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Yarrr! Talk Like a Pirate Day Is Almost Upon Us!

Once again, Talk Like a Pirate Day is almost here. Aye, this Friday, September 19 is Talk Like A Pirate Day, and all good citizens o' th' Interwebs are expected t' participate!

To make it easy fer all o' me WordPress maties, I created th' Text Filter Suite plugin, which will automagically piratify yer web site fer TLaPD. Just go t' ‘Add New Plugin’ in yer Dashboard, and search fer ‘talk like a pirate’.

And once again, t' demonstrate, any comments added t' this post will automatically be converted into pirate speak! Ahoy! Arrr!


Old School Color Cycling with HTML5 |

Back in th' 80s and early 90s, animated graphics were mostly very low-res. Computers and graphics cards just didn’t have th' oomph needed t' animate hi-resolution pictures with lots o' colors, and they could only display 256 different colors on th' screen simultaneously, indexed from a larger palette o' available colors, ye scurvey dog. But clever programmers realized that by modifyin' th' index table, a sort o' poor-lubber’s animation could be achieved. Some took this t' a whole new level, creatin' motion and atmospheric effects that were quite impressive.

Old School Color Cyclin' with HTML5 |


p5 takes inspiration from th' Processin' environment, but is made fer JavaScript and th' browser. Unlike processin'.js, p5 embraces JavaScript’s loose typin', and allows interaction with th' DOM and other browser functions.