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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Quick Tip: Faster WordPress News

By default, the “Other WordPress News” widget in your WordPress Dashboard only updates twice a day (every twelve hours). Personally, I like to get updates quicker than that. I check my Dashboard several times a day to see if there’s some new post that I should know about. So I set mine up to update every two hours. Frequently enough to keep me more up-to-date, but not so frequently that it might be annoying to … Continue reading

WordPress and Drupal

Dries Buytaert re-tweeted a couple of interesting things on Twitter earlier today. First was this one: RT @chx1975: WordPress is now approximately where Drupal was around Drupal 5 w/ content types. See you in 2015. Ouch. Okay, so we’re late to the game where custom content types are concerned. But I doubt it will take us until 2015 to catch up. But Dries is even-handed, and calls fair game when someone retorts in favor of … Continue reading

Geolocation Plugin for WordPress

This Geolocation Plugin will be a nice addition for people who do travel blogging or who write about things in a particular area (restaurant and business reviews, hyperlocal news, etc). The plugin adds a subtle but powerful addition to posts you’ve geotagged using WordPress for iPhone:  a link appears inside your post with a short description of the location where the post was tagged.  When your users hover over the link, an interactive map appears … Continue reading