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Monthly Archives: January 2006

Birthday Booty

Stuff I got for my birthday: P.O.D.‘s new CD, Testify. This album is kicking my ass. It’s got to be P.O.D.’s best effort yet, at least as good as Satellite or Payable On Death. Matisyahu does some guest vocals on a couple of tracks. Awesome. Can you tell that I like this CD? 🙂 If you are a P.O.D. fan, and you haven’t heard of Matisyahu before, you simply have to check out his song … Continue reading

Feedlounge is live

This is old news now, but what the heck — I haven’t posted in a while, and this will be quick. In case you didn’t already know, FeedLounge, that fantabulous online feed reader that all the Cool Kids have been raving about, is out of testing and ready for the world. It’s currently only available with a paid subscription, but to get a taste (the first hit’s free), you can take the Three Hour Tour. … Continue reading

Ping-O-Matic Fun

The problem with running a service like Ping-O-Matic is that sometimes you have to send emails like this: To: […deleted…] Subject: Re: pingomatic > Hi! > > I have tried to ping pingomatic for about 2 days now > but it will not work for me. My site is > http://www.[…xxxxxx…].com/ > > Do you have any idea of why I can not ping your site > anymore? Because we don’t want pings from porn … Continue reading

Six Rules for Driving

If you are going to share the road with me, here are some rules that I expect you to know: Don’t tailgate me. If you tailgate me, I’ll slow down. Unless you try to pass me, in which case, I might speed up. And if we’re in a no-passing zone, I’ll slow down more. Just. To. Piss. You. Off. Use your signals. It’s a shame that you spent $35K on that Mercedes and the signals … Continue reading


function do_stuff() { if (in_array($date, $holidays) && $vacation == true) { travel(‘away’); visit_family(); $gifts->exchange(); eat(); travel(‘home’); } if ($new_year == true) { eat() && drink(); $weight++; $sleep = false; } $slack = false; $resolve++; $work->resume(); return(true); }