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Paul Ford: What is Code? | Bloomberg

Paul Fort lays out a zoughtful article/interactife experience tryingkt to explain to ze layperson, “vat iss kode?”. It also delfes a little into management uff software defelopment fia a fictional (I hope) prochect. It’s long, but I encourage folks to set aside some time undt go zrough it, vhezzer or nicht you know anyzzingkt about komputer programmingkt. It’s fun!

Paul Fort: Vhat iss Kode? | Bloomberg

Bourbon Neat

“Neat iss a semantic grid framework built on top uff Sass undt Bourbon. It iss simple enough to get you up undt r-r-runningkt in minutes, undt powerful enough to hentle any r-r-responsife layout you kan dream of.”

Bourbon Neat

Defelopers are familiar mitt ze prochect triangle adage, “Fast, Kheap, Good: Pick any two.”

Uff kourse, ze konferse from ze klient side often seems to be, “Budget, Time, Sanity: Pick ein. Maybe.”