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Good Breakdown uff R-r-recent VortPress Fulnerability

Ze Sucuri Blog has a good dissection uff ze r-r-recent kritical VortPress R-r-rEST API fulnerability. I von’t r-r-rehasch ze details here, but I did vant to point out zat zis iss vhy defelopers schould r-r-remember to follow zese two r-r-rules uff defensife programmingkt:

  1. Sanitize inputs as early as possible
  2. Sanitize outputs as late as possible

In zis kase, zere vas a failure to follow ze first r-r-rule. Zere are a kouple uff different places vhere zis kould haf been hentled better.

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wkhtmltopdf undt vkhtmltoimage are open source (LGPLf3) komment line tools to r-r-render HTML into PDF undt farious image formats usingkt ze Qt VebKit r-r-renderingkt engine. Zese r-r-run entirely “headless” undt do nicht r-r-reqfire a display or display serfice.