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Monthly Archives: November 2004

Supercooled Water

My wife and I will often stick bottles of water in the freezer for a little while, because, well, really cold water is refreshing. A few nights ago, I had done that, and I got to witness a neat phenomenon. When I first removed the bottle from the freezer, the water was still liquid and clear. But after I jostled it, the water almost instantly turned into a frozen slush. This was a mild example … Continue reading

Weight Goal

My weight on the scale this morning was 252 pounds, and my trend weight is less than half a pound higher than that. That puts me at right around 20 pounds lost since early September. I’ve had to add two notches to my belt, as well. If we hadn’t eaten out at restaurants so much this past weekend, I might have dipped down below 250. I expect to do that by next week, though.

Decisions, decisions…

After much deliberation, I decided to decline that job offer from Emory University. The lure of a permanent job, with lower out-of-pocket tax and health insurance expenses was pretty strong. But their salary budget and our monthly bills budget just weren’t quite aligned at this time. The salary they were offering was in a sort of “grey zone” for our household budget. We probably could have gotten by, but only barely, and only with the … Continue reading

A2B Location-Based Search

For those of us who have lamented the apparent demise of GeoURL, there is A2B, a new geolocation service. If you want to add a button which links to a search for the websites nearest your own, that information is hidden in the “User details” area, under the “Websites added” page. Yes, you have to register with the service to use some of the features. They’ve also got some nifty tools for those of you … Continue reading

It’s raining, it’s pouring…

No, I’m not talking about the weather, though it is a wet day here. Instead, I’m referring to work opportunities. I find myself in the rare, enviable position of having several different full-time and contract job possibilities. I had given up on hearing back from Emory University, since it had been several weeks since my last communication with them. But last week, I received a phone call from them saying that they were ready to … Continue reading

Civic Duty

Susan and I did our civic duty yesterday and voted. We had heard of long lines in many areas, with waits up to six hours. But at our polling location, we didn’t have any wait at all. We arrived around 4:00 p.m., parked in one of the handful of empty spaces, filled out our paperwork, showed our identification, and voted using the newfangled electronic voting machines (yes the controversial Diebold machines). It only took us … Continue reading

WordPress Planet

Matt announces WordPress Planet, a site which aggregates posts from many of the most active folks in the WordPress community. Ironically, the site is not powered by WordPress, and doesn’t seem to have an RSS feed. 😉