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Webbed Toes

After my previous comment about my webbed toes, several people have found my site while searching for pictures of webbed toes. I aim to please, so I’m hoping to get some pictures of my feet up on the site over the weekend.

Mutants of the world, unite!

I’ve created some forums for discussing webbed toes. Hopefully, this will be easier to manage than a bunch of comments on my blog posts.

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  1. I beg your pardon! We are not mutants! Our webbed toes do not hinder us in any of our activites. they look just like feet, and do not stir up that much attention. I dont know about you, but im proud of my uni-toes!

  2. name says:

    i too was born with my second and third toes joined all the way up minus a small space inbetween . As a kid it drove me crazy and was extremely embaressed by it so I eventualy had them surgically seperated but now that
    I am older and realizedhw ridiculous my thinking was I really do wish I had not seperated them. Actually I now feel like more of a freak because it looks so strange to be like everyone else. I’m actually considering having them put back together believe it or not. Granit they look totally normal now without even any evident scarring it still just doesn’t feel right even after all of the years of wishing I could feel between them; Sounds so crazy but in reality it’s cool being different in that respect aand my girlfriend loves it lol. Her toes (2nd and 3rd) on both feet are also joined partially so accordi to her she just looks at my toes as a type of body modification like tongue splitting or something so she loves feeling between them so considering that fact i convinced her to pierce between her webs versus cutting them and by doing so she now kinda knows what it feels like to have something between them and she loves it as do i. Plus there isn’t the risks involved like i took and it looks cute as hell with her little diamobd studs inbetween since a toe ring wasn’t exactly an option. So if you are considering surgery I urge you to think twice about it cuz Ive had to have three corrective surgeries to get it just right and it really wasnt worth it but do know piercing between the toes is definitely ann option to cure the curioudsity of what it feels like to have something between them plus it’s cute as hell an definely unque te jewlery, just bereaive and yes we will post photosfor you all o. By th way she is lso a professional model and actress, keep your eyes peeled, chances aryou alread knw who sheis. Take care and remember its good to be different!!!!

  3. Itchy Web-Toes says:

    Why do my Webbed Toes Itch so bad?
    I don’t think that it is Athletes foot but at this
    point in my old age and suffering i’m not sure what it is.

  4. Dougal says:

    Yes, we are mutants. There’s nothing wrong with that. I didn’t say we were handicapped. That would be an insult to people who suffer from real handicaps. I’m proud of my toes, too. My wife and kids think they’re pretty neat šŸ™‚

    I think it’s a shame that some people out there have felt some kind of need to have their webbed toes separated. But if you’ve already had it done, then it seems like an awful lot of trouble to go through to have them rejoined. Personally, I wouldn’t do that.

    And as far as itchiness goes, I can’t say that my webbed toes have ever itched any more than any of my other toes. Can’t help you there šŸ™‚

  5. name says:

    i also have my 2&3 toe 0n both feet web about 3\4 away

  6. gene says:

    Was born with them and still have them 14 years later. Now I have a grandchild with them. No problem. Ignore it.

  7. gene says:

    oops! I meant 74 years later.

  8. jewel says:

    My twenty three year old son has his second and third toes connected on both feet. I don’t know anybody else who has it in our family.

  9. Kim says:

    I went searching for more info on webbed toes after I just had my 2nd child to be born with webbed toes. My 2nd & 3rd kids have the 2nd & 3rd toes on both feet, webbed right up to the nail. My oldest child does not have webbed toes. My toes are not webbed but my husband are, but not nearly as severe. Also, both of the grandma’s have webbed toes. At first I thought I wanted to have them seperated, I would hate to have the kids teased for them while growing up. However, now we all call them “special toes” and will leave the decision to seperate them up to our kids when they get older. My husband thinks they are cool. When our last baby was born on 9/20/03, it was the first thing that my husband and mom looked for when the baby came out of me….no one cared about the gender, they just wanted to see if it had webbed toes! LOL!

  10. Sum says:

    I just had a baby boy 10/7/03 and after him being 10 days old noticed that his 2nd and 3rd toes are connected, no one in the hospital even noticed. I have never seen this before and don’t know if they should be seperated or even if that is possible when a child is young? So anyone with knowledge please let me know, thanks.

  11. Dougal says:

    I still don’t understand why somebody would be concered with separating the toes. It’s an extremely minor cosmetic difference from “the norm”.

    But if it bothers you, ask your doctor about it. Most likely he/she will tell you that they *can* separate them, but that there is no real reason to do so. So you would probably just be subjecting your baby to
    unnecessary discomfort.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I would let a child decide for him/herself if they wanted the toes separated. In the early years of my life, my focus was so narrow that when I finally looked around at other people’s toes at the poolside, I thought they were the ones with the strange toes!

    I never had any self esteem issues about my toes, my family thought they were cool and I therefore felt the same way. Since nobody ever considered it a “problem” that needed “correcting” I simply considered it part of my uniqueness.

  13. jonboy says:

    I am yet another born with my 2nd and 3rd toes joined. Mine only go half way up so it looks like I have really short toes there. I say “so what, they get me where I’m going.”

  14. Joy Dulaney says:

    The 2nd @ 3rd toe’s on both my feet are webbed half way up as were my Dad’s I think they look rather good and it has never bothered me in the slightest except when I have knocked them and then it’s “OUCH” We may all be genetically linked in some way!!!!!!! “FEET RULE” O.K

  15. Jarrod says:

    I got my 2nd and 3rd toes fully webbed and all my others partially. It runs in my family(obviously) from my Dad’s side. My aunt has it too, but her fingers are partially webbed and her rings cant go on all the way. I think it is cool and I know some other people with the same trait. There is no reason to get them seperated, the way I see it is they are meant to be like that. Ive read some stories and such about Plato’s Atlantis and the people there had webbed digits, so maybe all of us have a bit of heritage from a “lost race” of webbed people. I know the “webbed gene” is dominate but I do not know and havent heard of any couples with the webbed gene that have made babies. My guess is their child would be more webbed than the parents. If I have a child that is webbed there is no way I would let doctors cut the webbing, I would him or her make that decision for themselves.

  16. annonimous says:


    [edited by admin]

  17. Anonymous says:

    We are all not clones. Our uniqueness is what makes us special. Let your baby decide when it is grown what to do with its body. Use it as a learning opportunity to appreciate and value people who are different.We love people for who they are and not what they look like.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I asked my three year old son why are you so cute? And he said because God made me that way. He has webbed toes. I try to do my best to build his confidence so he won’t have to worry about what others think. That he will build his life with integrity. He will be a stronger person because he is different. He will be able to relate to people in a way his non webbed brother can not. We try and talk openly about it to educate people/children who have never seen webbed toes. We never hide it away. He wears little open toed sandels all the time. When he is 18 if he wants to have them separated that will be his choice. I hope he does not. That is part of what makes him who he is. I just found out his Great Uncle and Great Grandmother have the same. My Uncle said that when he was in 7-8th grade he did research on it and traced it over seas back to a place up in the mountains? It was so long ago he does not remember…I wish I had that information. Family history interests me.

  19. Dougal says:

    For those of you searching for more scientific information about this, try this link describing syndactyly, a joining of the fingers and/or toes.

    Again, for simple joined toes like mine, I wouldn’t be concerned. It’s just a little extra skin, it’s not hurting anything, and nobody has ever noticed my toes unless I went out of the way to point them out anyhow (which I don’t mind doing, because, I think they’re interesting). But for more serious conditions such as joined fingers, you probably want to consult a physician.

  20. BD says:

    I know two girls and one guy with webbed toes. The girls have the 2nd & 3rd toes webbed, the guy has 2nd , 3rd & 4th webbed on his left foot, and 2ne & 3rd on his right foot. One of the girls has her 2nd & 3rd completely webbed. He is very shy about showing his feet, and is SOOO tired of being asked if he is a good swimmer. the girls are cool with showing their toes and even let me take pictures of their feet.

    Sorry my toes are not webbed, but I do have funny pinky toes that overlap my 4th toes. I leave 4 toe prints with each foot when I walk in the wet sand a the beach

  21. gregory ilinski says:

    I have Webbed toes and think that us few that have this trait are very special. I also think that we are messengers of GOD. I am not a very religious person. But I feel that I have been on this planet for a reason. And though everyone is different. We are different in a different way. We may not be mutants but all ANGELS.

  22. patrick cummins says:

    my friend has webbed toes. if i pull my second and third toe apart a
    piece of skin apears half way up but i dont think its webbed.

  23. Matt says:

    Like many here my 2nd & 3rd toes on each foot are webbed 3/4 the way up. As far as we new I was the only person in my family history that had ever had that trait. With in a year after my birth a first cousin of mine was born that had his toes webbed the same way. Neither of us has had them seperated and doctors advised at birth that there would be more medical complications from seperating them than if they were left alone. I can’t underdstand why anyone would want them seperated, I think they look healthier than skinny boney toes. I do however get tired of being asked if I can swim fast. I tend to show off my toes to try and freak people out that have never seen toes like mine before and everyone thinks my toes are very weird and cool and I’m pround of it. I hope my kids have webbed toes.

  24. marcus says:

    i have webbing between my 2nd and third like most but it is more obvious on the right foot than the left. my left foot looks almost normal if i don’t part the toes to show the slight webbing. but i’m thinking of surgically separating the webbings on the right foot so both feet look similar. i don’t wear slippers or sandals out and when i go to beaches i always hide my right foot in the sand. i haven’t learnt how to deal with it yet. the only thing stopping me from separating them is the possible scarring and obvious splitting that the plastic surgeon has warned me about. if anyone has gone thru splitting of the toes could u tell me if the scarring is obvious?

  25. Connie says:


    I read your message and could relate to you. I have webbed 2nd &
    3rd toes on both feet. My one foot is more webbed than the other. My
    right foot has 2nd & 3rd toes completely connected to the tips of my
    toes, with my toe nails almost touching. My left foot has the webbing
    only going up to below the toe nails of my 2nd & 3rd toes. It is not as
    notciable but still bothers me when people notice it. I too never wear
    sandals, or worse yet flip flops. I am a proud member of the “bury our
    feet in the sand” club, when i go to the beach.

    I would recommend against surgery on your toes. I was told by a
    doctorr I spoke with that you could have nerves or blood vessels between the
    toes and that you run the riskof losing circulation or feeling in one
    or both toes. If you lose circualtion, it could result in amputatio of
    a toe. i think I would rather keep all ten of my toes.

    Tell me more about how self-conscious you are of your toes. You
    probably had similar childhood and teen year memories as me. If I had a
    dollar for every person who said I must be a great swimmer, I would be a

    Keep in touch,


  26. Mullet says:

    Wow, i can’t believe there are people like me! I too have the miracle of two toes joined freakishly together! I marvel at them every morning as i shower! I now feel accepted and part of this crazy world like never before. Thanks guys for enabling me to feel wanted again! xx

  27. pezmonster says:

    I’m at school right now, in the library, and there’s this dude over there with 6 toes. It’s scary… I wanna go ask him if he really has 6 toes, but nah…i’d be i\embarrassed:) laterz..

  28. noone says:

    I have the second and third toes webbed on both feet. The left is ~90% webbed, the right ~40% webbed. I’ve never been embarassed by them, they were just always part of my life. My father had webbed toes, as did his father.

    I’m with Connie — I can’t remember how many people have asked if I’m a good swimmer. Ironically, I can’t swim…

    The other odd question I was frequently asked in school was “Gee, doesn’t that feel weird?” to which I would retort “Gee, doesn’t it feel weird to have all of that space between your toes?” ;^).

  29. Lauren says:

    Hey all! Wow this page has givin me a lot of insight on this subject. I’m 16 and I just recently had my 2nd and 3rd toes on both feet seperated about 5 days ago. I am going through the healing process and oh my gosh i’ll tell you its not easy! I wish i would have known more before i went ahead with the surgery, like about the risks and recovery process. There’s really no use complaining about it though, theres nothing i can do to turn back time and re-join them! Is there anyone who has had this surgery also that can tell me how it turned out or what the outcome was? When i saw my new toes for the first time the other day, it was a big nasty mess ( obviously because i just had surgery) but im sad and i feel like they’re never going to look normal again! I was perfectly fine before but i was really self concious about them and couldn’t wear sandals or anything because i was embarrased. I should have just excepted the way i was. Oh well…Hopefully everything will turn out okay because i have wanted this done for many years. If any one has any advice or support that would be wonderfull! Thanks alot!

  30. Anne says:

    My webbed toes has never bothered me until this year. I want to get something done since I am working long shifts and my toes hurt real bad and causing me to walk funny on my feet. It hurts so bad I can’t hardly walk the next day after 10 hour shifts. If anyone has had similair problems please let me know and tell me how the problem was corrected. I’m tired of them hurting and its not my shoes. thanks

  31. Connie says:

    Noone, I tried emailing you but your address didn’t work. Please email me, I’d like to chat with someone whose toes are webbed exactly like mine!

  32. Brooke says:

    It’s so interesting to read about experiences which I thought were unique to me! My second and third toes on both feet are joined up to just below the nail. My parents were advised against seperating them, and between the ages of about 11 and 14, I was greatly embarrassed by them. Then I got over it. I, too, bought special sandals, hid my toes in the sand, and was asked if I was a good swimmer. Has anyone sung “Be Kind to Your Wed-footed Friends” to any of you? How rude! I’m glad my toes weren’t seperated, though I was also somewhat relieved that my children were born with regular toes.


  33. Alan says:

    I’m 33 yrs old & have always wondered how many of “us” there were. Both of my feet have 2nd & 3rd toes joined all the way to the middle of the nails. When I was little – I didn’t know any better, teen – embarrassed, late teen – had a lot of fun with other people’s ignorance (can trace my heritage back to the Royal Family with these), early adult – it became a badge of honor, conversation, and (not a few times) an in with the ladies… now I don’t think about them much anymore but my wife does… she was worried that our children would have “it” also… My daughter’s are but only about 10-15% and my son’s feet look “normal”. I’m glad I never had the operation. It has made me a stronger person and also more in tune with physical differences in others. It has allowed me to see differences without offending or drawing attention to them… just seeing people for who they are inside (if I may be so blatantly P. C.)
    Have any others heard of them referred to as “Indian Toes”? My family has some Native American Bloodlines and I was always under the impression that that may have been where they came from.
    I also can’t swim but would be rich as well, even if it was only a penny per time. I have a very good friend that is missing most toes and some fingers from his left side – dithalidimide I think… we were friends first & then became best friends thru our “abnormal digits” Oh, BTW, he’s a good swimmer.
    For those of you who may read this & are just starting to become aware / self-conscience of your toes, I won’t insult you by saying “don’t think about it” or “ignore them” but I will say this – have fun with it, if they’re so curious, let them prove your parents weren’t part of some super secret nuclear program – or you can be aloof to it all with the knowledge that normal is boring and eventually there will be rewarding moments in being different. But be warned that playing “This little piggy” with your kids may need some revision.

  34. Faye says:

    WOW! I never realised how many others have ‘unique’ webbed toes like me. When ever I see a person with revealing shoes or no shoes at all, I look and say to myself “Nope, there feet are normal.” lol. Only one time, in my 18 years of living I saw a person with webbed toes and I was shocked out of my mind. In fact it was a teacher from my past high school that I crossed in a store. In my head I was like “No way”, but yep their was his completely webbed toes staring me in the face. Mines also are like Connie’s (No. 25-11/26/03, above) my left feet are completely webbed, but my BEST LOOKING foot, the right, is only 3/4 webbed. It is so wierd because I DO wear revealing shoes, I LOVE HEELS, but if I am going out in the day I will use a black pen to draw a line so it is not as noticable. Crazy I know! šŸ˜›

  35. kristy says:

    I have always been so embarrased by my toes. My 2nd and 3rd are also webbed. My left isn’t as bad as the right foot. I won’t wear open toed shoes out unless it’s around certain people. The only guys I’ve ever let notice are ones that I was serious with (over a year). I decided to seperate them, so I started with the right foot since it was more severe. My mom’s doctor that she works for did it, although he’d never performed the operation before. They wouldn’t heal and I had to take the bandages off to allow them to heal. I tried to put a bandage between them during the day, but it wouldn’t stay. Needless to say, it grew back up. Now I have a scar. The surgery wasn’t that bad, but trying to walk later almost killed me. All that pressure on that foot! Anyway, my sister now picks on me (hers are worse than mine) because she says the scars look like tree branches! I would still love to have the seperated (by someone who’s done it before). What kind of doctor should I look for? It’s more difficult for a female to have this problem, especiallly when guys love feet and open toed shoes are so popular now. I would do anything to feel comfortable enough to wear them all summer long. I go to great lengths to hide them at the beach etc. My sister doesn’t care as much as I do. I try to buy sandals that cover up until near the very top of my toes or about 3/4 the way up. When guys see me with those type shoes on they say, “you look like you have beautiful feet”. I think to myself,”yeah, if they weren’t webbed”! Do you think it would really freak most guys out? I even go around the house with socks or shoes on!

  36. BD says:

    Kristy, you should not be self-concious of your toes. Everybody has something different about them. Nobody is perfect. Your toes would never freak me out. I have pinky toes that overlap my 4th toes, on both feet. I think that is much more noticable than webbed toes, and i don’t let it bother me. It used to bother me when I was younger, but I’ve learned to deal with it. If someone can’t accept you for who you are, they’re not worth it.

    Please feel free to email me if you would like to discuss this further in a more discreet setting than this posting board. Click on my underlined initials and my email address will appear.

  37. joanna says:

    My 16 month old son was born with simple bilateral syndactyly of 2nd and 3rd toes on both feet. As far as we can tell there is no family history on either side. After his birth noone noticed the “condition” for the first 3 days. From the start we knew we would like to get his toes seperated to spare him the future ridicule and embarrassement that he might have encountered in school later on. The plastic surgeon we consulted informed us that we would have to wait till our son was at least a year old, at that time we scheduled the surgery time. The surgery finally took place this September. I am not very happy with the results. The toes on the left foot had grown back together half way up. The other foot looks better, however there is scarring on both feet, he has these white almost blister like scars. He did require skin grafts. The plastic surgeon keeps telling us that his toes will heal and the scarring will go away, and that the foot that has grown together will be a very simple procedure to reseperate. Does anyone out there know if his scarring is likely to go away or is the good Dr. just feeding us what we want to hear? Also, since my son doesn’t speak yet, how long do the toes hurt for after surgery and how bad is the pain?

  38. Lauren says:

    Hey Joanna, since i just had this surgery i can tell you a little bit about it! Before i had the surgery my mom felt bad because she thought she should have had my toes seperated when i was a baby, but after talking to my doctor he said that its actually better to wait until your older and your toes are more developed and grown. I guess that would be why your son’s toes have grown partially back together. Well after surgery my toes only hurt for about 4 or 5 days and I would just take pain killers to help it. After that I didn’t need medicine anymore and they didn’t really hurt. The pain wasn’t ever excruciating(sp?) either. During surgery however there was a complication and the blood wouldn’t come back to one of my toes, and i almost lost my toe. Because of this, the proccess has been much longer than expected, but im heading in the right direction now! Skin graft’s are a possibility in the future if my toes don’t completely heal correctly, but everything looking like it will be ok. It’s been so hard for me though because im a dancer and i haven’t been able to do anything, and i dont know when i’ll be able to get back to dancing. I have to go through some physical therapy for my toes after everything is better. The reason i had the surgery in the first place was because i was so self concious about my toes, and i wanted to be able to wear open toed shoes and go to the beach without being embarresed of someone seeing my toes. If i had a chance to go back i probably wouldn’t have done the surgery, because its been such a long and hard proccess, not really worth it! HOwever, i still think i’ll be happy when they’re all healed and hopefully everything will be okay! If anyone has any other questions about the procedure feel free to ask and I would be happy to tell you!

  39. Lauren says:

    Also Joanna to answer your other question, Im sure over time scarring will eventually go away. The more your son grows and develops, the more the scarring will blend in with the normal skin and dissapear. Overall there could be slight noticable scars but nothing to worry about! Hope this helps!

  40. Joanna says:


    Yes it does, thank you for the info.

  41. Joanna says:

    Oh, and by the way, our plastic surgeon recommended to go ahead with surgery now. He said that the second toe tends to be longer than the third and if toes are attached it can cause a bending of the second toe. I don’t know if there is any truth to that but that was one of the deciding factors to go ahead with surgery.

  42. Joshua says:

    I was born 23 years ago with my second and third toes mostly webbed together on both feet, and it has been a great source of comfort to me knowing that I am unique from most people out there. My toes are not bent and have had no problems whatsoever because of the webbing. I think I’d rather have my little toe cut off than have my webbing cut. But if anyone else for whatever reason (whether it is a psychological need to feel like they are “normal”; or because a plastic surgeon wants to make money) wants to cut their webbing, go right ahead. That way I can be more of a minority and more unique. I love my webbed toes!

  43. Brooke says:

    When I was a teen, I met another girl who had large, square scars on her thigh. I asked her about them, and she said, wearily, that she was a Siamese twin, and they were her separation scars. She was joking, of course, because she was asked about the scars all the time. It turns out that her webbed toes had been separated when she was an infant, and the skin grafts were taken from her thigh. I showed her my webbed toes. I have to think that webbed toes are much less disfiguring than skin graft scars. I’m glad my parents chose to leave well enough alone.

    In any event, good luck to the young woman and infant who are healing. I’ll be interested to find out what the results are in the long run.

  44. suzanna ross says:

    Wow, what a wonderful website!Ihave-shortened webbed toes on my left foot, and shortened fingers on my left hand.The latter were once webbed, but were separted in my teens.I’ve always been conscious of my toes,but have actually come to love ’em.However,they do get very painful and wearing comfy shoes is quite hard.Does anyone have any suggestions?Many thanks,suzannax

  45. Andrea says:

    Its amazing after reading all these posts how many of us are out there!! I have never seenanyone with a toes like mine… only my left foot is webbed on the second and third toes….but mine is webbed all the way to the top and and the bones of each toe, I was told when I was a kid is fused at the top, with one nail covering both toenail area….not that many of us are webbed to the top including the nail…I too spent my childhood hiding my foot and dreaded if anyone would find out….at the beach, I always buried my foot in the sand….never wore open toe shoes….well, I turn 40 this year and for the first time, I could care less what people think about it!! It is what it is!!

  46. Rita says:

    Its really great to know there is support and so many others out there.My son is now three years old and doing great.I am the one who noticed his webbed toe.Hate to say it wasn’t until he was seven days old!Its on his left foot.The second and third toe are completely fused all the way up to the toe nail.Looks very similar to one big toe when veiwed from under the foot.I must say…I was very upset when I first discovered it.I took him to several plastic surgeon’s in hopes to get it fixed VERY SOON.They all said he would have to be at least a year old.My husband was totally against this, and said his toe was perfect,just leave it alone.As time went by,it made perfect since.Why put my child through surgery,skin grafts,and pain that isn’t nessary.His toe is beautiful and we just love it! Only thing is,recently Im not sure if he has just discovered it but,he keeps asking me about his toe.He tries pulling them apart and says”Look mom, there stuck”.He then says”Doctors gonna fix it”.I dont regret my decision but,often wonder if when he gets older he may wished we would have had it repaired.Anyone with comments on this please let me know.Thanks,this means more than you know.

  47. Laura says:

    i am a teenager and i have wanted to get my webbed toes (they are 2/3 of the way up on both feet) separated. I have looked at some things on the internet about webbed toes and surgery to fix it, its really embarassing to me and i want to be able to wear flip flops and open toed shoes again without worrying if anyone is looking at my feet, but the only complications i heard about were nerve damage and me not being able to feel my two toes anymore. Now, im totaly fine with that, its not that big of a deal to me, but i don’t rellay know anything else about the surgery process. Is it really possible that your toes or toe could fall off if the blood doesn’t flow back in there ( and if so, why wouldn’t blood be able to flow back through your toes) and second of all, do you seriously need to have a skin graft? it seems like there should be enough skin connecting the two toes to pull back down and stitch together. My third question is: How much does it hurt during and afterwards? I know that the numbing shot stings when its injected ( ive had a mole removed before) but during that surgery it didn’t hurt after at all, there was just a little tension on the skin. Will i need a wheelchair or crutches to take the pressure off the toes, or to have one foot done at a time, or will i be able to walk around as long as i have pain killers? Anyone whose had surgery before, successful or not, i would appreciate your feedback and the answers to any, and hopefully all, of my numerous questions. Thanks.

  48. Laura says:

    also, for anyone who has ever had the surgery before, how much did it cost, because my parents don’t want to pay for it because they know it will be expensive. I just hope i can convince them so i can ask my doctor about the process and the healing time and pain and things like that. Thanks

  49. jason says:

    I just had my webbed toes separated about three weeks ago. It was the 2nd and 3rd toes of each foot, about 3/4 the way up. I had been putting this off for years–the fear of exposing my toes seemed to grow more every year. I was sick of not feeling free to go to the beach or pool. Plus, after a lot of walking, the webbing actually ached. So I went to a podiatrist, who said, “yeah, no problem.” So I went to an outpatient surgery clinic to have the doc do it. I was put under, and an hour later I had huge bandages on my feet and had to wear those big surgery sandals for a week. The pain wasn’t so bad, especially with the pain pills. The skin grafts came from the tops of my feet, but they didn’t really take very well. So for a few more weeks I have to put sterile pads between my toes and tape them up until they heal. It’s like having open blisters between the toes, and they are slowly healing (and itching). But it feels awesome to be able to spread my toes for the first time. I’ll feel free to walk around barefoot if I want to (even when alone, I would wear socks, because the webbing never ceased to freak me out). As far as cost, my insurance covers most of it (it’s usually covered, as corrective surgery for a congenital deformity, as they define it). About $4000 total–the biggest fee is for the use of the surgical clinic. Even if insurance did not cover it, it would still be worth it to me. I realize that a lot of web-toed people couldn’t care less about their feet, but I feel like a burden has been lifted, like I no longer have to keep some dreadful secret. No one knew about it except my parents and the serious girlfriends I’ve had–not even my best friends. I know this secrecy is irrational, but it’s always been a very big deal to me. I wish my parents had had it done when I was a baby, but not being webbies themselves, they had no idea how much grief it could cause me. Any recovering patients out there? How long did it take to heal up?

  50. Darlene says:

    I’m glad to be in good company. I’m also glad to be the 50th comment on this website, since I am 50 yrs. old. I,too, have been very self conscious about my toes. I am fortunate enough to only have it up to the first joint on both feet. I have occasionally thought of surgery but now after reading your comments, I am now embarassed that I ever gave it a thought. Really ashamed at myself, actually. I’m proud to be part of this elite group.

  51. Laura says:

    the second comment on this page was about someone whose girlfriend got her toes pierced, and they said that they would include pictures. How would i find those? Does anybody know? Help me please because i think it would look cute, but i want to make sure the picture in my mind matches the real thing before i go and get it done. Thanks

  52. Connie says:

    Laura, I think one of my friends had it done. Let me see if she would be willing to take a picutre of it. I too have webbed toes, but have no desire to get any piercing done to the webbing. I want to draw as little attention as possible to my toes. Laura drop me an email I’d like to chat about what you heard about surgery. Click on my name for my email address

  53. Dougal says:

    Since this conversation is threatening to swallow up my entire blog, which is intended to mainly be about technical web stuff, I am seriously thinking about spinning off an entire new website devoted to information about syndactly (webbed fingers/toes).

    However, I probably don’t have the day-to-day time to devote to managing the site (posting new material, vetting out junk comments, etc.). So, if you are reading this, and you think that you might be interested in contributing your time and effort as a site manager, story submitter, or whatever, please contact me and let me know.

    I don’t expect it would take very much effort. I just need somebody who is willing to post some new material occassionally, and help keep the site’s comments on-track. Of course, it wouldn’t pay any money, but you would get to have your name up in lights, so to speak. šŸ˜‰

  54. Stina says:

    šŸ˜† My boyfriend has webbed toes. It was wierd at first, and it took some getting used to. I LOVE THEM!! šŸ˜Æ Who would’ve known!!! LOL He sometimes says he wants to cut them but I’d miss them too much. He’s special God made him that way for a reason. So I guess I love a mutant and his cute toes!!!!!!!

  55. Anonymous says:

    can any one give me any pix of webbed toes?

  56. Lauren says:

    I had posted here about a week after i had the surgery performed. Now it’s been about 2 months and im almost totally healed. The only thing left is scabs between my toes on the left foot, and on the right foot where the complications took place there is a bigger skin area healing. I’ve read numerous questions from everyone on here and i just wanted to let you know that you can Email me and ask me any questions you have and i will answer you directly. Seeing that i just had this surgery i can hopefully answer everyones questions accurately. I’m finally in regular shoes now after being in the huge surgical shoes, and using a wheel chair to get around! It feels great. After surgery i totally regreted getting it done because i thought to myself, why did i have to go and change something so minor on my body that didn’t even matter! i was thinking this way because the whole process was so hard to go through, and painfull, etc. Now i am pretty happy i did it, mostly because thats all over with and i have 5 pretty un-joined toes not to be self concious about anymore! Well anyways, PLease Email me with anything you would like to know because i’d be more than happy to tell you any information i can! šŸ˜€

  57. RB says:

    I find this very interesting, as my wife has webbing between her toes, but not completely joined. I wondered if there were any of you that would post pictures of your webbed toes? Thanks.

  58. Dougal says:

    I have a pic in another post here on this site.

  59. Anonymous says:

    can someone give me a pic if u can just im me Boss070989

  60. RB says:

    Would love to see the webbed toes Andrea describes as fused all the way to the end with one toe nail. So actually it appears as though you have 4 toes? Cool.

  61. Lynn says:

    I have always (for about 50 years) been very self conscious about my conjoined toes (2nd & 3rd on both feet). I don’t see what’s so good about having them. I think it’s great though if other people are not bothered by theirs. I wish I felt that way. I’m very surprised to find out this is as common as this site makes it appear to be. I am going to see about having mine separated. Anybody got info on that?

  62. jason says:

    OK, two weeks after post #49: I no longer need bandages. The toes are almost completely healed, just some scabs and swelling. I was surprised to read that Lauren needed a wheelchair to get around. I walked out of the surgery clinic with my big surgery sandals, which I only wore for a week, and then Birkenstocks with socks for another week. Walking was a bit painful for a total of about three weeks, but now everything is back to normal. So, yes, it was totally worth it, and relatively easy. I look forward to doing new things, like going to the beach, taking a yoga class, and whatever else I shied away from all these years. If your doctor says it’s unnecessary, go to another one. Only web-toed people understand the stress of having webbed toes. Ten years ago, a podiatrist told me that as a male it shouldn’t bother me (implying that only women have body issues, I guess, and that guys are above such nonsense), so I left the doctor’s office ashamed of having gone. Well, it did bother me very much–until I had the operation ten years later (by a more open-minded podiatrist). I hope this helps anybody who is thinking about having the surgery or has already had it.

  63. Adjun says:

    Hey guys. I’ve been reading several of the posts here on this site and just to let you know, there is a pretty kewl yahoo group dedicated to you all and your kewl toes. Here is the URL. It has lots of pictures on there too for those of you who want to see.

  64. Moondog says:

    I just wanted to say “I love my webbed toes” and would never think of having them separated. I love to go to the beach. Having webbed toes will never keep me from going. Once in awhile I feel uncomfortable showing off my feet but really, most of the time it doesn’t bother me. Like Ajun wrote, there is a cool group on yahoo and I’ve posted pics. If anyone would like to talk webbed toes, please email me.

  65. Laura says:

    hey, i got an answer from one person who had the surgery, jason, and he said that the cost of his surgery was covered under something like corrective surgery of a congenital deformity. I just want to know from anyone else who had the surgery if it was covered by their insurance. Also, painwise, how bad was it? Could you walk around normally with just a little bit of lingering pain after a week or two, or does it hurt for longer, and how badly? Thanks

  66. Heather says:

    It’s so nice to find other people with the same issue! My 2nd and 3rd toes are also webbed. 2/3 up on my left foot and 1/3 up on my right. I’ve felt embarassed by them for quite some time. I don’t remember ever feeling this way as a kid. But when I was in my teens and even now, in my early 20’s, I’ve been more self-concious. The sandle issue is a biggie for me. I try to buy a sandle with a strap that will cover the webbing. I have thought on and off again about surgery, and even consulted a plastic surgeon a couple of years ago. But with the thought of being incapacitated for a week and having more scars from the skin grafting, I was turned off of surgery. I try to remind myself that they’re just toes. Who cares, right? Finding other people with this same problem helps. It doesn’t make me feel so unusual after all. I like to joke with my close friends that I have alien toes. :mrgreen:

  67. Anne says:

    hey everyone. i have webbed toes and so did my cousin, but he got his removed when he was a baby, as his were much worse than mine. I never cared much about them until i was about 12 years old, now 17, i have major issues with them.I wish my parents would have decided on getting the surgery as a baby, because now i wouldnt have to have these bad feelings about my body. Only my family and close friends know, and they all say theyre not bad… theres webbing about 1/2 way up and i am just so embarrased of them. I even wear socks at home because the sight of them is just a reminder of not being able to do the things i want to do. I dont own a pair of sandals and hardly ever going swimming in the summer. I HATE my feet, and go through SO much to hide them. I love the summer and the way thong sandals look with everyone’s cute outfits.. i wish that i wear them too. My friends who know make fun of me for wearing closed toe shoes to dances and kicks to the pool, but im way too self-concious of my feet, and the feeling of being “weird” is overwhelming at times. I feel like they are holding me back of having complete self-confidence. I dont understand how people can not care and be proud of their webbed toes, but i wish i could feel the same way. I really want surgery, but after reading these postings im very scared of the after affects. If anyone has any information about surgery or ways to work around having them, please reply!:?::!:

  68. Joe says:

    Anne, Your’s was the first post I read when I found this site. I feel the same way you do. Its good to know I’m not the only one to feel this way. I’ve gotten use to burying my feet in the sand at the beach. Its pools that I stay away from. No place to hide you feet. Hopefully no one tries to pull your shoes or socks off at dances. That happened to me once when my “friends” thought they were being funny. Nothing like a bunch of people all staring at your bare foot at once to make you even more self-concious.
    Click on my name to get my email address. Drop me email if you want to talk more privately

  69. Ashton says:

    i love my stuck toes:mrgreen:, i just want to know more about them:idea:! I am 16:lol:! Does anyone know how they are joined and what caused it in the womb?:?::?::?:

  70. Wesley says:

    I hate:evil: it when a grain of sand gets stuck imbetween the little gap between 2 conjoined toes, its so uncomfortable!:mad::roll:

  71. killasteve says:

    i was wondering what the toes look like under them could i get a picture of them?

  72. Shawna says:

    I too have webbed toes. The second and third on my left foot are connected. My toes are really short on both feet so you have to look kind of close, but all through high school people noticed. I never use to wear flip flops because I didn’t want to be made fun of, not I wear them all the time. The only thing anyone ever says is “OMG your toes are soooooo cute!” I still wish I could get them separated, but I probably wont, my dad and uncle has them. My dad died and it just seems like I would be getting rid of something he gave me. So I think I’ll keep my minor problem and be happy I’m different šŸ˜‰

  73. ginsy says:

    Ohhh-I am so glad that my son and I arent’t the only ones.
    We are the only ones in my family. I told him that only very smart people have them. Does any of my fellow webbed toed people know why we have them?

  74. Anonymous says:

    :shock:hey man

  75. Scott Shrimpton says:

    I too am the proud owner of a pair of webbed toes, much to the shocked delight of my beautiful fiance. I really couldn’t care less, and I believe it is a gift that will one day save the world,or unite us with aliens, or suchlike. Great conversation starter though, it’s a difficult party trick to top.The only downer is on a cold day we can’t wear toe socks.Never mind.

  76. Deirdre says:

    I have webbed toes too and im 15. i HATE THEM! it’s so embarrasing taking my shoes of, going swimming, and wearing sandals. I especially hate when people ask me if im a good swimmer…..yea…i HATE THAT! im not a f***ing duck OK! im getting them separated as soon as possible!

  77. Rita says:

    :smile:Hi.This is to Elizabeth D—–.Please send email address so I can get back with you in response to you’re email about my son’s webbed toes.Rita

  78. Laura says:

    yeah…i asked this a little whil ago, and nobody really answered. If anyone else, besides jason, who already answered me, has had the surgery, i was just wondering if it was covered by insurance? i know that for jason it was, but i am just checking. Also, about the skin grafts, are the scars that bad? about how big are they, and are they reall obvious, or do they heal and blend in with the rest of the skin? Thanks

  79. Mike says:

    My 3 brothers and one sister have our 2nd and 3rd toe halfway webbed.

    Did you know pygmy chimps have this trait also………….

    Not pushing evolution but it makes you think

  80. chris says:

    my name is chris and i have my second and third toe on my left foot webbed, i am very imbarissed about them and don’t lik wearind open shoes. i want them seperated but don’t know where, and i have heard sometimes they re-join. my toes have ruined my life and u hate them so much.:evil:

  81. Liz says:

    I have a question for Jason who last posted #63. How do your toes look now? Are the scars noticeable? My son has webbed toes and I was told by two plastic surgeons that there would be no aesthetic improvement to having the surgery done because skin grafts on the feet tend to darken, get swollen, look puffy, and are quite noticeable. They said the skin grafts would come from the groin area. Interesting that yours came from the top of your feet. Do you have scars on top of your feet now?

  82. markus says:

    hey i have webbed toes on my 2nd and 3rd on both feet all the way to the top but i have seperate nails, and all through my life i have covered them. i’m now 21 and want them seperated. i don’t know much about it and wondered if anyone could help me. cost, how pianful it is, scaring. this problem has held me back for years. but i want the surgery done immediatley.
    can anyone help..i would appreciat any advise, from people that have already had it.

  83. jason says:

    Liz, the scars are tiny (thin and about half an inch long) and are already beginning to lighten up and blend in with the rest of my skin. Still, I’d rather have scars than webbed toes. I’m certainly not embarrassed of scars. In fact, not even two months after surgery, I’ve been swimming several times already, and for the first time ever I am not self-conscious at the pool. If you’re really worried about scars, then go to a plastic surgeon instead of a podiatrist. I honestly didn’t care about scars, and I knew my insurance company would not question the services of a podiatrist. Sure, I’ll probably always have a little scarring, but to me that is not embarrassing or freakish at all, compared to what I grew up with.

  84. Cody says:

    hey, i was born with my 2 and 3 toes combined upto the nail on both feet. I am 16 years old and i find them the coolest damn thing and my friends get a real kick out of it. I find no reason to be ashamed of the way God made me and i also think of it as an family heirloom. every other geneation in my family has webbed toes. i would never get my toes seperated, i find no problem in being unique. Hell, i take my shoes and socks off at school and walk up to people i really dont even know and show them my toes. Of course they find it a little weird, but they also find them interesting. i’ve only been criticized once and that was by my brother. so its no big deal to me. thought that i should share this for some reason.

  85. Moondog says:

    Good for you Cody. It needs to be said. I too love my webbed toes (both feet, up to the nails, on my second and third toes). I get a kick out of showing them off. At one time I thought of having them separated but glad I didn’t. I like being a little different and everyone that notices them thinks there cool. It’s no big thing. But if people want to get there toes separated, that’s cool too. It’s a personal choice. Myself, I’m fine with my webbed toes and will continue to show them off.

  86. Cody says:

    Yeah, splitting your toes is a personal decision and i think people should put more thought into it, before they do it. If you were meant to have toes like everyone else, then you would have them. Be proud of the fact that you are somewhat different then the person standing next to you. Don’t le your toes upset you or embarass you. i always joke around with my friends and tell them i have 8 toes. Enjoy what has been given o you.

  87. markus says:

    i understand what you guys are saying buti still definately want it done..i think its based on personality about how you feel about them.. me personally definately want it done. jason could you tell me how much it costs with or without insurance, also how long did yours heal, and was there any complications at all? i would told you could have blood vessals between and could cut the circulation off…? am not sure. let me know how you went about doing it. thankyou

  88. Angelica Blue Fire says:

    I accidentally ran into this site an it just so happens i have webbed toes on my second and third ! not to worry girls, the guys at my school think it’s cute. most of them are in my math class . I dont mind wearng heels or revealing shoes. Its a meager case of webbing. but youd have to be tols that i have it to notice. If you got it like i do, on the second and third, then i suggest that maybe you shouldnt care whut ppl think and be your SELF! :roll::lol:now you know … some on ewho is gonna b a famouse environmentalist with webbed toes!

  89. Moondog says:

    It’s good to hear from the ladies that it is ok to have webbed toes. Heck, Trish Helfer, a supermodel has webbed toes and just recently on the Wayne Brady Show, showed them off in front of everyone to see. She’s come to terms with them. If you still want to get your toes separated, get it done. You probably won’t be happy until they’re separated. Try this first. Take a couple of bobby pins and cut them to the length of your webbing. Slide them over the webbing and leave them. After awhile, the skin or webbing will stretch and it will leave the appearance of having separate toes, at least from a distance. I tried it and it works.

  90. markus says:

    can anyone please tell me how much it could cost for surgery to seperate the 2nd a nd 3rd on both feet. just an estimate will do. thanks

  91. jason says:

    Post #49 should answer this question. But I have no idea if this is standard. My insurance covered most of it.

  92. Liz says:

    šŸ™‚ Hi,this is to Rita – this is Elizabeth D. In response to your March 12 post #78 requesting my email address…sorry about that….I thought I sent it:oops: But since I have not heard from you I guess you did not get it. Just click on my name below and my emaill address will appear. Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Liz.

  93. Lucy says:

    I have my 2nd and 3rd toes webbed on both feet, the left slightly more webbed than the right. Basically on both feet the gap stops at the first knuckle.

    I always think ‘normal’ toes look really weird. One of my two brothers has the same thing, and he managed to convince credulous classmates it made him run faster! I never had any problems with it; I wear sandals sometimes. The only thing I do avoid is those peeptoe court shoes, because those’d show off all the wrong bits. That said, I don’t like the style much anyway, so I’m not missing much!

    I have a couple of other congenital abnormalities too, the most significant of which is that the bones in my left middle ear are malformed, so I’m partially deaf. I always thought these things were because I was born prematurely. Anyone else have any idea why this happens?

  94. Rosemary says:

    Webbed toes run in my family too. My uncle had then up to the nails and also his 2nd & 3rd fingers webbed. He joined the Navy in 1942 and all didgits were separated.
    As a kid, I thought webbed toes would be an asset in the Navy. Mine are so very noticible. But now as I am having lots of problems with my feet (stress fractures, webbed toes on one foot getting closer, the other foot, they have spread out. In both cases it is painful, so I’m considering asking for the surgery?

  95. emsie says:

    :cry:My 2nd and 3rd toes are webbed on both feet and my mate Brian calls me alien toes, monster munch feet, reptile toes, call the men in black, freaky feet, the list goes on! i think it’s quite funny really, i told him i’m going to make a plaster of paris model of my feet for him to use as a doorstop. either that or i’ll use it to kick him up the arse with if he carries on!

  96. Quentin says:

    šŸ™ My 2nd and 3rd toes are webbed on both my feet too, and it was always an issue to wear open shoes especially when I was at school and had to do PE. Now that I am older I still hide my feet, but I am begining to care less and less about it, especially around my good friends. If my childeren were to be born with them some how, I think I would have them seperated when they were really young to spare them all the embarrasment. Does anyone know what causes you to have webbed toes?

  97. Moondog says:

    All of us “webbies” are missing a gene in our DNA. Simply put, this gene tells the body when we were in the womb to have the skin between the digits to die off and separate away. Ours didn’t.

  98. Kristin says:

    šŸ˜‰ Im happy to see Im not the only one!

  99. wes says:

    i was born with my 2nd & 3rd toes on both feet webbed together all the way.
    my older brothers 2nd & 3rd toes are webbed half way on both older sisters 2nd & 3rd toes are webbed 1/2 only on her left foot.i use to charge kids 25cents to see my toes when i was in school. lol i now have kids but none of thier toes are webbed . WEBBED TOES RULE lol i have made money from mine and its one less set of toes you have to wash

  100. Lauren says:

    Its now been almost 3 months since my surgery to have my toes seperated. Im back to normal now, swimming, wearing open toed shoes, and everything i want! One toe is still swollen due to the Complications during surgery, and could take up to a year to be regular again, but oh well! The scarring is still pink and the new skin hasn’t blended in with my natural color of skin yet. Well if anyone has any questions you can Email me!

  101. markus says:

    do you think i could get something for my toes on ebay? maybe the black market? you never know. anybody know how much it will cost? if it hurts? how long was it before your back walking in trainers after surgery? e amil me and let me know. much apprecieated

  102. Jeff says:

    Hey Lauren. I tried to email you with some questions about your experience with the surgery but my email got kicked back. I plan to have surgery in the next few months and I would love any info you can give me.

  103. Anonymous says:

    :?:Hey guys!All this talk about webbed toes is great.The only thing is we really need to get some pictures posted so we see them for ourselves.I will try my hardest to get one posted today.:mrgreen::idea:

  104. Beitris says:

    I am 33 and have both the 2nd and 3rd toes on each foot joined 3/4 of the way up. And I like a few others have been very self conscious about this since I realized that not everyone has toes like that. I am the only person in my family to have webbed feet and I have never met or seen anyone else with webbed toes. I am glad to know that there are those who can appreciate their differences. While I don’t go out barefoot I do wear sandals (never flip flops) and as I get older I seem to care less about who knows. I recently got a large tattoo on the top of my foot and now that seems to generate more conversations than the toes. I would never consider getting them seperated but I can understand why someone would. My boyfriend doesn’t care and considering it took me 2 years to tell him it seems quite silly to me now 13 years later. Who knows, maybe after reading more of these posts I may become a carefree soul wandering around in flip flops. It does help to know that there are other people that share this same feeling. I like the idea that pygmy chimps have this trait too. Something else that crosses species boundries.

  105. Jessica says:

    Hey Everyone! Wow.. so weird! I just came on to get some information on gettin webbed toes serperated and how much it would cost etc, and I arrived to this website! I didnt know so many people had toes just like mine! The 2nd and 3rd ones on both my feet are 3/4 webbed! Well I have been thinking about gettin them seperated also. I am not OVERLY self concious about them, but I think i would be much happier if they were seperated because I would feel more comfortable wearing sandels etc. I have a few basic questions that I would like to ask and if anyone could reply it would be great! … How much is the procedure? How long does it take usually for it to completely heal — summers coming soon I want to know if they’d be healed for then! Thanks alot guys! hope to hear from anyone šŸ˜€

  106. Rita says:

    I must say its really hard to believe how many people out there are ashamed and try hiding those beautiful toes!Why would you ever want to fix something that is soo unusual and diffrent?I read someone’s comment about getting them pierced.Now that’s an idea!Please don’t be ashamed and try to hide them,instead show them off.It really is hard to understand why some people would want to have unessary surgery.Skin graphs?Kick those shoes off and show em’ off!!!:cool:

  107. Moondog says:

    I’m with Rita. Show ’em off. I’ve already started wearing flip flops. My second and third toes on each foot are about 90 percent webbed. The idea of having a tattoo sounds great, but I’ve heard that getting a tattoo on your feet or toes is really painful. Any thoughts. Anyway, when you’re out, just look down because I’ll be wearing flip flops or some sort of sandals.

  108. Anonymous says:

    Great idea Moondog!You know,maybe we can start an annual webbed toe festival or type of spring break “PARTY”.Webbies only!Webbsters rule!!!!!!!!!:grin:

  109. Moondog says:

    I’ve talked about doing that but I think it might be hard to find a central location that everyone could get to easily. I think it would be great if we could make it happen. All of the people with webbed toes in one place, talking to each other face to face, or would that be toes to toes. Anyway, if it could happen, I’d be there.

  110. Anonymous says:

    im really self counsious about my toes…1st and 2nd webbed 3/4 up…anyone had the surgery? what was it like?

  111. Jessica says:

    Laauren I tried emailing you, is that still your email address???

  112. Julie says:

    Is it true that webbed toes are a sign of inbreeding?? Say it ain’t so!!!

  113. Anonymous says:

    I did here it was caused by inbreeding.Oh well!We are what we are.Stand up and be proud!!!!!!!!!!:lol:

  114. Nikkkki says:

    My boyfriend has been real self conscious about showing his feet in sandals. He never wanted me to
    look at them up close or touch them. I noticed that his first and second toes are slightly webbed looking a little bit like a V shape. I asked him what it was and he freaked out and changed the subject. I really don’t think it’s a big deal at all. For the most part I wouldn’t have noticed if he hadn’t been so obviously self conscious about it. I don’t think anyone should feel embarassed about having webbed toes it’s just simply having a different gene. Love your toes!

  115. Jamie says:

    I love my webbed toes, I always have. I look at “normal” toes and think that they are weird looking. My brother and mother also have heir 2nd and 3rd toes on both feet webbed but mine are webbed the most. I never thought of seperating them but my brother used to threaten to do so when we were young and fighting.
    I love my toes

  116. paddy says:

    Most people on this site have webbed toes but I’m one who doesn’t. I havn’t got anything against and couldn’t care if I had got webbed feet. The thing is, do I?
    If you look at my feet they are perfectly normal. But when I pull my 2nd and 3rd toe apart skin seems to appear between my toes. I’d just like to ask anyone without webbed toes if its the same…please take off your socks and check.
    Then I’ll be able to see if I have webbed feet or not. I do have two freinds with webbed feet and:
    p.s my “webbing” goes up abou 1/4 way on both feet!

  117. Dana says:

    I’m so happy to know I’m not the only one with webbed toes, besides my mom. Mine are worse on the left, the 2 and 3 are about 90% and the 2 and 3 on the right are about 60%. Ive always hated it, now I hate it just a little bit less after reading all of your comments. I actually came across this site while searching for shoes to wear for a wedding in which I’m the maid of honor. Of course I’m searching for a shoe that will cover the web. I hate it because I love my feet and I love painting my toes, I’d never wear shoes if it weren’t for that damn piece of skin between my toes. I thought by now, being 25 I’d be comfortable with it but I’m not! That pisses me off even more than my toes! Any advice? Dana

  118. Dana says:

    By the way, we are not mutants! That really doens’t make me feel any better! I’d like to believe that we are genius descendants from Atlantis!

  119. Dana says:

    One more thing! Maybe the reason we all feel like we are the only ones with webbed toes(or two man toe, as they were called in my family) is because most of us hide them! If we all started showing them it would become more “normal” to see or have webbed toes!

  120. Moondog says:


    Exactly!!! I’ve started wearing sandals more now that the weather has broken and my friends are seeing my webbed toes more often and don’t even comment on them any more. I think you should wear strappy sandals to the wedding and show off your webbed toes. No one will even notice your toes when your wearing your maid of honor outfit. And even if they do, after awhile they will get used to them and forget about them. It’s part of you and if they are real good friends, they’ll take you for who you are. Your webbed toes make you unique and special. Paint them up and show them off. If more of us “webbies” did that, people wouldn’t think twice about them. Good luck with your choice but I suggest you show them off. Wear sandals! You’re going to look gorgeous anyway (bridemaids always do).

  121. Louise says:

    Both the 2nd and 3rd toe of both my feet were webbed right to the top, until I turned 16. After years and years of heartache and crying when people discovered my abnormailty, or my brother threatened to tell people, I begged my parents to pay for them to be seperated. Mum & Dad didn’t want me to have them seperated as they stated that I was special but after me shying away from swimming carnivals or not going to the beach with friends they eventually agreed to me having it done. I had heard all the doc’s threats that the op may cause toes to fall off due to bad circulation but I didn’t care and went ahead with the seperation procedure.

    I am now 21 years old and think that the op was the best thing that I have ever done. The skin graft was taken from my groin and the scarring is still there but barely noticable. As for my toes they also have slight scarring, the toes are not exactly the same size and i have lost feeling between the toes. But who gives a f*ck. When they were joined i never had feeling between them anyway and now no one notices my toes. I was in a wheel chair for 1 1/2 weeks after the op and my feet were tightly bandaged. After that time though i don’t even remember there being any pain. Also my toes have shown no sign what so ever of them growing back together.

    I am happy for the people that love their webbed toes but I did not and I don’t think that this makes me (or anybody that has/is thinking about them being seperated) any less of a person.
    I am now a very happy person and now am always happy to put on open toed shoes or go bare foot.

    I don’t have any information of price but could find out if anyone is interested.

  122. Jenni says:

    I was shocked to find this “web” site.(Ha Ha) I like so many of you was so embarrassed of my toes. I would wear socks at slumber parties, hide them at the pool and beach, etc. When I was out of high school I decided to have mine separated. I’m now 40 and don’t remember much about the first operation. I know they did them one at a time and that’s really all I remember. But a couple of years ago I noticed that they were starting to grow back together. So, April 5th of this year, I had them redone. They did them both at the same time. It wasn’t very painful except they wrapped my bandages to tight and my feet turned blue and had blood blisters on the sides. They took the skin graph from my groin,which is now pretty much unnoticable. I came back in 10 days to have the bandages taken off. My feet looked terrible and I had been totally off my feet for 10 days so I was really depressed because I run and work out at least four days a week. (I wasn’t in a wheel chair either) I just got up only when I had to. I even scooted on my butt up and down the stairs. It was also pretty hard to take a bath (no showers) because they had to stay dry. I put sandwich bags on them and stuck them off the side when I bathed. (NOT FUN) But,I did recover and am finally (just yesterday) walking without a limp. I got an infection, but everything is supposed to be fine. It’s been a long month!!! I still can’t run or walk for exercise. But hopefully soon. I think my dr. charged about five thousand dollars and my insurance covered all but about three hundred. But I have had to miss a lot of work. But, I think it was worth it and I would do it again.

  123. Anita says:

    I was just looking at my “webbies” my husband calls them and just for kicks typed in a search. How cool to have a webbed toes website:smile:! I have a pedicure coming up soon… a gift from my mom. I never realized why I never got a pedicure for myself until now… I don’t like people looking at my toes! This is just in my subconscious, because I don’t really care about it in general. I think it makes for a funny conversation piece at the beach. I just realized now that I never buy sandals with the toes showing… hmmmm…. My four year old son has them too, but his appear more normal, not as webbed as mine. Webbies unite!

  124. Laura says:

    I jus searched da web 4 webbed toes n dis website came up. N afta i read da comment bout mutants i was real upset. I am known as webbo at my skool as i have the 4th and 5th toes webbed on my left foot. I has made great conversation as i was only recently new. At first people made fun, but i like them so it never bothered me- i think thats really sad if the only thing you can make fun of a person is something they were born with and carnt help its really sad. Because I feel like special not a freak. As i am only 15, every1 my age tries to be the same. I feel very individual to have mine and i now feel it makes me who i am.

  125. Anonymous says:


  126. steve-o says:

    can any girls give me pix of their webbed toes

  127. Bryan says:

    We should all have one big beach party!I have the best of both worlds. my left foot is normal and my right has four of the five toes joined completly to the nails. I am currently looking into having them seperated. My foot has been the source for alot of insecurity.i love the beach and swimming but hate the feeling of my foot possibly being spotted. like most of you ive done my fair share of digging my toes into the sand.just stumbeling on to this site has opend my eyes that im not alone. But im still gonna seperate someday. its really good to hear all your stories. i really envy the ones that have no deal with their feet. your strength is admirable.

  128. Lauren says:

    I have earlier posts here about my surgery and everything.. and my toes have been seperated now for about 5 months which is when I had surgery. Im 16 years old and i used to have webbed toes! The comment about 2 before mine in all CAPS reminded me of somethin funny. I was always so embarresed to show my boyfriend my toes also so i hid them all the time. I made up a whole story on my i was getting foot surgery, other than having my toes seperated. Afterwards i found out that he had told one of my friends he already knew i had webbed toes all along and he didn’t even care! lol.. and i went through all the trouble hiding it. Well anyways my toes are still healing with the scars and redness. The scarrs will eventually be hardly noticable after a year or so. Im so happy with them and now i can wear open toed shoes and i don’t have to hid my feet at the beach!

  129. Anonymous says:

    Why dont’t any of you post pics of your webbed toes so other people could see? Especially the people who say they like their toes. Be proud and show them off

  130. Proud Mom says:

    My 20 month old daughter has her 2nd and 3rd toes fused/webbed all the way up except for a small opening at the top. I was wondering if any of you have any other “unique” qualities? My daughter’s right side of her body is slightly larger than her left and her knuckle and joints are mis-aligned on her pinky finger on her right hand. She also has some extra “chub” on her right hand fingers. I’ve been trying to do research but haven’t come across anything. No one in our family to our knowledge has anything like her. Thanks for any info!

  131. Ben says:

    I agree with anonymous let’s see some pictures of these cool webbed toes.:lol

  132. Anonymous says:

    im 14 and want to have the surgery. i have 1st and 2nd toes on my right foot webbed 3/4 the way up. can you go under local anesthesia? how long is the recovery time? what is the surgery like?

  133. Adjun says:

    Hey guys. I posted something about this earlier, but just wanted to remind you all that there is a group on yahoo for people with webbed toes and admirers, like myself. The following is the URL and I hope you at least check it out. It also has plenty of pictures for those wishing to see other webbed toes and even post your own. Love to you all and be proud of your special toes. šŸ™‚

  134. Lauren says:

    no you cant go under local anesthesia.. its a pretty big surgery. You have to go under general

  135. Inna says:

    Hi guys! Wow this is the coolest website ever! I’m 17 and my second and third toes are webbed on each foot. I’ve always been SO embarassed by this, but now I see it as a very unique and interesting thing about myself. The guys I’ve dated all it’s fascinating and always ask to look at my funky toes or touch them. When I first started wearing flip-flops people would comment that I had pretty feet, and seriously they NEVER noticed the toes until I pointed them out, upon which they’d go “WHOA!!” I think we’re all so cool and should be proud of our webbing. I’m really happy now that I didn’t get them separated and whoever posted about your girlfriend getting her webbing pierced – can you please e-mail me some info about the procedure and whatnot? I think that’s such a great idea and I’d love to do something cool like that with my toes. Thanks for the great website and for all your comments!

  136. Anna says:

    Lauren- Who did your surgery? A podiatrist or Plastic surgeon? I can’t find either that are willing to perform the surgery. They all tell me that it’s unnecessary. In actuality I beleive they have never performed the surgery and are afraid to try it. Can you- or anyone- can give me the name of a Dr. that has sucessfully performed the surgery?

  137. Jenni says:

    It’s been almost one month since posting comment #123, and two months since my surgery. I’m pretty much back to normal again. I’m running and everything. My toes look pretty good except the scars are still there. I’ve been using a scar cream but it doesn’t seem to be helping much. My plastic surgeon said that I will have perfectly normal looking feet in about four more months. Until then, I wear toe rings to hide the scars and a little makeup on them and you can’t even tell. I’m loving all my new thong sandals. I encourage anyone who doesn’t like their toes to have it done. I would also encourage parents to have it done for their child while they are small. I know some people are ok with their toes, but most aren’t. That’s like having a child with two noses or something and saying how special they are to be born like that. It’s pretty selfish not to have it fixed.

  138. Anonymous says:

    Jenni!You should be ashamed of yourself with your bold and SELFISH comments!To compare two noses with webbed toes are a bit much don’t you think?I am so happy you have decided to go ahead with that wonderful surgery.Now all you will have to deal with are nasty scars on your toes not to mention those nasty skin graph scars.I hope your little makeup trick works.You would have been a lot better off leaving well enough alone.It would have been less noticeable than having to deal with all of those scars.Looking like normal in the next four months is a little far fetched.(Have you ever had scars before?)The scars will always be very noticeable.Keep plenty toe rings on hand!Your comment on parents not having it fixed was very tacky.My child has the most beautiful webbed toe I have ever saw.I do wish I had one to match!So,to all you wonderful people out there don’t forget, never be ashamed with what you were born with!Show those beautiful toes off!

  139. Moondog says:

    Jenni, I agree your comments made me mad. You have no right to call someone selfish. You are young and very vain. What’s next Jenni? A tummy tuck, a breast job, a face lift? I don’t think you’ll ever be happy with your looks. Too many times, we look at what the world thinks is the perfect body. That’s why plastic surgeons are making a killing. You need to learn that our imperfections are what makes us diffent and unique and yes, beautiful! I love my webbed toes and love having other people talk about their experiences with their webbed toes. Having your toes separated is a personal choice. Leave it at that. Don’t judge other people. You sound just like the people who made you feel uncomfortable with your own toes. Everyone else, show off your beauiful and unique webbed toes.

  140. mousey says:

    I have slightly webbed toes – on my second and third toes on each foot. I’m 28 years old, and i have thought about having an operation but i have decided not to as I think i am old enough to just deal with it. BUT i have to say I do wish my parents had got them seperated when i was little. You really dont remember pain of operations etc when you are a child and i wouldnt have had to be called ‘mutant toes’ by my brother and his friends when i was growing up. also would have been able to wear pretty shoes and not have to try and hide my feet. so that would be my advice personally. Just as an aside I am getting married soon and guess what my fiances surname is … “Webby” thats got to mean something huh!

  141. Anonymous says:

    All the same,the comment was very tacky and should not have been made.I have four childern and my youngest has a webbed toe and my other childen would never make fun of this.They were all taught a very young age to never laugh or make of someone elses imperfections.After all,everyone has some type of imperfection.To make a comment and say it’s not CUTE but selfish is very tacky.If you read her comment before that she goes on to say this is her “second surgery”.To me by now her toes must be a mess.Like I stated before she should have left well enough alone.I do believe she has done more harm than good!Now she has to go through all this trouble of putting makeup and toe rings on to HIDE HER TOES!Isn’t this what she was doing from the start.I also want to thank moondog for the supporting statement.

  142. Moondog says:

    I love to see parents with the right attitude. Your child will grow up with that same positive approach to life. Myself, I like being different than the “norm”. I love wearing sandals and showing off my webbed toes. It took awhile for my toes to come out of the closet, but I’m glad, now, they did. You seem to be starting your child out on the right foot. lol. And I’ll say it again. Let’s all show off our webbed toes and maybe people won’t think we’re so different.

  143. Jenni says:

    To all the people who think I made a “tacky” statement, go back and read all of the previous articles about webbed toes. Most HATE them. Most people are looking for someone to tell them about the surgery and telling stories about people calling them names and etc. Webbed toes are not just something you’re born with, they’re a deformity. That’s why your insurance will cover the surgery!!!! It’s nothing like breast implants, a face lift, or any other cosmetic surgery that insurance does not cover. I feel very sorry for any child having to grow up with a deformity that others will pick on him about. I know how cruel other kids can be. I’ve been there. The person who wrote comment #142, you may have taught your children not to pick on their sibling because of his deformity, but that doesn’t mean the kids in school won’t. It can be very painful for this child and after reading most of the comments from this web site, I wasn’t the only kid picked on because of my feet. I didn’t mean to offend anyone, but why put a child through a miserable childhood experience when this problem can easily be fixed? When your child comes home from school crying, or spends most of his life staying away from swim parties or slumber parties where people are going barefoot, or has to show his/her to a future spouse and feels sick at his stomach when he has to. Telling him they’re beautiful doesn’t help. And yes, I have had scars before. I know over time they flatten out and become white and thin and barely noticeable if you have a good plastic surgeon.(especially if you’re very young) Actually, my first surgery was done many years ago and my scars were gone!!The only problem was the fact that the skin was growing back up. And actually the skin graft scar is totally gone. It is not raised, it is no different than any line on your body where your wrist bends or your ankle bends or whatever. It is slightly pink, but it’s only been two months. It is going to be totally invisible. As for toes rings and makeup, it’s only temporary. I know from my previous surgery how scars heal. And “no” my toes aren’t a mess, actually they are looking pretty good.

  144. Smiles!!!!! says:

    Hello Jenni!A good day to you too!I was wondering how long it would take you to come back with another GREAT comment.I agree,scars to tend to fade when it happens at a young age.I believe you were about 17-18 years of age during your first surgery.(Am I close?)Wake up and smell the coffee,YOUR 40!You also pointed out how important a good plastic surgeon is.I hope this one was better than your last.I am sorry you have had such a horrible childhood with your webbed toe.I am also sorry you feel so inadequate with your spouse it made you sick to you stomach to even mention such a silly thing.You seem to be very insecure with yourself.Funny you mentioned swimming!I have been a summer camp director for four years now so my child is always without shoes around the pool with more than 300 kids around!We have had a few notice it and really thought it was soo cool.Maybe other children just didn’t like you.Attitude is everything you know!I do know this is a mild deformity just like someones ears may be larger or smaller than the other.And yes,it is purely cosmetic just like breast inplants or a tummy tuck.For you to make it out to be something bigger is an insult to someone with a real deformity.It does not hinder your ability to function!I did read many of the statements above and it really is a pleasure to see so many people PROUD OF THERE BEAUTIFUL TOES!Maybe you should go back and read comment 1,2,4,6,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,17 just to mention a few.I do hope you get your life together and try to start looking on the bright side of things.Life is what you make it!!!

  145. Adjun says:

    It seems as though there is a somewhat personal and perhaps hostile attitude toward Jenni. Please don’t be upset with her for her decision. Some people have the ability to think themselves into a corner of their mind that allows them to deal with certain situations that are uncontrollable. I personally find webbed toes to be fascinating and attractive. Most people would not that do not have them. That doesn’t mean that all of them dislike them. It all comes down to one’s own personal perception of a given scenario. Jenni may have had a bad experience with her webbed toes. Being young, you can forever be imprinted upon by even one person’s opinion and one should not be held responsible for that imprinting. I was very young when I first saw webbed toes. My affinity for them most likely came from that first encounter at just the right age. Jenni has just as much right, in my opinion, to express her disslike for her webbed toes as I do for my admiration of them or anyones comfortable mindset with them. And also realize that you can’t judge someone so quickly when you yourself have not been delt the same cards in life as the accused. Jenni, I’m glad that you have had your surgery and are feeling great about it. I hope that no other complications arise and I wish you the best. I do agree, however, that your toes were beautiful regardless of the webbing but it’s what makes you happy that counts the most. I am in no way looking for an argument here, but those statements against Jenni were a little disstasteful and personal on a forum that is supposed to be for support and friendship. There’s enough bitch boards out there already. I just hope you all understand.

  146. Mary says:

    I do not agree!Jenni’s comment’s were the ones that were distasteful.Anyone making a comment about a parent not wanting to put there child through surgery and saying its selfish is very distasteful.She has a very bad outlook on life.If a person decides to go fourth with the surgery fine.But please,don’t speak of others as being selfish because they have decided not to.If you ask me she deserves anything she got.

  147. Dougal says:

    We have to remember that different people have different severities of webbed toes. When I first posted here, and in my first few replies to comments, I didn’t realize that some people have toes that are connected all the way to the end. I can understand how this could be an issue.

    My own toes, on the other hand, are only connected up to the first knuckle. Toes like mine are hardly noticable, except under close examination.

    For those with more severe cases of syndactyly, I can understand how it could be a cause for concern. We need to recognize that we don’t all have the same level of webbing, and that for the most extreme cases, there is a valid reason to desire corrective surgery.

  148. Rita says:

    Hi Dougal!I have seen the picture of your webbing.You are right,there are many diffrent forms of syndactyly.You seem to have a slight webbing.I have never and I truly mean “never” seen or heard of a person having webbed toes or fingers before in my life until my son was born.I didn’t even notice it until he was about a week old.It seems most of the time mother’s worry about counting and making sure all 10 digits are there.I mean really,how often to you feel between the toes.To first look at it you would not really notice until you relly get a good look.His second and third toe only on the left foot are completly fused all the way to the top.It looks like one big toe when you look under it.He does have two toenails.I took him to nearly every doctor in the area.I have stood up many nights reading about this condition.Every doctor I took him to said the same thing!They all told me to just leave it alone and it would cause more harm than good.Two of the plastic surgeon’s said if I wanted it done they would but they advised against this.They also explained to me if it were syndactyly of the hand it would be a whole diffrent story.(This is what popped up on you syndactyly link.Hands not toes.)As most would figure when this occurs on the fingers it would impair most things we all take for granted.The doctor’s told me in this case it would have to be separated unlike toes this would never interfere with walking,running,or any type of sports.Now one doctor took an x-ray of his foot to make sure the bones were not fused and that this is not uncommon with webbed toes.His were not.I have also read it does seem to be more common in males.It says 1 in every 2000 births this condition occurs.I have decided not to have any surgery done.I feel this is something for him to decide when he gets older.I have read the comments above and feel if this is something a person chooses to do then great.But please be an adult and never be so selfish as to make ugly remarks about a parents choice not to do this.My son has never been teased or picked on about this by any child.Please try and keep your on childhood experiences to yourself if you have to lash out on others because you are so angry.

  149. Ava says:

    i’m 17 years old and have the 2nd & 3rd toes on my left foot webbed about to the knuckle. the bigger of the two is sort of bent or curved in a way that is different looking that my right foot toe. it reminds me of a hunch back or something. they also hurt sometimes. anyway i just wondered if this was a normal thing for people with webbed toes or if everyone elses just laid flat like their others. its really pretty weird and if its a problem then i thought maybe i should go to the doctor about it. i want them separatly eventually anyways. if anyone could email me information about surgery or the curving please do! thanks! *ava*

  150. Jerry says:

    Iam 40 and have lived life with no problems.Except catching the chair leg every once in a blue moon so to speak, yes ouch.My left foot toes next to the big toe 2 and 3 are webbed about 1/4 of an inch from the ends and the right foot # 2 and 3 are only webbed about 1/4 of an inch ,not to noticable .My balance is good no problem.When i was going to kindergarthen(sp)First day in school My step fathers words of wisdom at the time was to make a friend, and then say Hey …you got a quater I;ll show you my toe lol at the time it was enough to get me out of the house and from that day on life was a little easier for me.The ring in the toe sounds cool to me but i like tattoos also have a great day.

  151. Jenni says:

    First of all I wanted to say “Thanks” to Adjun for his positive comments. You sound like a very nice, sensible person. I think it’s really funny how people take comments on the internet so personally. People get so defensive when you hit a nerve on topics they deep down feel a little concerned about. If they weren’t a little concerned about their toes, or their child’s toes, they would have never been on this web site to begin with. I came across it when I was searching for information about my surgery. Hmmm, what was everybody else looking for? It’s also so funny that people like “Smiles” try to insult you personally when they know nothing about you. Yes, I am forty and very proud of it. That doesn’t mean my life is over. I am very confident with my body and my self. As a matter of fact, I am in very good physical condition. In one of my previous comments I did mention that I am a runner and work out about four days a week. I am 5’5″ and weigh 117lbs. I wear a size 4. Also, I taught aerobics for several years. Even my doctor said at my last checkup that I have the body of a 25 year old. Yes, life is what you make of it. Just because you are not happy with your toes does not make you fat and ugly!!! Sometimes people change things about themselves that they do not like. I guess you are against kids getting braces on their teeth, too. When I was 12 I had braces, I guess that makes me a terrible person. And oh yeah, I highlight my brown hair so it will have blonde streaks. I like it that way!! (I don’t have any gray yet, but if I did, I would still highlight it. ) Oh, and I bleach my teeth every couple of months; that’s probably bad too. When I need a face lift, I’m sure I’ll probably do that, too (if there isn’t a better procedure by then) But until then, I’m very happy with myself. I have nothing against trying to look your best and I enjoy doing it. I enjoy the challenge of trying to look your very best, and I think I do. As for the rest of my life, I’m very happy with where I am. I have a master’s degree and a very good job. I feel that I’ve accomplished a lot. I’ve worked very hard to get things that I have. How many people reading this are driving a 2003 Porsche Boxster S? Maybe some; that’s the beauty of the internet, you never know who people really are. And the reason I haven’t responded earlier is because I just got back from the Bahamas. My husband and I travel a lot. (Gee, life sucks!) I don’t feel inadequate with my spouse at all. Maybe I should have cleared that up in my earlier comment. I meant you feel sick when you tell someone who “MAY” be your future spouse. I’m talking about people I dated back when I was 18 or 19, when I was very young, I’m talking about the person I actually DID marry. When you’re dating in high school, you think every guy is the one you’ll marry. And yes, you are very insecure about everything when you’re in high school, even if you’re very popular and everybody elso thinks you’re great! I’ve only been married once and our relationship it great. But actually, I never even told him about my toes until my surgery almost three months ago. If he noticed them, he never said anything. I’m sure he had to have seen them in the shower, or by the pool, or at the beach sometime. We like to snorkel and go a couple of times a year to the Carribean. But he never said anything. When I told him about the surgery he just said, “You’re kidding. I’ve never noticed them.” I’m sure he was just being nice. And back to the comments about me— “Maybe people just didn’t like me, attitude is everything.” I would love for you to see a copy of my high school yearbook. I was voted “Most Popular” and “Best Looking’ I was also very involved in clubs, community services, and was a cheerleader. I was attendant to the Homecoming Queen three years in a row, and also runner-up for May Queen. I think people liked me or I don’t think I would have been popular? But anyway, most people had never seen my toes. Remember I kept them hidden. I had a few people who saw them in elementary school and thought they were so weird. That’s why I was afraid for anyone else to see them. Some people reading my comments got the impression that my life was horrible because of my toes. It wasn’t!! It was pretty normal except for having to hide my feet because I was ashamed of the way they looked. I live in an area where we only get about four months of hot weather anyway. Most of the time the weather is cold. (You would’n even think of wearing sandals) And as far as looking at the bright side, “Smiles”, my life couldn’t be any better. My toes are looking better everyday. I love them. The only downside now is buying so may sandals! I took twelve pairs to the Bahamas. My husband and kids couldn’t believe how heavy my suitcase was. But, I think after the newness wears off, I’ll slow down with the shoe buying. Did having my toes separated again change my life or make it any better?? Of course not, but I am more confident about my feet. For the first time I went snorkeling on an excursion and the whole boat of people weren’t staring at my feet! No one used to say anything about them, as I got older, but I just felt uncomfortable about the stares. Most people who read this and have webbed toes, know what I mean. Sorry this comment was so long, but when I read all of those negative comments about myself, I think “If these people only knew the person they were talking about, they would be embarassed about the things they said.” Even though it doesn’t matter, you still don’t know me and personally I don’t really care. I just wanted to get all of this off my chest to make people realize they were making personal comments to someone they didn’t know anything about. I didn’t write this to bragg about myself or anything, I just wanted you to realize what you’re saying is rediculous. As for the comment I made about parents not having their child’s feet corrected, I thought this was “something to think about” for someone unsure of what to do. Years ago there was no internet for people to go to for advice. You seldom saw anyone with webbed feet to ask them how they felt. And that’s exactly what I intended it to be “advice” from someone who’s been there. Others may disagree, and I’m glad they do. That’s what makes the world go ’round. Life would be boring if everyone felt the same. I’m just an advocate for children growing up with the same problem I had. If my parents would have had access to the internet and read my comments, maybe I wouldn’t have had to grow up hating my feet. And, I wouldn’t have had to go through the inconvenience of the surgery at a busy time in my life. If a child isn’t walking yet anyway, there is no inconvenience to deal with. Well, I’ve been on the internet long enough. It’s sunny outside and my backyard pool is calling my name. (I guess another bad quality of mine. I do like to get a tan. Even at the very “old age of 40”, I wear shorts. Although, they’re not as short as they use to be!!!) ha ha And in closing, Thanks, Adjun, for saying my feet were beautiful before. No one in my life ever said that about my feet.

  152. Anonymous says:

    Do you have to be put under for the surgery? Or can you just have local anesthesia??

  153. Jenni says:

    The first time I had the surgery I was just under local. It was done in a podiatrist’s office. I wasn’t as happy with the results the first time. The second time I had it done, I was put under. This time it was done by a plastic surgeon in a surgical center. It may also depend on the severity of the syndactyly, I’m not really sure. But, I would really recommend a plastic surgeon. I think they do a better job. A plastic surgeon works from the inside out (somehow) so there is very minimal scarring. I had not stitch scars at all. In fact the small ones I had from the first surgery weren’t very bad at all, and the plastic surgeon tucked them under the skin and sort of hid them between the toes. It’s amazing how they do things!! Check out a few surgeons and make sure the one you choose ( if you decide to have it done) is board certified. The recovery time does take a while, but it is very minimal compared to the rest of your life. GOOD LUCK!!!!

  154. Smiles!!!!! says:

    NO ONE!Not even your husband!Why surely your husband must have thought your toes were beautiful.My husband and I just got finished reading your comment.My husband was really shocked to hear you have never even mentioned your toes to husband until now.I guess everyone dosen’t have the same relationship as us.We have been married since we were young and know everything about each other.I think honesty builds a rock solid relationship.I did not intend on getting you so upset but it does seem I’ve hit a nerve.You have to understand my reason for looking up information on the computer about webbed toes.I wanted to find out what causes this condition.I thought this web site was so nice to find so many people with the same condition.When my son was born I have never seen or heard of it before.I knew it could be repaired but this was not my choice.I know during your childhood you have stated children teased you.As I stated above I am a summer camp director during the summer and have found another child just like my son except both toes are webbed on both feet.She is a good bit older than my son and she has also told me no one has ever made fun of her toes.I put her toes and my sons together and took a picture for my scrapbook!I have viewed this web site from the start and have had three mother’s email me on questions about there child’s webbed toes.I feel this site gives a lot of support to a lot of people.You may indeed have webbed toes and I don’t, and you may say I don’t understand.At the same time you do not understand how I feel as a mother having a child with a webbed toe.The point is it’s a parent’s choice.You were very wrong to say we are selfish not to have it repaired.You have upset a lot of parent’s out there.I also think your toes were beautiful before!You said it’s amazing how people take things personal.It seems you have done the same.I am happy you life is so great.My life is great too.I have a wonderful supporting husband with four great kids.We also do a good bit of trveling.It seems my comment about you being 40 upset you.I did not mean you were old but just that scars take a very long time to fade.I am not far away!I am 31 and also look very young for my age!Most are very shocked when they find out I have kids,much less four!I get so tired of being I.D. when my husband and friends go out.Most say I look 18-20.And guess what I have highlights too!Well,mine are called high lights and low lights.You are right,I do not drive a sports car.I need more room.I drive an Expedition.My husband has a Hummer.I think his more fun to drive!Let me quit talking now I think I have said enough.Everyone have a great 4th!LOLxxxx!

  155. Liz says:

    I have a question for Jenni. I am curious as to why your toes started to grow back together so many years after you had them separated. How is that possible if your feet are no longer growing? Also, how severe was the webbing on your toes? All the way to the top?

  156. Anonymous says:

    This is to jenni. I think it’s a good thing that u speak ur mind. It’s cool that some people don’t care about thier toes. The truth is, there r a lot of people ot there who do care and wangt it fixed. It is a deformity, and if someone is cool with it then fine. For those people who want to get it fixed, i know exactly how u feel. I also hope to correct this deformity. Like jenni said, u gotta decide whether or not to keep webbed toes or have some scars. I have yet to expose my toes, to a guy im seeing looking forward to wearing some thong sandals this summer. Thanks jenni and keep doing ur thing.

  157. Jenni says:

    Liz, I’m not sure why my toes started growing back! (Just my luck I guess?) From birth the skin between the toes was almost up to the toenail. I had them separated by a podiatrist when I was 18, which was 22 years ago. And actually they only grew back up about 1/4 of an inch or so. Which really wasn’t very noticeable. In fact my sister and my parents said they never noticed they were growing back together and they’re at my house swimming with me all the time. My sister-in-law is a nurse and we are very close. We have gone on several beach trips together, and we go to New York City shopping together quite a bit . She said she never even noticed them when I was trying on sandals. ( I always tried them on to make sure they didn’t expose too much toe. ) Or, she never noticed them at the beach. And you would think, being a nurse, she would notice, but she said she didn’t. From certain angles,they were pretty unnoticeable. My husband never even noticed them or at least he said he didn’t. I wasn’t dishonest to him and lied about it or anything. If he would have asked me, I would have told him. My husband is a really nice guy and would never hurt my feelings. I’m sure he had to have noticed, he just thought, “Well, if she wants me to say something about them, she would bring it up.” My husband knows me well enough to know when something makes me uncomfortable. And I’m sure he could tell when he looked at my feet, I sort of tried to hide them. It’s kind of like hiding a zit. You conceal it , you don’t tell everyone it’s there. If our two kids would have been born with webbed toes, I would have had to confess. And I’m sure he would not have divorced me because I didn’t tell him sooner. But believe me that was the first thing I looked for. Most people count the toes, I wanted to make sure all ten were there and they were separated. But, as a parent, I would have had them separated because I know how badly I hated them! I’m sure it would have been very difficult to do because I wouldn’t have wanted to hurt my own child, but, I know it would have been easier for the child in the long run. (JUST MY OPINION) I’m not so sure my husband would have felt the same way. In fact, when I had my recent surgery he said, “They’re just toes. Nobody looks at your toes!” Although, he did take me for the surgery and was really good about taking care of me when I couldn’t walk, he thought I was crazy for having it done. But, I did it for myself, not anyone else. Anyway, I’m not sure why they grew back that little bit. It could have been because I really didn’t wear the band-aids as long as I should have. I was really excited about wearing sandals and showing them off. Or, if the skin graft didn’t take, or what happened. I really couldn’t tell you for sure. The several doctors I consulted with said even if my feet had grown, the toes shouldn’t have grown back together. But once again, it was just a tiny, tiny bit. I probably could have gone my whole life with them like they were, but I wanted them perfect. If twenty years down the road, they start growing back together, I’ll probably leave them alone. (HA HA) Also, to the comment by Anonymous, if you haven’t had the surgery yet, you may not be wearing thongs this summer. It takes a little while to heal. In about 2 1/2 to 3 weeks after the surgery, you will be wearing band-aids, and you might even still be limping around a little. In fact, it took me almost two months to get back to normal. But I thought toes wrapped in band-aids looked better than webbed toes. Also, don’t worry about the scarring. Like I keep stressing, these days it’s amazing what a good plastic surgeon can do. But don’t get discouraged, by next summer, and every summer after that, you’ll be wearing thongs and no one at all will notice. It’s been three months since my surgery and my scars are getting flatter and lighter already. They’re not totally gone, but they look really good. I’ve just been careful about exposing them to the sun for long periods of time. When I was on vacation,I made sure I put a sunscreen with an SPF of 45 on the scars. My doctor didn’t tell me to do this, but I just thought it made good sense. It might make the scars look worse. I wish you the best of luck with your surgery. When you’re recovering, time drags by. (Make sure you have a lot of magazines or books to read) And, in several weeks you’ll look back on it and think it was definetly worth it.

  158. Kimmy says:

    I love my web toes!! They are cute and diffrent. My mom has them, my brothers and sisters have them, my oldest son has them. I think they are great and they compliment my individuality. I’ve only met in person 3 people besides my family that have them besides me. :)gotta love web toes.

  159. Moondog says:

    Like you say, Kimmy. “Gotta love web toes!” I’m glad to see other people love their weebed toes. I love mine and continue to show them off. I was out today, wearing sandals and you know what? Nobody said a word. I don’t think anybody even noticed. I wish I would meet another “webbie”, but have never been fortunate enough. Oh well, maybe someday. Love them webbed toes!!!!!

  160. Moondog says:

    I can’t spell! Webbed toes, not weebed toes.

  161. Rae says:

    I’ve read a lot of the comments here and have felt rather touched. My webbings are not as extreme as yours. I find webbed toes extremely cute. My second, third, and forth toes are webbed. But’s not the usual conjoined-type. It’s underwebbing.. Think actual duck-like feet. Or Abe from Hellboy.

  162. Moondog says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen underwebbing! How far up on your toes does it go?