, but at least it’s proper semantics on … Continue reading

Weight Goal

My weight on the scale today was 255 pounds, which is only 1 pound less than last Monday. But a few days ago, I was down at 252.5. My trend weight is 254.2, which is about 2 pounds lower than a week ago. I think I’ve said this before, but I really should have made Friday my weekly weight tracking day instead of Monday. My weight almost always spikes over the weekend.


Today’s Final Jeopardy Answer is: “Computers, television, and sleep.” And the Question is…

Putting the “Simple” back in SOAP

I’ve never been too big on SOAP. It’s nice that there are lots of toolkit implementations out there, but for most of my projects, it just seems like overkill. Many developers joke about the acronym being an oxymoron, because SOAP can quickly lose its simplicity. XML-RPC has its faults, but it’s easier to test and debug, in my experience. But Sam Ruby‘s posting on WS-HTTP has some suggestions that could change that. Now, Imagine a … Continue reading

Toys (not for my kids)

Motorola i860 Gimme, gimme, gimme! Via one of my new favoritest sites, Gizmodo, comes word of the new Motorola i860 phone. This is the first cameraphone for Nextel, which is the provider that my family uses (love that PTT). The i860 review at CNET is short, but sweet. I’m not concerned about the low resolution or sending pictures from phone-to-phone. But I’d finally get a chance to do some moblogging. Maybe if the job deal … Continue reading