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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Jumping into WordPress Plugin Development presentation

Despite an extreme lack of sleep, I managed to make it through my WordCamp Birmingham presentation this morning on Jumping into WordPress Plugin Programming. I didn’t feel as prepared as I wanted to be, but several people gave me some kind comments, so I guess it must have gone okay. Here is the slideshow I used, which I’ve uploaded to SlideShare (where you can also find my presentation from last year). Obviously, with the slideshow, … Continue reading

Getting ready for WordCamp Birmingham 2009

In a short while, I’ll be leaving Atlanta, and heading west to Alabama for WordCamp Birmingham 2009. I’m giving a presentation on Saturday morning about Jumping Into WordPress Plugin Programming. Of course, my presentation still isn’t done, so I’ll be burning the midnight oil tonight, finishing up my notes, gathering up my bookmarks, and turning it all into a slideshow. Unfortunately, my presentation is in the first slot of the morning. Fortunately, once that’s over … Continue reading

Most Useless iPhone 3.0 Feature

In the iPhone OS 3.0 update, there were a lot of nice features added. Some of them are fairly major and useful, like cut-and-paste. Some of them are subtle and useful, like the 30-second rewind button when playing a podcast. But there’s one feature that sticks out to me as totally useless: “Shake to Shuffle”. I guess there’s some tiny “cute-factor” to it. But in practical terms, it’s pretty darned useless. When you’re using your … Continue reading