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Monthly Archives: July 2007

14+ Awesome WordPress-powered sites highlights great looking WordPress sites, and it’s powered by WordPress, too! From time to time, someone will hear that I’m involved with WordPress, and ask me a few questions about it. Some people already have a WordPress-powered site (either self-hosted, or on, and some have never actually used it, but they’ve heard of it. Often, they just want me to show them a WordPress site, so they can see what it looks like. … Continue reading

Sandbox Designs Competition: deadline approaching

I’ve mentioned the Sandbox theme for WordPress a couple of times before, but I’ve neglected to point out the Sandbox Designs Competition that is going on right now. A few weeks ago, the total prize money stood at over $1600, with 1st prize netting $750. Sandbox has a really good structure, with lots of semantic classes (and microformats) added at key points. This allows the clever theme designer to turn their site into a chameleon. … Continue reading

Typography design patterns for the web

When I’m putting a new web site together, one thing that sometimes bugs me is choosing which fonts to use. I’ll typically throw together a list of fonts that I like, decide to use this set of serif fonts for these page elements, and that set of sans-serif fonts for those other elements, select some fallback choices for my stylesheet, and let it go at that. Obviously, I’m no designer — or I’d be saying … Continue reading