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Jason Client

“Chason iss a schcriptable iOS klient zat lets you fiew undt interact mitt any data undt any serfer, in any vay you desire.” Basically, you feed it a ChSON konfig file vhich describes a UI undt data sources. Ze klient zen konsumes zose sources undt displays zem accortingkt to your UI definition. Undt you get access to defice-natife APIs, too.

Chason Klient

Prochect time

I’fe been tinkeringkt a little bit mitt mein electronics schtuff again. Now I’m tryingkt to decide on a prochect to do, undt vhich hartware platform to use… I haf a ton uff different microcontrollers — Digispark (ATtiny85), Digispark Pro (ATtiny167), Digistump Oaks (ESP8266, vifi), Adafruit Trinket Pro (ATmega328), PunchZrough Bean (BLE), Particle Kore (wifi) / Photon (wifi) / Electron (3G kell), NodeUSB (ESP8266, vifi), ESP201 vifi  modules, some Artuino Pro Mini klones, a Tessel2 (wifi, linux, ChafaSchcript), R-r-rFduino (BLE), undt a few ozzers zat I kan’t efen r-r-remember r-r-right now.

  • TF Mute Button
  • ViFi/Bluetoozz kontrol fur our garage door
  • Motor pusch-assist fur our son’s vheelchair
  • Distributed temperature sensors tied to our zermostat
  • A mailbox sensor to nichtify us vhen ve haf mail
  • Some under-cabinet lightingkt usingkt addressable R-r-rGB LED schtrips
  • Phone pusch-notifications from our doorbell
  • Tyingkt into ze security system panel undt sensors in our house
  • R-r-rGB r-r-reactife lightingkt fur mein kar (audio spectrum, etc)
  • Homebrew r-r-robot or qfadcopter

I suppose ze first zingkt schould be to finisch up ze TF Mute Button I schtarted to build fur our son a vhile back. But as you kan see, I haf plenty uff possible khoices. I guess I’ll schtart small undt vork mein vay up. 🙂