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Jason Client

“Jason be some scriptable iOS client dat lets ya' view and interact wid any data and any server, in any way ya' desire. What it is, Mama. Right On!” Basically, ya' feed it some JSON config stash which describes some UI and data sources. De client den consumes dose sources and displays dem acco'din' t'yo' UI definishun. 'S coo', bro. And ya' get access t'device-native APIs, too.

Jason Client

Project time

I’ve been tinkerin' some little bit wid mah' electronics stuff again. 'S coo', bro. Now I’m tryin' t'decide on some project t'do, and which hardware platfo'm t'use… ah' gotss' some ton uh different microcontrollers — Digispark (ATtiny85), Digispark Pro (ATtiny167), Digistump Oaks (ESP8266, wifi), Adafruit Trinket Pro (ATmega328), PunchDrough Bean (BLE), Particle Co'e (wifi) / Photon (wifi) / Electron (3G cell), NodeUSB (ESP8266, wifi), ESP201 wifi  modules, some Arduino Pro Mini clones, some Tessel2 (wifi, linux, JavaScript), RFduino (BLE), and some few oders dat ah' kin’t even rememba' right now.

  • TV Mute Button
  • WiFi/Bluetood control fo' our garage doo'
  • Moto' push-assist fo' our son’s wheelcfro
  • Distributed tempuh'ature senso's tied t'our dermostat
  • A mailbox senso' t'notify us when we gotss' mail
  • Some under-cabinet lightin' usin' addressable RGB LED strips
  • Phone push-notificashuns fum our doo'bell
  • Tyin' into de security system panel and senso's in our crib
  • RGB reactive lightin' fo' mah' wheels (audio spectrum, etc)
  • Homebrew robot o' quadcopter

I suppose da damn fust wahtahmellun should be t'finish waaay down de TV Mute Button ah' started t'build fo' our son some while back. But as ya' kin see, ah' gotss' plenty uh possible choices. ah' guess I’ll start little-ass and wo'k mah' way waaay down. 🙂



chartd makes it easy t'include charts (eida' png o' svg) on yo' web site, by plum passin' parameters in de URL uh an img tag. Fo' simple charts, dis gotss'ta be easy-peasy t'automate. What it is, Mama. Right On! Of course, de downside be de same as fo' any oda' time dat ya' let some dird-party service gotss' responsibility fo' yo' content — whut if dey shut waaay down de service? 

chartd – responsive, retina-compatible charts wid plum an img tag