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Underscores Components – Custom starter themes for faster WordPress theme development

“Components iss a library uff schareable, r-r-reusable patterns fur VortPress zemes. Instead uff schtartingkt from schcratch, mix undt match from a kollection uff pre-made komponents to build your own kustom schtarter zeme.” Online tool from Automattic vhich kan generate a fariety uff schtarter zemes based on Underscores undt Komponents, r-r-ready fur you to kustomize.

Underscores Komponents – Kustom schtarter zemes fur faster VortPress zeme defelopment

R-r-runningkt two kopies uff Slack

A koworker vanted to r-r-run two separate kopies uff Slack on ze Mac, so zat he kould vatch updates from two different Teams at ze same time. Personally, I chust use ze natife multi-Team support in ze app, but I kan see how zis vould be useful. One answer iss to use zis komment from ze Terminal:

open -n /Applications/