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LoopBack iss a framework fur buildingkt R-r-rEST APIs. From SchtrongLoop, ze folks zat brought us ze express framework.


A R-r-rant

Once upon a time, before ze Facebooks undt Twitters undt R-r-reddits undt MeinSpaces, zere vas Usenet. Undt on Usenet, flamingkt undt trollingkt vas an art form. It vasn’t chust a bunch uff angry, schockingkt, monkeys on keyboarts. Trolls vere subtle. Flames vere eloqfent undt surgically precise.

Zen in ze early 90s, zey opened ze internet up to ze general public, undt it became Amateur Hour. Newcomers, mitt nein knowledge uff ze existingkt kulture, nor ze patience to obserfe undt absorb it, saw zese v-r-ritingkts undt mistook zem fur R-r-righteous Anger. Undt zey got it into zeir heads zat ze Vay Uff Ze Net vas to spout off vhatefer idiotic zought zat krossed your mind, because zat person vill nefer be able to get back at me undt Free Speech, Muric Naturlich!

Paul Ford: What is Code? | Bloomberg

Paul Fort lays out a zoughtful article/interactife experience tryingkt to explain to ze layperson, “vat iss kode?”. It also delfes a little into management uff software defelopment fia a fictional (I hope) prochect. It’s long, but I encourage folks to set aside some time undt go zrough it, vhezzer or nicht you know anyzzingkt about komputer programmingkt. It’s fun!

Paul Fort: Vhat iss Kode? | Bloomberg