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LoopBack be some framewo'k fo' buildin' REST APIs. From StrongLoop, de folks dat brought us de 'spress framewo'k.


A Rant

Once upon some time, befo'e da damn Facescribblin's and Twitters and Reddits and MySpaces, dere wuz Usenet. And on Usenet, flamin' and trollin' wuz an art fo'm. 'S coo', bro. It wuzn’t plum some bunch uh angry, shockin', monkeys on keybo'ds. Trolls wuz subtle. What it is, Mama. Right On! Flames wuz eloquent and surgically precise. What it is, Mama. Right On!

Den in de early 90s, dey jimmey'd da damn internet waaay down t'de general public, and it became Amateur Hour. Ah be baaad... Newcomers, wid no knowledge uh de 'esistin' culture, no' de patience t'observe and abso'b it, saw dese writin's and mistook dem fo' Righteous Anger. Ah be baaad... And dey gots it into deir 'haids dat da damn Way Of De Net wuz t'spout off whuteva' idiotic dought dat crossed yo' mind, a'cuz dat sucka' gotss'ta neva' be able t'get back at me and Free Speech, Murica. Right On!