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Monthly Archives: December 2004

Living on the Planet

I was browsing through my referers yesterday, and a site that I hadn’t seen before caught my attention. It’s called Living on the Planet, and it’s basically an aggregation of content from all over the world, grouped by topics and by geography. For example, the referer I noticed was from the Living in Georgia section. The Internet is great at helping us find information from all over the world. But sometimes you want to narrow … Continue reading

Personal networking suite in your pocket

Okay, this is pretty darned cool: Metropipe has a product called Virtual Privacy Machine, which is actually a tiny (82MB) Linux distribution which boots into a virtual machine under Windows. It contains common networking apps like Firefox and Thunderbird, and I assume ssh and friends, as well. Since it’s so small, you can load it onto a small USB drive, MP3 player, or whatever portable media you have, mount it up on a computer wherever … Continue reading

Planeta WordPress

Planeta WordPress is similar to Planet WordPress, but with the addition of several Spanish blogs. Thanks to Manuel M. Almeida for letting me know about it. Bueno!

Really Slick Screensavers

Euphoria is one of the Really Slick Screensavers While on a search for new eye candy, I found Really Slick Screensavers, which really lives up to the name. There are 10 eye-popping OpenGL Windows screen savers available for free, in both senses of word (free-as-in-beer & free-as-in-speech). If you’re interested in the internals of how the graphics are created, source code is available.

Settling in

My first day at the new job went pretty much as I expected. Filled with introductions, paperwork, mile-high system overviews, and the tedious configuration of a new workstation. The drive to/from the office was a little stressful, since it was raining. It took about an hour for the ~25 mile commute. I’m going to try to start leaving earlier and see if I can beat the rush. I’ve got a desktop PC running Debian Linux, … Continue reading