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Monthly Archives: September 2012

WordPress Snippet: Add Uploadable File Types

My Documents Shortcode plugin lets you display uploaded attachments. WordPress limits what kinds of files you can upload, but you might need to upload additional types of files. Here’s an example of how to add new file types to the ones that WordPress will allow. In my case, I needed to upload a Keynote slideshow, which had the file extension .key:  

Presentation: Higher Order WordPress Security

Last night, I gave a presentation at the Atlanta WordPress Users meetup, titled “Higher Order WordPress Security”. While the presentation looks at security from the point-of-view of a WordPress site owner, the aim is to look at the bigger picture. There are many links in the security chain, and it helps to understand how the pieces fit together. NOTE: I’ve noticed that (once again) SlideShare has dropped several key images from the presentation I uploaded … Continue reading