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Webbed Toes

After my previous comment about my webbed toes, several people have found my site while searching for pictures of webbed toes. I aim to please, so I’m hoping to get some pictures of my feet up on the site over the weekend.

Mutants of the world, unite!

I’ve created some forums for discussing webbed toes. Hopefully, this will be easier to manage than a bunch of comments on my blog posts.

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  1. I beg your pardon! We are not mutants! Our webbed toes do not hinder us in any of our activites. they look just like feet, and do not stir up that much attention. I dont know about you, but im proud of my uni-toes!

  2. name says:

    i too was born with my second and third toes joined all the way up minus a small space inbetween . As a kid it drove me crazy and was extremely embaressed by it so I eventualy had them surgically seperated but now that
    I am older and realizedhw ridiculous my thinking was I really do wish I had not seperated them. Actually I now feel like more of a freak because it looks so strange to be like everyone else. I’m actually considering having them put back together believe it or not. Granit they look totally normal now without even any evident scarring it still just doesn’t feel right even after all of the years of wishing I could feel between them; Sounds so crazy but in reality it’s cool being different in that respect aand my girlfriend loves it lol. Her toes (2nd and 3rd) on both feet are also joined partially so accordi to her she just looks at my toes as a type of body modification like tongue splitting or something so she loves feeling between them so considering that fact i convinced her to pierce between her webs versus cutting them and by doing so she now kinda knows what it feels like to have something between them and she loves it as do i. Plus there isn’t the risks involved like i took and it looks cute as hell with her little diamobd studs inbetween since a toe ring wasn’t exactly an option. So if you are considering surgery I urge you to think twice about it cuz Ive had to have three corrective surgeries to get it just right and it really wasnt worth it but do know piercing between the toes is definitely ann option to cure the curioudsity of what it feels like to have something between them plus it’s cute as hell an definely unque te jewlery, just bereaive and yes we will post photosfor you all o. By th way she is lso a professional model and actress, keep your eyes peeled, chances aryou alread knw who sheis. Take care and remember its good to be different!!!!

  3. Itchy Web-Toes says:

    Why do my Webbed Toes Itch so bad?
    I don’t think that it is Athletes foot but at this
    point in my old age and suffering i’m not sure what it is.

  4. Dougal says:

    Yes, we are mutants. There’s nothing wrong with that. I didn’t say we were handicapped. That would be an insult to people who suffer from real handicaps. I’m proud of my toes, too. My wife and kids think they’re pretty neat πŸ™‚

    I think it’s a shame that some people out there have felt some kind of need to have their webbed toes separated. But if you’ve already had it done, then it seems like an awful lot of trouble to go through to have them rejoined. Personally, I wouldn’t do that.

    And as far as itchiness goes, I can’t say that my webbed toes have ever itched any more than any of my other toes. Can’t help you there πŸ™‚

  5. name says:

    i also have my 2&3 toe 0n both feet web about 3\4 away

  6. gene says:

    Was born with them and still have them 14 years later. Now I have a grandchild with them. No problem. Ignore it.

  7. gene says:

    oops! I meant 74 years later.

  8. jewel says:

    My twenty three year old son has his second and third toes connected on both feet. I don’t know anybody else who has it in our family.

  9. Kim says:

    I went searching for more info on webbed toes after I just had my 2nd child to be born with webbed toes. My 2nd & 3rd kids have the 2nd & 3rd toes on both feet, webbed right up to the nail. My oldest child does not have webbed toes. My toes are not webbed but my husband are, but not nearly as severe. Also, both of the grandma’s have webbed toes. At first I thought I wanted to have them seperated, I would hate to have the kids teased for them while growing up. However, now we all call them “special toes” and will leave the decision to seperate them up to our kids when they get older. My husband thinks they are cool. When our last baby was born on 9/20/03, it was the first thing that my husband and mom looked for when the baby came out of me….no one cared about the gender, they just wanted to see if it had webbed toes! LOL!

  10. Sum says:

    I just had a baby boy 10/7/03 and after him being 10 days old noticed that his 2nd and 3rd toes are connected, no one in the hospital even noticed. I have never seen this before and don’t know if they should be seperated or even if that is possible when a child is young? So anyone with knowledge please let me know, thanks.

  11. Dougal says:

    I still don’t understand why somebody would be concered with separating the toes. It’s an extremely minor cosmetic difference from “the norm”.

    But if it bothers you, ask your doctor about it. Most likely he/she will tell you that they *can* separate them, but that there is no real reason to do so. So you would probably just be subjecting your baby to
    unnecessary discomfort.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I would let a child decide for him/herself if they wanted the toes separated. In the early years of my life, my focus was so narrow that when I finally looked around at other people’s toes at the poolside, I thought they were the ones with the strange toes!

    I never had any self esteem issues about my toes, my family thought they were cool and I therefore felt the same way. Since nobody ever considered it a “problem” that needed “correcting” I simply considered it part of my uniqueness.

  13. jonboy says:

    I am yet another born with my 2nd and 3rd toes joined. Mine only go half way up so it looks like I have really short toes there. I say “so what, they get me where I’m going.”

  14. Joy Dulaney says:

    The 2nd @ 3rd toe’s on both my feet are webbed half way up as were my Dad’s I think they look rather good and it has never bothered me in the slightest except when I have knocked them and then it’s “OUCH” We may all be genetically linked in some way!!!!!!! “FEET RULE” O.K

  15. Jarrod says:

    I got my 2nd and 3rd toes fully webbed and all my others partially. It runs in my family(obviously) from my Dad’s side. My aunt has it too, but her fingers are partially webbed and her rings cant go on all the way. I think it is cool and I know some other people with the same trait. There is no reason to get them seperated, the way I see it is they are meant to be like that. Ive read some stories and such about Plato’s Atlantis and the people there had webbed digits, so maybe all of us have a bit of heritage from a “lost race” of webbed people. I know the “webbed gene” is dominate but I do not know and havent heard of any couples with the webbed gene that have made babies. My guess is their child would be more webbed than the parents. If I have a child that is webbed there is no way I would let doctors cut the webbing, I would him or her make that decision for themselves.

  16. annonimous says:


    [edited by admin]

  17. Anonymous says:

    We are all not clones. Our uniqueness is what makes us special. Let your baby decide when it is grown what to do with its body. Use it as a learning opportunity to appreciate and value people who are different.We love people for who they are and not what they look like.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I asked my three year old son why are you so cute? And he said because God made me that way. He has webbed toes. I try to do my best to build his confidence so he won’t have to worry about what others think. That he will build his life with integrity. He will be a stronger person because he is different. He will be able to relate to people in a way his non webbed brother can not. We try and talk openly about it to educate people/children who have never seen webbed toes. We never hide it away. He wears little open toed sandels all the time. When he is 18 if he wants to have them separated that will be his choice. I hope he does not. That is part of what makes him who he is. I just found out his Great Uncle and Great Grandmother have the same. My Uncle said that when he was in 7-8th grade he did research on it and traced it over seas back to a place up in the mountains? It was so long ago he does not remember…I wish I had that information. Family history interests me.

  19. Dougal says:

    For those of you searching for more scientific information about this, try this link describing syndactyly, a joining of the fingers and/or toes.

    Again, for simple joined toes like mine, I wouldn’t be concerned. It’s just a little extra skin, it’s not hurting anything, and nobody has ever noticed my toes unless I went out of the way to point them out anyhow (which I don’t mind doing, because, I think they’re interesting). But for more serious conditions such as joined fingers, you probably want to consult a physician.

  20. BD says:

    I know two girls and one guy with webbed toes. The girls have the 2nd & 3rd toes webbed, the guy has 2nd , 3rd & 4th webbed on his left foot, and 2ne & 3rd on his right foot. One of the girls has her 2nd & 3rd completely webbed. He is very shy about showing his feet, and is SOOO tired of being asked if he is a good swimmer. the girls are cool with showing their toes and even let me take pictures of their feet.

    Sorry my toes are not webbed, but I do have funny pinky toes that overlap my 4th toes. I leave 4 toe prints with each foot when I walk in the wet sand a the beach

  21. gregory ilinski says:

    I have Webbed toes and think that us few that have this trait are very special. I also think that we are messengers of GOD. I am not a very religious person. But I feel that I have been on this planet for a reason. And though everyone is different. We are different in a different way. We may not be mutants but all ANGELS.

  22. patrick cummins says:

    my friend has webbed toes. if i pull my second and third toe apart a
    piece of skin apears half way up but i dont think its webbed.

  23. Matt says:

    Like many here my 2nd & 3rd toes on each foot are webbed 3/4 the way up. As far as we new I was the only person in my family history that had ever had that trait. With in a year after my birth a first cousin of mine was born that had his toes webbed the same way. Neither of us has had them seperated and doctors advised at birth that there would be more medical complications from seperating them than if they were left alone. I can’t underdstand why anyone would want them seperated, I think they look healthier than skinny boney toes. I do however get tired of being asked if I can swim fast. I tend to show off my toes to try and freak people out that have never seen toes like mine before and everyone thinks my toes are very weird and cool and I’m pround of it. I hope my kids have webbed toes.

  24. marcus says:

    i have webbing between my 2nd and third like most but it is more obvious on the right foot than the left. my left foot looks almost normal if i don’t part the toes to show the slight webbing. but i’m thinking of surgically separating the webbings on the right foot so both feet look similar. i don’t wear slippers or sandals out and when i go to beaches i always hide my right foot in the sand. i haven’t learnt how to deal with it yet. the only thing stopping me from separating them is the possible scarring and obvious splitting that the plastic surgeon has warned me about. if anyone has gone thru splitting of the toes could u tell me if the scarring is obvious?

  25. Connie says:


    I read your message and could relate to you. I have webbed 2nd &
    3rd toes on both feet. My one foot is more webbed than the other. My
    right foot has 2nd & 3rd toes completely connected to the tips of my
    toes, with my toe nails almost touching. My left foot has the webbing
    only going up to below the toe nails of my 2nd & 3rd toes. It is not as
    notciable but still bothers me when people notice it. I too never wear
    sandals, or worse yet flip flops. I am a proud member of the “bury our
    feet in the sand” club, when i go to the beach.

    I would recommend against surgery on your toes. I was told by a
    doctorr I spoke with that you could have nerves or blood vessels between the
    toes and that you run the riskof losing circulation or feeling in one
    or both toes. If you lose circualtion, it could result in amputatio of
    a toe. i think I would rather keep all ten of my toes.

    Tell me more about how self-conscious you are of your toes. You
    probably had similar childhood and teen year memories as me. If I had a
    dollar for every person who said I must be a great swimmer, I would be a

    Keep in touch,


  26. Mullet says:

    Wow, i can’t believe there are people like me! I too have the miracle of two toes joined freakishly together! I marvel at them every morning as i shower! I now feel accepted and part of this crazy world like never before. Thanks guys for enabling me to feel wanted again! xx

  27. pezmonster says:

    I’m at school right now, in the library, and there’s this dude over there with 6 toes. It’s scary… I wanna go ask him if he really has 6 toes, but nah…i’d be i\embarrassed:) laterz..

  28. noone says:

    I have the second and third toes webbed on both feet. The left is ~90% webbed, the right ~40% webbed. I’ve never been embarassed by them, they were just always part of my life. My father had webbed toes, as did his father.

    I’m with Connie — I can’t remember how many people have asked if I’m a good swimmer. Ironically, I can’t swim…

    The other odd question I was frequently asked in school was “Gee, doesn’t that feel weird?” to which I would retort “Gee, doesn’t it feel weird to have all of that space between your toes?” ;^).

  29. Lauren says:

    Hey all! Wow this page has givin me a lot of insight on this subject. I’m 16 and I just recently had my 2nd and 3rd toes on both feet seperated about 5 days ago. I am going through the healing process and oh my gosh i’ll tell you its not easy! I wish i would have known more before i went ahead with the surgery, like about the risks and recovery process. There’s really no use complaining about it though, theres nothing i can do to turn back time and re-join them! Is there anyone who has had this surgery also that can tell me how it turned out or what the outcome was? When i saw my new toes for the first time the other day, it was a big nasty mess ( obviously because i just had surgery) but im sad and i feel like they’re never going to look normal again! I was perfectly fine before but i was really self concious about them and couldn’t wear sandals or anything because i was embarrased. I should have just excepted the way i was. Oh well…Hopefully everything will turn out okay because i have wanted this done for many years. If any one has any advice or support that would be wonderfull! Thanks alot!

  30. Anne says:

    My webbed toes has never bothered me until this year. I want to get something done since I am working long shifts and my toes hurt real bad and causing me to walk funny on my feet. It hurts so bad I can’t hardly walk the next day after 10 hour shifts. If anyone has had similair problems please let me know and tell me how the problem was corrected. I’m tired of them hurting and its not my shoes. thanks

  31. Connie says:

    Noone, I tried emailing you but your address didn’t work. Please email me, I’d like to chat with someone whose toes are webbed exactly like mine!

  32. Brooke says:

    It’s so interesting to read about experiences which I thought were unique to me! My second and third toes on both feet are joined up to just below the nail. My parents were advised against seperating them, and between the ages of about 11 and 14, I was greatly embarrassed by them. Then I got over it. I, too, bought special sandals, hid my toes in the sand, and was asked if I was a good swimmer. Has anyone sung “Be Kind to Your Wed-footed Friends” to any of you? How rude! I’m glad my toes weren’t seperated, though I was also somewhat relieved that my children were born with regular toes.


  33. Alan says:

    I’m 33 yrs old & have always wondered how many of “us” there were. Both of my feet have 2nd & 3rd toes joined all the way to the middle of the nails. When I was little – I didn’t know any better, teen – embarrassed, late teen – had a lot of fun with other people’s ignorance (can trace my heritage back to the Royal Family with these), early adult – it became a badge of honor, conversation, and (not a few times) an in with the ladies… now I don’t think about them much anymore but my wife does… she was worried that our children would have “it” also… My daughter’s are but only about 10-15% and my son’s feet look “normal”. I’m glad I never had the operation. It has made me a stronger person and also more in tune with physical differences in others. It has allowed me to see differences without offending or drawing attention to them… just seeing people for who they are inside (if I may be so blatantly P. C.)
    Have any others heard of them referred to as “Indian Toes”? My family has some Native American Bloodlines and I was always under the impression that that may have been where they came from.
    I also can’t swim but would be rich as well, even if it was only a penny per time. I have a very good friend that is missing most toes and some fingers from his left side – dithalidimide I think… we were friends first & then became best friends thru our “abnormal digits” Oh, BTW, he’s a good swimmer.
    For those of you who may read this & are just starting to become aware / self-conscience of your toes, I won’t insult you by saying “don’t think about it” or “ignore them” but I will say this – have fun with it, if they’re so curious, let them prove your parents weren’t part of some super secret nuclear program – or you can be aloof to it all with the knowledge that normal is boring and eventually there will be rewarding moments in being different. But be warned that playing “This little piggy” with your kids may need some revision.

  34. Faye says:

    WOW! I never realised how many others have ‘unique’ webbed toes like me. When ever I see a person with revealing shoes or no shoes at all, I look and say to myself “Nope, there feet are normal.” lol. Only one time, in my 18 years of living I saw a person with webbed toes and I was shocked out of my mind. In fact it was a teacher from my past high school that I crossed in a store. In my head I was like “No way”, but yep their was his completely webbed toes staring me in the face. Mines also are like Connie’s (No. 25-11/26/03, above) my left feet are completely webbed, but my BEST LOOKING foot, the right, is only 3/4 webbed. It is so wierd because I DO wear revealing shoes, I LOVE HEELS, but if I am going out in the day I will use a black pen to draw a line so it is not as noticable. Crazy I know! πŸ˜›

  35. kristy says:

    I have always been so embarrased by my toes. My 2nd and 3rd are also webbed. My left isn’t as bad as the right foot. I won’t wear open toed shoes out unless it’s around certain people. The only guys I’ve ever let notice are ones that I was serious with (over a year). I decided to seperate them, so I started with the right foot since it was more severe. My mom’s doctor that she works for did it, although he’d never performed the operation before. They wouldn’t heal and I had to take the bandages off to allow them to heal. I tried to put a bandage between them during the day, but it wouldn’t stay. Needless to say, it grew back up. Now I have a scar. The surgery wasn’t that bad, but trying to walk later almost killed me. All that pressure on that foot! Anyway, my sister now picks on me (hers are worse than mine) because she says the scars look like tree branches! I would still love to have the seperated (by someone who’s done it before). What kind of doctor should I look for? It’s more difficult for a female to have this problem, especiallly when guys love feet and open toed shoes are so popular now. I would do anything to feel comfortable enough to wear them all summer long. I go to great lengths to hide them at the beach etc. My sister doesn’t care as much as I do. I try to buy sandals that cover up until near the very top of my toes or about 3/4 the way up. When guys see me with those type shoes on they say, “you look like you have beautiful feet”. I think to myself,”yeah, if they weren’t webbed”! Do you think it would really freak most guys out? I even go around the house with socks or shoes on!

  36. BD says:

    Kristy, you should not be self-concious of your toes. Everybody has something different about them. Nobody is perfect. Your toes would never freak me out. I have pinky toes that overlap my 4th toes, on both feet. I think that is much more noticable than webbed toes, and i don’t let it bother me. It used to bother me when I was younger, but I’ve learned to deal with it. If someone can’t accept you for who you are, they’re not worth it.

    Please feel free to email me if you would like to discuss this further in a more discreet setting than this posting board. Click on my underlined initials and my email address will appear.

  37. joanna says:

    My 16 month old son was born with simple bilateral syndactyly of 2nd and 3rd toes on both feet. As far as we can tell there is no family history on either side. After his birth noone noticed the “condition” for the first 3 days. From the start we knew we would like to get his toes seperated to spare him the future ridicule and embarrassement that he might have encountered in school later on. The plastic surgeon we consulted informed us that we would have to wait till our son was at least a year old, at that time we scheduled the surgery time. The surgery finally took place this September. I am not very happy with the results. The toes on the left foot had grown back together half way up. The other foot looks better, however there is scarring on both feet, he has these white almost blister like scars. He did require skin grafts. The plastic surgeon keeps telling us that his toes will heal and the scarring will go away, and that the foot that has grown together will be a very simple procedure to reseperate. Does anyone out there know if his scarring is likely to go away or is the good Dr. just feeding us what we want to hear? Also, since my son doesn’t speak yet, how long do the toes hurt for after surgery and how bad is the pain?

  38. Lauren says:

    Hey Joanna, since i just had this surgery i can tell you a little bit about it! Before i had the surgery my mom felt bad because she thought she should have had my toes seperated when i was a baby, but after talking to my doctor he said that its actually better to wait until your older and your toes are more developed and grown. I guess that would be why your son’s toes have grown partially back together. Well after surgery my toes only hurt for about 4 or 5 days and I would just take pain killers to help it. After that I didn’t need medicine anymore and they didn’t really hurt. The pain wasn’t ever excruciating(sp?) either. During surgery however there was a complication and the blood wouldn’t come back to one of my toes, and i almost lost my toe. Because of this, the proccess has been much longer than expected, but im heading in the right direction now! Skin graft’s are a possibility in the future if my toes don’t completely heal correctly, but everything looking like it will be ok. It’s been so hard for me though because im a dancer and i haven’t been able to do anything, and i dont know when i’ll be able to get back to dancing. I have to go through some physical therapy for my toes after everything is better. The reason i had the surgery in the first place was because i was so self concious about my toes, and i wanted to be able to wear open toed shoes and go to the beach without being embarresed of someone seeing my toes. If i had a chance to go back i probably wouldn’t have done the surgery, because its been such a long and hard proccess, not really worth it! HOwever, i still think i’ll be happy when they’re all healed and hopefully everything will be okay! If anyone has any other questions about the procedure feel free to ask and I would be happy to tell you!

  39. Lauren says:

    Also Joanna to answer your other question, Im sure over time scarring will eventually go away. The more your son grows and develops, the more the scarring will blend in with the normal skin and dissapear. Overall there could be slight noticable scars but nothing to worry about! Hope this helps!

  40. Joanna says:


    Yes it does, thank you for the info.

  41. Joanna says:

    Oh, and by the way, our plastic surgeon recommended to go ahead with surgery now. He said that the second toe tends to be longer than the third and if toes are attached it can cause a bending of the second toe. I don’t know if there is any truth to that but that was one of the deciding factors to go ahead with surgery.

  42. Joshua says:

    I was born 23 years ago with my second and third toes mostly webbed together on both feet, and it has been a great source of comfort to me knowing that I am unique from most people out there. My toes are not bent and have had no problems whatsoever because of the webbing. I think I’d rather have my little toe cut off than have my webbing cut. But if anyone else for whatever reason (whether it is a psychological need to feel like they are “normal”; or because a plastic surgeon wants to make money) wants to cut their webbing, go right ahead. That way I can be more of a minority and more unique. I love my webbed toes!

  43. Brooke says:

    When I was a teen, I met another girl who had large, square scars on her thigh. I asked her about them, and she said, wearily, that she was a Siamese twin, and they were her separation scars. She was joking, of course, because she was asked about the scars all the time. It turns out that her webbed toes had been separated when she was an infant, and the skin grafts were taken from her thigh. I showed her my webbed toes. I have to think that webbed toes are much less disfiguring than skin graft scars. I’m glad my parents chose to leave well enough alone.

    In any event, good luck to the young woman and infant who are healing. I’ll be interested to find out what the results are in the long run.

  44. suzanna ross says:

    Wow, what a wonderful website!Ihave-shortened webbed toes on my left foot, and shortened fingers on my left hand.The latter were once webbed, but were separted in my teens.I’ve always been conscious of my toes,but have actually come to love ’em.However,they do get very painful and wearing comfy shoes is quite hard.Does anyone have any suggestions?Many thanks,suzannax

  45. Andrea says:

    Its amazing after reading all these posts how many of us are out there!! I have never seenanyone with a toes like mine… only my left foot is webbed on the second and third toes….but mine is webbed all the way to the top and and the bones of each toe, I was told when I was a kid is fused at the top, with one nail covering both toenail area….not that many of us are webbed to the top including the nail…I too spent my childhood hiding my foot and dreaded if anyone would find out….at the beach, I always buried my foot in the sand….never wore open toe shoes….well, I turn 40 this year and for the first time, I could care less what people think about it!! It is what it is!!

  46. Rita says:

    Its really great to know there is support and so many others out there.My son is now three years old and doing great.I am the one who noticed his webbed toe.Hate to say it wasn’t until he was seven days old!Its on his left foot.The second and third toe are completely fused all the way up to the toe nail.Looks very similar to one big toe when veiwed from under the foot.I must say…I was very upset when I first discovered it.I took him to several plastic surgeon’s in hopes to get it fixed VERY SOON.They all said he would have to be at least a year old.My husband was totally against this, and said his toe was perfect,just leave it alone.As time went by,it made perfect since.Why put my child through surgery,skin grafts,and pain that isn’t nessary.His toe is beautiful and we just love it! Only thing is,recently Im not sure if he has just discovered it but,he keeps asking me about his toe.He tries pulling them apart and says”Look mom, there stuck”.He then says”Doctors gonna fix it”.I dont regret my decision but,often wonder if when he gets older he may wished we would have had it repaired.Anyone with comments on this please let me know.Thanks,this means more than you know.

  47. Laura says:

    i am a teenager and i have wanted to get my webbed toes (they are 2/3 of the way up on both feet) separated. I have looked at some things on the internet about webbed toes and surgery to fix it, its really embarassing to me and i want to be able to wear flip flops and open toed shoes again without worrying if anyone is looking at my feet, but the only complications i heard about were nerve damage and me not being able to feel my two toes anymore. Now, im totaly fine with that, its not that big of a deal to me, but i don’t rellay know anything else about the surgery process. Is it really possible that your toes or toe could fall off if the blood doesn’t flow back in there ( and if so, why wouldn’t blood be able to flow back through your toes) and second of all, do you seriously need to have a skin graft? it seems like there should be enough skin connecting the two toes to pull back down and stitch together. My third question is: How much does it hurt during and afterwards? I know that the numbing shot stings when its injected ( ive had a mole removed before) but during that surgery it didn’t hurt after at all, there was just a little tension on the skin. Will i need a wheelchair or crutches to take the pressure off the toes, or to have one foot done at a time, or will i be able to walk around as long as i have pain killers? Anyone whose had surgery before, successful or not, i would appreciate your feedback and the answers to any, and hopefully all, of my numerous questions. Thanks.

  48. Laura says:

    also, for anyone who has ever had the surgery before, how much did it cost, because my parents don’t want to pay for it because they know it will be expensive. I just hope i can convince them so i can ask my doctor about the process and the healing time and pain and things like that. Thanks

  49. jason says:

    I just had my webbed toes separated about three weeks ago. It was the 2nd and 3rd toes of each foot, about 3/4 the way up. I had been putting this off for years–the fear of exposing my toes seemed to grow more every year. I was sick of not feeling free to go to the beach or pool. Plus, after a lot of walking, the webbing actually ached. So I went to a podiatrist, who said, “yeah, no problem.” So I went to an outpatient surgery clinic to have the doc do it. I was put under, and an hour later I had huge bandages on my feet and had to wear those big surgery sandals for a week. The pain wasn’t so bad, especially with the pain pills. The skin grafts came from the tops of my feet, but they didn’t really take very well. So for a few more weeks I have to put sterile pads between my toes and tape them up until they heal. It’s like having open blisters between the toes, and they are slowly healing (and itching). But it feels awesome to be able to spread my toes for the first time. I’ll feel free to walk around barefoot if I want to (even when alone, I would wear socks, because the webbing never ceased to freak me out). As far as cost, my insurance covers most of it (it’s usually covered, as corrective surgery for a congenital deformity, as they define it). About $4000 total–the biggest fee is for the use of the surgical clinic. Even if insurance did not cover it, it would still be worth it to me. I realize that a lot of web-toed people couldn’t care less about their feet, but I feel like a burden has been lifted, like I no longer have to keep some dreadful secret. No one knew about it except my parents and the serious girlfriends I’ve had–not even my best friends. I know this secrecy is irrational, but it’s always been a very big deal to me. I wish my parents had had it done when I was a baby, but not being webbies themselves, they had no idea how much grief it could cause me. Any recovering patients out there? How long did it take to heal up?

  50. Darlene says:

    I’m glad to be in good company. I’m also glad to be the 50th comment on this website, since I am 50 yrs. old. I,too, have been very self conscious about my toes. I am fortunate enough to only have it up to the first joint on both feet. I have occasionally thought of surgery but now after reading your comments, I am now embarassed that I ever gave it a thought. Really ashamed at myself, actually. I’m proud to be part of this elite group.

  51. Laura says:

    the second comment on this page was about someone whose girlfriend got her toes pierced, and they said that they would include pictures. How would i find those? Does anybody know? Help me please because i think it would look cute, but i want to make sure the picture in my mind matches the real thing before i go and get it done. Thanks

  52. Connie says:

    Laura, I think one of my friends had it done. Let me see if she would be willing to take a picutre of it. I too have webbed toes, but have no desire to get any piercing done to the webbing. I want to draw as little attention as possible to my toes. Laura drop me an email I’d like to chat about what you heard about surgery. Click on my name for my email address

  53. Dougal says:

    Since this conversation is threatening to swallow up my entire blog, which is intended to mainly be about technical web stuff, I am seriously thinking about spinning off an entire new website devoted to information about syndactly (webbed fingers/toes).

    However, I probably don’t have the day-to-day time to devote to managing the site (posting new material, vetting out junk comments, etc.). So, if you are reading this, and you think that you might be interested in contributing your time and effort as a site manager, story submitter, or whatever, please contact me and let me know.

    I don’t expect it would take very much effort. I just need somebody who is willing to post some new material occassionally, and help keep the site’s comments on-track. Of course, it wouldn’t pay any money, but you would get to have your name up in lights, so to speak. πŸ˜‰

  54. Stina says:

    πŸ˜† My boyfriend has webbed toes. It was wierd at first, and it took some getting used to. I LOVE THEM!! 😯 Who would’ve known!!! LOL He sometimes says he wants to cut them but I’d miss them too much. He’s special God made him that way for a reason. So I guess I love a mutant and his cute toes!!!!!!!

  55. Anonymous says:

    can any one give me any pix of webbed toes?

  56. Lauren says:

    I had posted here about a week after i had the surgery performed. Now it’s been about 2 months and im almost totally healed. The only thing left is scabs between my toes on the left foot, and on the right foot where the complications took place there is a bigger skin area healing. I’ve read numerous questions from everyone on here and i just wanted to let you know that you can Email me and ask me any questions you have and i will answer you directly. Seeing that i just had this surgery i can hopefully answer everyones questions accurately. I’m finally in regular shoes now after being in the huge surgical shoes, and using a wheel chair to get around! It feels great. After surgery i totally regreted getting it done because i thought to myself, why did i have to go and change something so minor on my body that didn’t even matter! i was thinking this way because the whole process was so hard to go through, and painfull, etc. Now i am pretty happy i did it, mostly because thats all over with and i have 5 pretty un-joined toes not to be self concious about anymore! Well anyways, PLease Email me with anything you would like to know because i’d be more than happy to tell you any information i can! πŸ˜€

  57. RB says:

    I find this very interesting, as my wife has webbing between her toes, but not completely joined. I wondered if there were any of you that would post pictures of your webbed toes? Thanks.

  58. Dougal says:

    I have a pic in another post here on this site.

  59. Anonymous says:

    can someone give me a pic if u can just im me Boss070989

  60. RB says:

    Would love to see the webbed toes Andrea describes as fused all the way to the end with one toe nail. So actually it appears as though you have 4 toes? Cool.

  61. Lynn says:

    I have always (for about 50 years) been very self conscious about my conjoined toes (2nd & 3rd on both feet). I don’t see what’s so good about having them. I think it’s great though if other people are not bothered by theirs. I wish I felt that way. I’m very surprised to find out this is as common as this site makes it appear to be. I am going to see about having mine separated. Anybody got info on that?

  62. jason says:

    OK, two weeks after post #49: I no longer need bandages. The toes are almost completely healed, just some scabs and swelling. I was surprised to read that Lauren needed a wheelchair to get around. I walked out of the surgery clinic with my big surgery sandals, which I only wore for a week, and then Birkenstocks with socks for another week. Walking was a bit painful for a total of about three weeks, but now everything is back to normal. So, yes, it was totally worth it, and relatively easy. I look forward to doing new things, like going to the beach, taking a yoga class, and whatever else I shied away from all these years. If your doctor says it’s unnecessary, go to another one. Only web-toed people understand the stress of having webbed toes. Ten years ago, a podiatrist told me that as a male it shouldn’t bother me (implying that only women have body issues, I guess, and that guys are above such nonsense), so I left the doctor’s office ashamed of having gone. Well, it did bother me very much–until I had the operation ten years later (by a more open-minded podiatrist). I hope this helps anybody who is thinking about having the surgery or has already had it.

  63. Adjun says:

    Hey guys. I’ve been reading several of the posts here on this site and just to let you know, there is a pretty kewl yahoo group dedicated to you all and your kewl toes. Here is the URL. It has lots of pictures on there too for those of you who want to see.

  64. Moondog says:

    I just wanted to say “I love my webbed toes” and would never think of having them separated. I love to go to the beach. Having webbed toes will never keep me from going. Once in awhile I feel uncomfortable showing off my feet but really, most of the time it doesn’t bother me. Like Ajun wrote, there is a cool group on yahoo and I’ve posted pics. If anyone would like to talk webbed toes, please email me.

  65. Laura says:

    hey, i got an answer from one person who had the surgery, jason, and he said that the cost of his surgery was covered under something like corrective surgery of a congenital deformity. I just want to know from anyone else who had the surgery if it was covered by their insurance. Also, painwise, how bad was it? Could you walk around normally with just a little bit of lingering pain after a week or two, or does it hurt for longer, and how badly? Thanks

  66. Heather says:

    It’s so nice to find other people with the same issue! My 2nd and 3rd toes are also webbed. 2/3 up on my left foot and 1/3 up on my right. I’ve felt embarassed by them for quite some time. I don’t remember ever feeling this way as a kid. But when I was in my teens and even now, in my early 20’s, I’ve been more self-concious. The sandle issue is a biggie for me. I try to buy a sandle with a strap that will cover the webbing. I have thought on and off again about surgery, and even consulted a plastic surgeon a couple of years ago. But with the thought of being incapacitated for a week and having more scars from the skin grafting, I was turned off of surgery. I try to remind myself that they’re just toes. Who cares, right? Finding other people with this same problem helps. It doesn’t make me feel so unusual after all. I like to joke with my close friends that I have alien toes. :mrgreen:

  67. Anne says:

    hey everyone. i have webbed toes and so did my cousin, but he got his removed when he was a baby, as his were much worse than mine. I never cared much about them until i was about 12 years old, now 17, i have major issues with them.I wish my parents would have decided on getting the surgery as a baby, because now i wouldnt have to have these bad feelings about my body. Only my family and close friends know, and they all say theyre not bad… theres webbing about 1/2 way up and i am just so embarrased of them. I even wear socks at home because the sight of them is just a reminder of not being able to do the things i want to do. I dont own a pair of sandals and hardly ever going swimming in the summer. I HATE my feet, and go through SO much to hide them. I love the summer and the way thong sandals look with everyone’s cute outfits.. i wish that i wear them too. My friends who know make fun of me for wearing closed toe shoes to dances and kicks to the pool, but im way too self-concious of my feet, and the feeling of being “weird” is overwhelming at times. I feel like they are holding me back of having complete self-confidence. I dont understand how people can not care and be proud of their webbed toes, but i wish i could feel the same way. I really want surgery, but after reading these postings im very scared of the after affects. If anyone has any information about surgery or ways to work around having them, please reply!:?::!:

  68. Joe says:

    Anne, Your’s was the first post I read when I found this site. I feel the same way you do. Its good to know I’m not the only one to feel this way. I’ve gotten use to burying my feet in the sand at the beach. Its pools that I stay away from. No place to hide you feet. Hopefully no one tries to pull your shoes or socks off at dances. That happened to me once when my “friends” thought they were being funny. Nothing like a bunch of people all staring at your bare foot at once to make you even more self-concious.
    Click on my name to get my email address. Drop me email if you want to talk more privately

  69. Ashton says:

    i love my stuck toes:mrgreen:, i just want to know more about them:idea:! I am 16:lol:! Does anyone know how they are joined and what caused it in the womb?:?::?::?:

  70. Wesley says:

    I hate:evil: it when a grain of sand gets stuck imbetween the little gap between 2 conjoined toes, its so uncomfortable!:mad::roll:

  71. killasteve says:

    i was wondering what the toes look like under them could i get a picture of them?

  72. Shawna says:

    I too have webbed toes. The second and third on my left foot are connected. My toes are really short on both feet so you have to look kind of close, but all through high school people noticed. I never use to wear flip flops because I didn’t want to be made fun of, not I wear them all the time. The only thing anyone ever says is “OMG your toes are soooooo cute!” I still wish I could get them separated, but I probably wont, my dad and uncle has them. My dad died and it just seems like I would be getting rid of something he gave me. So I think I’ll keep my minor problem and be happy I’m different πŸ˜‰

  73. ginsy says:

    Ohhh-I am so glad that my son and I arent’t the only ones.
    We are the only ones in my family. I told him that only very smart people have them. Does any of my fellow webbed toed people know why we have them?

  74. Anonymous says:

    :shock:hey man

  75. Scott Shrimpton says:

    I too am the proud owner of a pair of webbed toes, much to the shocked delight of my beautiful fiance. I really couldn’t care less, and I believe it is a gift that will one day save the world,or unite us with aliens, or suchlike. Great conversation starter though, it’s a difficult party trick to top.The only downer is on a cold day we can’t wear toe socks.Never mind.

  76. Deirdre says:

    I have webbed toes too and im 15. i HATE THEM! it’s so embarrasing taking my shoes of, going swimming, and wearing sandals. I especially hate when people ask me if im a good swimmer…..yea…i HATE THAT! im not a f***ing duck OK! im getting them separated as soon as possible!

  77. Rita says:

    :smile:Hi.This is to Elizabeth D—–.Please send email address so I can get back with you in response to you’re email about my son’s webbed toes.Rita

  78. Laura says:

    yeah…i asked this a little whil ago, and nobody really answered. If anyone else, besides jason, who already answered me, has had the surgery, i was just wondering if it was covered by insurance? i know that for jason it was, but i am just checking. Also, about the skin grafts, are the scars that bad? about how big are they, and are they reall obvious, or do they heal and blend in with the rest of the skin? Thanks

  79. Mike says:

    My 3 brothers and one sister have our 2nd and 3rd toe halfway webbed.

    Did you know pygmy chimps have this trait also………….

    Not pushing evolution but it makes you think

  80. chris says:

    my name is chris and i have my second and third toe on my left foot webbed, i am very imbarissed about them and don’t lik wearind open shoes. i want them seperated but don’t know where, and i have heard sometimes they re-join. my toes have ruined my life and u hate them so much.:evil:

  81. Liz says:

    I have a question for Jason who last posted #63. How do your toes look now? Are the scars noticeable? My son has webbed toes and I was told by two plastic surgeons that there would be no aesthetic improvement to having the surgery done because skin grafts on the feet tend to darken, get swollen, look puffy, and are quite noticeable. They said the skin grafts would come from the groin area. Interesting that yours came from the top of your feet. Do you have scars on top of your feet now?

  82. markus says:

    hey i have webbed toes on my 2nd and 3rd on both feet all the way to the top but i have seperate nails, and all through my life i have covered them. i’m now 21 and want them seperated. i don’t know much about it and wondered if anyone could help me. cost, how pianful it is, scaring. this problem has held me back for years. but i want the surgery done immediatley.
    can anyone help..i would appreciat any advise, from people that have already had it.

  83. jason says:

    Liz, the scars are tiny (thin and about half an inch long) and are already beginning to lighten up and blend in with the rest of my skin. Still, I’d rather have scars than webbed toes. I’m certainly not embarrassed of scars. In fact, not even two months after surgery, I’ve been swimming several times already, and for the first time ever I am not self-conscious at the pool. If you’re really worried about scars, then go to a plastic surgeon instead of a podiatrist. I honestly didn’t care about scars, and I knew my insurance company would not question the services of a podiatrist. Sure, I’ll probably always have a little scarring, but to me that is not embarrassing or freakish at all, compared to what I grew up with.

  84. Cody says:

    hey, i was born with my 2 and 3 toes combined upto the nail on both feet. I am 16 years old and i find them the coolest damn thing and my friends get a real kick out of it. I find no reason to be ashamed of the way God made me and i also think of it as an family heirloom. every other geneation in my family has webbed toes. i would never get my toes seperated, i find no problem in being unique. Hell, i take my shoes and socks off at school and walk up to people i really dont even know and show them my toes. Of course they find it a little weird, but they also find them interesting. i’ve only been criticized once and that was by my brother. so its no big deal to me. thought that i should share this for some reason.

  85. Moondog says:

    Good for you Cody. It needs to be said. I too love my webbed toes (both feet, up to the nails, on my second and third toes). I get a kick out of showing them off. At one time I thought of having them separated but glad I didn’t. I like being a little different and everyone that notices them thinks there cool. It’s no big thing. But if people want to get there toes separated, that’s cool too. It’s a personal choice. Myself, I’m fine with my webbed toes and will continue to show them off.

  86. Cody says:

    Yeah, splitting your toes is a personal decision and i think people should put more thought into it, before they do it. If you were meant to have toes like everyone else, then you would have them. Be proud of the fact that you are somewhat different then the person standing next to you. Don’t le your toes upset you or embarass you. i always joke around with my friends and tell them i have 8 toes. Enjoy what has been given o you.

  87. markus says:

    i understand what you guys are saying buti still definately want it done..i think its based on personality about how you feel about them.. me personally definately want it done. jason could you tell me how much it costs with or without insurance, also how long did yours heal, and was there any complications at all? i would told you could have blood vessals between and could cut the circulation off…? am not sure. let me know how you went about doing it. thankyou

  88. Angelica Blue Fire says:

    I accidentally ran into this site an it just so happens i have webbed toes on my second and third ! not to worry girls, the guys at my school think it’s cute. most of them are in my math class . I dont mind wearng heels or revealing shoes. Its a meager case of webbing. but youd have to be tols that i have it to notice. If you got it like i do, on the second and third, then i suggest that maybe you shouldnt care whut ppl think and be your SELF! :roll::lol:now you know … some on ewho is gonna b a famouse environmentalist with webbed toes!

  89. Moondog says:

    It’s good to hear from the ladies that it is ok to have webbed toes. Heck, Trish Helfer, a supermodel has webbed toes and just recently on the Wayne Brady Show, showed them off in front of everyone to see. She’s come to terms with them. If you still want to get your toes separated, get it done. You probably won’t be happy until they’re separated. Try this first. Take a couple of bobby pins and cut them to the length of your webbing. Slide them over the webbing and leave them. After awhile, the skin or webbing will stretch and it will leave the appearance of having separate toes, at least from a distance. I tried it and it works.

  90. markus says:

    can anyone please tell me how much it could cost for surgery to seperate the 2nd a nd 3rd on both feet. just an estimate will do. thanks

  91. jason says:

    Post #49 should answer this question. But I have no idea if this is standard. My insurance covered most of it.

  92. Liz says:

    πŸ™‚ Hi,this is to Rita – this is Elizabeth D. In response to your March 12 post #78 requesting my email address…sorry about that….I thought I sent it:oops: But since I have not heard from you I guess you did not get it. Just click on my name below and my emaill address will appear. Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Liz.

  93. Lucy says:

    I have my 2nd and 3rd toes webbed on both feet, the left slightly more webbed than the right. Basically on both feet the gap stops at the first knuckle.

    I always think ‘normal’ toes look really weird. One of my two brothers has the same thing, and he managed to convince credulous classmates it made him run faster! I never had any problems with it; I wear sandals sometimes. The only thing I do avoid is those peeptoe court shoes, because those’d show off all the wrong bits. That said, I don’t like the style much anyway, so I’m not missing much!

    I have a couple of other congenital abnormalities too, the most significant of which is that the bones in my left middle ear are malformed, so I’m partially deaf. I always thought these things were because I was born prematurely. Anyone else have any idea why this happens?

  94. Rosemary says:

    Webbed toes run in my family too. My uncle had then up to the nails and also his 2nd & 3rd fingers webbed. He joined the Navy in 1942 and all didgits were separated.
    As a kid, I thought webbed toes would be an asset in the Navy. Mine are so very noticible. But now as I am having lots of problems with my feet (stress fractures, webbed toes on one foot getting closer, the other foot, they have spread out. In both cases it is painful, so I’m considering asking for the surgery?

  95. emsie says:

    :cry:My 2nd and 3rd toes are webbed on both feet and my mate Brian calls me alien toes, monster munch feet, reptile toes, call the men in black, freaky feet, the list goes on! i think it’s quite funny really, i told him i’m going to make a plaster of paris model of my feet for him to use as a doorstop. either that or i’ll use it to kick him up the arse with if he carries on!

  96. Quentin says:

    πŸ™ My 2nd and 3rd toes are webbed on both my feet too, and it was always an issue to wear open shoes especially when I was at school and had to do PE. Now that I am older I still hide my feet, but I am begining to care less and less about it, especially around my good friends. If my childeren were to be born with them some how, I think I would have them seperated when they were really young to spare them all the embarrasment. Does anyone know what causes you to have webbed toes?

  97. Moondog says:

    All of us “webbies” are missing a gene in our DNA. Simply put, this gene tells the body when we were in the womb to have the skin between the digits to die off and separate away. Ours didn’t.

  98. Kristin says:

    πŸ˜‰ Im happy to see Im not the only one!

  99. wes says:

    i was born with my 2nd & 3rd toes on both feet webbed together all the way.
    my older brothers 2nd & 3rd toes are webbed half way on both older sisters 2nd & 3rd toes are webbed 1/2 only on her left foot.i use to charge kids 25cents to see my toes when i was in school. lol i now have kids but none of thier toes are webbed . WEBBED TOES RULE lol i have made money from mine and its one less set of toes you have to wash

  100. Lauren says:

    Its now been almost 3 months since my surgery to have my toes seperated. Im back to normal now, swimming, wearing open toed shoes, and everything i want! One toe is still swollen due to the Complications during surgery, and could take up to a year to be regular again, but oh well! The scarring is still pink and the new skin hasn’t blended in with my natural color of skin yet. Well if anyone has any questions you can Email me!

  101. markus says:

    do you think i could get something for my toes on ebay? maybe the black market? you never know. anybody know how much it will cost? if it hurts? how long was it before your back walking in trainers after surgery? e amil me and let me know. much apprecieated

  102. Jeff says:

    Hey Lauren. I tried to email you with some questions about your experience with the surgery but my email got kicked back. I plan to have surgery in the next few months and I would love any info you can give me.

  103. Anonymous says:

    :?:Hey guys!All this talk about webbed toes is great.The only thing is we really need to get some pictures posted so we see them for ourselves.I will try my hardest to get one posted today.:mrgreen::idea:

  104. Beitris says:

    I am 33 and have both the 2nd and 3rd toes on each foot joined 3/4 of the way up. And I like a few others have been very self conscious about this since I realized that not everyone has toes like that. I am the only person in my family to have webbed feet and I have never met or seen anyone else with webbed toes. I am glad to know that there are those who can appreciate their differences. While I don’t go out barefoot I do wear sandals (never flip flops) and as I get older I seem to care less about who knows. I recently got a large tattoo on the top of my foot and now that seems to generate more conversations than the toes. I would never consider getting them seperated but I can understand why someone would. My boyfriend doesn’t care and considering it took me 2 years to tell him it seems quite silly to me now 13 years later. Who knows, maybe after reading more of these posts I may become a carefree soul wandering around in flip flops. It does help to know that there are other people that share this same feeling. I like the idea that pygmy chimps have this trait too. Something else that crosses species boundries.

  105. Jessica says:

    Hey Everyone! Wow.. so weird! I just came on to get some information on gettin webbed toes serperated and how much it would cost etc, and I arrived to this website! I didnt know so many people had toes just like mine! The 2nd and 3rd ones on both my feet are 3/4 webbed! Well I have been thinking about gettin them seperated also. I am not OVERLY self concious about them, but I think i would be much happier if they were seperated because I would feel more comfortable wearing sandels etc. I have a few basic questions that I would like to ask and if anyone could reply it would be great! … How much is the procedure? How long does it take usually for it to completely heal — summers coming soon I want to know if they’d be healed for then! Thanks alot guys! hope to hear from anyone πŸ˜€

  106. Rita says:

    I must say its really hard to believe how many people out there are ashamed and try hiding those beautiful toes!Why would you ever want to fix something that is soo unusual and diffrent?I read someone’s comment about getting them pierced.Now that’s an idea!Please don’t be ashamed and try to hide them,instead show them off.It really is hard to understand why some people would want to have unessary surgery.Skin graphs?Kick those shoes off and show em’ off!!!:cool:

  107. Moondog says:

    I’m with Rita. Show ’em off. I’ve already started wearing flip flops. My second and third toes on each foot are about 90 percent webbed. The idea of having a tattoo sounds great, but I’ve heard that getting a tattoo on your feet or toes is really painful. Any thoughts. Anyway, when you’re out, just look down because I’ll be wearing flip flops or some sort of sandals.

  108. Anonymous says:

    Great idea Moondog!You know,maybe we can start an annual webbed toe festival or type of spring break “PARTY”.Webbies only!Webbsters rule!!!!!!!!!:grin:

  109. Moondog says:

    I’ve talked about doing that but I think it might be hard to find a central location that everyone could get to easily. I think it would be great if we could make it happen. All of the people with webbed toes in one place, talking to each other face to face, or would that be toes to toes. Anyway, if it could happen, I’d be there.

  110. Anonymous says:

    im really self counsious about my toes…1st and 2nd webbed 3/4 up…anyone had the surgery? what was it like?

  111. Jessica says:

    Laauren I tried emailing you, is that still your email address???

  112. Julie says:

    Is it true that webbed toes are a sign of inbreeding?? Say it ain’t so!!!

  113. Anonymous says:

    I did here it was caused by inbreeding.Oh well!We are what we are.Stand up and be proud!!!!!!!!!!:lol:

  114. Nikkkki says:

    My boyfriend has been real self conscious about showing his feet in sandals. He never wanted me to
    look at them up close or touch them. I noticed that his first and second toes are slightly webbed looking a little bit like a V shape. I asked him what it was and he freaked out and changed the subject. I really don’t think it’s a big deal at all. For the most part I wouldn’t have noticed if he hadn’t been so obviously self conscious about it. I don’t think anyone should feel embarassed about having webbed toes it’s just simply having a different gene. Love your toes!

  115. Jamie says:

    I love my webbed toes, I always have. I look at “normal” toes and think that they are weird looking. My brother and mother also have heir 2nd and 3rd toes on both feet webbed but mine are webbed the most. I never thought of seperating them but my brother used to threaten to do so when we were young and fighting.
    I love my toes

  116. paddy says:

    Most people on this site have webbed toes but I’m one who doesn’t. I havn’t got anything against and couldn’t care if I had got webbed feet. The thing is, do I?
    If you look at my feet they are perfectly normal. But when I pull my 2nd and 3rd toe apart skin seems to appear between my toes. I’d just like to ask anyone without webbed toes if its the same…please take off your socks and check.
    Then I’ll be able to see if I have webbed feet or not. I do have two freinds with webbed feet and:
    p.s my “webbing” goes up abou 1/4 way on both feet!

  117. Dana says:

    I’m so happy to know I’m not the only one with webbed toes, besides my mom. Mine are worse on the left, the 2 and 3 are about 90% and the 2 and 3 on the right are about 60%. Ive always hated it, now I hate it just a little bit less after reading all of your comments. I actually came across this site while searching for shoes to wear for a wedding in which I’m the maid of honor. Of course I’m searching for a shoe that will cover the web. I hate it because I love my feet and I love painting my toes, I’d never wear shoes if it weren’t for that damn piece of skin between my toes. I thought by now, being 25 I’d be comfortable with it but I’m not! That pisses me off even more than my toes! Any advice? Dana

  118. Dana says:

    By the way, we are not mutants! That really doens’t make me feel any better! I’d like to believe that we are genius descendants from Atlantis!

  119. Dana says:

    One more thing! Maybe the reason we all feel like we are the only ones with webbed toes(or two man toe, as they were called in my family) is because most of us hide them! If we all started showing them it would become more “normal” to see or have webbed toes!

  120. Moondog says:


    Exactly!!! I’ve started wearing sandals more now that the weather has broken and my friends are seeing my webbed toes more often and don’t even comment on them any more. I think you should wear strappy sandals to the wedding and show off your webbed toes. No one will even notice your toes when your wearing your maid of honor outfit. And even if they do, after awhile they will get used to them and forget about them. It’s part of you and if they are real good friends, they’ll take you for who you are. Your webbed toes make you unique and special. Paint them up and show them off. If more of us “webbies” did that, people wouldn’t think twice about them. Good luck with your choice but I suggest you show them off. Wear sandals! You’re going to look gorgeous anyway (bridemaids always do).

  121. Louise says:

    Both the 2nd and 3rd toe of both my feet were webbed right to the top, until I turned 16. After years and years of heartache and crying when people discovered my abnormailty, or my brother threatened to tell people, I begged my parents to pay for them to be seperated. Mum & Dad didn’t want me to have them seperated as they stated that I was special but after me shying away from swimming carnivals or not going to the beach with friends they eventually agreed to me having it done. I had heard all the doc’s threats that the op may cause toes to fall off due to bad circulation but I didn’t care and went ahead with the seperation procedure.

    I am now 21 years old and think that the op was the best thing that I have ever done. The skin graft was taken from my groin and the scarring is still there but barely noticable. As for my toes they also have slight scarring, the toes are not exactly the same size and i have lost feeling between the toes. But who gives a f*ck. When they were joined i never had feeling between them anyway and now no one notices my toes. I was in a wheel chair for 1 1/2 weeks after the op and my feet were tightly bandaged. After that time though i don’t even remember there being any pain. Also my toes have shown no sign what so ever of them growing back together.

    I am happy for the people that love their webbed toes but I did not and I don’t think that this makes me (or anybody that has/is thinking about them being seperated) any less of a person.
    I am now a very happy person and now am always happy to put on open toed shoes or go bare foot.

    I don’t have any information of price but could find out if anyone is interested.

  122. Jenni says:

    I was shocked to find this “web” site.(Ha Ha) I like so many of you was so embarrassed of my toes. I would wear socks at slumber parties, hide them at the pool and beach, etc. When I was out of high school I decided to have mine separated. I’m now 40 and don’t remember much about the first operation. I know they did them one at a time and that’s really all I remember. But a couple of years ago I noticed that they were starting to grow back together. So, April 5th of this year, I had them redone. They did them both at the same time. It wasn’t very painful except they wrapped my bandages to tight and my feet turned blue and had blood blisters on the sides. They took the skin graph from my groin,which is now pretty much unnoticable. I came back in 10 days to have the bandages taken off. My feet looked terrible and I had been totally off my feet for 10 days so I was really depressed because I run and work out at least four days a week. (I wasn’t in a wheel chair either) I just got up only when I had to. I even scooted on my butt up and down the stairs. It was also pretty hard to take a bath (no showers) because they had to stay dry. I put sandwich bags on them and stuck them off the side when I bathed. (NOT FUN) But,I did recover and am finally (just yesterday) walking without a limp. I got an infection, but everything is supposed to be fine. It’s been a long month!!! I still can’t run or walk for exercise. But hopefully soon. I think my dr. charged about five thousand dollars and my insurance covered all but about three hundred. But I have had to miss a lot of work. But, I think it was worth it and I would do it again.

  123. Anita says:

    I was just looking at my “webbies” my husband calls them and just for kicks typed in a search. How cool to have a webbed toes website:smile:! I have a pedicure coming up soon… a gift from my mom. I never realized why I never got a pedicure for myself until now… I don’t like people looking at my toes! This is just in my subconscious, because I don’t really care about it in general. I think it makes for a funny conversation piece at the beach. I just realized now that I never buy sandals with the toes showing… hmmmm…. My four year old son has them too, but his appear more normal, not as webbed as mine. Webbies unite!

  124. Laura says:

    I jus searched da web 4 webbed toes n dis website came up. N afta i read da comment bout mutants i was real upset. I am known as webbo at my skool as i have the 4th and 5th toes webbed on my left foot. I has made great conversation as i was only recently new. At first people made fun, but i like them so it never bothered me- i think thats really sad if the only thing you can make fun of a person is something they were born with and carnt help its really sad. Because I feel like special not a freak. As i am only 15, every1 my age tries to be the same. I feel very individual to have mine and i now feel it makes me who i am.

  125. Anonymous says:


  126. steve-o says:

    can any girls give me pix of their webbed toes

  127. Bryan says:

    We should all have one big beach party!I have the best of both worlds. my left foot is normal and my right has four of the five toes joined completly to the nails. I am currently looking into having them seperated. My foot has been the source for alot of insecurity.i love the beach and swimming but hate the feeling of my foot possibly being spotted. like most of you ive done my fair share of digging my toes into the sand.just stumbeling on to this site has opend my eyes that im not alone. But im still gonna seperate someday. its really good to hear all your stories. i really envy the ones that have no deal with their feet. your strength is admirable.

  128. Lauren says:

    I have earlier posts here about my surgery and everything.. and my toes have been seperated now for about 5 months which is when I had surgery. Im 16 years old and i used to have webbed toes! The comment about 2 before mine in all CAPS reminded me of somethin funny. I was always so embarresed to show my boyfriend my toes also so i hid them all the time. I made up a whole story on my i was getting foot surgery, other than having my toes seperated. Afterwards i found out that he had told one of my friends he already knew i had webbed toes all along and he didn’t even care! lol.. and i went through all the trouble hiding it. Well anyways my toes are still healing with the scars and redness. The scarrs will eventually be hardly noticable after a year or so. Im so happy with them and now i can wear open toed shoes and i don’t have to hid my feet at the beach!

  129. Anonymous says:

    Why dont’t any of you post pics of your webbed toes so other people could see? Especially the people who say they like their toes. Be proud and show them off

  130. Proud Mom says:

    My 20 month old daughter has her 2nd and 3rd toes fused/webbed all the way up except for a small opening at the top. I was wondering if any of you have any other “unique” qualities? My daughter’s right side of her body is slightly larger than her left and her knuckle and joints are mis-aligned on her pinky finger on her right hand. She also has some extra “chub” on her right hand fingers. I’ve been trying to do research but haven’t come across anything. No one in our family to our knowledge has anything like her. Thanks for any info!

  131. Ben says:

    I agree with anonymous let’s see some pictures of these cool webbed toes.:lol

  132. Anonymous says:

    im 14 and want to have the surgery. i have 1st and 2nd toes on my right foot webbed 3/4 the way up. can you go under local anesthesia? how long is the recovery time? what is the surgery like?

  133. Adjun says:

    Hey guys. I posted something about this earlier, but just wanted to remind you all that there is a group on yahoo for people with webbed toes and admirers, like myself. The following is the URL and I hope you at least check it out. It also has plenty of pictures for those wishing to see other webbed toes and even post your own. Love to you all and be proud of your special toes. πŸ™‚

  134. Lauren says:

    no you cant go under local anesthesia.. its a pretty big surgery. You have to go under general

  135. Inna says:

    Hi guys! Wow this is the coolest website ever! I’m 17 and my second and third toes are webbed on each foot. I’ve always been SO embarassed by this, but now I see it as a very unique and interesting thing about myself. The guys I’ve dated all it’s fascinating and always ask to look at my funky toes or touch them. When I first started wearing flip-flops people would comment that I had pretty feet, and seriously they NEVER noticed the toes until I pointed them out, upon which they’d go “WHOA!!” I think we’re all so cool and should be proud of our webbing. I’m really happy now that I didn’t get them separated and whoever posted about your girlfriend getting her webbing pierced – can you please e-mail me some info about the procedure and whatnot? I think that’s such a great idea and I’d love to do something cool like that with my toes. Thanks for the great website and for all your comments!

  136. Anna says:

    Lauren- Who did your surgery? A podiatrist or Plastic surgeon? I can’t find either that are willing to perform the surgery. They all tell me that it’s unnecessary. In actuality I beleive they have never performed the surgery and are afraid to try it. Can you- or anyone- can give me the name of a Dr. that has sucessfully performed the surgery?

  137. Jenni says:

    It’s been almost one month since posting comment #123, and two months since my surgery. I’m pretty much back to normal again. I’m running and everything. My toes look pretty good except the scars are still there. I’ve been using a scar cream but it doesn’t seem to be helping much. My plastic surgeon said that I will have perfectly normal looking feet in about four more months. Until then, I wear toe rings to hide the scars and a little makeup on them and you can’t even tell. I’m loving all my new thong sandals. I encourage anyone who doesn’t like their toes to have it done. I would also encourage parents to have it done for their child while they are small. I know some people are ok with their toes, but most aren’t. That’s like having a child with two noses or something and saying how special they are to be born like that. It’s pretty selfish not to have it fixed.

  138. Anonymous says:

    Jenni!You should be ashamed of yourself with your bold and SELFISH comments!To compare two noses with webbed toes are a bit much don’t you think?I am so happy you have decided to go ahead with that wonderful surgery.Now all you will have to deal with are nasty scars on your toes not to mention those nasty skin graph scars.I hope your little makeup trick works.You would have been a lot better off leaving well enough alone.It would have been less noticeable than having to deal with all of those scars.Looking like normal in the next four months is a little far fetched.(Have you ever had scars before?)The scars will always be very noticeable.Keep plenty toe rings on hand!Your comment on parents not having it fixed was very tacky.My child has the most beautiful webbed toe I have ever saw.I do wish I had one to match!So,to all you wonderful people out there don’t forget, never be ashamed with what you were born with!Show those beautiful toes off!

  139. Moondog says:

    Jenni, I agree your comments made me mad. You have no right to call someone selfish. You are young and very vain. What’s next Jenni? A tummy tuck, a breast job, a face lift? I don’t think you’ll ever be happy with your looks. Too many times, we look at what the world thinks is the perfect body. That’s why plastic surgeons are making a killing. You need to learn that our imperfections are what makes us diffent and unique and yes, beautiful! I love my webbed toes and love having other people talk about their experiences with their webbed toes. Having your toes separated is a personal choice. Leave it at that. Don’t judge other people. You sound just like the people who made you feel uncomfortable with your own toes. Everyone else, show off your beauiful and unique webbed toes.

  140. mousey says:

    I have slightly webbed toes – on my second and third toes on each foot. I’m 28 years old, and i have thought about having an operation but i have decided not to as I think i am old enough to just deal with it. BUT i have to say I do wish my parents had got them seperated when i was little. You really dont remember pain of operations etc when you are a child and i wouldnt have had to be called ‘mutant toes’ by my brother and his friends when i was growing up. also would have been able to wear pretty shoes and not have to try and hide my feet. so that would be my advice personally. Just as an aside I am getting married soon and guess what my fiances surname is … “Webby” thats got to mean something huh!

  141. Anonymous says:

    All the same,the comment was very tacky and should not have been made.I have four childern and my youngest has a webbed toe and my other childen would never make fun of this.They were all taught a very young age to never laugh or make of someone elses imperfections.After all,everyone has some type of imperfection.To make a comment and say it’s not CUTE but selfish is very tacky.If you read her comment before that she goes on to say this is her “second surgery”.To me by now her toes must be a mess.Like I stated before she should have left well enough alone.I do believe she has done more harm than good!Now she has to go through all this trouble of putting makeup and toe rings on to HIDE HER TOES!Isn’t this what she was doing from the start.I also want to thank moondog for the supporting statement.

  142. Moondog says:

    I love to see parents with the right attitude. Your child will grow up with that same positive approach to life. Myself, I like being different than the “norm”. I love wearing sandals and showing off my webbed toes. It took awhile for my toes to come out of the closet, but I’m glad, now, they did. You seem to be starting your child out on the right foot. lol. And I’ll say it again. Let’s all show off our webbed toes and maybe people won’t think we’re so different.

  143. Jenni says:

    To all the people who think I made a “tacky” statement, go back and read all of the previous articles about webbed toes. Most HATE them. Most people are looking for someone to tell them about the surgery and telling stories about people calling them names and etc. Webbed toes are not just something you’re born with, they’re a deformity. That’s why your insurance will cover the surgery!!!! It’s nothing like breast implants, a face lift, or any other cosmetic surgery that insurance does not cover. I feel very sorry for any child having to grow up with a deformity that others will pick on him about. I know how cruel other kids can be. I’ve been there. The person who wrote comment #142, you may have taught your children not to pick on their sibling because of his deformity, but that doesn’t mean the kids in school won’t. It can be very painful for this child and after reading most of the comments from this web site, I wasn’t the only kid picked on because of my feet. I didn’t mean to offend anyone, but why put a child through a miserable childhood experience when this problem can easily be fixed? When your child comes home from school crying, or spends most of his life staying away from swim parties or slumber parties where people are going barefoot, or has to show his/her to a future spouse and feels sick at his stomach when he has to. Telling him they’re beautiful doesn’t help. And yes, I have had scars before. I know over time they flatten out and become white and thin and barely noticeable if you have a good plastic surgeon.(especially if you’re very young) Actually, my first surgery was done many years ago and my scars were gone!!The only problem was the fact that the skin was growing back up. And actually the skin graft scar is totally gone. It is not raised, it is no different than any line on your body where your wrist bends or your ankle bends or whatever. It is slightly pink, but it’s only been two months. It is going to be totally invisible. As for toes rings and makeup, it’s only temporary. I know from my previous surgery how scars heal. And “no” my toes aren’t a mess, actually they are looking pretty good.

  144. Smiles!!!!! says:

    Hello Jenni!A good day to you too!I was wondering how long it would take you to come back with another GREAT comment.I agree,scars to tend to fade when it happens at a young age.I believe you were about 17-18 years of age during your first surgery.(Am I close?)Wake up and smell the coffee,YOUR 40!You also pointed out how important a good plastic surgeon is.I hope this one was better than your last.I am sorry you have had such a horrible childhood with your webbed toe.I am also sorry you feel so inadequate with your spouse it made you sick to you stomach to even mention such a silly thing.You seem to be very insecure with yourself.Funny you mentioned swimming!I have been a summer camp director for four years now so my child is always without shoes around the pool with more than 300 kids around!We have had a few notice it and really thought it was soo cool.Maybe other children just didn’t like you.Attitude is everything you know!I do know this is a mild deformity just like someones ears may be larger or smaller than the other.And yes,it is purely cosmetic just like breast inplants or a tummy tuck.For you to make it out to be something bigger is an insult to someone with a real deformity.It does not hinder your ability to function!I did read many of the statements above and it really is a pleasure to see so many people PROUD OF THERE BEAUTIFUL TOES!Maybe you should go back and read comment 1,2,4,6,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,17 just to mention a few.I do hope you get your life together and try to start looking on the bright side of things.Life is what you make it!!!

  145. Adjun says:

    It seems as though there is a somewhat personal and perhaps hostile attitude toward Jenni. Please don’t be upset with her for her decision. Some people have the ability to think themselves into a corner of their mind that allows them to deal with certain situations that are uncontrollable. I personally find webbed toes to be fascinating and attractive. Most people would not that do not have them. That doesn’t mean that all of them dislike them. It all comes down to one’s own personal perception of a given scenario. Jenni may have had a bad experience with her webbed toes. Being young, you can forever be imprinted upon by even one person’s opinion and one should not be held responsible for that imprinting. I was very young when I first saw webbed toes. My affinity for them most likely came from that first encounter at just the right age. Jenni has just as much right, in my opinion, to express her disslike for her webbed toes as I do for my admiration of them or anyones comfortable mindset with them. And also realize that you can’t judge someone so quickly when you yourself have not been delt the same cards in life as the accused. Jenni, I’m glad that you have had your surgery and are feeling great about it. I hope that no other complications arise and I wish you the best. I do agree, however, that your toes were beautiful regardless of the webbing but it’s what makes you happy that counts the most. I am in no way looking for an argument here, but those statements against Jenni were a little disstasteful and personal on a forum that is supposed to be for support and friendship. There’s enough bitch boards out there already. I just hope you all understand.

  146. Mary says:

    I do not agree!Jenni’s comment’s were the ones that were distasteful.Anyone making a comment about a parent not wanting to put there child through surgery and saying its selfish is very distasteful.She has a very bad outlook on life.If a person decides to go fourth with the surgery fine.But please,don’t speak of others as being selfish because they have decided not to.If you ask me she deserves anything she got.

  147. Dougal says:

    We have to remember that different people have different severities of webbed toes. When I first posted here, and in my first few replies to comments, I didn’t realize that some people have toes that are connected all the way to the end. I can understand how this could be an issue.

    My own toes, on the other hand, are only connected up to the first knuckle. Toes like mine are hardly noticable, except under close examination.

    For those with more severe cases of syndactyly, I can understand how it could be a cause for concern. We need to recognize that we don’t all have the same level of webbing, and that for the most extreme cases, there is a valid reason to desire corrective surgery.

  148. Rita says:

    Hi Dougal!I have seen the picture of your webbing.You are right,there are many diffrent forms of syndactyly.You seem to have a slight webbing.I have never and I truly mean “never” seen or heard of a person having webbed toes or fingers before in my life until my son was born.I didn’t even notice it until he was about a week old.It seems most of the time mother’s worry about counting and making sure all 10 digits are there.I mean really,how often to you feel between the toes.To first look at it you would not really notice until you relly get a good look.His second and third toe only on the left foot are completly fused all the way to the top.It looks like one big toe when you look under it.He does have two toenails.I took him to nearly every doctor in the area.I have stood up many nights reading about this condition.Every doctor I took him to said the same thing!They all told me to just leave it alone and it would cause more harm than good.Two of the plastic surgeon’s said if I wanted it done they would but they advised against this.They also explained to me if it were syndactyly of the hand it would be a whole diffrent story.(This is what popped up on you syndactyly link.Hands not toes.)As most would figure when this occurs on the fingers it would impair most things we all take for granted.The doctor’s told me in this case it would have to be separated unlike toes this would never interfere with walking,running,or any type of sports.Now one doctor took an x-ray of his foot to make sure the bones were not fused and that this is not uncommon with webbed toes.His were not.I have also read it does seem to be more common in males.It says 1 in every 2000 births this condition occurs.I have decided not to have any surgery done.I feel this is something for him to decide when he gets older.I have read the comments above and feel if this is something a person chooses to do then great.But please be an adult and never be so selfish as to make ugly remarks about a parents choice not to do this.My son has never been teased or picked on about this by any child.Please try and keep your on childhood experiences to yourself if you have to lash out on others because you are so angry.

  149. Ava says:

    i’m 17 years old and have the 2nd & 3rd toes on my left foot webbed about to the knuckle. the bigger of the two is sort of bent or curved in a way that is different looking that my right foot toe. it reminds me of a hunch back or something. they also hurt sometimes. anyway i just wondered if this was a normal thing for people with webbed toes or if everyone elses just laid flat like their others. its really pretty weird and if its a problem then i thought maybe i should go to the doctor about it. i want them separatly eventually anyways. if anyone could email me information about surgery or the curving please do! thanks! *ava*

  150. Jerry says:

    Iam 40 and have lived life with no problems.Except catching the chair leg every once in a blue moon so to speak, yes ouch.My left foot toes next to the big toe 2 and 3 are webbed about 1/4 of an inch from the ends and the right foot # 2 and 3 are only webbed about 1/4 of an inch ,not to noticable .My balance is good no problem.When i was going to kindergarthen(sp)First day in school My step fathers words of wisdom at the time was to make a friend, and then say Hey …you got a quater I;ll show you my toe lol at the time it was enough to get me out of the house and from that day on life was a little easier for me.The ring in the toe sounds cool to me but i like tattoos also have a great day.

  151. Jenni says:

    First of all I wanted to say “Thanks” to Adjun for his positive comments. You sound like a very nice, sensible person. I think it’s really funny how people take comments on the internet so personally. People get so defensive when you hit a nerve on topics they deep down feel a little concerned about. If they weren’t a little concerned about their toes, or their child’s toes, they would have never been on this web site to begin with. I came across it when I was searching for information about my surgery. Hmmm, what was everybody else looking for? It’s also so funny that people like “Smiles” try to insult you personally when they know nothing about you. Yes, I am forty and very proud of it. That doesn’t mean my life is over. I am very confident with my body and my self. As a matter of fact, I am in very good physical condition. In one of my previous comments I did mention that I am a runner and work out about four days a week. I am 5’5″ and weigh 117lbs. I wear a size 4. Also, I taught aerobics for several years. Even my doctor said at my last checkup that I have the body of a 25 year old. Yes, life is what you make of it. Just because you are not happy with your toes does not make you fat and ugly!!! Sometimes people change things about themselves that they do not like. I guess you are against kids getting braces on their teeth, too. When I was 12 I had braces, I guess that makes me a terrible person. And oh yeah, I highlight my brown hair so it will have blonde streaks. I like it that way!! (I don’t have any gray yet, but if I did, I would still highlight it. ) Oh, and I bleach my teeth every couple of months; that’s probably bad too. When I need a face lift, I’m sure I’ll probably do that, too (if there isn’t a better procedure by then) But until then, I’m very happy with myself. I have nothing against trying to look your best and I enjoy doing it. I enjoy the challenge of trying to look your very best, and I think I do. As for the rest of my life, I’m very happy with where I am. I have a master’s degree and a very good job. I feel that I’ve accomplished a lot. I’ve worked very hard to get things that I have. How many people reading this are driving a 2003 Porsche Boxster S? Maybe some; that’s the beauty of the internet, you never know who people really are. And the reason I haven’t responded earlier is because I just got back from the Bahamas. My husband and I travel a lot. (Gee, life sucks!) I don’t feel inadequate with my spouse at all. Maybe I should have cleared that up in my earlier comment. I meant you feel sick when you tell someone who “MAY” be your future spouse. I’m talking about people I dated back when I was 18 or 19, when I was very young, I’m talking about the person I actually DID marry. When you’re dating in high school, you think every guy is the one you’ll marry. And yes, you are very insecure about everything when you’re in high school, even if you’re very popular and everybody elso thinks you’re great! I’ve only been married once and our relationship it great. But actually, I never even told him about my toes until my surgery almost three months ago. If he noticed them, he never said anything. I’m sure he had to have seen them in the shower, or by the pool, or at the beach sometime. We like to snorkel and go a couple of times a year to the Carribean. But he never said anything. When I told him about the surgery he just said, “You’re kidding. I’ve never noticed them.” I’m sure he was just being nice. And back to the comments about me— “Maybe people just didn’t like me, attitude is everything.” I would love for you to see a copy of my high school yearbook. I was voted “Most Popular” and “Best Looking’ I was also very involved in clubs, community services, and was a cheerleader. I was attendant to the Homecoming Queen three years in a row, and also runner-up for May Queen. I think people liked me or I don’t think I would have been popular? But anyway, most people had never seen my toes. Remember I kept them hidden. I had a few people who saw them in elementary school and thought they were so weird. That’s why I was afraid for anyone else to see them. Some people reading my comments got the impression that my life was horrible because of my toes. It wasn’t!! It was pretty normal except for having to hide my feet because I was ashamed of the way they looked. I live in an area where we only get about four months of hot weather anyway. Most of the time the weather is cold. (You would’n even think of wearing sandals) And as far as looking at the bright side, “Smiles”, my life couldn’t be any better. My toes are looking better everyday. I love them. The only downside now is buying so may sandals! I took twelve pairs to the Bahamas. My husband and kids couldn’t believe how heavy my suitcase was. But, I think after the newness wears off, I’ll slow down with the shoe buying. Did having my toes separated again change my life or make it any better?? Of course not, but I am more confident about my feet. For the first time I went snorkeling on an excursion and the whole boat of people weren’t staring at my feet! No one used to say anything about them, as I got older, but I just felt uncomfortable about the stares. Most people who read this and have webbed toes, know what I mean. Sorry this comment was so long, but when I read all of those negative comments about myself, I think “If these people only knew the person they were talking about, they would be embarassed about the things they said.” Even though it doesn’t matter, you still don’t know me and personally I don’t really care. I just wanted to get all of this off my chest to make people realize they were making personal comments to someone they didn’t know anything about. I didn’t write this to bragg about myself or anything, I just wanted you to realize what you’re saying is rediculous. As for the comment I made about parents not having their child’s feet corrected, I thought this was “something to think about” for someone unsure of what to do. Years ago there was no internet for people to go to for advice. You seldom saw anyone with webbed feet to ask them how they felt. And that’s exactly what I intended it to be “advice” from someone who’s been there. Others may disagree, and I’m glad they do. That’s what makes the world go ’round. Life would be boring if everyone felt the same. I’m just an advocate for children growing up with the same problem I had. If my parents would have had access to the internet and read my comments, maybe I wouldn’t have had to grow up hating my feet. And, I wouldn’t have had to go through the inconvenience of the surgery at a busy time in my life. If a child isn’t walking yet anyway, there is no inconvenience to deal with. Well, I’ve been on the internet long enough. It’s sunny outside and my backyard pool is calling my name. (I guess another bad quality of mine. I do like to get a tan. Even at the very “old age of 40”, I wear shorts. Although, they’re not as short as they use to be!!!) ha ha And in closing, Thanks, Adjun, for saying my feet were beautiful before. No one in my life ever said that about my feet.

  152. Anonymous says:

    Do you have to be put under for the surgery? Or can you just have local anesthesia??

  153. Jenni says:

    The first time I had the surgery I was just under local. It was done in a podiatrist’s office. I wasn’t as happy with the results the first time. The second time I had it done, I was put under. This time it was done by a plastic surgeon in a surgical center. It may also depend on the severity of the syndactyly, I’m not really sure. But, I would really recommend a plastic surgeon. I think they do a better job. A plastic surgeon works from the inside out (somehow) so there is very minimal scarring. I had not stitch scars at all. In fact the small ones I had from the first surgery weren’t very bad at all, and the plastic surgeon tucked them under the skin and sort of hid them between the toes. It’s amazing how they do things!! Check out a few surgeons and make sure the one you choose ( if you decide to have it done) is board certified. The recovery time does take a while, but it is very minimal compared to the rest of your life. GOOD LUCK!!!!

  154. Smiles!!!!! says:

    NO ONE!Not even your husband!Why surely your husband must have thought your toes were beautiful.My husband and I just got finished reading your comment.My husband was really shocked to hear you have never even mentioned your toes to husband until now.I guess everyone dosen’t have the same relationship as us.We have been married since we were young and know everything about each other.I think honesty builds a rock solid relationship.I did not intend on getting you so upset but it does seem I’ve hit a nerve.You have to understand my reason for looking up information on the computer about webbed toes.I wanted to find out what causes this condition.I thought this web site was so nice to find so many people with the same condition.When my son was born I have never seen or heard of it before.I knew it could be repaired but this was not my choice.I know during your childhood you have stated children teased you.As I stated above I am a summer camp director during the summer and have found another child just like my son except both toes are webbed on both feet.She is a good bit older than my son and she has also told me no one has ever made fun of her toes.I put her toes and my sons together and took a picture for my scrapbook!I have viewed this web site from the start and have had three mother’s email me on questions about there child’s webbed toes.I feel this site gives a lot of support to a lot of people.You may indeed have webbed toes and I don’t, and you may say I don’t understand.At the same time you do not understand how I feel as a mother having a child with a webbed toe.The point is it’s a parent’s choice.You were very wrong to say we are selfish not to have it repaired.You have upset a lot of parent’s out there.I also think your toes were beautiful before!You said it’s amazing how people take things personal.It seems you have done the same.I am happy you life is so great.My life is great too.I have a wonderful supporting husband with four great kids.We also do a good bit of trveling.It seems my comment about you being 40 upset you.I did not mean you were old but just that scars take a very long time to fade.I am not far away!I am 31 and also look very young for my age!Most are very shocked when they find out I have kids,much less four!I get so tired of being I.D. when my husband and friends go out.Most say I look 18-20.And guess what I have highlights too!Well,mine are called high lights and low lights.You are right,I do not drive a sports car.I need more room.I drive an Expedition.My husband has a Hummer.I think his more fun to drive!Let me quit talking now I think I have said enough.Everyone have a great 4th!LOLxxxx!

  155. Liz says:

    I have a question for Jenni. I am curious as to why your toes started to grow back together so many years after you had them separated. How is that possible if your feet are no longer growing? Also, how severe was the webbing on your toes? All the way to the top?

  156. Anonymous says:

    This is to jenni. I think it’s a good thing that u speak ur mind. It’s cool that some people don’t care about thier toes. The truth is, there r a lot of people ot there who do care and wangt it fixed. It is a deformity, and if someone is cool with it then fine. For those people who want to get it fixed, i know exactly how u feel. I also hope to correct this deformity. Like jenni said, u gotta decide whether or not to keep webbed toes or have some scars. I have yet to expose my toes, to a guy im seeing looking forward to wearing some thong sandals this summer. Thanks jenni and keep doing ur thing.

  157. Jenni says:

    Liz, I’m not sure why my toes started growing back! (Just my luck I guess?) From birth the skin between the toes was almost up to the toenail. I had them separated by a podiatrist when I was 18, which was 22 years ago. And actually they only grew back up about 1/4 of an inch or so. Which really wasn’t very noticeable. In fact my sister and my parents said they never noticed they were growing back together and they’re at my house swimming with me all the time. My sister-in-law is a nurse and we are very close. We have gone on several beach trips together, and we go to New York City shopping together quite a bit . She said she never even noticed them when I was trying on sandals. ( I always tried them on to make sure they didn’t expose too much toe. ) Or, she never noticed them at the beach. And you would think, being a nurse, she would notice, but she said she didn’t. From certain angles,they were pretty unnoticeable. My husband never even noticed them or at least he said he didn’t. I wasn’t dishonest to him and lied about it or anything. If he would have asked me, I would have told him. My husband is a really nice guy and would never hurt my feelings. I’m sure he had to have noticed, he just thought, “Well, if she wants me to say something about them, she would bring it up.” My husband knows me well enough to know when something makes me uncomfortable. And I’m sure he could tell when he looked at my feet, I sort of tried to hide them. It’s kind of like hiding a zit. You conceal it , you don’t tell everyone it’s there. If our two kids would have been born with webbed toes, I would have had to confess. And I’m sure he would not have divorced me because I didn’t tell him sooner. But believe me that was the first thing I looked for. Most people count the toes, I wanted to make sure all ten were there and they were separated. But, as a parent, I would have had them separated because I know how badly I hated them! I’m sure it would have been very difficult to do because I wouldn’t have wanted to hurt my own child, but, I know it would have been easier for the child in the long run. (JUST MY OPINION) I’m not so sure my husband would have felt the same way. In fact, when I had my recent surgery he said, “They’re just toes. Nobody looks at your toes!” Although, he did take me for the surgery and was really good about taking care of me when I couldn’t walk, he thought I was crazy for having it done. But, I did it for myself, not anyone else. Anyway, I’m not sure why they grew back that little bit. It could have been because I really didn’t wear the band-aids as long as I should have. I was really excited about wearing sandals and showing them off. Or, if the skin graft didn’t take, or what happened. I really couldn’t tell you for sure. The several doctors I consulted with said even if my feet had grown, the toes shouldn’t have grown back together. But once again, it was just a tiny, tiny bit. I probably could have gone my whole life with them like they were, but I wanted them perfect. If twenty years down the road, they start growing back together, I’ll probably leave them alone. (HA HA) Also, to the comment by Anonymous, if you haven’t had the surgery yet, you may not be wearing thongs this summer. It takes a little while to heal. In about 2 1/2 to 3 weeks after the surgery, you will be wearing band-aids, and you might even still be limping around a little. In fact, it took me almost two months to get back to normal. But I thought toes wrapped in band-aids looked better than webbed toes. Also, don’t worry about the scarring. Like I keep stressing, these days it’s amazing what a good plastic surgeon can do. But don’t get discouraged, by next summer, and every summer after that, you’ll be wearing thongs and no one at all will notice. It’s been three months since my surgery and my scars are getting flatter and lighter already. They’re not totally gone, but they look really good. I’ve just been careful about exposing them to the sun for long periods of time. When I was on vacation,I made sure I put a sunscreen with an SPF of 45 on the scars. My doctor didn’t tell me to do this, but I just thought it made good sense. It might make the scars look worse. I wish you the best of luck with your surgery. When you’re recovering, time drags by. (Make sure you have a lot of magazines or books to read) And, in several weeks you’ll look back on it and think it was definetly worth it.

  158. Kimmy says:

    I love my web toes!! They are cute and diffrent. My mom has them, my brothers and sisters have them, my oldest son has them. I think they are great and they compliment my individuality. I’ve only met in person 3 people besides my family that have them besides me. :)gotta love web toes.

  159. Moondog says:

    Like you say, Kimmy. “Gotta love web toes!” I’m glad to see other people love their weebed toes. I love mine and continue to show them off. I was out today, wearing sandals and you know what? Nobody said a word. I don’t think anybody even noticed. I wish I would meet another “webbie”, but have never been fortunate enough. Oh well, maybe someday. Love them webbed toes!!!!!

  160. Moondog says:

    I can’t spell! Webbed toes, not weebed toes.

  161. Rae says:

    I’ve read a lot of the comments here and have felt rather touched. My webbings are not as extreme as yours. I find webbed toes extremely cute. My second, third, and forth toes are webbed. But’s not the usual conjoined-type. It’s underwebbing.. Think actual duck-like feet. Or Abe from Hellboy.

  162. Moondog says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen underwebbing! How far up on your toes does it go?

  163. Jessica says:

    I was born with webbed toes. I have the 2nd,3rd and 4th toes on both feet.My father has webbed toes my grandfather had them and my 13 yo and 5 yo both have them. My kids have only the 2nd and 3rd toes. I’m not sure how much longer it will be passed on but I think its cool. My twin sister has alittle on each foot but not like I have.

  164. Rae says:

    It goes up about halfway. It’s just.. Access skin. Really odd.

  165. Moondog says:

    Your toes really interest me. If you are looking down at your toes, does it look like they don’t have any webbing? Do you have to pull your toes apart to see the skin? Is it on both feet? I often thought if I stretched the webbing between my toes, I could make them appear like yours. The skin always returns to its normal shape. I too, think webbed toes are cute and beautiful. I think they look better than separated toes.

  166. Gunner says:

    Hi, I was also born with webbed toes on both feet . My left foot is 1/2 and my right foot is 3/4 on the 2nd and 3rd toes on both feet .I have been embarrassed about this my whole life , but as I get older , I seem to get a little more comfortable . I have always been told by my parents and my wife that it is nothing to be ashamed about . I am starting to think this , but it has only taken about 29 years .LOL. I have even started wearing sandals this summer . I have to admit, it does feel good to let my feet breathe. I have always been kind of interested in surgery to separate them , but I am not sure if the pain would be worth it . Maybe somebody here can let me know . Gunner

  167. Julie says:

    I have to say that this web-site has me really concerned about having surgery to have my toes seperated. I went to see a plastic surgeon and he said it was a pretty simple procedure. He did not think that I would need skin grafts and he could do the surgery with a local. I am very active, so I asked his how long the recovery time would be, he said that I could be back on the tennis court in 3-4 weeks. This all sounds too good to be true after reading some of the stories on this web-site. Has anyone out there had surgery without complications???? I don’t understand why it would take so long to heal, it’s just skin. Please if anyone has some more information for me please write.

  168. dany says:

    I too have webbed toes on both feet on my 2nd and 3rd toes. I’m still in the denial stage but i’m starting to admit the fact that i’m a bit different. i just wanted to see if i was the only one that had this abnormality. Just wanted some comments.

  169. Elle says:

    I love this site! I thought i was the only one who had this problem because I am constantly looking at other people’s toes and I never saw anyone with webbed toes just like me. I still think i am one of the only person with webbed toes on my two first toes, the big one and the next one completely webbed. I’m glad at least i only have them on my left foot because I am constantly hiding it with my right foot when I know people are looking. I am and have always been very self concious about them. I still wear flip flops though because I don’t want to be too different. I can always tell when people are staring at them but then they turn away and I know they’ll get over it. All my close friends know and don’t care at all. I’m thinking about asking my doctor about surgery.

  170. Rae says:

    From the topside they look pretty normal at first glance, but then you see the skin goes up further, I’ll have to get a picture. It’s the same on both feet. No one else in my family has webbed toes. I think they’re awesome but it bugs me sometimes because I have the tendency to put my fingers between my toes when I watch a movie. And it just feels.. Crowded.

  171. Immi says:

    Two of my fingers on each hand are joined up to mu knuckles. I can’t wear rings.
    My toes are the same. I HATE IT. My bro had it worse than me, he was operated on and the scars are very noticable.
    It may just be that I’m 17 and embarressed about everything. But i hate it. I’m also afraid i’ll pass it on to my kids.

  172. Moondog says:

    What do your toes look like from underneath? Do they look webbed? I too, put my fingers between my toes while watching TV, although I can’t really get my fingers between my second and third toes. There is some space between them at the very top but not really enough to run my fingers through. I do rub the webbing between my toes and squeeze it to see if I can stretch it a bit but to no avail.

  173. Rae says:

    Moondog, do you have aim? My sign is InsomniaDuckie. And my toes are webbed halfway up- the 2nd, third, and fourth toes. Both feet. Someday I’ll have to get a camera.

  174. tracy says:

    hi, i was born with six toes on each foot and the last three on each end were either webbed or joined.Pre teenage years weren’t to bad as not alot of people knew about them and it did add to my swimming once i hit high school and it got out (cause there is always one mouth in a crowd)i became totally self concious and as a result had the fifth toe on each foot remove, i spent my 13th birthday in hospital..and the operation was a disaster i had over 50 stitches in each foot,skin was taken from the inside of my forearm and they made an error there and had to slice twice , i have bad scarring, my toe nails on my know 5th toes are just lumps of grisel they left part of my other toes still on my feet so now my 5th toes have lumps of skin (leftover toe)on the insides of them and i have tonnes of other little problems as well.. i spent 4 weeks in hospital and 2 weeks on crutches so my advice is dont mess with nature ..BE PROUD.. cause im just as self concious of my feet as i was at 13 and im now 34….

  175. Moondog says:

    Yes, I have AIM. What’s a good time to reach you? I’ve tried a few times now.

  176. Rae says:

    What’s your sign, so I can add you? Today was a goofed up day for me.. Very, very bad. I’m usually on in the afternoons/evenings

  177. Kay says:

    I’ve never been ashamed of my twin toes. My second and third toe are joined about 1/2 way on my left foot.
    In my highschool jym class, I showed a bunch of girls my twin toes and they did not seem to like them. I didn’t really care and laughed about it. My husband jokes that he never would have married me if he had known I had twin toes. I think the whole thing is funny about having toes that are a little different. I’m just thankful to have two feet with any kind of toes.

  178. Moondog says:

    Right on Kay. Let’s hear for webbed toes!

  179. SHARON says:

    Hi guys,
    This is my first time on the ‘web’ looking for ‘webbed toe’ sites.
    I can be a little shy about my webbed toes and worry about people’s reactions if they notice but these days I am not too concerned. I have worn strappy sandals, flip-flops and open-toed shoes all my life. I am an extremely attractive young woman and have never had any problems with men.
    My first serious boyfriend was with me for a year and a half and he never even noticed!! In fact most people don’t unless they’re admiring my shoes even then it’s rare and it’s not like they’re not obvious!!
    My second and third toes on both feet are webbed halfway up – the right a little bit more.
    With my first boyfriend – ‘sometimes’ I used to get kohl eyeliner and draw a line between the toes but then I felt that it would be even more ridiculous if that was noticed so I stopped.
    I am engaged to be married now and my fiance and I have been together for 5 years. The first time I showed them to him his comment was ‘Your toes loved each other so much that they didn’t want to be separated- like us’
    I though that was so romantic and lovely – that I was on the verge of tears.
    He loves my cuties and kisses them all the time!!
    Surgery has only ever passed my mind once and now I wouldn’t bother wasting my money!!!
    Somebody made a comment earlier about all us ‘webbies’ having a beach party and I couldn’t stop laughing – I love that idea!!

  180. Moondog says:

    Great Sharon! Glad you are one of us “webbies” that have come to terms with their webbed toes. I think webbed toes are unique and I’d never want mine separated. And it would be cool to have a beach party reunion for all the webbed toed people out there.

  181. Rae says:

    One I move to California.. ;P

  182. Rae says:

    Once, rather! Blah.

  183. Gunner says:

    I am all for a beach party . LOL . Believe it or not , but I have always kind of wondered what it would be like to be in a group of people like myself .

  184. Rose says:

    Dear Sharon, POST #180. It is comforting to hear from someone who is comfortable with their webbed toes. My son has webbed toes just like yours, halfway on both feet. I am curious if anyone in your family has webbed toes. I don’t know of anyone in our families. I want him to grow up and be as comfortable with his toes as you are with yours. I just wonder what happened in your life to make you feel comfortable with them, as opposed to many of the postings I have read here where people are unhappy about it. Any advice?

  185. Anonymous says:

    do u have 11 toes

  186. Markus says:


  187. Shay says:

    Great idea!Funny you mentioned beach party!We just got back off vacation about a week ago and guess what?We stayed at a beautiful condo in Panama City Beach Florida.The sand is so white it looks like sugar and the gulf’s water is a beautiful emerald green.This is really something we should look into.Maybe we can all agree to meet at a central location.Please get back with me and maybe we can put our heads together.

  188. Shay says:

    I forgot to mention there are many body piercing places all along the beach.This makes the idea of having those webbed toes pierced even more exciting!(HEE,HEE)

  189. Bruce says:

    I also have webbed toes, the second and third toe on each foot. As a child I was really shy about my webbed toes and tried to hide my right foot with my left during swimming lessons. The right foot is fully webbed to the nails, the left foot has about a 3/4 inch gap just enough to wear my toe ring.
    I love wearing sandals especially flip flops. Flip flops and toe rings go together.
    About 30 yersa ago, I remember travelling on a bus,I was in one of those seats that were sideways and I faced a couple teenage girls, wearing my flip flops (no toe ring though they were not popular in the early ’70s, but flip flops were)Anyway, they noticed my webbed toes, they pointed, stared and giggled.As embarassed, as I was as a youngster I was at a age to show off my toes. I slipped out of the flip flop and ‘waved’ at them. I’ll never forget the look on their faces. Over the years I have made a point to look at women’s feet and can’t say I’ve spotted a lot of people like me. The way I look at it, everyone else is different. My webbed toes cause me no problem, I can keep up with the fashion fad by wearing my toe ring. When people stare at my feet now, it’s no big deal I guess the reason to stare is because very few men wear toe rings.

  190. Julie says:

    Surgery to have toes seperated is about $1,850. Per foot. My Doctor said that I should do it one foot at a time. I really recommend having a plastic surgeon do it. Also make sure he has done this type of surgery before. I have not had it done yet, this web site has really made me think twice about it. Most people have had complications with their surgery. I would only want to do it if it was a fairly simple procedure. It would not be worth going through a huge ordeal just to have them seperated. I do know this, when your toes are webbed, you think everyone will notice them, but the truth is not many people even pick-up on it, we notice other people’s feet because we are looking for it, to see if maybe their feet are like ours. So don’t cover up your toes in public chances are no one will be looking at your feet!!!

  191. Moondog says:

    Well said, Julie!!!

  192. tony says:

    This is a very informative web site on a subject that is close to my heart…or shall I say my toes. I was born with my second and third toes webbed on both feet. One right up to the top and the other slightly above the middle. I have always felt self conscious about them. As a child I was teased. I never learnt how to swim because I was scared that the other children would tease me. At the beach I would bury my feet under the sand so no one would spot them. Even now that I am in my 40’s I still wear closed in sandles. Ah how I wish on those hot sweltering days I could just hang loose so to speak and not have this constant preoccupation with having to cover up those toes. It would be so liberating. I guess I have only got myself to blame…or my weakness of character. I am geting to the stage where I am sick of the situation which is why I got on the internet and came across this site. I noticed we get so many make over shows on TV now days with all soughts of things done to some peoples bodies…how hard could it be to seperate a couple of toes with modern technology? I thought i’d go and ask my doctor. It would certainly be a liberating experience for me. I admire some of the people on this site who have the strenght of character to live with webbed toes and not care what anyone thinks.

  193. Adjun says:

    Hey guys. Moondog knows me from a yahoo group for admirers and people with webbed toes, and I’ve just been reading some of the latest posts. I am a 24 yr old male who has had a foot fetish for as long as I can remember. I found that I have been given a gift, or curse more like it, that parallels some of u guy’s and girl’s feeling about these special toes. I have always WANTED to have webbed toes. I saw them when I was little and never thought once any other way than I wish I had feet like that. I read some of the comments on here and wonder why, when you’ve been given such a tiny unique little gift that sets you apart from everyone else, that you would not fall in love with them (your toes) at one point or another. All I can say is take it from someone who finds all of you with special toes a thing of envy. And for those of you passing me off as a nutcase, liken it to how you feel when you want normal toes so badly. Like you, I would give anything to trade mine in in a heartbeat. My current boyfriend (yes you read that right…lol) has webbed 2nd and 3rd toes up to his nails on both feet. I have actually had several times in our relationship where I had to quell (spellcheck) the uncomfotable envy. I struggle with my envy as some of you do with yours. Only I am on the other side of what some of you see as the “greener” side of the open-toed sandal world. =) I guess we all have one thing in common, we always want what we don’t already have. LOL. The point of my post is nothing more than to get my personal feelings out in the open and a lot of you seem like very nice people, so I figured this would be a good place to start. And I hope that I shed light on the fact that your toes can be a thing of envy as well as all of us with, what is considered, normal toes. Either way, know you have at least one big fan out here that hopes to see you wear those sandals and show off ur awesome toes one day.

  194. Lorraine says:

    I have 2nd / 3rd toe join to about halfway up and it has been a source of huge embarrassment for me for my entire life. I am 45 years old now and I can’t help but think I could have been a brilliant dancer or swimmer if not for these freak toes. I have read through a lot of the above comments, and mostly the ones that say webbed toes are cool, are guys.

  195. Moondog says:


    There are quite a few women who think their webbed toes are cool. It’s self evident with all the photos on “ Most are from women. I think the feet of women with webbed toes are prettier than those with so called normal toes. As long as they are taken care of. I wish years ago that I would have met a lady with webbed toes. I would have been in heaven. If you want to talk about your webbed toes, please send me an IM. My sign in is moondog2215.

  196. Hibrida says:

    Because “toe socks” won’t fit with Maxine-type bunny’s head thongs (sandals), I created a pattern for what I called mitten-toe for socks.

  197. Rick in Oz says:

    I also have 2nd & 3rd toes webbed about 2/3. There was an ‘old folk’s tale’ in my family that this condition passed from f/m in one generation to m/f in the next etc.. I have never care about this condition, in fact I have gone barefoot now for twelve years with never a comment. Not proud; not ashamed… I just don’t give a damn and nobody else seems to care either.

  198. Rick in Oz says:

    PS- All this [****] I see about “Repairing” webbed toes makes me sick. I was born with them and they work fine. Any “repair work” would be ridiculous. Why the [****] would anyone bother? Even in the most intimate of moments nobody has criticised my toes. Even though I have been a dedicated barefooter (everywhere) for 12+ years now, and am a member of a nudist club, most people don’t even notice them. Those who do are simply curious, never nasty.

    [Edited. Please refrain from using profanity on my site. If anyone around here is going to use profanity, it’s me. Everyone else is a visitor.]

  199. Moondog says:

    And yes, I know Adjun through the webbed toed yahoo group. And even though I don’t share Adjun’s preference on relationships, he is a good man. He helped me through some rough times with my webbed toes and showed me that it’s really okay to have webbed toes and that some people actually admire them. But like everyone is saying, most people don’t even notice. I now like my webbed toes and don’t really care what anybody else thinks. I’m really glad I never had them separated. I wish everyone with webbed toes felt like I do but I know this isn’t the case. To separate or not, is a personal choice. You have to do what makes you feel happy. And I’m happy with my webbed toes and will continue to wear sandals and go barefoot. Hopefully I can find a women who shares my thoughts and webbed toes.

  200. Webby says:

    I am excited to see this “web”site and relate to all of you. My Mom, nephew, and son share this trait with me, and none have lost too much sleep over being “different”. My Mom used to make 5 cents per viewing, during the Depression…sad, but profitable due to the curiosity of those with “fishing pole toes”. I have also used pencil to mark a false shadow between the toes when wearing open-toed shoes or sandals as a kid. Now, I could care less. People call them “cute” or “cool” then move on. I have a very serious and scientific reason for this message…the reason for our webbing results from cells that should have died while we were forming, in utero, NOT dying. Certain cells MUST die, and, normally, are programmed by the DNA to do so, or a “difference” that may be observed as webbing, or things far more serious.[].
    My question to my comrades with the syndactyly: Please write to let me know how many of you have had cancer…a wide group of diseases with one name, where cells that should die, don’t die. “APOPTOSIS”. My Mom had cancer, and so have I…it is important for cancer research if you could discuss a correlation between webbing and cellular death abnormalities in life. Curiously, all of it may be related to a zinc deficiency during intrauterine development…does your Mom suffer from loss of smell and/or taste? Slow wound healing, anemia, hair loss, frizzy hair, diarrhea, depression, paranoia, anorexia, bulimia, and bad body odors? SERIOUS QUESTIONS!
    Do you have siblings/relatives with Down’s Syndrome, cleft lip and palate, brain defects, small or absent eyes, Spina bifida, clubbed limbs, webbed toes and fingers, hiatal hernia, umbilical hernia, heart and lung defects? Zinc deficiency might be a problem…Please write…especially regarding the CANCER history….THANKS!

  201. steve says:

    can some1 plz send me some pictures of their webbed toes?

  202. Bruce says:

    I have a picture with of my webbed toes and as a bonus with my toe ring on.
    If I could say so myself, it’s AWESOME. I’ll look fot it and try to connect.

  203. Chris says:

    My friend Laura has webbed toes. They are amazing. I’m jealous of her feet.

  204. pascal says:

    HI Everyone! There is a webtoedpeopleclub in the yahoo groups. Become a member there and share your story and pictures with others webbed guys.

  205. pascal says:

    Hi Everybody. Become a member of the webtoedpeopleclub at yahoo groups and share your story and pictures with other webbed people.

  206. Theo says:

    Hey everyone. My name is Theo and I am amazed at how many of us there are. Especially the 2nd and 3rd digits! I was wondering if there were any hot females out there with “webbs” who would be willing to show there cute feet so that guys like me could let go of the shame weve felt over the years.. If so, I want to see, and I am sure there other guys would get a kick out of this. ( I am not a foot freak, I just never knew how many were out there.
    Let me know what kind of crap you had to indure througout the years. I want to compare notes. We’re all probably alot alike.

  207. C Bufow says:

    I’ve got webbed toes. Drop me en email. would luv to discuss further. i mihgt be willing to share a pic or two with you

  208. C Bufow says:

    Theo, u can reach me at

  209. Apu says:

    I am a devotee of webbed toes.
    If you are such a person lets be friends

  210. Moondog says:

    c bufow
    email me and we’ll talk webbed toes

  211. A Friend says:

    I was born with webbed toes also. I only want responses from adults. I had my toes seperated 3.5 years ago. Im starting to get more flexability in them. I wear sandals. some days I have good days and where my sandals not caring who sees them. Other times I have bad days when I don’t even want to see them. It wasn’t until I saw a young man with a artifical leg and he was wearing short. I said to myself, “what am I feeling sorry over my situation and I have both of my feet and both of my legs… God bless all the people with webbed toes. Don’t let it get you down….Things could always be worse….I can say that becasue my toes are webbed and I feel what you feel. God Bless

  212. Bruce says:

    the last bit of communication posted here is nothing but TRASH.
    Especially 208-211. Let’s get back to the point of this site.
    The point being, not to OGLE at one’s toes but to express feelings.

  213. Moondog says:

    TO comment 212. DO you have webbed toes or did you have them separated? Your message isn’t too clear. Mine are webbed and I went through all of the problems everyone else has had growing up. BUt now, I really don’t care and wear sandals and show off my webbed toes and actually no one has made any comments. Actually I wish they would. I’m dying to talk to someone about them. I’m hoping that someone with webbed toes will notice and say “hey, my toes are just like yours”. BUt so far, no luck. I’ve seen a couple of people with webbed toes at the beach but was never confident enough to say something to them. One time I saw twin girls with webbed toes and wanted to say something, but at the time I wasn’t wearing sandals and thought it might be weird if I said something. It might have made them feel better about their toes if I had said something but that time is forever lost. I know I’ve said I love my webbed toes and I do but it wasn’t always like that. I went through all of the jokes and teasing that we all grew up with (even went to a podiatrist to ask about having them separated) but now that I’m older, I’ve learned to live with them. I think it’s cool that we have a place to chat about them and learn from others. I marvel at the sight of my toes and think their special. I’m different and so be it. It’s not the end of the world and you’ll find the older you get, people are a little bit less judgemental. I was wearing sandals the other day and I knew this woman was staring at my toes. I didn’t try to hide them and actually wiggled them a bit (hard to do with webbed toes). She looked up at me and I smiled and she smiled back. I noticed her toes looked slightly webbed but actually were just short toes. She had a toe ring on and that made them look even more webbed but they really weren’t. She said nothing and went on with her business. It didn’t bother me. It was cool having someone look at my toes. I’ve often wondered what they were thinking. Anyway, I’ve said enough and I do FEEL good about my webbed toes. Guess I’m just lucky.

  214. Anonymous says:

    re 214
    Hi to you as well Kristie, is there more you have to say ?
    Is this suttle, quiet note from one with webeed toes to another?
    i’m willing to share stories.

  215. Tamia says:

    I actually was born with 6 toes on one foot (extra toe by the 5th toe) with webbing also between the 4th and 5th toe (I guess its underwebbing). The other foots is normal. I had surgery when I was a baby, but my doctor clearly didn’t know what he was doing. That was like in 1979 or 80. The webbing grew back between my toes and although I don’t have the 6th toe anymore, the pinky toe is deformed looking. A keloid grew on the pinky toe, so it just looks like one fat toe, but the nail is not normal nor the skin near the nail. Anyway…my sister was born with no webbing but had an extra toe too and her doctor years later made her toes look great. I recently had a podiatrist tell me that surgery to correct my toes would be very simple and fast and I was extremely surprised. I guess because there is so much that is going on with my toes. I am going to have surgery very soon because I am tired of hiding my toes. I do wear sandles all the time, I just don’t wear thong or extremely strappy sandles. Can someone please tell me if they have had any problems with insurance covering the surgery? I don’t want it to be considered cosmetic surgery cause then my insurance won’t cover it. I do have pain in the webbing when I walk or stand a lot. Anyone had more than one surgery? Please share your experience with more than one surgery.

  216. Anonymous says:

    Wow, and I thought I was the only one around with his 2nd and 3rd toes webbed..silly me!

  217. M&M says:

    I am the original writer of post 2. I have not come to this site in some time but happened to bounce back and quite to my surprise it’s HUGE!!! HAHA Right on man! I was reading a post by jenni and truthfully can relate allll to well with her. I used to beg my parents to have my toes seperated. I was an only child and never had siblings so therefore I never had anyone to confide in as a child and was not even going to think about asking a friend. I myself was a joker and they were just as bad. I could just imagine the grief I’d get haha. Hey face it, kids are kids and yes it sucks to be different as a child unless of course you can bend spoons with your mind or make tasty cookies appear from thin air. I mean come on, I can understand to a degree a parents point of view on not* wanting their childs *O so cute web toes* left alone but this is where the fine line lays. (literally if like myself you whipped out a pen and drew it down the center of your toes to look half way normal LOL) To parents without web toes it is impossible to even think you can understand how your child feels. You can praise the child to death and tell them over and over how special they are until they literally start to think they belong in special classes wearing earmuffs and a helmet. Seriously some kids born wit Turners syndrome are commonly shown with webbed digits and very strange deformitites. I was a great student with excellent grades for the most part but one day a teacher who did not know other kids had web toes ; others without Turners or other mental disabilities;pulled me aside and asked what my diagnosis was and even called my mother to suggest putting me in a class with kids like me! Yea kids with deformities like web toes! True story parents! This happened after she made us all take off our shoes and socks to play twister and other games in the gymnasium. I hated that teacher after that and started to doubt myself until my mother chewed her out and didn’t stop until they soon had her terminated from teaching there. This was terribly stressful for my family as well! Probably worse! Of course that would never happen to any of you. Right??? Not all teachers are educated in these areas! Hell I now own a successful wine distributorship and export tons(literally) of turquoise overseas and aquire a modest 148 IQ. No offense to the children with special needs but that’s what all of the praise did to me until I decided no single soul would ever lay eyes on my toes. I can remember atleast fifteen terrifying experiences which were so embarressing as a child that I became reclusive and shy as hell. Fortunately I was a handsome kid and had a natural talent with the ladies which pulled me out of my shell but THE SOX STAYED ON LOL I was like the good looking popular kid who had a sock fetish! NOT! I hated sox but they were like appendages! I wish parents weren’t so selfish and so self centered that they truly believed with all the love they could give would overcome the reality that lyes in the school yards. This is reality for us with web toes and hey it’s cool but not until you are like 29 or so. Hell by that time you miss out on alll the fun parties and stare from a far wishing you could kick it with the cute lil’ girl you had a crush on but instead the goofy nutcase with normal feet had her books and upper edge. Whether or not parents want to face this reality is their choice but it’s terrifying for children when teased and pointed and laughed at. Just give it some thought. As far as piercing the toes goes I have had zero ill effects from girls I have met over the years who chose to do so. Is it painful? Yes, all piercings are somewhat painful but with the nerves between the toes just be sure to pierce directly in the middle and do not attempt this if your bones are fused. I pierced my ex girlfriends toes with a professional piercers needle 14g and then later she gauged it with a 10g. She loves it! However, I have to agree with the ladies who spoke of the differences in cool and uncool among the sexes. Most guys thought it was cool *ratio wise* but for a woman that’s tough. Hell Jimmy Choo focuses on making shoes according to toe cleavgage! Some women I know believe it’s ALL ABOUT THE TOE CLEAVAGE!! Hell pick up a Playboy or ladies fashion mag and actually read the articles guys LOL Years of literature on the female foot hosts that perfectly layered toes were considered to be very sexy and web toes were often viewed as a very unattractive trait and unfortunately many women were shunned due to this. That’s aweful and obviously years ago but this is actual literature I found on the web while researching history of web toes. I am now a father and my little girl has perfect litttle toes and I had to laugh at the comment about looking for all ten toes lol I just looked to see if they were webbed! HAHA If all of you parents against the surgery feel they are only** toes then why not allow your child to endure such a simple surgery that offers very little if any scarring such in my case and I even had skin grafts from one side of my groin which is so faint I have a hard time finding it. I do not feel it is worth the grief. They are just toes correct?? I have also read medical reviews about particular individuals who have become severely obsessed with issues such as this due to their deformities and have let it overcome their lives in very unhealthy ways resulting in strange fetishes and became very unstable people. It’s one thing to have a foot fetish but to become psychologically ill over it is terrible. It’s almost freaky to think people collect hundreds of pictures of peoples toes for purposes of achieving sexual gratification. It scares me to think my child could grow up to think obsessively about toes 24/7. This isn’t exactly normal and studies show some severe psychological effects to severe obsessions to the feet and toes to where they can no longer even achieve normal erection without touching or thinking obsessivley about a womans foot. This is not normal behavior and why risk this manifistation within your child. It makes perfect sense considering they are always observing feet to find someone like themselves. Thank God for the internet input and posts so children and adults can make an educated decision in regards to this issue. Parents please read more into adverse psychological effects. I notice 90% are focused on physical issues, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Some sites to look into pertain to fetish and psychological effects revolving around severe* foot fetish. I am not saying I am not an admirer of pretty feet and especially web toes, hell I had them, but there are things to consider. Fortunately many of us have more comstructive things to do with our lives then collect toe pictures but I do see where it can be therapudic for others to see they are not alone and may feel more comftorable with themselves. One guy made a great point as to showing them off more often to show just how common they are but truthfully they are not as common as we like to believe. I have searched for years on this issue and just in the last past few years have I found sites and pictures of web toes. I wish I had saw these pictures and sites myself but the ones such as webtoedpeopleclub are** done tastefully** and offer a great place to converse about this issue. Thumbs up! An educated edge is so important and I wish some of these sites offered more info on surgery costs, techniques, risks, benefits, (physically and psychologically). Adjun has done a great job at this but unfortunately some sites make it out to be freaky, weird, circus show ppl, odditties, inbreeding. These things are way to negative. Please just consider the effects other then physical difference. All I am saying is not everyone can deal with this issue and just look at it this way ok, if half of us growing up spent even half as much time focusing on something we really loved or wanted to do versus worrying about kids and people from seeing are toes and learning of ways to hide them with special sandals or shoes, just imagine what we could have done with all of that wasted energy worrying about our toes. Just seriously think about it ok, especially those of us who really ARE bothered by it. I am not here to offend or upset anyone I am just making solid important points that should be considered. Take it easy and any comments or questions are welcome.

  218. George says:

    I don’t have time to read all the comments but from the gist of what i have read some of you people are crazy, i too have my 2nd and 3rd toe joined, im a teenager and never till i saw this site had i even considered having them seperated, why would i?, its a small peice of skin not a phetus hanging off your head.

  219. Dave says:

    like so many people before me, i’ve only just recognised this site and am amazed to find that so many other people are experiencing the exact same feelings i have for the past 17 years! the reason ive started researching other people’s cases is because i did something a few days ago that i’ve been thinking about for the past few years… i saw a surgeon and booked in a date for surgery! but i’m kinda freaked out because he told me about all these things that could go wrong (including having my toe amputated!). anyway…i’m prepared to endure all i have to because i’ve become obsessed about my webbed toes.

  220. Dave says:

    can anyone who has had a seperation fill me in on the recovery process? (things like wearing shoes again straight afterward, length of time in hospital, time it takes to get bak to relitive normality)

  221. peggy b says:

    I did not read most of the above comments and I am new to this type of exchanges. I am also very old, toward my 80s. Twin toes come down thru our family, which migrated in the 1600s from Europe and primarily Holland. I believe this phenomenon is a genetic occurance coming out of the Netherlands and maybe central Europe. I have always thought mine “special” as most of my brothers and sisters don’t have them.

    My first baby was born more than a half century ago so I was doped out of my head. When they brought her to me I checked her toes and sure enough, I knew she was mine because there they were!!! PS: I always went bare foot as a child, and still do. What is the fuss about? Straight hair? short fingers? thank god we all don’t look alike.

  222. emmily says:

    hello.So glad i found this website.I have webbed toes on both feet , 2nd and 3rd toes.I want to have surgery , and want to know where to go , how big the operation is and how long recovery time it is, due to time off work , also any after effects ? If you can help me please leave your comments .

  223. emmily says:

    hello.So glad i found this website.I have webbed toes on both feet , 2nd and 3rd toes.I want to have surgery , and want to know where to go , how big the operation is and how long recovery time it is, due to time off work , also any after effects ? If you can help me please leave your comments .

  224. webless in reno says:

    I don’t have any webs myself, but my wife and son both have webbed toes (webbed fingers too…six fingers and toes also.) My dog, being half golden retriever, has webbed toes as well, so I’m the only webless one at my house. I get a little envious of them as they share a special bond I’ll never be part of. It’s great to see that there’s a whole community of websters out there.

  225. webless in reno says:

    I don’t have any webs myself, but my wife and son both have webbed toes (webbed fingers too…six fingers and toes also.) My dog, being half golden retriever, has webbed toes as well, so I’m the only webless one at my house. I get a little envious of them as they share a special bond I’ll never be part of. It’s great to see that there’s a whole community of websters out there.

  226. webless in reno says:

    I don’t have any webs myself, but my wife and son both have webbed toes (webbed fingers too…six fingers and toes also.) My dog, being half golden retriever, has webbed toes as well, so I’m the only webless one at my house. I get a little envious of them as they share a special bond I’ll never be part of. It’s great to see that there’s a whole community of websters out there.

  227. ryan says:

    i have webbed toes and webbed fingers and they are joined all the way to the top with no gap (2nd and 3rd toes and the same for my fingers (excluding thumb))I have trouble writing and i cant wear gloves. I am 16 years old and i have been bullied loads, but i just accept the way i am as normal and everyone else is weird!!!

  228. connie says:

    My 2nd and 3rd toes are webbed on both feet. So are my dads. One foot has a slightly longer split, and my dads opposite foot does. I have several people in my family who either have complete or partial webbed toes. It is from my grandma Ford’s side. I know they were Dutch. I like my toes and hope my childs are like mine.

  229. jossie says:

    I’m 56 years old and have 2nd and third toes webbed. My first son has webbed toes and my first grandson also has them. Our webbed toes are our connection to each other,I feel. I have a storie to tell about them. My father died when my mother was four months pregant with me so, i don’t know if I inherited them from him. I’ve ask everyone from both sides of my families and know one as of yet has them, so talking about skeleton in closet I’m looking for one. Their was a rummer that my grandfather wasn’t really my grandfather but a man names Lenord Lawerence from WV. so if anyone has any webbed toes from this family tree please email for with information on this. On a lighter note we used to tease my grandson(because he loves to swim) we would sing “Aquaman, Aquaman swims in the water as fast as he can. He loves it. I am happy their are other people out there who has these cute toes. I wish I could find out more about them. Maybe we are related.

  230. Genay says:

    My grandson will arrive in May. We can already tell from the ultrasounds that he has webbed toes, like his father and paternal grandmother. I haven’t researched this yet, but my concern is that there are other genetic problems that go hand-in-hand with this. Another concern is my insensitive husband is determined to nickname him “flipper”. We aren’t speaking at the moment. Suggestions?

  231. alex says:

    hey everyone i got most of you beat…i have my 2 middle toes webbed on both feet and my pinky and the one next to it webbed only on my right foot i was born with i 6th toe on both feet too i also was born with my ring finger and pinky joined on both hand and had a little nub that was goin straight out of the side of my hand and my ring and middle finger are more like webbed and they can spread apart but that only goes up to the nuckle so hahaha i got all of you beat i win haha and ya on a serious note we are mutants and i am proud of it i show these things off all the time and if you really want to get them seperated thats up to you but i would never have that done…im the freak of the school…o ya and im 17 so if that makes a difference whatever

  232. chardeeus says:

    Hi all! I also have webbed toes (2nd and 3rd fully webbed but not the nails) on my right foot. after long years of agony, i finally had them seperated last jan 12, surgery is complicated because the bones on the 2nd toe are larger than normal, and both toes are longer when compared to normal (about half inch) so that’s an obvious problem when picking up shoes, i wear shoes that are larger and not approriate for my heigh. on my left foot i have to wear 2 thick socks to accomodate the free space. the dr. need to take out the upper bone on both toes to reduce the length, then he have to take out the oversized nail on the 2nd toe, skin graft also been done. im still on the healing process and ofcourse it hurts, i can feel the circulating blood and it seems it want to burst out of my toes, sometimes it throbs, need to take pain tablets. it is also recommended to elevate the foot just above the level of your heart to reduce swelling. every other day the dr. need to check it up and when ever he open the bandage i see my toe all messed up, its really big (swelling) and the skin on the side turned black, the dr. said that its only the outer skin that died. well i still cant walk it straight and i cant wait to see the final outcome of my toes. does anyone undergone a surgery and knows how long it takes to recover??? any info will greatly be appreciated.

  233. chardeeus says:

    oh by d way, im 22 years old. pls share your own story. we might learn something from you. thanks!

  234. Dave says:

    well it’s six more days until i get my webbed toes seperated. i’m kinda nervous after hearing all the horror stories of how you can lose a toe etc. Hopefully i’ll just be in hospital for a night or two, but my surgeon said that if i require a skin graft (which is most likely), then ill be in there for anywhere up to a week. I’ll try to keep the forum posted with updates on how i’m going.

  235. julie says:

    it was so reassuring to find this website! im an 18 yr old girl, senior in high school and i too have webbed feet 2&3rd toes, about half way up, my brother, mom and grandma all have them. i get so embaressed to wear sandles or do that whole swimming thing. reading this site made me feel better about myself. last year i had a class with a girl and she said she had webbed feet. she said it so casually and no one made a big deal out of it. i wish i could be that way! although, i do wear flip flops, (old navy sells them, theyre like 4 dollars) ive found they cover the webbing just enough and you can still look cute in the summer! my only problem with it is taking off my shoes at people’s houses, and seeing as im still really self conscience of them, i usually wear sneakers and socks when i know im gonna have to take off my shoes. i read in a post earlier that a woman draws a line on her feet to make them look normal-i love that because i have done the same!! i’m glad im not alone in this world! only my family members and 1 friend know i have it (my dad, mom and 2 brothers-my step mom and step sister dont even know i have them!!) im going off to college soon and i want to start fresh and stop beign embaressed by them. my only question is, do people find it freaky if someone has it? once my best friend saw them like 6 years ago and was like ‘oh you have webbed feet?’ and that was it, i hope other people will have the same reaction. i personally think they are weird! Back to the point, to the girls that feel self conscience esp. during the summer-seriously try the old navy flip flops, or adidas ones (they cover the webbing and still look sporty and cute) i wear those and none of my friends notice. and on the beach? i say that i just like wearing sandles because the sand is too hot! hope this helps…

  236. Heidi says:

    my husband and i have decided to put our 9 month old through this surgery to separate his toes. his 1st and 2nd are webbed and his 3rd and 4th are webbed on his right foot. i feel pressure to have his toes “corrected” but i’m worried about the anesthesia on a baby and on the recovery since he won’t be able to tell us how much it hurts. i’d like to hear more advice from people who have put their infants through this surgery…… i wonder if we’ve made the right decision to do this to him now….

  237. UPSET!!! says:

    I guess as they say……to each his own.To put a child through surgery for purely cosmetic reasons is a tad bit selfish.Risks of anesthesia,healing,not to mention pain!Poor baby!

  238. CALI GIRL says:


  239. Dave says:

    It’s been just over two weeks since i had my surgery. i’ve been confined to the house for the past 2 weeks due to the fact that i’m not meant to walk to help the skin grafts heal. like many others have said before me, the pain was never really that bad. when i do walk it’s with a limp, but i’m getting better everyday. i’ve been going insane lying around reading and watching tv all day everyday. i cant wait to go out with friends again and actually do something active. i think it’ll be at least another couple of weeks before i lose the bandages, and i’m getting tired of washing with my feet over the edge of the bath! Seeing my seperated toes for the first time the other day didn’t bring the feelings i thought it would. don’t get me wrong, i don’t have any regrets at all regarding the surgery, but they did look pretty messed up and it’s hard to imagine them healed. it’s great to read the posts by people like jason and lauren and put a vague timeline to the recovery process. i don’t know the total cost of the surgery, but the gap i had to pay was $960. definately worth it.

  240. smile says:

    I just came across this web-site and I would especially like to get in touch with heidi, since my infant daughter has webbed toes as well. we’re thinking about having the toes separated and my husband and I just consulted a specialist and even though he said the operation is minor and she would not even have to stay in the hospital overnight he did advise us to wait until she is a bit older and her lungs are more developed since anesthesia on infants is always a risk. He did say that her foot would have to be in a cast for approxm. three weeks.

    I would never pass judgment onto parents that have decided to go forward with the separation as well as those that decide against it.

  241. UPSET!!! says:

    Getting a child’s toes repaired at such a young age especially an infant is selfish on the parent’s part. Just because it’s something “you” cannot live with you should try and look at this poor child/infant and risks that are involved.Having webbed toes will not affect walking,running,or and sport type activites.And by the way,this is NOT a minor operation.Surely nasty scars with skin graphs are anything but minor!Having a child go through all this PAIN for nothing.

  242. some one with webbed toes says:

    i have webbed toes and this is some thing that i had hated for quite a while.but then came the day when i graduated from elementry school and realised that having,hiding, and wanting to change my toes was rediculous.once you reach a certain age they become some thing you can be proud of.when ever some one sees my toes it is all ways a very positive to any one who is thinking of playing a god roll on some one else…dont. let them at least grow up and make their own decisions. i would be very dissapointed if some one had taken my webbed toes away from me.

    sorry about my spelling….cheers!

  243. UPSET!!! says:

    You said it all!

  244. UPSET!!! says:

    You are not a freak.I just thought your post was a little odd.My son has webbed toes and I would never consider anyone with deformity a freak.I am sorry if I offended you.

  245. smile says:

    hello upset, I do agree with you that this operation should not be performed on an infant. and you are certainly right that webbed toes do not affect running or walking. however, I think as a parent you have to protect the physical health as well as the emotional health of your child. having grown up with webbed toes myself, I know EXACTLY what anxiety and humiliation it has caused me every day of my life, especially when I was younger. Unfortunately we do not live in a perfect world, and I was teased relentlessly about them growing up. and I really do wish that my parents would have made the decision to separate them when I was young.
    I am now trying to educate myself about the possiblitie to have my daughters toes separated in a view years, and I found a great physician, who’s opinion I trust (and who is NOT pushing me to have the operation).
    I think it’s great that people on this website have a dialogue about the pros and cons but please don’t try to scare people or make them feel bad for trying to educate themselves.

  246. Anonymous says:


  247. Dougal says:

    I’ve just deleted about a half-dozen comments.

    I don’t mind too much that this posting on my blog has become like some sort of support group for people with syndactyly. But it is definitely not the place for indulging in a foot fetish. Keep all of your toe-sucking fantasies to yourself. If you post them here I’ll delete them.

    My web site, my rules.

    On the other hand, I’m quite tempted to set up a completely separate forum for this subject. Maybe I could get some volunteers to help police it? Anyone who’s seriously interested can contact me.

  248. Heidi says:

    thanks for the feedback regarding surgery on an infant. we heard from our surgeon that it’s safe to do at this age (children’s hospital in boston is one of the best). he said it’s a 3 hour surgery and our son will have to stay the night. i’d like to get in touch with “smile” to find out at what age do you think the surgery is more appropriate……we haven’t decided whether or not to do it now or later.

  249. some one with webbed toes says:

    thanks for keeping the fetish out of your site.

  250. dave peters says:

    hey you guys, do any of you actually know what causes webbed feet ? im sure you will be pretty disgusted when you find out, i know i sure was

  251. Anonymous says:


  252. John Weiss says:

    To all you girls (and guys)I think the webbed toes are neat. Unless they cause pain or problems walking…DON’T SEPARATE THEM! I have always loved petite womens feet in black strappy sandals. If a lady has webbed toes paint em’ and flaunt em’. I suppose that in school kids will ridicule anything different…tell your children to tell their friends that you had a far off cousin from another solar system. That will keep them quiet! Hey..I looked at the photo of the webbed toes…I would massage those piggies anyday.

  253. NAT says:

    HEE HEE!!!

  254. Anonymous says:

    i was not born with webbed toes but i want webbed toes i have some one in my famly with webbed toes and i want to make my toes webbed also, it looks very cool with webbed toes i want my toes to be webbed too

  255. K. Fulkerson says:

    The 2nd and 3rd toes on my left foor are webbed up to the bottom of the toenails. On the right side, they’re only about 3/4 connected. My brother also has it. It comes from my mom’s side. She has it, her brothers have it, and her’s came from her father’s side. He has them webbed to the very top. It’s weird how it’s usually the 2nd and 3rd toes. (Toe? πŸ™‚

  256. melissa says:

    i have webbed toes my 2nd and 3rd ones are. more on the left foot than the right. no one ever said anything to me abt my webbed no one noticed. most kids are not looking at your toes. they are easily over looked anyway. at lest mine are i dont know about the others. my father has it, my 2 boys have it and my daughter does not. the only people who found out abt my webbed toes or noticed them was my best friend and she thinks they are cool and my husband who gets a kick out of them and nick named them ” peace toes” because they look like there are signing “peace lol. half the time i dont even remember i have it. doesnt hurt, dont feel weird or anything and i would be totally against surgry just because it seems shallow.

  257. Listen up Parents!! says:

    It isn’t shallow whatsover to have your webbed toes seperated. To each his own and listen up parents, don’t ever make your child go barefoot if they don’t want to. That was one of the most traumatic things I ever experienced as a child and was never the same afterwards. I was always an outgoing and popular child growing up. Being a cute kid I had alot of little girlfriends who had little childhood crushes on me and vice versa and after they saw my toes they quickly noticed the reactions from the other children and so of course they didn’t want to be teased anymore then I did. That resulted in withdrawal from some of my little girl friends and friends and alot of teasing especially from kids that were jealous of me to begin with for what ever reasons. To have to hear all of the duck sounds, laughing and comments I became so withdrawn and literally tried to cut my toes. No child should ever have to feel like that. No child at 5yrs of age should even be thinking of ways to seperate their toes let alone attempt to like I did. Now just think about this for one second ok, do you really think a young child is honestly going to tell you everything especially when they know that you don’t think there is anything wrong with it. Of course not!! Plus the fact that I always wore sox my parents never ever saw that I tried to cut them nor did they ever even begin to think a 5yr old would try to and I knew this. Well guess what, it happens! Just think about it, what kid in their adolecent years even knows how to perform a surgery period! I’m so lucky I never really hurt myself because I studied all about anesthetics as a child, learned quickly from television that ice would totally numb them, plus all sorts of other ways and tools that would cut the skin. No child should put that type of energy and time into stuff like that when they could be out playing and experiencing life like normal children and really putting all of that energy to something constructive and worth while. Not seperating their toes. Years later after hiding my toes in sox every where I went and staying up all night long at slumber parties in fear of people taking my sox off, avoiding pool parties at my own house or putting bandaids around my toes just to get in the pool then searching the water for the bandaids after coming off in the pool. It wasn’t at all cool to worry about things like that.Finally at the age of 13 I succeeded in cutting my toes on my left foot. I had this girlfriend and she had this silly foot fetish and always wanted to know why I never showed her my toes, well one day she managed to get my sox off when I fell asleep watching a movie with her. I woke up and she was mad that I never told her and ran home because she didn’t know what to say. It caught her off guard so much because I quickly grabbed my sox and looked at her red as a tomatoe in shock and disbelief that she didn’t know if she should laugh, kindly tease me, or what to do at all. She was so much fun, well educated and this prim and proper cheerleader who cared about everything people said and thought. A typical 13yr old girl. Just think about it, we all know how young girls act. Therefore because of her embarressment I said the hell with this. I hated my toes anyways, so I got some ice and kept it on until it hurt so bad to the point it eventually became completely numb. I then got an electric carving knife and without any feeling I cut them right down the middle. Fortunately by shear luck I missed the nerves and arteries. Afterwards I was in total shock that I actually did it but at the same time in a strange sort of way I was incredibly relieved. I no longer had to draw with a black pen down the middle to imagine what life would be like with normal toes. Since it didn’t hurt I wrapped them up seperately in bandages after putting neosporin on them and cleaned it daily using peroxide for two weeks. Don’t get me wrong once the feeling started to come back it did hurt but not nearly as much as I had imagined it would. The connective tissue eventually grew back together in the areas I had partially joined back in fear of infection or just to see if it would actually work because I knew I could alwasy just put them back togethr and tape them up and let it heal. So I basicly cut them all the way down but ended up keeping them only half way seperated. But after finally going through it and having years and years of dreams of feeling between those toes and dreams of suregery and waking up with them still stuck together I figured I would see if it would work. The area that I didn’t put back together and kept seperated healed without hardly any scarring at all. Go figure? Doctors said I could lose a toe or toes if I ever had surgery and it scared my parents from having it done.I do not ever reccomend anyone doing this whatsover because I know I was very lucky but my point I am trying to make here is that children often do things and often will not express their feelings out of fear of embarressment or having to bring up the issue for discussion and can* and do* hurt themselves. Hell I even told my mother I wasn’t feeling well and went to my local walk in clinic after the second week, went in alone like I always did and had the doctor check out my toes just in case. I didn’t tell the doctor what actually happened but she didn’t even realize they used to be stuck together because why would she? Seriously, after telling her I kicked a sharp piece of glass in the desert on accident cutting in between my toes, she just said it doesn’t appear to need stitches and gave me some topical antibiotic to take home and a oral antibiotic and wrapped them up seperately and sent me on my way. It seriously isn’t worth the risk you all. Due to the internet I have met other people with webbed toes over the years and to my surprise I was not the only one who has cut them with success and some without. One girl I know lost a toe because she cut the blood supply for one toe and now still has webbed toes but with her third tip missing. Talk about funny looking. Now she hates toes even more. With todays technology it is so simple to have the toes seperated and first of all you do not go to any other doctor other than a plastic surgeon or plastic surgeon who specializes in hand surgery ok. Do not* go to a podiatrist to have the surgery done. Seriously, they are not skilled at this surgery just because they see feet all day long. I also eventually went to a plastic surgeon 4yrs later who specializes in hand/micro surgery and had my right toes done without grafting (which all of the other doctors said was impossible to do without grafting) and I also had my left toes seperated a little more to match my right foot and they did need some small grafts which were taken from my groin where hair doesn’t grow since you don’t want hair between your When the surgeon saw my toes she thought a doctor performed the first seperation, she also saw that I had gone down further noticing the scar tissue where I had joined them back together. It was very simple and I was awake the whole time because she wanted me to see just how far I wanted to go down but I know she suspected something. For obvious reasons I did not tell the doctor I had done this because I was not going to risk having to get psychological counseling for my toes. I have always been a bright student and scored in the top 1% of my class so if that doesn’t put a little wake up call in your set ways about dealing with your childs toes then I sure hope you are one of the lucky parents who’s children do not try to or succeed in hurting themselves permanently. It’s not like I was a disturbed child, I just hated being a freak, it made me hate myself but I managed to wear sox and get through life but it wasn’t worth all of the terrible feelings thinking I wasn’t good enough, the severe humiliation and clever ways to disguise my toes making up stories as to why I couldn’t go barefoot.I have such faint scarring no one even notices and over the years I have regained so much self confidence and went on to do all of the things I always wanted to and couldn’t do because of the humiliation and I now live a happy successful life. Just do not under estimate a childs ability to hurt themselves. If your child is half as smart as you are believe me they can be very sneaky and clever and will do things you would have never imagined. So ask yourselves, do you want to have to always ask your kids to show you their toes to make sure they don’t hurt them? Do want to ask them if they ever tried to cut them and risk putting the idea in their minds? Do you want to make them suffer through school because they are afraid to upset you and have to ask you about something that totally embarresses them and something they know you are hell bent on NOT doing because you don’t feel it’s right or worth it? Is it worth it for you, or worth it for them? Do you make them wait until they are 18 and already out of school and already damaged psychologically and possibly physically? You’re willing to take that risk? Whether you believe it or not and whether people care to admit it it’s embarressing for them and no one likes to feel like a freak. These are some things you really should think about because my parents told me it wasn’t worth risking a toe but hell in my opinion I would have rather not had a toe and having a cool story to tell about losing a toe versus having my toes stuck together. I have never met a girl that looked for webbed toes in a guy. The girls I have met think having their toes stuck together would be disgusting and gross. Just think about it and go online to a regular chat and just see how people really react to it. Don’t say you have them, say omg I met this girl/guy I went out with and their toes were stuck together! Just see what they say and see if that’s something you want your child to have to experience. It’s not cool at all and I honestly wish I had the internet as a child or someone to interact with and discuss this issue because I was an only child and moved around often. I didn’t have the comfort of the internet as a kid to do research, just public libraries and just in the last fifteen twenty years have plastic surgeons been freely performing this extremely simple surgery. Now I realize this is a very long post but these are serious questions and things you should address before making your decision especially if you do not have webbed toes and even if you do (talking to parents) things have changed in the last thirty years. I sure wish my parents would have read a post such as this. Plus for parents with girls, women wear much more revealing clothing and even guys enjoy going barefoot or wearing birkenstocks without* sox. I don’t know about you but sox in sandals is umm GOOFY as HELL. HA let’s face it people, we can like ourselves the way we are and some do without any issues whatsoever and that’s fantastic! BUT not all of us feel this way and I am very lucky my little girl was born with perfect little toes because I would be scared to death of what she could be thinking or do to herself. Plus just the guilt of knowing what I went through and have to put her through that knowingly just isn’t right. You all can say how stupid this is or whatever but this is reality folks. Alot of people are in denial and just don’t want to face it but it is a deformity and yes it isn’t cool or compforting having people stare at your toes or wonder what the heck they are thinking about you now that they have seen your funky toes. The only other point I want to bring up is the internet. Now did you realize foot fetish is the number one fetish site on the internet. People love feet for some reason. Now also think about this, if I was bright enough at 5yrs without the net to find out how to numb and cut my toes can you imagine what your kids have access to today! It takes you right back to the issue of knowing what is going through your childs minds, of course they are going to look it up and of course they will find medical sites that show the surgery and how simple it is. Your kids are not stupid and believe me it’s not uncommon for people to pierce their webbed toes either, hell kids pierce anything now days. That too can be damaging to a nerve or arterie because it’s not like you are piercing something like the normal webbing between your fingers, the toes are joined closely and you cannot determine where the blood supply and nerves are exactly. This is just some food for thought because I have only read posts vaguely touching base on some of these issues. Let’s face it, girls like to be pretty, wear toe rings, show off thier pretty feet, get pedicures with their friends at a spa day out and everyone likes to fit in. Don’t make your child suffer because you are to selfish to allow them to have a simple clip here ‘n there. It’s so ridiculous how hell bent some people are regarding their toes just because they* got through life ok. Who wants “ok”? I would prefer “awesome childhood” or “a blast growing up”. Not as some posts have read “I had to draw a line down my toes so I could go barefoot or wear heels” and ” I hid my toes in sox all my adolecent years and still don’t go around certain people”. That sucks! Whatever, just make the most out of your life and do whatever you feel is right but seriously, seriously, seriously listen and really watch how your children react and interact with others. Don’t be oblivious to the reality your children may be living in. They are just children they do not know how to express their feelings like we do and by all means get more then two opinions. I got three opinions and each plastic surgeon asked when I would like to get it done and each said they could do it the next day or within a day. That’s how simple it is and yes, mine were done the very next day and yes, i love it!!!!

  258. three toes of fury says:

    Woo Hooo! Bunches of people talking about my feet…sorta.

    I was born missing 2 toes on my right foot and all remaining toes (with exception of big toe
    on each foot) are webbed. Im 35 and have lived with it all my life. I was given the
    option to separate the webbing in 7th grade but didnt see any benefit to it as i’d already got used to my feet.

    Having a deformity is not easy in the early years, as kids are brutal to each other, but in the long run im thinkin it made me stronger. Early on i used humor to show others that i was fine with it and they should be to. My earliest childhood joke, when asked “is it tough to have only 3 toes” is: “its not too bad, but im angry that i never get to the little piggie that goes ‘wee wee wee’ all the way home”. tee hee. Oh, and when people ask if im a good swimmer because of the webbing i say “ fast, but can only swim in circles”.

    Anyhoo to anyone out there whos worried or self conscious – dont feel to bad, you’re not alone
    when it comes to different feet. Heck i think of myself as different but also special. And frankly with all the stuff that could go wrong when we’re born, strange toes aint that big a deal.


  259. Engleish says:

    I agree with post 258. I am a 26 year old female. I also tried to separate my toes. I used ice and stole my dad’s straight razor. I stayed up late one night and thought I could get them separated before my best friend’s slumber party that weekend. I didn’t get far the blood scared me (I was only 10). I just cried and gave up. No one ever teased me about my toes because no one ever saw them. I spend my whole life hiding them and being miserable sleeping in hot socks at slumber parties. Now that I’m older, I thank God that I was born “almost” normal. I realize it could have been a lot worse. But, I did have them separated when I got out of high school. Deep down I blame my parents for not doing it when I was little. I’ve never told them this and I never will, but I feel that they made a very selfish call to put their child through hell when the operation is so simple when you’re too young to walk. Once you are older it’s very inconvenient to be off your feet for awhile, not to mention the emotional suffering growing up with a deformity. To people with normal toes, it’s no big deal. But to most of us who have had webbed toes it’s horrible. My only child has normal toes. If she had been born with webbed toes, I would have definitely have had them separated when she was very young.

  260. Kristie says:

    I have always loved my webbed toes!! I remember the day when I found out that not everyone had webbed toes!! I think they are very cute and I thank my Grandma for giving them to me!! I am not sure why we have them….I like to believe that it helps us swim better!!! I also hate the person who invented TOE SOCKS!!!! THEY ARE HORRIBLE!!!!

    A devoted and proud webbed toe canidate!! – Kristie Locke

  261. moondog says:

    Way to go Kristie! I love my webbed toes also. You can always modify toe socks to fit your webbed toes. I did.

    Another webbed person who loves them.

  262. smile says:

    hello heidi (post 249)
    how could I get in touch with you directly? I’d like to know what your surgeon said regarding the procedure on an infant, since I would like to get a second opinion.
    the podiatric surgeon we consulted is a professor at the new york city footclinic who specializes in pedeatric foot surgery.

  263. Charli says:

    hya everyone!!!
    omg i allways thought i was the only one with webbed toes,,,,,im 14 and ive suffered so much tryin 2 keep em secret and acceptin em; depression, selfharm …..a lot ;(
    but i told a rele close friend of mine n she rele didnt care….she ws so nice bout it!! πŸ˜€ n id rele like 2 thank ppl like kristie n ‘3 toes of fury’ coz uve all made me c i dont rele giv a crap bout wot ppl think…….. im actually kinda proud of my toes………2 toes on each foot are joined, 1 on each toe up 2 da nail n da ovas most da way up….anyone else got dis?! plz reply xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  264. Three Toes of Fury says:

    Woo Hoo Chari – glad you’re proud of those toes – you should be – you’re different and thats way cool!!

    I totally know where you’re commin from: worried that people are going to see them at the beach or in swim class or wherever. Turns out it doesnt matter! Sure people look at stuff that they arent used to, in my case the missing toes and webbed toes is pretty obvious. But once people find out that im awesome with my different feet and will happily talk about em or joke about em, they dig it.

    Also: dont worry about thinking someones not gonna like you because of your toes. Just be yourself
    and be honest about them.

    I know some folks in high school can be real friggin jerks. If anyone makes any negative comments about your toes, you show them that you’re the better person, by not giving a crap about what they say. Your true friends will be there with ya. Trust me – i know. The most important thing is to not let it get to you or bum you out. Bein different rules!!!

  265. moondog says:


    Hang in there. Webbed toes rule. Mine are webbed, second and third toes on both feet and webbed to just about under the nails. I feel your pain. I too, grew up hiding them, not wanting anybody to see. But now being a little older, I could care less what people think. I’m wearing sandals right now getting ready to go out. Most people don’t even notice. We notice more because our toes are webbed. Most people have never heard or seen webbed toes so they really are not looking for them. Play it cool and have fun with having webbed toes. And I really mean it when I say you’ll overcome your not wanting to let people see them. All of my friends think their cool.

  266. Scott says:

    pretty funny, it’s rare that I run across another fellow mutant πŸ™‚ 2nd/3rd both feet for me, my kids love counting my 8 toes…or trying to rip them apart depending on their mood. Funny story, I once was working night crew at a grocery store, and my boss says to me and another guy, hey look what we have in common: All 3 of us work nightcrew, we all go by our middle names and we’re all left handed. It would be funny if you two had webbed toes. HAAAAA, I’ve got web toes, and so did the other guy. What a riot. Anyway, Dougal thanks for your contributions, I just installed wordpress and linked here from the dashboard.

  267. Dave says:

    its now been about 2 1/2 months since getting my webbed toes seperated. I am 100% happy with the outcome and think it was one of the best decisions in my life. As of about 2 1/2 weeks after the surgery i was walking around normally with ordinary shoes, and after about 5 weeks back to swimming/running/anything. The only problem is that the scar from the donor site for my skin graft is still pretty red and hasn’t healed. But i’m assured that this is normal and it will heal up with very little if any scarring soon. I recommend that anybody who has even slightly thought of getting surgery get it done. It’s not worth the mental agony and self-conscious public situations! JUST DO IT! You shouldn’t feel ashamed or embarrassed to get it done. It’s your decision and no one elses.

  268. Anonymous says:


    How did you find a doctor to do this surgery? I went to a podiatrist that has done this surgery and he said I needed to get a test to see if I had one or two veins supplying each toe blood. He said that if I had one, I couldn’t get it done because one toe wouldn’t get blood flow and I would lose it. Did you have this test also?
    I wrote my “story” on another thread (my dealings with 2 doctors). If you want to read it, here is the link (It is post #73)
    I am glad to hear your surgery worked out!
    I really would love to find a surgeon but I am having a difficult time.

  269. Help says:

    Help! We’ve had our three week old baby. The docs checked him out. Every relative checked him out. Our four-year-old counted his toes. I’m not embarrassed or ashamed if he has this condition, but his first two toes are webbed on the top only. I swear it looks like there were adhesions in between his toes and they grew together. I’m only freaking out tonight wondering if the skin could really grow together??? Or could we really have missed this (again – I’m not saying it’s bad but wondering how I, and all the docs could not have seen it)??? They are clearly fused on the top. All the way to the end of his toes. Anyone??? Obviously we’ll ask the doc but anyone know if this is possible? I feel like I need my eyes checked. How could I not notice this?

  270. Scope it out says:

    Sorry to hear about your baby, it’s not as bad as you think. It’s called syndactyly and yes I can almost guarantee the doctors noticed it but didn’t say anything to you since it isn’t a mobility concern or health issue they do not really look at it as a problem. Either that or they just assumed your husband had webbed toes and felt awkward poiting it out as a defect. Surgery is no big deal and very simple. Go to a plastic surgeon for surgery, not* a pediatric foot surgeon. As a child I saw like five of those freaks and they all said surgery wasn’t a good idea. I could of popped ’em over the head. I went to a plastic surgeon the first one said what time tomorrow would you like it done, the second opinion two days later said the same thing. You do not need a test for veins, they already know there are two veins unless the bone is fused, I know this for a fact. I’ve researched this more then Beavis researched his TP for his bungholio. I’m like the webbed toe dali lama people! haha We are just like anyone else but they happened to fuse together. I prefer the surgery, I had to wait until I was older because my parents wouldn’t let me due to all of the pediatric doctors opinions. Hell I’m 30 now and happier then ever, I had it done almost 13yrs ago. It was so stressful dating because I hated having to worry about a girl wanting to go swimming or takin a dip in the hot tub havin her see my strange toes. It doesn’t mean she’s a bad person if she is in shock by them or trips out, it just means webbed toes freak her out you know, hey I think we all have things that kinda gross us out. I mean I don’t feel I’m a bad person cuz I prefer to be with a woman who doesn’t have a tail or a finger on her belly. It’s just personal preference but hey it’s all good. People will tell you that you didn’t need to be with someone like that, whatever, that sounds like something a loser says after a losing game. Hell man she could be sweet as hell and love everything about ya but your friggin tail! Man what a bitch, hahaha. Just do what you feel is right. I just thank God my feet were normal other then the two fused toes. He will not suffer havin a little scar that will fade in no time flat. For post 269 the scars will heal up, I had that happen and it was sorta purplish or whatever but after a matter of a year it was totally invisible. It’s normal for any graft, it will heal much quicker if you stay off your feet after surgery, even though it doesn’t hurt much!!! Seriously, had I stayed off mine I know it would of healed quicker. Ha I was so happy I was out hittin every water park on the west coast! I’ve had each girlfriend over the last 13 years give me a foot massage and always got compliments on my paws, only one asked why I had faint scars on my left foot and it was shortly after as well. The right foot had the same surgery with zero scarring even shortly after surgery since it was a little lower and less grafting on top. As many women I have met that have foot fetishes or like playin in the tub I have no idea how i could have ever not taken part in that in fear of rejection, I loved it and I personally do not know how I ever managed to hide them so well so many years prior, hell I should have been a magician. Besides I always felt guilty having to lie about why i couldn’t go barefoot or swimmin. Anyone interested in having the surgery can look up a Dr. Trojanowski or Dr. Sage in Scottsdale, AZ. I prefer Trojanowski since she did such a fantastic job but I hear Sage has done this many times as well, both female and very nice. I prefered a woman since they are usually more concerned with their looks and look at thir feet all the time to paint their toes. I dunno made sense to me. I know both and they have each done this particular foot surgery for women and men countles times, people just don’t talk about it. Look them up or fly out, it’s worth a trip to someone who is experienced besides the surger is only a few hours long. Easy, easy, easy surgery. I believe I paid about 1,500 a foot. If that. Peace

  271. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for your post. I wrote post #269

    What are the first names of the doctors? I tried looking them up but there are more than one doctos with the last names. Do you have a website for them?

    Thanks again!

  272. Michael says:

    Thank you Engleish. I’m glad you feel that way about my post 258. I’m sorry you had a similar experience but it’s compforting knowing someone else feels the same and shares the same views on it. Besides I feel it’s important to inform others about things most people are afraid to talk about and discuss. People especially parents reading this site should know the realities that go along with webbed toes. Maybe some people love it and it’s cool but I personally have always cared about my appearance and wanted to be completely handsome, not handsome with sox ya know. lol Anyways glad everything worked out for you, my lil girl didn’t have webbed toes either, she’s seven now. I could not have looked her in those beautifl green eyes and said ” I’m sorry baby but you can’t have normal feet because Daddy thinks it’s cute”. Whatever, that’s so selfish but I know first hand what that is like. Trust me, your not doing your kid a favor by letting them choose when they have already grown up, wtf?? What’s the point of that, we are supposed to look back on childhood as being our greatest worry free years right? I started living, seriously living like I always wanted after I had my surgery. We should start a petition ” Free the Toes!!” lol You know that reminds me, I had a friend, a best friend as a kid that was so poor that one year I went over for Thanks Giving to eat some vittles and I asked his mom to pass the cream corn and she threw her foot up on my plate. I was so shocked but at that point it dawned on me why he hated corn chips so much, I never understood that. Hell he was from Europe so he didn’t know much English but for years he thought Fritos meant “free toes”. Poor kid but I’ll tell ya what I never looked at corn chips the same. You know sad but true story, the poor kid was asked to draw a unicorn in art class and got repremanded for drawing his masterpiece, his mommas big toe. HAHAHAHAHAHA Peace my webbed friends.

  273. Michael says:

    The names for Dr. Sage and Dr. Trojanowski? I believe it’s Sara Trojanowski and I know the other is Dr. Christine Sage. They plastic surgeons and hand surgery specialists, they are the best to go to since they work with so many nerves and vessels. Dr. Sage was in Old Town Scottsdale, and Trojanowski was in North Scottsdale. I would have to look them up again and would be happy to if you cannot find them. Spectacular plastic surgeons, they will assure you of it’s simplicity and any risks involved which are all so minor. Look at this way, I’ve read so may posts in which people are being told that blood supply is an issue, ok if this is an issue put them back together once they checked if it wasn’t visible first hand. X-rays will show it easily. I hope this helps you out with their full names and locations. Again I will check on a site as well.

  274. NAT says:

    Hi there! This is to HELP. Please don’t feel bad about not noticing your baby’s toes so late.I too thought I was going nuts!My son was 7 days old when I first noticed his webbed toes fused together on the left foot.The two toes next to the big one when fused all the way to the top! He happened to kick one of his socks off and there it was! At first I thought it was the dim light and I surely could not be seeing what I thought I was seeing! And yes,not a doctor,nurse,grandparents,husband,or syblings noticed it. At first, I thought I was going off my rocker. I think I visited every doctor in the area. My husband and I made a decision not to have the surgery. He is now 4 years old and doing great.If he does want the surgery when he gets older that will be fine. I think there are a lot of diffrent people with diffrent feelings about this subject but at the same time no one should be quick to judge anyone on this matter.I have had a person on this site tell me it was selfish not to have it done.It really hurts when you are trying your hardest to do the right thing for your child. Whatever decision you make good luck!HUGS,NAT

  275. Lee says:

    For those of you that had this surgery, after the surgery was one toe swollen? I had a doctor tell me that one toe can swell and it would be premanent.

  276. Lee says:

    Sorry for the typo. I meant “permanent” not “premanent”, lol!

    I am thinking of getting this surgery done.


  277. Anonymous says:

    i am a 16 year old female and i have webbed toes. my 2nd & 3rd toes are joint about 80% up i love them very much i have seen a lot of people with them. no one ever made a joke of them or something i don’t care being with sandals i think thay are vey cool.

  278. Denise R. says:

    Lee do not worry about a toe swelling, quite honestly I have known a large number of people both men and women alike who have undergone this simple plastic surgery and not one individual I have come across has ever encountered this issue. Again if you go to plastic surgeon who specializes in hand surgery like mentioned in a previous post it is your best bet since they are accustomed to working with so many different nerves and vessels in close proximity unlike a typical orthapedic foot surgeon or some podiatrist. It’s always best to go to a physician who is skilled in these areas, most others who are not plastic surgeons, in both mine and many others expeiences have been known to put alot of fear in people over ridiculous issues, usually because they are bias and do not feel it is necessary since it does not hinder their walking. This is a result of not being fully educated in these types of extremely simple and often even other very complex surgeries. I had the surgery done on both feet 2nd and 3rd toes one side 3/4 up just below the nail and a tad lower on the right but not joined so closely allowing for surgery without grafting. I love it and there is not any scarring and I get compliments on my feet all of the time from many men and women alike when getting pedicures or wearing pumps and sandals. I never wore any shoes like that and even had a number of experiences where I had boys pull my shoes off playing in class or out just having fun like at the movies and when everyone around saw my two webbed toes on each foot they all laughed and joked and poked at me because I acted like it didn’t bother me but deep down I was so devastated that I ordered online xylocaine and attempted to seperate my toes. Like a couple other posts I read from people who tried to seperate their toes I didn’t feel a thing and used a scapel I also bought off a medical supply site which was quite surprisingly easy to do and managed to seperate my left toes partially and would have gone all the way through with it but the like another girl on here the site of the blood scared me even though there wasn’t much since it acts like an anti-coagulant and so I stopped about a quarter way down, actually a tad lower then that. I followed basic first aid procedures and they did heal fortunately without any harmful side effects but shortly after I decided to go into a plastic surgeon and told him what I had done and he was able to finish the seperation a week later and I have never been so happy. Think of it this way, whether we all want to face the reality or not but we all know us women love, I mean absolutely love shoes period especially ones that show off our feet and toe cleavage. So those who have chosen not to have the surgery then that is their personal choice but men are highly turned on by revealing shoes even if they only shoe toe cleavage ok, some women on here I believe are possibly in denial about this issue and maybe not but* there is literature from years ago about womens feet and webbed toes were considered to be a make or break quality in many early marriages. Yes, I do believe this to be shallow but reality plus it really isn’t very attractive and yes, we can learn to like our toes webbed and so forth but the majority of the men and women out there laugh and tease about webbed toes. It’s sad but true. I’m not saying some women with webbed toes do not wear pumps or sandals but in my experiences they are usually not exactly the most attractive women to begin with. (from what I have seen, please do not take offense)I have seen some attractive older women but it wasn’t attractive even with nail polish. Most girls I have known are very embarressed by this and there is nothing to be ashamed of, it’s perfectly normal to feel this way since yes, it is a deformity. Do not worry about the surgery, it’s so simple that I even got to watch him seperate my toes and tell him just where I’d like them to go down to which was great because I did leave a little webbing to remind me but very, very little which most would probably consider to be normal but just being able to finally feel lotion between my toes and wear pretty toe rings is the greatest thing ever. The first time my boy friend slid his fingers between those toes with lotion I was in pure heaven and I literally started to sob because I knew he didn’t know they were ever webbed and to think I could have never experienced something so may people take for granite every day I thought it was the greatest thing in the world, I still love it and can’t get enough pedicures! People really do take these little things for granit but after reading a few of the longer posts it inspired me to tell my story and I wish I knew some of these individuals because I’ve never been able to really open up about this before because I still get embarressed by it. Please do not subject your little baby to this life with webbed toes besides I’ve honestly never ever heard of a surgery going south due to the issues these orthapedic surgeons and pediatric foot surgeons speak of as high risks. I wish you luck and I hope everything turns out for the best either way you decide to go. I’m 24yrs old now and I am so happy that there are finlly sites like this to properlydiscuss this issue, I hated my toes! Yes, I saw a recent post where the father who does not have webbed toes recently had a new born son with webbed toes and what shocked me and literally floored me was that he was more concerned about his feelings versus his little boys. Now something is wrong with that picture. I did not make that comment to the man but I also believe it is selfish on the behalf of a parent to make a child wait to grow up and be subjected to years of embarressment, ridicule, being withdrawn, and possibly many other major psychological effects which can be long term even if he decides to have the surgery later on. I have heard where men can not get erections unless they play with womens feet because they are un-naturally obsessed with web toes. It’s frighteneing to think you subject your child to that and make him go through so much. He’s a child, he deserves a healthy normal childhood and happiness, believe me webbed toes can make his life a living hell. Plus I sure hope you do not dress him in sandals and put him around his peers until he is ready. I guarantee once he sees he is not at all normal and the little girls make fun of him and his litle buddies they will automatically perceive him as the weaker child and make fun of him and pick on him. Do you really think that is right to do when the surgery is so minor? The last thing you need is shatter his spirit and self-esteem just because you do not think it’s a big deal. I reccomend going to a regular aol chat and asking the other girls what they think or even a high school chat, you will see quickly it’s not worth it. Just say something like “hey do you women like guys with webbed toes or vice versa?” Kids are cruel and you cannot shield them 24/7. There was a fantastic post on here recently adressing these concerns and I highly reccomend you read them closely. You can not protect your child all of the time especially from his peers, why make him the laughing stock of his school or the talk of the school? I sure as hell wish my mother and father would have allowed me to have surgery, plus my mother was also a model and actress and I always knew I could never be as good as her or as beautiful because of these webbed toes. Nne of my sisters had this either. What little girl is going to get up in a beauty pagent with webbed toes or cheer for a school or even go to pool parties which all little girls do or slumber parties. All girls I grew up with would paint each others toes and run around barefoot and I always had some excuse why I couldn’t until one day they ripped off my sox in my sleep and when I woke up they drew a line down one of the toes and on the other toes they drew the sesame street charachter who were stuck together and would go “beep beep beep beep”, you know the ones, well it was terrible and I ran all the way home only to go to school two days late since I was to embarressed to go back the next day only to find polaroids of my toes circulating around school. these were my best friends i ever had, I loved them to death but thats just how little girls and boys are. I was so devastated I had my parents pull me out of that school and I went to a private school after that and never went to a single part afterwards unless i went home early unlike everyone else. Do you think it’s worth it to have your child go through this? My cousin went to school with a boy with webbed toes and his friends locked him in the batchroom and jumped him and made him take his sox off to show the other boys just to make fun of him, they beat him up, they held him down and tried to cut his webbing and yes almost totally succeeded even though they did get caught afterward and were expelled but this child went home and a wekk later cut his toes off with his dads saw. Don’t take my word for it just ask your local shrinks and ER physicians, I’m sure they have heard many stories like this. It’s not right and that poor kid never did amount to anything, and eventually killed himself a few years later by hanging himself with an electric cord in the same garage he cut his toes off in. His parents felt he was over exagerating his webbed toes and wouldn’t let him have surgery. They were more worried about their feelings then the kids. Yeah you could say that was a selfish act especially after he cut his toes off his one foot , just the webbed toes hoping his parents would have his other toes seperated, did they, hell no. So yea, he hung himself. But hey you parents know what’s best besides the your kid would never do anything like that right????? I sure hope not and I wish you the best of luck. I sure am happy I chose to seperate my toes, I do swimsuit layouts and they always show my toes, i was told by a close friend/photographer I would have not made it this far with webbed toes. It just doesn’t sell. Just look at Trish Helfer the actress, even Wayne brady made fun of her on national television, I bet she felt great having him point it out on live television. Just think, if a grown man would do that live on tv imagine what kids do behind closed doors. Food for thought. Have a nice day and al of you who had surgery I commend you on your bravery and if anyone interested in photos of post surgery pictures to view or compare please reply, maybe we can start a site to show the positives versus all of these people and their negative remarks regarding surgery. I do not judge others by their personal decision if they have webbed toes and choose not to cut them but if you are a parent I really do wish you would consider your childs future.

  279. Camille says:

    I am glad to know that I am not crazy. After realizing I wasn’t the only one in my family to have this physical trait, I assumed it was a hereditary characteristic. To only find out there are millions of people with these “webbed-toes” gives me some relief. I started seeing it in people I knew, because I would ask, hey let me check out your toes, and bam they had the same thing…..saying to myself I am not related to these people so why do we have the same thing? Well after some simple research I have found the answer and am very happy with my “webbed-toes”. You could imagine the strange thoughts I had about my mother…

  280. Anonymous says:

    Denise.For one thing you talk wayy to much.(kinda physco if ya ask me ha)I am not one of the lucky ones on this site to own a pair of webbed toes.I am a parent of a child who has webbed toes.My son has not had all of these nutty problems you have seem to have during your great life as a model.(So you say)To me….its very strange how some people on this site old as 80….have had no problems there whole life and seem to be quit happy with there toes.I am a mother of four and my children are my life.I made a decision not to have my sons toes fixed.If any problems did occur and he would want them fixed it would not be a problem.Point is life is what you make it.To blame toes on a person hanging himself is a bit much.There were many factors in this persons life that made him unhappy and putting the blame on his wee=bbed toes is a little overkill.YOU SHOULD GET A LIFE

  281. Anonymous says:

    If it is not a problem then why are you looking on the internet for the subject of “webbed toes”? Why are you reading this thread? If it isn’t such a deal for you it wouldn’t of been on your mind to even read this thread in the least. Sounds like you are the one that needs to get the life. By the way, I am not Denise.

  282. Anonymous says:

    I have followed this site from the very start.My sons toes are not a problem.I love reading and finding out information about webbed toes and what causes it.My main concern was to find out if webbed toes were linked to any type of other health problems.I found this site and thought it was a really nice support system for others with the same birth defect.I have have many other “first time webbie”parents email with questions and thought it was really nice to talk back and fourth about our children.People like you make things sour and unplesant!And yes you really should get a life!If you have nothing by negative imput keep it to yourself.And I see your not Denise…..excuse me,Anonymous HA

  283. tracey says:

    denise, im 23 yr old female…i just got through reading your and many others postings on here and i think its great that you can share your story with us πŸ™‚ i myself have webbed toes and am getting surgery to have them fixed (as a matter of fact have an appointment with the podiatrist tommorrow)my perents have tried telling me its ok but then when somebody not in the family points me out because i have darker hair and eyes than my siblings my mother feels free to say well i didnt think she was mine at the hospital either untill i saw her toes, i always get so embarrased and i would have wished the stupid so and so would keep her mouth shut and also had wished she could have had them seperated when i was younger (n.b none of my perents have webbed toes) all my life i have felt ashamed of them and im sure my mother was in her own way trying to encourage me, actually made me feel a hell of a lot worse! even though i have not had any experiences with friends saying anything i know people do stare at them so now i dont show them at all now! i hate having to waste my life away not being able to wear thongs because of my own stupid insecurities which i dont know how they were brought on but are getting worse and worse, which is why ive decided to have the operation! i cant even tell my mother im doing it because she is so stubborn and wont be suportive of it at all, i have found this site pretty useful in finding information to better inform myself about the risks etc, although i thought it should be a pretty simple procedure and intend to go back to work really quickly, so i guess what im asking is denise if you could maybe email me pics of post surgery or something so i have some idea of what it will look like maybe?

  284. tracey says:

    oh by the way my email is
    and please everyone else who wants to email me only email if you have something constructive to say as i have had alot of people put me down for syaing on another site that i wanted to have the op done as they were all proud of their toes well i can say good for you guys but im not ok with mine and i dont think i can be! so please no nasty comments
    thank you πŸ™‚

  285. moondog says:

    Hey, check ot this weeks “PEOPLE” magazine. Ashton Kutcher shows off his webbed toes. He seems to have “made” it with his webbed toes. Enough said.

  286. Dougal says:

    I’ve just deleted a couple of abusive comments from “SAM”. I hate deleting comments. Please don’t make me do it again.

    moondog: cool beans about Ashton Kutcher having webbed toes πŸ™‚

    Everyone: I feel the need to remind people once again that webbed toes come in varying degrees. Some people have simple partial webbing like mine. Others have more serious conditions where the toes are fused completely together, sometimes even fused at the bone. And while I personally don’t think that toes like mine are anything to worry about, some people are obviously very insecure about such an “abnormality”. Don’t cut anybody down for that. We all have our insecurities that we don’t like anyone poking at.

  287. Anonymous says:

    well said!

  288. NAT says:

    If that’s the case Dougal you should also remove the other abusive comments made toward parents.People saying things such as being a sefish parent for not having a child’s toes corrected is very abusive.I think you need to look over the posts more clearly.And you are correct please don’t cut anyone down because of this.This is the second time this has happened and for some reason you ignor it.Please try and run this site fairly.

  289. Dougal says:

    NAT/SAM: This is my site, and I am the sole arbiter of what I will or will not allow here. It’s not your job to decide what’s “fair”, it’s mine.

    When you attack a particular individual, calling them a “loser” and a “sick puppy” who needs to “look for a mental ward support system”, you cross a line. Do it again and I’ll ban you from the site, got it?

  290. Amanda says:

    Hi Dougal,

    I think the person that wrote post #281 was very offensive and rude. Can you check that one out please? I think that post may upset people by reading it and cause or was the cause of a fight like the one you deleted. I didn’t see it though .

    Love the site by the way. It is very informative and helpful.

  291. Amanda says:

    Hi Dougal,

    Sorry, I meant to add that this particual post #281 wrote a very rude and negative post by attacking one individual by telling her that she is psycho and telling her to get a life. I don’t know what happend with the posts that were deleted, but maybe that particular post started it. I mostly read the posts, don’t really comment. Love ya!

  292. Anonymous says:


  293. NAT says:

    This site was at one time a great palce to visit.There was a great deal of information I have learned throught the years.I still keep in contact with many parents I found on this site.Back then after each post left our email addresses would show so it pertty easy to get in touch with each other.Moondogg was always one of my favorites. He has a great positive way about him.Since then the site has seem to get very abbusive and offensive.I think before anyone is banned and threatened from this site the OWNER should take a close look at All of the posts.Sure it is up to him to decide what stays and what goes but at the same time is not always the wisest decison.I have have a few teachers at my sons school veiw the posts and all agreed it was a great site when used properly.Dougal, I think you shoul take a close look at post #279.This is very disturbing.She goes on to explain how easy it was for her to purchase xylocaine and then bought a scapel with ease off the net to cot her toes!She then goes into graphic detail on how a young boy took his dads saw and cut off his toe. She then explains how later he hung himself with an electric cord.”Sick Puppy”is a mild word to describe something this sicking.The are many young readers out there that could take this the wrong way and do something very stupid.This could give then ideas to take there own lives.Enough said.You may bann me as Im sure the truth hurts but please try and think as you read these distrubing posts.Everyone have a great day and enjoy your lives.HUGS,NAT

  294. NAT says:

    I also forgot to add she implied that by a parent not making a decision to have there childs toes seperated this is what we have to look forward too.If a young person was to truly get hurt and get ideas from her post the owner of the site would be liable.

  295. Dougal says:

    I’m not going to try to define some hard set of rules about what comments get moderated and which ones don’t. Suffice to say that I will delete abusive comments as I deem necessary. Ideally, everyone here would use common sense and courtesy and not make me need to delete anything.

    NAT/SAM: As far as post #279 goes, Denise relayed a personal experience, she didn’t heap abuse on anybody like you did. Quit stirring the pot. Either be civilized or go somewhere else. This is the last time I will feed the troll.

    Amanda, post #281 was by NAT/SAM, the same person who posted the comments I deleted recently. Yes, #281 is pretty obnoxious, but not as bad as the ones I nuked.

    Everybody: This is not an invitation to ask me to delete every comment that you have a problem with. Quite the opposite. I review every comment that comes in. I either let them stay or I delete them. Nothing anybody else says is likely to sway my judgement in either direction.

    If you feel a need to have rules spelled out, here they are:

    Rule #1: Be polite.

    Failure to follow the rules may result in moderation of comments, at the sole discretion of the site owner.

    That is all.

  296. NAT says:

    I will stand my ground Dougal.I have said nothing out of line.Posts like 279 are uncalled for and should not be permitted.I did not attack anyone.I did not make any such comment such as mental ward support system and do not know where that one came from.I did state a comment from a person like that is a sick puppy.Anyone that gets in graphic detail about something so sick is extremely abusive.And yes,she did heap abuse implying we will bw sorry as parents for our decision.As for defining hard rules,I think you know this was totally uncalled for.Im not trying to sway your judgement and dont frankly care.I am glad to see I’ve got your attention and in the process struck a nerve.You’ve made statements in the past I did not think were so nice to other people either.I am a very active person in my community and have strong values and call things as I see them.It is hard to understand how unfeeling and cold some can be.Sorry we do not see eye to eye.It seems you may want to stick to the be polite rule yourself.(Got it?)Remember?

  297. Anonymous says:

    can someone please send my pic’s of there toes pleeeeeeeeeas πŸ˜€

  298. bob says:

    with all of the info there should be a get together. hell they have a star trek convention we could have our own? what does anyone think?

  299. NAT says:

    I say thumbs up BOB!Name your place.

  300. tracey says:

    does anyone have before and after pics of surgery?
    because im going to have it done next month and i would really love to see what the scarring etc looks like thanks
    tracey email:

  301. el gordo says:

    i have webed toes and i am 13 mine are 90 pesent webed i love to show them off you should be proud of your toes everyone thinkes there cool and you swimm faster with them so stop wining tjher are cool

  302. Anonymous says:

    I have a questions to all the girls, how was it the first time your boyfriend saw them? I have been seeing someone, but now that summer is coming, the socks must come off. The problem is, he talks about wanting to massage my feet and I’m not comfortable.I don’t think I’m at the point of wanting to get surgery, but none of my exs have seen them before.If you can reply, it would mean a whole lot.I think I’m more worried about his reaction.By the way, none of my exs so them before.

  303. three toes of fury says:

    Howdy Anonymous of May 4th,

    I hear where you’re comming from. The dating thing is always hard enough without having the extra pressure of “whats he/she gonna think when they see my feet!??”. Ive found that it really ends up not being nearly as big a deal as we make it in our heads. I think if you’re with someone you dig and the feelings seem to be mutual, you should let them know that your feet are different. In the past ive worried that someone would leave me when they found out, but noone ever has…and frankly if they do, you’re WAY better off without them. Over time i really came to dig my feet and love the fact that im different. Looking back i also realize that i worried alot and had alot of anxiety about my feet that wasnt necessary – different feet are really such a minor thing in the big picture. Hang in there!!!

    Also – thanks to all for the great discussions and information. This boards a great place to trade ideas and experiences.

  304. krissy says:

    I’m 14, and I have webbed toes. But not for long! I’m getting them “fixed” tomorrow, though I’m really nervous… I don’t know how painful it is, or how badly it’s going to scar, or if it’s worth it. I just hope I won’t regret it later. I’m gonna be put under general anesthesia. Does anyone know about how long it takes? And how painful is it?

  305. Rebecca says:

    I’m 18 and I love my webbed toes. When I was little I was very nervous about people seeing them (when I was a toddler my mom found me tring to cut them with a butter knife!), but then I figured out that it really doesn’t matter. In fact, I think they’re way cuter than “normal” toes. I wish I knew more people with webbed toes! Every time I happen to see somebody with them (once every few years), I pull off my socks to show mine off. To any of you who are embarrassed of your webbed toes– don’t be!!! It’s so much better to have everyone fuss over them and want to touch them than trying to hide them all of the time… that gets really old. When I was about 13 I wanted to have them “fixed” but the doctor wasn’t sure if cutting them would cut a nerve or anything, and I decided I might regret it anyway. Everyone has always called them my “special toes” and I’ve only met one person who was really weirded out by them… and even then I had a lot of fun taunting him with my toes. πŸ™‚ For miss anonymous above– let your toes be a test. If your boyfriend doesn’t like your toes, than he doesn’t like you enough. My boyfriend can’t stop touching mine. He loves them. I hope my children have webbed toes. The only person in my family who does is one of my mom’s cousins. Oh well! Someone above asked for pictures of webbed toes, so here are mine:
    Embrace the webbedness! πŸ™‚ Oh, and to all of the above people… a webbed toe convention would be AWESOME.

  306. michael says:

    It takes alot of guts to step up to the plate and tell our personal experiences that have haunted us most of our lives due to having webbed toes ” yes, a deformity”. Face it, either people are in denial, afraid, or to embarressed to admit but it isn’t easy dealing with all of the insecurities and ridicule or fear of ridicule and embarressment from our peers that comes with having webbed toes. Like Denise “post #279” I have to agree with her 100% about one post that absolutely floored me. I am not going to write in direct reference as to which post that shocked me but for any parent to be more concerned about how they feel versus how their child feels just because they themselves do not believe it to be a big deal is totally selfish and flat out revolting. What parent, truthfully now*, puts their feelings before their childs when the issue pertains directly and only to that child? Regardless, had my little girl been born with webbed toes and knowing what I went through and what I did by succeeding in seperating them, there is no way in hell I would even think twice about putting her through that. Hey, maybe you believe it’s the greatest thing on earth since sliced* cheese (key word = sliced) but the reason I decided to step up and possibly shock a number of people with my honesty and chose to do so to make you think and realize just how much it hurts being in a situation that can be so easily solved and very inexpensive to fix. I honestly have not yet read a post yet that I could agree with more since post #279. If you can get breast implants and dump eight to ten grand to flaunt your breasts then what’s a couple grand to repair a deformity in your child, it affects him both physically and psycholically. Until you have lived a day in our shoes and walked our walk then how in the world can you possibly begin to ridicule when all we are doing is talking openly and honesty to ensure your childs chances of living a normal happy childhood. I never intended to upset anyone, I am only here to tell what most people are afraid too, the truth and reality that can go with this deformity. I fortunately learned to fight at an early age and to this day hold a number of dans in mixed martial arts because I was smart enough to see the misfortune that came with having a couple toes stuck together. I learned in kindergarten when a my little girl friend pulled my socks off and the whole class pointed and laughed. I knew then that was not only the last time they would see my feet but I also learned real quick to kick some K school butt. I wasn’t exactly rewarded for that which upset me even more since I was the victim to begin with. I will never understand closed minded people. Chicks don’t dig it man, that’s something they tell you to make you feel better about yourself, kind of like what a loser says after losing a game. Maybe not, maybe I’m being a little harsh because I’m sure some women long for men with feet like that, so whatever. Anyways, to each their own and that’s cool if you grew up and learned to like it but like others here I also went on to grace a number of pages in fitness magazines AFTER I had surgery. Yes, some of us actually go for it. I cannot imagine my life and what it would be like had I not had surgery. I grew both in confidence and spiritually. Why let a simple surgery hold you back? Face it, it’s hard enough out there to succeed without webbed toes let alone with. Why make it harder on your child? Ashton Kutcher isn’t exactly a mans man ok. I admit he is funny but you would not catch me up there pulling my socks off in front of the world pulling my toes apart. That’s a little strange ok. Besides, did you care to listen to the audience’s noticable cringing and definite “ooooing?” I sure did, I saw him do that on Regis and Kelly but hey whatever, to each their own. I’m just stating my personal hell I experienced and the incredible growth I gained afterwards. I just want your kids to have a good and happy life and not hurt themselves like I did. I was lucky and as you have read by now I’m not the only one who attempted this. If that is something you can live with and you do not mind your child hurting themselves possibly resulting in serious infection, amputation or even death then hey that’s cool. Do what you have to do. I’m just here spending my valuable time to adress this site of concerned and carrying parents about the realities and draw backs of not having surgery. It’s amazing what you take for granite when you do not have to live with the deformity. Your kids will always be the cutest things on earth regardless so don’t take it personally ok, but Denise is right, go on an Aol chat and see how the general public views it ok. You will be in for a shock. Don’t go in there as the concerned parent either, seriously people, do not play the sympathy card to hear what you want. Just start chatting and then mention you met this guy or girl with webbed toes, and just like on Regis and Kelly the room will be ooooing and poking fun. That’s nothing, try living like that every day of your life. If you love your little one why wouldn’t you want them to be normal and happy? Just be kind to your child and if you have a little girl with webbed toes and you don’t, I wouldn’t sit there with toe seperaters painting your toes while they watch. That’s got to be torture for a little girl. Can you just imagine the thoughts running through her little mind. You think she’s learning how to paint when in reality she’s thinking of how to cut seperate them next or thoughts of fear and insecurity because she knows women paint their toes to be sexy and show them off. Do not deprive them of this, seriously, just think of the little things, you have no idea what you are taking for granite. Maybe I too will be accused of talking to much but I’m here to tell it like it is, atleast for most of us that aren’t in denial. You know they also just did a study on survival and how being pretty is a major survival skill. Just think about it, we are a world obsessed with beauty. It’s human nature, why make your child the weaker one when he or she could be incredibly happy and outgoing versus withdrawn, physically abusive, or even suicidle? I’ve seen and experienced many of these things. It isn’t worth it. I missed out on so much in life, the little things people take for granite. To each their own. Life is to short and prescious not live each day as if it were your last. I lived many days as if they weren’t because of my webbed toes. You know one last thing I must say, I read in a post making a comment about a person being sick because of their actions and views. Ok, now just take a deep breath and hear me out, that person talking could very well be your child one day. Just think about it, do you think her parents would have ever known she would have tried to cut her toes or would have honestly told you exactly how he or she felt after years of asking for surgery or being withdrawn? Of course not. It is upsetting because I know how much it hurt growing up and yes, people never cease to amaze me but it’s cool, maybe they just haven’t seen my point of view. I hope this jars your views. Peace.

  307. Barry says:

    Amanda, do you have webbed toes? Which ones of your are webbed? I once knew a woman named Amanda with webbed toes on her left foot only. Is it you??? Drop me an email if it is at

  308. NAT says:

    Im sure there may be plenty out that has had a bad experience in there lives because of “webbies”.Also, I would like to add a parent making a choice not to have them “fixed” is not SELFISH or REVOLTING.This is a choice just as someone else may make a choice to have them fixed.Many posts have lived with there webbed toes all of their lives and just love them.Moondogg has explained how he just loves his toes and would never have them fixed.Sure,I myself do not have webbed toes and really don’t know what it feels like living this way.I am not in against having it corrected and money would never be an option.Point is this is for my son to chose not me.I have a problem with my eyes that could have been corrected when I was very small and my parents did not have it done.It never bothered me and now that Im an adult I am glad they waited for me to make the choice.If at any time my son wants to have it corrected thats fine.Although he really does seem to love his toes!He pulls his socks off every chance he gets and on some occasions even says look at my toes!(smiling)I can also see where this may affect a little girl more.Thanks for listening and try to understand.

  309. moondog says:

    Way to go NAT! Stick by your guns. I grew up with webbed toes and sure, I was teased. I don’t ever remember asking my parents if I could have them separated. They brought me up understanding that all people are different and unique. I have empathy for those who are different than the “norm”. Children learn from their parents and if you are comfortable with his toes, he will be comfortable with his toes. If for some reason he’s not, you can discuss it with him at that time. If he has a problem with self mutilation, you have a bigger problem than his toes. To separate or not to separate is a personal choice. I have no problem with that. But I am very glad I never chose to have my webbed toes separated. It’s part of me and part of who I am. A very small part of who I am but it does make me different and I’m really ok with that. Now that the weather has broken I have been wearing sandals everywhere. I don’t like keeping my toes covered in shoes. Nobody cares. Most people don’t even notice. Most people think their cool and the ones that don’t, well I’m better off not hanging around those people. Their too shallow. NAT, just keep telling your son how cute his toes are and he will be ok. Keep and eye on him and if he really wants them separated, I guess it would be best to do it. But for me and me alone, I’m very glad I never had it done. I love this site and hearing different people talk about their webbed toes. It’s nice to know that their are others who actually like their webbed toes. I do wish there was some way to have a get together with all the “webbies”. I think that would be a fun time. Maybe some day, someone will put together a convention as was stated earlier. It would be good for those who are having a hard time going through life with webbed toes, talking to those of us who love having “different” toes. Personally, I think webbed toes look better than normal toes on both men and women. So women, paint those toes and show them off. Men, where sandals and let your toes breath. If enough of us show them off, maybe people won’t think we’re so different. And even better, maybe the ones with webbed toes won’t think they’re so different. Well, I’ve said enough. I can only speak for myself, but I will never have my toes separated. I think webbed toes rule.

  310. Pauline - Ireland says:

    I am 27, and up until about 3 years ago, I never even realised that my toes were webbed!! Until my boyfriend (and yes I am still with him!) nearly fell off the couch laughing one day because I had my feet up with no socks on and he saw my toes. The second and third toes are joined up to the first joint, and i never even realised there was anything different about this cos I never was teased. My family didn’t even notice. And I was involved for years in rowing, so being around lots of people, barefoot running around piers and lakeshores. If you are comfortable with your own body, that’s all that matters. I am kinda proud of my toes now, cos I have something to show off as my party-piece!!

  311. nicole says:

    Krissy !!! PLEASE let us know how it went. I too would like to get this procedure done. I am 30 and am very uncomfortable with it. My 9 month old daughter has it on her right foot and would love to spare her the pain and embarrasment. Every female member of my family has this conditon. I knew I was having a baby girl and the whole pregnancy I worried about how severe her feet would be. It wasn’t a question of would she have it just had bad. Her feet are exactly like mine. The left is pretty good. Only split about a 1/4 way up and the left is about 3/4. When she was born the first thing I heard my husband say was ‘she has feet just like her mommy’. I was thinking ‘AHH. SH*T. I guess it does make sense to wait until your feet are just about or fully grown.

    When I was a teenager I actually went to see a plastic surgeon and she told me a flat out ‘ NO’. She will not help me. And thats its not an easy procedure and my toes will not look ‘normal’ afterwards but will show a scar on top. Is this true? Or was she just talking me out of it? Every summer I promise myself I will get it done. BUT, how do you take time off work to do this? I have 2 small kids to chase around all day so I don’t see how I can relax my feet and take it easy during healing.

    As for the skin grafts. That scares the crap out of me. Can anybody let me know how bad this is for scaring and pain. Thanks..Nic

  312. krissy says:

    Ah, I got it done on Friday. I think it went pretty well. They had to put in a pin against the bone of my little toe, because the bone was arched funny or something. My foot is bandaged and I have to walk around everywhere on crutches. I don’t know for how long though. I’m going to the plastic surgeon tomorrow to get the dressing on the skin graft changed. It’s been 5 days, and the skin graft doesn’t hurt too much. I can sit about 70-80% of my body weight on it and not be bothered by it. You can feel it, but it doesn’t really hurt. My foot hurt a lot though the first few days. My mom had to go out and get a stronger prescription of pain killer. The pain is definetely a weird feeling though. It feels like your feet are cramping from your toes to your heel or something. Makes you want to stretch it. But I don’t know, it may have been because of the wire. But by now it doesn’t hurt too bad. I’m going to school tomorrow, even though they had originally said that I would be out of school for 10 days, so I can only assume that the recovery process is going well.

    If you’re going to get the procedure done, make sure you have a hell of a lot of stuff to entertain you. They should be things that you can stay in one place for (obviously) because you’ll be told to keep your foot elevated so the skin graft will take. I’ve spent the past few days playing Final Fantasy, and I’ve almost finished the game, heh. 4 hours of gaming, food and bathroom break, 4 more hours, food and bathroom break, etc etc. Yeah. That’s pretty much how the past 5 days have been going by.

    Instead of going to a plastic sugeon, try a podiatrist. They seem to understand more about how people feel about the webbed toes thing. My doctor said that it’s a fairly simple procedure, and he brought in a plastic surgeon to do the skin graft. It’s easier to find the podiatrist first because they probably know surgeons who have done these procedures and are willing to do it for you.

    Mm…well if you have any other questions, Nicole, I’d be more than happy to answer them for you! πŸ˜‰

  313. Matt says:

    The 2nd and 3rd toes on both of my feet are webbed about 3/4 of the way up from the bottom. I used to think it was kind of wierd, but I always wanted to show them to people and see their reactions of: “Whoa, crazy” and “That’s ridiculous” and such. I guess because I was so active about showing my webbed toes when I was young, I hardly even think about them anymore, except for when I have more people to amaze with my toes. Anyway, this site is really awesome, considering I didn’t know how common this 2nd and 3rd toe webbing actually is until I saw the posts on this site. I hope the people who are considering surgery and such really start to show their toes and be proud of them, because I’ve found that if you’re active about showing them off, it can become a really great icebreaker and friend-maker.

  314. nicole says:

    Thanks Krissy. And I really do hope you love your feet afterwards and enjoy the summer going barefoot. I’m so jealous πŸ™‚

    I guess I should of mentioned this and for some reason I totally forgot. Guess its because I’m used to it now. BUT, when I was 20 I got a lizard tattooed on my foot to try to disquise the toes. Its not a bad idea for people who hate there toes but are nervous about the surgery. Its in black ink and about three inches long on the top of my foot. Its not a cartoon type lizard but looks like a real geccho. The tattoo artist drew it so the tail is drawn into a line between the toes. I was embarrased to go in there and tell him what I wanted and why and it turned out that his girl friend had the exact same thing. I don’t necessarily regret getting the tattoo, just wish it wasn’t a lizard. If I could go back I would have got a simple vine with a few flowers and the vine could of gone through the toes to resemble a split between the toes. This being done I still hide my feet. If I were to get the surgery done, I’m sure I would want the tattoo lasered off afterwards. I live in ON, Canada and the surgery wouldn’t cost me a thing but the tattoo removal is $$ expensive $$.

    This tattoo idea may help some of you guys that feel a little sensitive about your feet. Who knows, after you get a tattoo you may be more than happy to show off your feet. Alot less expensive than surgery. For girls: (tattoo of a rose with the vine drawn between the toes) For guys; (tattoo of a lizard I think is a great idea.

    Any thoughts about this move I did 10 years ago? Do you guys think this was a dumb idea or a smart idea? Cause I’m still not sure. But either way, I’m stuck with my decision now. AND, if any of you like this idea please let me know BUT PLEASE think of what you want tattooed first. Theres no going back. Get a black pen and draw on your feet, have your boy/girl friend, wife/husband help you experiment with different options. Give them the pen and let them draw something. Just drawing in and faking the line may be enough to make you happy:)

  315. nicole says:

    Krissy, please keep us posted on the progress and outcome of your toes. Its not like you have anything to do anyways !!! HA ! Have you had a chance to see them yet to see what they are going to look like?

    How big of an area is your skin graff? Were you scared to get that done? Is it gross? We want to hear everything. Or at least I know I do.

    Another idea for girls. Try putting on dark pink or red nail polish on your toes. Most people I think would glance down and notice your bright nails but not even notice any kind of web πŸ˜‰

  316. krissy says:

    I went to the plastic surgeons today, and he changed the dressing on my foot, and took off the plastic tape thing over the graft. I’ll tell you in advance to NOT eat anything before you go to your doctor afterwards to do this if you want to watch them and see how the surgery turned out. I felt so sick looking at it, I thought I was going to throw up. Maybe that’s just me, even though I’m not usually a queasy person around blood and nasty stuff like that. BUT! He said that both the graft and toes are doing great. But there’s just something about seeing your once webbed toe chopped apart and with stitches and skin grafts and stuff. Made me feel really sick and he had to like, stop to make sure I didn’t puke all over his check up room thing…x____x;;;

    How big was the skin graft? Well it was about 2 inches wide and maybe…5 or 6 inches long? It doesn’t hurt though, unless you like, flop down really hard onto a hard chair or something..

    Am I forgetting to answer anything? o.O *scratches head*

  317. moondog says:


    Great idea with the tattoo. Tell me though, I heard it hurts like hell to have a tattoo done on your feet or toes.

  318. moondog says:


    Beautiful pic of your webbed toes. I think there some of the best I’ve seen. Would love to trade pics with you.

  319. nicole says:

    I’m not going to lie and say it doesn’t hurt. Yes it does hurt but its not like you are sitting there screaming in pain either. The outline hurts the most and the shading in isn’t too bad. It kind of feels like a razor blade slicing your foot.

    I went to a guy who is voted #1 in area. He had my tattoo done in 20 minutes and he did an awesome job. Anything you get on the top of your foot probably won’t be overly big anyway so it shouldn’t take too long. It hurts for awhile afterwards. I was limping for about 2 days. The tattooist will put an ink imprint on your foot first to see if you like the location and drawing. Try finding an artist who will help you experiment with different options and drawings. Remember its permanent, so don’t rush into it.

  320. moondog says:


    Thanks for the reply. I like the idea of trying an ink imprint first. Like you say, it’s forever. Maybe I’ll try some fake tattoo’s first. I’m not sure what I’d like to live with the rest of my life. Did you have a lizard done on both feet or just one foot? Both of my feet have the second and third toes webbed. Maybe I’ll try different drawings on each foot. That will be interesting. Maybe a lizard and a snake. I’ll let you know what I come up with. Any ideas will be welcomed. Thanks again.

  321. nicole says:

    Only on my right foot. My left foot isn’t too bad and I’m not embarrased by it. Its only joined about 1/4 way up. I don’t even think people would realize theres a web there. I always cover my right foot with my left. My right foot 2and 3rd toes are joined about 3/4 of the way. For ideas you can always check out tattoo websites or tattoo magazines for ideas. Just small chinese writing would look good I think, or little paw prints. Or a name written fancy so part of one letter would have a line through the toes. If you had a child, or someone special you could use their name.
    Not sure how old you are but you’ve managed to get through life without any tattoos so far so whats another month, or a year until you 100% know what you want. Experiment with a pen, temporary tattoos, henna ink tattoos. I experimented with pen drawings before finally getting mine done. I only wish I experimented a little more. Good luck with it and take your time. And definetly keep us posted if you go through with it.

  322. NAT says:

    Tattoos really sound cool. Has anyone out there pierced the toes yet? I think this is also a pretty cool idea. One good thing about having it pierced is that if you ever change your mind you can always just take it out. My toes are not webbed but my 4 year old son’s are webbed about 90% on the left foot. I was thinking about having mine pierced across by the bottom two toes in his honor. Maybe one of those barbell type bars. It seems this might be painful though. Would anyone know how long the healing process might take? Also, I really wanted to thank moondog for his supporting statements. This really made my day! Thanks a bunch! Trying to get everyone for a get together sounds like a great idea. Any one with a central location in mind please let us know. This would be soo nice. I live in New Orleans. Anyone close to Florida? A spring break event would be super!

  323. NAT says:

    Im sorry I meant to write anyone with a central location in mind please let me know.

  324. Dog Catcher says:

    In regards to mutilation that is not true at all. Not if the only thing he is mutilating is his webbed toes. I mean “HELLO” … It simply means he hates his fricken feet. Besides some people may not know what it’s like to get alot of attention with their looks. If you are already strange lookin I guess I can see why you would feel the need to embrace the deformity for some attention but it isn’t exactly flattering. Some people believe it’s all in the name. Hmmm could it be?? I say eat a snickers fly to the moon and buy a moon dog. No pun intended.

  325. Michael says:

    Wow! What a trip. I guess I wasn’t the only one with webbed toes. I noticed a girl in the gallery yesterday with a webbed foot, her toes on her other foot had been seperated. She was showing me a piece I ended up buying and somehow ended up in a conversation about her feet. Yea I don’t think she noticed me scopin them out haha. She said she was glad she only did one foot so now she has best of both worlds. I thought that was pretty kewl. Something about that was really sexy. I didn’t even notice she had surgery until she showed me a really faint scar between them. Yes, I got her digits. Ty Ty bows

  326. NAT says:

    I happen to think webbed toes are VERY flattering. They are simply cute as can be. I will try and get some pics of my son and I over the weekend to post.

  327. Mike says:

    All I can offer on this topic is that after being self conscious about two toes on each of my feet being webbed I woke up and realized what really is important. If you are comfortable with yourself, people will be comfortable with you. And if theyre not, they clearly are missing out on a lot of things. Why should we all want to look a certain way? Every time I think about my toes now I enjoy the fact that I’m different from the majority. We need to understand being different is a blessing and not a curse, and that your perspective on life is just that much greater than those who are all the same.

  328. NAT says:

    Well said Mike.

  329. Lexi says:

    You’re absolutely right, some people like having a finger growing off their forehead and love being different. Hell look at the bearded lady, she loved it. If you are compftorable being deformed more power to you, my only point was that yes, it is a deformity and no, most do not find it cute as hell or flattering. Sure, you think your child is cute as hell but just because you feel that way does not mean he* will feel that way. It concerns me that because of your biased opinion towards webbed toes you will be more likely to put your kid through the hell many of us went through. I’m just curious but were you a very popular individual in school and did you play any varsity sports or hang out at school pool parties etc.?? This means they knowingly knew about your webbed toes. They probably didn’t know did they? Plus if your peers didn’t know then why subject your child to that life of secrecy? Childhood is supposed to be fun and exciting expecially being able to feel solid and compftorable anywhere especially the pool without hearing people making comments and snickering about your webbed toes. It’s not like it ends at the pool. Besides with all of the other issues we all deal with growing up and fitting in it’s tough enough let alone having weird toes. Did you like being known for your webbed toes? Wouldn’t it be more appealing to be known for anything else other than a deformity? I was blown away to see the webtoedpeopleclub and how many men had their own file filled with pictures of their feet. It was kind of frightening to be honest. I can understand a picture or a woman showing off her polished webbed toes but omg there’s men on there with barefeet, sandals, upside down, sideways hahahaha wtf? Sure it’s a webbed toe club but to have up to 16 photos or more of your own toes is weird. I mean I got the point when I saw the first pic. Didn’t you? After seeing the photos and comments it made me believe that this has become an obsession for many of these people. How is that healthy? Have you bothered to observe this site and the people who are so into their toes? I think it’s great that there is a site for people like us to see that we are not alone and I suppose it’s one thing to have a foot fetish yet it’s another to be so obsessed that it literally drives them to spend tons of time focused on their toes, it’s creepy. Actually there’s may medical studies which show people so incredibly obsessed like this are more likely to commit rape, pediphelia, homicide and cannibalism. Now that’s strange and a little scary. I can understand writing posts on here sharing feelings, opinions, and asking questions in regards to personal experiences or surgery questions but obsession is a serious disorder. It’s one thing to meet someone of the opposite sex and think it would be cool to hook up with them since you both had webbed toes and exchange your toe photos or even find a friend on here to talk with about it but to take a ton of personal toe photos and be so incredibly obsessed is just plain WEIRD. I guess I just believe my child has so much more to offer spending their valuable time on actual important issues versus combing the web for webbed toes and posting files filled with their toe pictures. I suppose I could understand if the guy was gay, this might make more sense seeing over 16 pictures of his barefeet, in sandals, a variety of angles but 16 photos? This isn’t something I would expect from a normal individual or expect to see on a regular site which anyone can view. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with gay people ok, I just feel that if my child had webbed toes and is going to view a site like this I would hope they would not be subjected to individuals who were so obsessed that they would want to see your childs feet you know. I mean that’s how people prey on children and I just feel so blessed my child was not born with webbed toes because this would frighten me knowing he would be subjected to such weird obsession or around men who favored the same sex talking with my son. Do you not agree or do you think it’s totally ok for your child to view and be subjected to men like this? Seriously? I’m not asking you to save face and be everyones friend, I’m asking you honestly. Would you want your kid obsessed with his toes? Seriously? Do you have a file filled with pics of your toes? I seriouly doubt it if you are just proud of your toes. Do you not think it’s a little strange that some people have become so focused on their toes? It leads me to believe they are actually still looking for some kind of acceptance. I honestly find it hard to believe they are so incredibly happy go webbed toe lucky since they devote so much time on thier toes. If they are so happy with them then why do they feel the need to take so many photos and write so many posts about how cool they are when they never even took their socks off in school growing up? How is that cool? If they are so content then why take so many photos online and never show their face? Well? Embarressed? Nah you are real content right? That’s just stupid missing out on so much and then trying to justify it in your later years. The whole point is so your kid doesn’t have to go through that. It sucked hiding my toes and not being able to wear heels or go barefoot. For a little boy growing up with webbed toes would only subject him to be picked on and viewed as the weaker one. That isn’t right at all to put your child through that and be more concerned about your feelings instead of his. Your kid laughs at his toes and points at them because he’s a baby, all babies do that. Maybe he’s laughing because he knows they aren’t spreading. I knew at a VERY young age I was different. I hated it. I’m not saying he hates it but I feel you should be more concerned about his most impressionable years. I personally feel it’s a cop-out to say you will let them decide when they are older. It sounds to me like this may be more of a passifying technique which possibly makes you feel better about yourself. This is just my personal observation after reading a prior post about being more upset in regards to your feelings versus your childs. Maybe I’m wrong and No, I am not trying to upset you at all which is why I have not named names, I am trying to level with you and give you an honest outside opinion based soley on what you have written. Again, I’m concerned for your kids well being. I’m not saying you are wrong, I’m just saying your child fairs way better in life as a whole by having a simple procedure, believe me, he’ll never once wish he had his toes stuck together. If anything you will be his hero. I know I would have been had my parents not been so hell bent. How that one girl never knew her toes were stuck together up to the nail is beyond me. That’s even more strange then webbed toes in itself. O–K Why not be content if you are actually content? Haven’t you wondered about this? I wouldn’t want a child to have to live through what I lived through, it was very uncompftorable and extremely embarressing. If I could help atleast one child live a normal life or convince the parent who does not have webbed toes how tough it can be and the many issues that can arise like cutting their toes then atleast I will know I’ve tried and hopefully save a child from hurting themselves and having the opportunity to have a much happier life then many of us did. It’s just so hypocritical to see people on here say how much they love their toes while in the same sentence they talk about how much they hated them growing up. The point is to live a happy life, not a life of hate. We all grow up but it’s how we grow up and the quality that counts. It would kill me if my child grew up obsessed with webbed toes to the point they could only get an erection by looking at feet. It amazed me the medical studies that came up while researching webbed toes. Tons of fetish sites came up along with medical studies and yes, it’s a very real possibilty that people can become affixiated with feet and toes and show detached sexual issues which cause them problems like this. Anykind of obsession can result in this so just think about it and really look at the names and files of people on the webtoedpeople club site. It’s shocking to say the least. There’s bigger issues at hand here. It’s not worth it to put your kid through it unless surgery isn’t an option and if that’s the case then atleast you know what signs to look for. Good luck.

  330. L says:

    First of all, I think this site is about sharing our thoughts. I think that in the beginning that’s how it was. But now it has come to the point where most of the people critisize the people who don’t like their toes. I think that’s very silly. The site is for both people who like and don’t like it, and I think it’s about sharing ideas and answering each other’s questions. It’s about helping the people who like it to embrace it, and the people who don’t like it(like myself) to find ways to correct it. I agree with most of the things that you said Lexi. I think that the people who don’t like it, are forced to keep our feelings to ourself, because there are people out there from the above comments who critisize us for not feeling great about these toes.I say if you liuke your toes, that’s great. Good for you.For the people who don’t like it, I will also share my feelings about it with you if you want to know.I’m more here to find out how to correct it, or at least not make it to obvious.So this is for NICOLE. I also live in ontario.Have you seen any doctors or do you know where I can begin to look for these doctors?That’s all for now.

  331. NAT says:

    I agree but people must understand for one to correct or not to correct is a personal decision. I think most of the people who truly enjoy and are comfortable with there toes get offended when many people on this site lash out at them for not having it corrected. As a parent of a child with webbed toes this really hurts when statements are made such as being selfish,and putting my child through a living hell for not having it corrected. Comment 330 was aimed toward me. Not that I need to explain myself,but I would never put my child through any grief. And YES,this is a decsion for him to make not me. If it becomes a problem and HE wants to have it corrected Im all for it. I would never deny my child of anything againt his will.So far he really seems to love his twinn toes. I make over them with him. I try and make the beast of it. All children deserve a happy and wonderful childhood.For the ones who claimed to have a bad one because of the teasing and there parents not wanting to have it corrected is ashame. At the same time think first before judging a parent on an important decision like this. This was very stressful for me when my son was born.This is what lead me to this site in the first place. I wanted to find out if this condition was linked to any other type of birth defects. People try and not be so critical and judgemental.

  332. L says:

    Well NAT this is all I have to say. I guess I can see your point too.I think that the decision must be hard on your to make such a choice for your son.I always say people who don’t have the webbed toes can’t possibly understand how we feel.But I’m just gonna give you some advice. I didn’t even realize my toes until I was 17 and now im 22.I asked my mother if the doctors saw it and they said to leave it alone. I don’t think this is such a damaging thing. I mean no one has ever teased me about it yet but I just want to fix it for myself. I have done a lot of research and even gone to see a podiatrist.They all say to not have it corrected as a child. So you should let your child get to an age where they are self concious about it, then they can make the decision. Because you never really know who they’re going to feel about it until he or she is old enough.Plus as a child the feet is not done growing so you don’t want to have it done now and have it stretched out.Also I was told by a plastic surgeon that even after the surgery, the two can go back to the way it was years after. So I’d say wait till your child is older and can recognize the toes.I think its not fair for people to judge you.My first thought about my toes was that if I was my mother, i would have had my toes corrected when I was a child.But when you consider what I just said, it’s a safer idea to let he or she decide when they are older.At that point, I’d advice you to not say that there’s nothing wrong with it.I know you parents are always trying to help but I know it upsets me when my mom says that.

  333. moondog says:

    To post 330:

    I know your comments were aimed at NAT and myself. I am none of those things you assumed. I was just trying to help someone. I posted “16” pics because I wanted to show people I was okay with having webbed toes. Nothing more, nothing less. My daughter is good looking (so am I), is intelligent (so am I), and is very good in sports (so am I). She loves working with autistic children at her school. She loves working with and caring about kids who are different than she is. I’m hoping she got that from me.

    NAT. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe you should re-consider having your sons toes separated. After reading post 330, I forgot how mean people can be if you don’t share their opinions. If you don’t share their opinions, you’re sick, twisted and perverted.

    To all with webbed toes. Read all of the posts. Form your own opinions and decide whether or not you want to separate or not. It’s a personal choice you and only you can make.

    I have since deleted the infamous “16” pics. My only obsession was to help people. Maybe make them comfortable knowing and seeing others have webbed toes, too.

    Dougal. You have a great site here. I’m sorry to say I will no longer be a part of it. To all. Have a wonderful life and remember it’s okay to be different. See ya.

  334. nicole says:

    L. I live about 45 minutes away from Toronto and was sent to a plastic surgeon once when I was a teenager in Oshawa and she refused to do it. I talked to my family physician about it last year and she said she will be happy to send me to some surgeon in Toronto. She said the doctor has horrible bed side manners but is an amazing surgeon. Not sure of the name. Where abouts do you live? I could always find out the name and let you know.

    Sorry to see you leave Moondog.

  335. NAT says:


    Please try and reconsider not leaving this site. I think if it wasn’t for your support I would not have stayed myself. I just wanted to let you know you really have made things better for me. I was worried about my son and this is how I stumbled across this site. It was so refreshing to see someone who was so comfortable with their webbed toes. And yes I did visit the yahoo “webbedtoe people club”and saw the pics of your toes and thought it was just great. You should have never deleted them. This site might be for some with some type of foot fetish. Who knows! The point is we are caring people who are just getting to show others you are not alone. Its a support type group if you will. We are not freaks! It seems there may be an unlying problem for some that may have some type of hang-ups. I do believe that Dougal himself has pics posted on the yahoo website. It was nice to see how my sons toes would look when he gets older. I always wanted to see adult pics of this because I wondered if his toes would split down more in the middle as he would grow. Now by seeing your pics I know it will stay the same! See, its educational too. My sons toes look just like yours but only on the left foot. Thanks again for posting them. I know it really helped me. As for post 330 beleive it or not YES I am also very nice looking! Can you believe it? And yes I think webbed toes are very cool.

    Moondog, chins up. Have a great day and please reconsider,Nat

  336. Michael says:

    Hey Moondog, alot of chicks don’t understand – just as we may not understand everything a woman goes through with webbed toes – but I can see why a person with webbed toes or a similar type of deformity would be more apt to take a variety of photos. When you are born with webbed toes you naturally observe feet more then others do, not in a perverted sexual way like some may think or do but in an observational way. Believe me, as a little boy I’d walk through the mall holding my grandmas hand and literally stare at everyones feet that walked by. Yea I was possibly more observant then others but I personally believe it to be natural if you’re a little different. Children learn at very young age and are much more observant about things like this then adults are. Being born with my 2nd n 3rd toes together 3/4 on my left and almost as high on my right I automatically figured this couldn’t be normal since they were uneven. Therefore I started being more observant to feet as a whole because my parents said it was normal yet there wasn’t a soul around with feet like me, I knew they were different from others instantly because each foot was different. To me they looked like two totally different feet because the webbing was uneven. I wasn’t a stupid child and yes, I know they loved me but let’s get real, parents will passify us to death in order to protect or shield us from any unneccessary harm. Plus, they do not want to have to explain it over and over in which as us parents already know, a young child gets fixed on something and asks a million times over and over until you’re sick in the face and if a parent can avoid this they naturally do. Well, mine did. It was almost as if my father didn’t want to believe there could possibly be anything wrong with his child and was really blunt about it to the point I was afraid to talk about it with him. It was like a cardinal sin or something. This was just his way of avoiding it since he didn’t know what it was like and he just figured if he could make me believe I was normal things would be ok. This psychology just made things worse. In my opinion I finally came to the reality that it really bothered him even though he said it didn’t but I could see right through it. If your kids are half as smart as you and you do not have webbed toes they will definitely pick up on what you are doing psychologically. I personally know I went to the extent to hide my feet in socks for 17 yrs so I could spare my father the humility of having to deal with his only son being different. Sure, I didn’t like the idea of having to deal with humiliation or teased in anyway but in a way I did like being different. I just didn’t want to be different in that way, I wanted to express myself artisticly or athletically. Alot of parents don’t even begin to see things this way or think this is a possibilty when in reality if it were not for his stern opinion about it and hearing them tell me that I could lose a toe and all the mumbo jumbo about how normal I was ‘when I knew I wasn’t’, I probably would have never put so much thought and emphazise on it. I loved my parents more then life it self and I always wanted to make my father proud therefore, I acted like nothing was wrong since I exhausted my surgical options in his mind. Besides I figured if it bothered him then it definitely bothered my mom. Of course it did, it’s not like they had webbed toes and it’s not like they wanted me to have them, they just felt like they had zero options because of the poorly educated “PODIATRISTS and FOOT SURGEONS”. Had they ever been directed to a plastic surgeon or hand specialist this would have never been an issue. It’s not like they couldn’t afford it they just had my best interests in hand or should I say foot. Because of this I learned how to avoid situations which would put me in any possible barefoot situation. I can’t even begin to tell you how many, let me emphasize the word ‘many’, different situations I would have to think about in order to avoid being embarressed and not let my pops down. He was always a perceived as a real tough guy and let’s face it webbed toes aren’t exactly intimidating lol. As a result I became very good in martial arts – the only kid sportin sox- and also became quite silly n charming so I could hopefully allow it to overlook my toes. You know, during these years I believe I learned everything you could possibly know about the foot and syndactyly. Plus I was a natural artist so I believe this may have caused me to be more critical in regards to my uneven webbed toes in regards to being balanced. I can see how someone could have easily taken more photos then what’s considered normal. We are more attuned to it as a whole and notice all of the things like that. All of us who are older now know how difficult it was growing up with this issue and yes it is very upsetting in alot of ways to think a minor surgery could have taken all of that heart ache and shame away. I can see how it would totally affect others in more serious ways then others but I do not feel there is anything wrong with takin photos of your feet for others to see, especially in a club devoted to that. Alot of us are curious and probably would like to see every little angle to see if we are in fact totally unique or in fact just like someone else. I know the first time I saw someone elses webbed toes I sure did. I can see how you would take photos like that moondog. I personally am still self-conscious and don’t post pictures of my feet but I will generally take a photo if someone asks me. Am I quick to look at a photo, absolutely, we are pretty rare people and it’s somehow compforting seeing others like this even though I no longer have to deal with this issue. I know I never had a reference to look at, I only saw old pictures in books and usually on an infant and rarely just the 2nd n 3rd toes. It was usually much more extreme. It’s alot nicer especially for a younger person to be able to see other people showin them off and not in a book. My remember when my moms friend gave me a medical book filled with deformities and I was like wtf, is this how you perceive me. I can see why she thought I might like it but I never perceived myself to be grouped with other severe deformities but again everyone perceives things differently. I knew then I was definitely different if I was in the same book as someone with a tail. WOW. To be honest with you I liked my feet, I really did. I just had to be realistic and I could not begin to see how a girl could like me like that, I was to much of a perfectionist myself. I just hated how people viewed it and how television would have skits surrounding webbed toes on Saturday Night Live or even family shows joking about the guy or girl with webbed toes and watching the audience and charachters laughing hysterically. It sucked man because I felt normal, I just wish they were both webbed equally. I possibly could have lived with that. Oh well $hit happens man and if you’re not liking it and you are a good candidate for surgery I say go for it if that’s what you want. I feel you have every right to be normal just as anyone else does. If you don’t want surgery far out man that’s cool to but if you have a child try not to have a fixed biased opinion towards this issue. Whether or not you did just fine with webbed toes and think it’s the coolest thing ever just understand your child probably won’t feel that way, atleast not in todays world. Think about it, we now live in a world surrounded by all of these images of perfection and Hollywood types, demands on us physically are harder then ever. Twenty years ago you would not have seen a doctor 90210 or a Nip N Tuck series. Kids now are faced with totally different issues then our parents or us ever were, most definitely. With our technology it’s now standard to fix these cosmetic deformities for a hosts of reasons already addressed. As carrying parents of course we do not want to subject our children to any shame or ridicule but this where you have to be the parent and realize your child is in fact different and will in fact be teased for this. From my experience with this as well as knowing friends who’s children were born with webbed toes and had successful surgery at a year of age to 3 yrs of age, I can tell you if your plastic surgeon is qualified and educated on this procedure things will most likely work out for the best. I asked my plastic surgeon here in Arizona who is very well known and regarded as one of the West Coasts finest if the toes could grow back together. She says this absolutely impossible. Once the skin is seperated and sutured there is no way on this heavenly earth it can grow back together if the sutures heal up. Especially if there is a skin graft. It’s not like you have this web gone wild. Your toes look the same at birth as they do now, no less webbing, no more. Once this is cut in the z plasty form and folded over and pulled down it totally chages the makeup of how the toes skin used to be therefore eliminating the possibility of them growing together. Number one this is where a well educated plastic surgeon comes in, not a podiatrist. It’s kind of like seeing a dermatologist in order to get lips removed from your forehead. I’ve only heard this once before from a post on here and she went to a unqualified podiatrist/friend of the family who probably thought he could just cut it an area without a graft to cover properly. Seriously, if you are really considering this surgery I suggest going to a big city like LA, NYC, Dallas, PHX, etc.. I would not trust your local farm hand slash mechanic slash plastic surgeon. Usually these do it all types are a little qorky. I’ve posted names of plastic surgons in previous posts, if anyone is interested I’d be more then happy to rename them.

  337. anon says:

    hey yes right on micheal, it feels like u were describing how i feel about my toes to a tee!
    krissy please can we have some more updates on your toes:) how webbed were they to begin with? im going for the operation in less than a week now and im starting to get a little freaked, im only going to get one done at a time by a well known podiatrist, who seemed very knowlegable in the area and said hed seen lots of them :S

  338. michael says:

    Right on, glad you can relate. Don’t sweat it besides you can be awake through the procedure if you like. I did and it was nice because I could see and tell them exactly where to stop. The healing process can be a little frustrating and make you anxious since you are changing something you’ve lived with all your life. It’s all good tho, it doesn’t take long. I personally believe doing it independently is a good idea if you want them to be more even in the end since the doctor can see how it heals the first time. My right foot was joined less and required zero grafting but it’s slightly higher then the left side now. Go figure.

    Btw has anyone who has already had the operation done have any post-op pictures after they healed. I’m just curious because I’ve only seen one other persons afterward and hers was really minor without grafting. Also did you have complete feeling between them afterward like your toes not joined together? I noticed the grafted skin feels different, I’m assuming because my groin area has really lean skin. I wonder if it was as thick? Thanx

  339. michael says:

    BTW NAT I’m sure you’re a good parent, I don’t doubt it at all. It’s great you are researching it and seeing what others think and feel about this. Alot of parents don’t look into it like you have, right on man. It’s pretty tight that you are willing to allow your son the surgery option if it starts to bother him. That’s definitely cool, it’s obvious you love him alot. I just often wish my parents would have done it when I was younger so there wouldn’t have been any scarring but like you say it’s an option. Good deal man, alot of parents have webbed toes and forbid the kid surgery because it’s like a sacred trait to them or something and the ones who don’t have webbed toes often think it’s no big deal. I guess it’s all in the eye of the beholder. Yea moondog there’s nothin wrong with being different and if it doesn’t bother you that’s pretty cool dude. I admire that but I guess I just worry about different things man. It’s all good. Besides we all know deep down that those of us with webbed toes totally rule. Even after surgery it ‘sticks’ with us. haha Peace pplz

  340. L says:

    Hi NICOLE.Well i actually live in Toronto, so if you know about any of the surgeons there.It would be great.Thanks a lot

  341. nicole says:

    L, the next time I will see my family physician is at the end of June for my sons 2nd year check up. I will ask her then who she suggested I see. I’m not planning on leaving this website any time soon so I hope you can wait until then. I will let you know the surgeons name for sure. No worries. I do remember that it was downtown somewhere. I just can’t remember which hospital that the surgeon worked out of. Have you asked your family doctor about it? My doctor is great about stuff like that. My sons belly button sticks out quite a bit. She was actually the one who suggested he go in, in a year or so to get it fixed. She says one or two stitches will hold in into place. She mentioned that he would probably feel self consious about it when he’s older and realizes its different. He’s not quite 2 yet but already has discovered that its different. He likes to pull up peoples shirts a bit to look at their belly button, then he looks at his and tugs on it a bit. We all know very well what its like to feel self consious about a part of our body. So I’m glad she suggested to get it fixed for him and that its a very minor surgery. Anyway, enough of my rambling. I will be in touch.

  342. krissy says:

    Reply to Anon’s comment #338:

    It’s going really well, actually! I’ve already been walking on my foot, though I can only walk on the inside edge to avoid the last two toes having so much weight on them. I walked a good mile or so today, the only thing is that it hurts my knees to walk like that for so long, but hey, whatcha gonna do about it, ya know? Tomorrow I’ll be in school for 2 and a half hours or so, walking from class to class. I’m kinda nervous about having to walk without the crutches, but it’ll be easier. I have to wear flip flops because any other shoes run the risk of ruining the skin graft, even though it’s been 2 weeks and 2 days. πŸ™‚ You can never be too careful. I just want it to be as perfect as posible, so I’m just gonna take it easy. I think that the walking thing might have something to do with the pin that I had put in my little toe. I’m getting that out in a week and five days or so, and I was told that as soon as I get that out I’ll be able to run and stuff. After you start walking on your feet again after crutches, you might notice while changing the dressings (every 2 days or so) that the skin is wet and salmon-pinkish colored. I think it’s normal because your foot isn’t used to being put to work again after 2 weeks. I’m not going to worry about it too much. Mm…but yeah. That’s about it. I can’t wait until I get the pin out. I’ve been told that I might be able to play in the last soccer game in 3 weeks. Thank god for Memorial Weekend pushing games back a week, and also for the rain date game that has to be made up! If I get to play that game, my life will be complete…^____^

  343. nicole says:

    Krissy, are you embarrassed at all about going back to school and explaining why you are walking funny, or limping? Do you have any pictures you could share with us of before and after?

  344. NAT says:


  345. Lynn says:

    I am amazed at the number of people who have their 2nd and 3rd toes webbed. I too try to hide my feet, wear socks and avoid flip flops and bare feet. As a teenage girl I used to draw a line down my toes with black permanent marker. I often thought about slitting them myself and going to the emergency room to have them stitched up. Now I am 50 and have lived a great life despite my webbed toes. My husband of 29 years never reacted to them. My three daughters have “normal” toes and they have encourage me to wear open toed shoes and to just be normal about being at the pool or beach. For Mother’s Day this year they gave me a pedicure gift certificate. I enjoyed it thoroughly. The girl who worked on my feet told me that she has several other clients with the same thing. I always thought I would like to have the surgery; but now that I am at this stage of my life, I feel that I will keep my unique digits and be happy with them. My sagging breasts and wrinkles have been accepted, so should my webbed toes. In the grand scheme of things, they really aren’t all that important.

  346. mouserz says:

    Wow, i thought i was all alone in my webbed-toed-ness.

    Which i have learned from this site is called: Syndactyly.

    I am horribly embaressed by it.
    No one has ever freaked out over it tho, but im wondering if anyone has actually gotten them seperated if if thats even poosible?

    Any help would be great!

  347. nicole says:

    MOUSERZ, Read Krissy’s postings. She just had it done. I’m so jealous !!

  348. L says:

    Ok Nicole. thanks a lot.I will keep checking in to see if you have gotten back to me.Thanks again for your help.Any info will help me for sure.I checked with my family doctor but he was one of those who just didn’t understand why I wanted to have it done.So I just let it go and decided not to ask him about it anymore.

  349. michael says:

    ^5 NAT. Hey Mouserz, I had the surgery done when I was 17. I had grafting done on only two toes on my left foot and fortunately they were able to get away without grafts on my right. If your surgeon says you’re a candidate for this go for I’d reccommend it. It greatly reduces any risks involved w/grafting and I have zero scarring on my right side. Of course this usually isn’t the case with syndactyly- most of the time it requires grafting. If they do it this way they may not have enough skin to go down as far as you may like but it’s all a personal preferance. I’m really happy I went this route because it’s far enough down to look normal yet just high enough to remind me of how they were. However just so you know, I personally have a high tolerance for pain possibly due to my many broken bones due to my love for extreme moto-cross, martial arts, skiing, etc.. and I have to say it hurt like hell having my skin stitched so tightly together without grafts. WOW! Yes, it can hurt but I really like how it came out in comparison to the grafted side. Zero scarring versus faint scarring on my left and total feeling versus slightly less sensation on my left between. No big deal tho I can still feel them. The one thing I’ve noticed is the skin grafted seems to be softer to the touch and has a smoother texture. My girlfriend I’ve been seeing off n on for some time, is a practicing physician here in Arizona, she also pointed this out after givin me a foot massage. She used to always comment and ask how I managed to keep my feet so soft over the years so I decided to level with her and tell her about my surgery and 17 years of sock therapy hiding my paws lol. I felt obligated after she pointed out how really soft and smooth the area was and without fail she looked alot closer with this silly little smirkish smile and noticed the faint scarring and asked what had happened. GULP Besides being a physician I assumed she probably already knew and I didn’t feel right keeping it from her since we had been together for some time plus we had talked about kids one day. I just don’t think it would’ve been right not saying anything knowing the high possibilty of a baby being born like myself. After telling her and much to my surprise she didn’t believe me. She honestly thought I was joking and started quacking at me and said “no really” lol. Omg that was a day I’ll never forget. She still had a hard time fully believing me because I didn’t have any before photos plus my little girl doesn’t have webbed toes but now I get even more paw attention. The interesting thing is that she believes it would be cute to have a little baby like me. Go figure. So for anyone worried about how it will come out I really wouldn’t sweat it if they are skilled surgeons. Besides, just think about it, who would ever guess your toes were once stuck together if you have a little faint scar on top or between your toes?? Exactly! Anyways if anyone would like to see photos I took a couple for another friend on here who’s having the surgery. Just post an email because I’m not sure how to post on the net. Also if anyone else has had it done I’d be curious to see other photos other then my own. Thanx

  350. michelle says:

    Oh my gosh…..I am having surgery in Aug…and I am very nervous about it..I am meeting with my plastic surgeon next week for a consultation….I am 26 years and it has bothered me forever….I have the money ant the vacation time to finally do it..if any one can tell me details about the surgery and recovery and also before and after pictures would be awesome….I have looked all over and cant seem to find any….thanks

  351. michelle says:

    its me again also how long before you can walk normal and wear flip flops…from the time of surgery how many days until the stitches are out and you can start walking? thanks guys

  352. tracey :) says:

    hey guys, had my surgery on friday… and dam it was nuthing πŸ™‚ i only had one foot done (im getting the next one done in a few months) but ive had no pain in it whatsoever after the operation, i got given these kick ass painkillers and i dun even need to take them πŸ™ hehehe the doctor put plaster on my leg and thats prob the most annoying thing about it cause i cant move my foot in it πŸ™ or walk on it (i know im not sposed to but i wanna know if i can) neways im gunna have the plaster removed tomorrow hopefully, and maybe everything will be getting close to being back to normal again πŸ˜‰
    cheers guys

  353. Anonymous says:

    If you have to have any grafting done try to stay off of them for like 9 days if you can. The last thing you want to do is have it not take due to impatience. I read a post about a girl who’s grafting didn’t take because she wanted to make it to her high school prom. She made it but her toes are stuck together again, doctor said it was to risky to keep trying to graft the skin after the second attempt. Patience grasshopper. I only see before photos as well, it’s like people get surgery then run for the hills. I’m curious as to the percentage of successful surgeries. Successful meaning realistic looking, zero loss of sensation or minimal* and faint scarring if any. It would be nice to see the difference if any between podiatrists and plastic surgeons works.

  354. Anonymous says:

    I never knew I was related to a pigmy chimp. Is this true? If this is the case I guess you could call me the early mornin stoned chimp. Kid Rock bwahahaha Omg what a trip. I am Chimp, Pigmy Chimp.

  355. sara says:

    Hello, it’s nice to see all of the webbed toe people in such a large group. Interesting. In regards to post 193, I don’t believe it’s normal to want webbed toes if you are normal per say. It’s not like we with webbed toes don’t know what normal is physically and what society as a whole perceives to be or not to be attractive. People generally want to improve on their looks versus the very few who sculpt their bodies like a tiger or lizard and take on a whole new persona. I suppose if you travel with a group of carnies but why would you want to? I know exactly how great it feels to have them seperated. It is liberating and it also makes you more attractive. All I can say is if you put that much thought into your regular lookin feet then I can only imagine what else is spinning around in that hamster wheel upstairs. Go buy some glue or convince your doctor you have a hammer toe, he’ll sew them together. When born with webbed toes your nerves usually* still run along the sides of the toes giving us the sensation of them being stuck together, yes, they are stuck together but it’s only natural for your brain to want to want to be able to spread them, especially since our muscles are also along the sides such as our extensor muscles etc.. It’s the strangest feeling there is, it’s like being in a straight jacket and knowing if I can only get out of it I can breathe and stretch and move all around. Believe me, if you have webbed toes and never wandered what it would be like to feel between them I’d be very surprised. I would have dreams as ridiculous as putting lotion on or painting my nails and could feel between the toes, then of course I’d wake up and I’d be staring at my two toes that looked like the Sesame Street charachters who bleep bleep all the time. You know the ones that are stuck together except their heads? hahaha In my family they called them twin toes. I personally believe it’s because of Sesame Street. The kids who knew about my feet would always look over and giggle when we watched that show in class. I hated that show.

  356. Liz says:

    michael, can i see the after pictures of your toes? bc i’m thinking about getting mine separated, but i’m scared about the risks, not really the scarring, but more the fact that i might not be able to feel my toes…thanks

  357. Adjun says:

    Well, I can see that a few of us here have such high opinions and enlightened minds on what is everyone else’s problems. Instead of kind suggestions, caring complements, and well wishes, a few of us find that we are now pedophiles, cannibles, rapists, not to mention homicidal (post 330). You have run a fellow member and online friend off of this site, and yet failed to see that you did nothing but come here and let fly a thousand swords from your tongue as though you were the angel of judgement and a shining example by which all men and women should fashion themselves. I only hope there is room for some change in how fast you judge those around you. And for informational value only, the foot fetish is THE most common fetish. To posess such a trait and then find a unique foot beautiful being a sin? I’ve hurt no one and never will, and I am insulted you would suggest such a thing. When you’ve said a prayer for the girl crying on the corner as your driving to work, held the door open for every person you meet in a doorway, and hoped a thousand wonderful things for strangers you’ll never meet again, then maybe you can lay harsh judgement on me and the rest of us on here you don’t know. As far as post 356 is concerned. Thank you for enlightening me that I am abnormal in a way that I already knew. The truth is, you don’t have to say that you think it’s not normal for what I feel inside. You only say it to provoke a negative reaction from the author. Problem is, your one of a million other self-appointed judges passing sentence on everything that doesn’t agree with what YOU have experienced. Life is, for every individual person, a unique and overwhelmingly complex series of experiences, emotions, understandings, and enlightenments. You say in the same breath it’s not normal for me to WANT to know what having webbed toes is like, and then turn around and say you had dreams of feeling BETWEEN your webbed toes. If anything, we’re running on the same hamsterwheel friend. I am, by no means, angry at anyone in particular. I am only engraged by narrow-mindedness and personal attacks. If that’s all you’ve come here to do, is to play verbal volley-ball, then take up court somewhere else. Leave the rest of us seeking true interaction and friendly conversation alone.

    P.S. Here’s hoping Moondog realizes that one person alone is not worth leaving a group of fellow on-line buds. Best wishes man…

  358. Michael says:

    Hi Liz, sure that’s no problem. Just send me your email to If you post your email or link in here I can send it that way as well. I do not have any pre-op pictures but I do have pictures I recently took for a friend of mine who just had her surgery. I would’t worry to much about the loss of sensation, it is so incredibly minor that it just feels that way in very little areas. Not anywhere else on my foot or toes, just in the middle where the small grafts where but it is such a very minimal loss of sensation not a complete loss. My right side required zero grafting and I have total feeling. Just curious but were yours also the 2nd and 3rd toes on your feet? How high up? Sure, I’d be happy to send them to you or anyone else interested. Take it easy.

  359. Dave says:

    I have had webbed toes, 2nd and 3rd half way up, since birth, as my father and two brothers. My Grandmother, on my Father’s side had them also.

    Anyone else out there have these toes and their last name Gross?

  360. Anonymous says:

    is there any way to strech the webbing between the toes to make it look normal??? i have webbing between the 1st and 2nd and i want to wear there any way to stretch it?? help!

  361. Anonymous says:

    I reallly need help. ive been so embarrased of my toes whole life basically (hiding at the beach, always socks, no sandals, etc.) I really want the surgery but have some concerns. I am terrified of going under general anesthesia, and was wondering if there was any way that I could go under local w/ IV sedation, or anything else. Also what are the risks? Any stories? Any info would be highly appreciated.

  362. michelle says:

    this is to Michael……can you please send me a picture of the after photos…I sent you an email the other day…pretty please…….


    When i met my finace, i was fascinated with his webbed toes. his second and third toe are almost completely webbed on both feet. his father, his grandfather, and several uncles and cousins all have the same exact thing. the only female to have this from his family is his sister and her webbed toes are her pinky and fourth toe. I recently gave birth to our first son together, and he too has the same toes as my fiance. at first i thought it was a bit freakish, but now i think they are just so cute. i hope he is proud of his toes one day. we won’t hvae them seperated because there is nothing wrong with them, and it is how god made him:)


    ok the comment about how god made him was a little lame. but in all seriousness, when i spoke to my sons pediatrician about having them seperated he told me that they could not do it until he is an older toddler, and then he would have to be put under anastesia. I think i’m lucky to have a child who is healthy and there are so many parents out there who have experienced severe problems in their children. some who have even lost their hildren. i am so grateful that his difference is something as mminor as webbed toes and not cancer or down syndrom or developmental delays.

  365. Anonymous asked about anesthesia for surgery. I fix webbed toes under local anesthesia if requested by the patient. Here is a link to photos:

  366. michelle says:

    this is in reply to the dr. above……if you are under local what is it like?

  367. I just give some injections to numb the donor site area for the graft and the toe areas. It’s about 4 injections and it stings a bit and takes about 20 seconds for all of the injections. After about 10 minutes the areas are totally numb and nothing is felt through the entire procedure. I do use a tight cuff (like a blood pressure cuff) around the ankle to prevent bleeding. If the patient wants, I let them take a Valium pill to relax them or have an anesthesiologist give them some medication to allow them to be in a “twilight sleep” through the procedure. Personally, I would go for the “twilight sleep, as my patients always wake-up feeling great!

  368. Anonymous says:

    I am strongly considering the corrective surgery. However, I am worried about finding a doctor with the most experience and who would do the best job. Would you suggest seeing a podiatrist or a plastic surgeon? Thanks!

  369. Many Plastic surgeons have experience with doing fingers but not toes. If they are Board Certified they should be pretty good and should be able to handle the surgery without difficulty. A Podiatrist who is Board Certified by The American Board of Podiatric Surgery should generally be qualified to do this surgery. Whoever you choose, I would ask how many he has done, what are his results and what technique he uses. I feel that if he (or she) is a good surgeon that even if they have only done one, that would be fine. Try to see pictures of the results. A good surgeon, whether Podiatrist or Plastic, should be able to give a decent result. You probably won’t find someone who has alot of experience with this as it is not that common of a procedure to perform. In Japan it is performed more often because their culture requires people to take their shoes off before entering a house. Of many Podiatrist’s and Plastic surgeon’s I know, less than half have ever performed the procedure and most have only done it once. But most of these surgeon’s perform much more difficult and complex procedures on a regular basis.

  370. Anonymous says:

    How much does the surgery cost?

  371. It is not inexpensive, that’s for sure. Their may be several fees involved. If you have anesthesia other than local, then you need to pay an anesthetist (could be about $250). Each surgery center has their own fee schedule for use of the operating room and personnel. This part could easily cost $1500 – I don’t know for sure. Finally, you have the surgeon’s fee. This could be another $1000 – $2000. You have to check with each party involved to find out what the total price will be. The surgeon’s fee should cover all post-op care as well.

  372. Anonymous says:

    Web Toe Fixer, where are you located?

  373. Anonymous – If you tell me where you’re located I might be able to provide some links to Board Certified surgeons in your state.

  374. Anonymous says:

    I am located in Maryland.

  375. michelle says:

    this is to the dr. above….I am curios as to what the risks are of losing a toe or losing feeling……

  376. Anonymous says:

    also to the dr. long does the surgery take?

  377. michelle says:

    for the people wondering about the surgery I went for a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon…..I am getting my surgery done in Aug…and after meeting with him I feel very confident and realistic about the outcomes…there will be scarring but it will fade after time….they are taking a graft from the groin area….I have chosen the option of the local anesthesia instead of general due to there are less risks involved and plus I am paranoid about general for some reason….but anyway the surgery is about 2 hours long…..and then I have to stay off my feet for a total of 5 days…..then you were surgical boots for so you cant bend your toes…..but in all you have to wear them only 9 days total……including the 5 days staying off of your feet…as long as you are realistic about the outcome which is havng them sepearted then you will be happy….the total cost is about 4000 dollars…..the surgery itself isn’t expensive it is the surgical facility and the anesthesiologist fees that add up….

  378. Anonymous says:

    thanks for the info michelle!! one question though, what did the plastic surgeon say about the risks of losing a toe or losing feeling in the toes? I am a very enthusiastic athlete, if i get the surgery, how long would it be until i could play sports again? thanks so much.

  379. michelle says:

    No problem, the risks are there…..but he said very minimal at best for losing a toe….that is if you follow what they tell you to do…which is stay off of your feet literally for about 9 days……which might drive some people kinda crazy…..but it is a trade off that i think is definately worth it in the end….as far as losing feeling he said I most likely will lose some feeling not all but some….he said though it will just take a few days getting used to it and it really isn’t going to affect any daily routines….i.e. sports…so if your an athlete I think you will be fine…as far as when you will be able to play sports again that is dependent upon how quickly you heal…..

  380. Anonymous says:

    so basically you can take off the boot thing, and just wear flip flops etc. after 9 days??!!

  381. Anonymous says:

    What is the surgery itself called? I need to know the name to see if insurance covers it. thanks

  382. It is called a desyndactylization procedure and the CPT code is 28345. I doubt you will find an insurance company that will cover it because it is considered cosmetic. You can find Board Certified Foot Surgeons in Maryland here:
    Make sure to ask any potential doctors the questions I posted previously.

  383. Dave says:

    In response to post 269, i didn’t need to get that test you’re talking about. I just went into the surgery knowing the risks. However, it wasn’t until after the operation that my sergeon said that he could tell prior to the surgery that there was no risk of cutting the veins. This was because it was evident from x-rays that there was a clear distinction between the bones in my webbed toes.

    On another note, the donor site from where my skin graft taken hasn’t healed very much, and its been just over 4 months since my operation. Is there anyone out there who’s had a skin graft and can tell me how long it takes for the donor site to heal??

  384. Cierra says:

    i have webbed toes on my left all the way up to the nail and right half way id anyone can tell me the kind of doctor to go to please let me know

  385. anonamous says:

    if anyone knows a doctor in St. Louis tell me

  386. michelle says:

    this is to dave above……how long did you wear the boots for?

  387. michelle says:

    this is to Cierra………go to a plastic surgeon they are more skilled at handling this type of procedure…..

  388. Madison says:

    If anybody had the surgery to get the toes seperated please email me and tell me the amount of pain…and what they do…i’m 18 and really embarrassed of my web toes πŸ™

  389. Anonymous says:

    can any one please send me pictures of there toes

  390. Anonymous says:

    There’s this guy I like and people say he has webbed feet, He always wears socks and I think he is embarressed, but I really like him and I dont know how to tell him he has special toes and that it doesn’t change the way I feel about him at all…I dont know if he would get mad that I brought it up. But I dont want him to think that he has to hide anything or that I dont like him that much or I wouldn’t think his toes were cute…I would adore them!

  391. Allie says:

    i used to go to this site a lot because i too have webbed toes. (why else would i be here..) just wanted to say thanks for actually putting up really good information about the surgery and if the doctor comes back to this site.. my 2nd and 3rd toes are joined about 1/2-3/4 the way up but the 2nd toe has kind of formed a hump and is curling down. this only started when i was about 12 and im 18 now. i dont know why its done it and i think it will cause problems when i get older because sometimes i have like an annoying pain from it. is there more of a chance for me to get the procedure covered by insurance? is this normal for webbed toes? please post something back–anyone who has any answers!!!

  392. Allie:
    If, in fact you do have pain from the toes, then yes, there is a chance you could get the procedure covered by insurance. You would have to have a letter of medical necessity written by the doctor and get WRITTEN pre-certification from the insurance company. This could then be classified as a painful, congenital deformity of the toes, which is generally covered by most insurance companies.

  393. Liz says:

    thanks michael for the information…for those of you who had the surgery, were you in a lot of pain after? and michelle, you said you had to get your skin graft from your groin area? i don’t understand how that whole concept works…like do they actually have to cut skin around your private area? and if you get skin from that area, this might sound gross, but will hair still grow on the skin graft, when it’s put on your toes?

  394. mm says:

    Liz, there shouldn’t be any problem with that.. I never did but then again I don’t have a hairy body.. You know that line on a guys abs that chiks think is sexy?? Ok well right below that to where even if I wore some skimpy suit you still couldn’t tell, super fine line and totally healed quick.. I guess they could use that permanent hair removal laser if they had to like I saw them do for this kid on Discovery who had a graft from his head put on his nose.. Trippy but yea he grew hair but they just zapped it and it never came back.. Dunno hon, never had a bush between muh toes thank God…

  395. Anonymous says:

    This comment is directed to WEB TOE FIXER.. I must say, it takes alot of nerve to say plastic surgeons are only used to working with fingers and not toes.. Listen, there is a reason why they get paid the big bucks.. I saw the pics you posted of the persons toes before and after and I wasn’t impressed.. In fact not only do you scar up the ankles you also appear to have parked a bus between that poor persons toes.. I was married to a plastic surgeon for a number of years and I can tell you that not only did they have to fix the many horrific surgeries you all attempted and sold as ‘simple’ but you also are trying to monopolize on the webbed toe market.. See, a good surgeon doesn’t have to search for work, it finds them because of the many fantastic results.. I can appreciate answering questions and so forth but by making comments about plastic surgeons not being qualified is a joke. Before I had my surgery done I went to podiatric surgeons and each told me that they would have pull a tendon or something to seperate the toes more after the surgery.. Whether or not you did that to the poor girls toes in the pictures which it appears something is definitely wrong there but when I went to the most qualified plastic surgeons out here in AZ and in California I can tell you that not one of them had ever heard of such a thing.. Plus they had all repaired webbed toes many different times and yes, I saw the pictures and No, not one set looked as odd as those posted. No offense but people here really do care about their toes appearance and in reality I’m actually happy you posted those pics so people can see the HUGE difference in a plastic surgeons work and a podiatrists attempt. A plastic surgeon is more like an artist and there is a reason why they call it cosmetic enhancement surgery and not just desyndactylization procedure.. Sure that’s a technical name but that’s just lamens terms for cutting webbed toes, what matter is what they do next and how they do it. Anyone can cut a zig zag and flap but not anyone can tighten in all the right places and not leave that buttoned look as in the pictures around the stitches. I’ve seen this done a number of times and never have I seen that, it’s like an ER stitch job.. Atleast a plastic surgeon knows how to properly sculpt the toes to match the rest of the foots appearance.. It almost appears if you gave her a 4th toe look versus a 3rd toe appearance. See folks, most podiatrists are only allowed to take grafts from the ankle because they are not qualified and educated in the area to take grafts from anywhere else on the body.. They are only into feet. Now a plastic surgeon is very skilled in working with every area of the body especially with grafts (burn victims for example) and cosmetic enhancements. It’s like a podiatrist has one technique that they use for each set of toes and thats’s it. Sure the most common is Z-plasty but what if you don’t need a graft, then how do they cut them or do they go ahead and tell you that you need a graft since they are not skilled to sculpt the skin without it?? Now a plastic surgeon can manipulate the skin, cuts, and grafts to customize it to make it look normal and ‘match’ the rest of the toes.. People with webbed toes don’t just want seperated toes, sure as hell not so far apart they can park a bus, and they also want them to look as normal as possible.. A plastic surgeon can do this, plus think about it, if you are already self-conscious of your feet why would you want a surgeon to cut up your ankles and feet even more?? My friends who had this done are quite upset and unhappy because they got something other then what they asked for. Of course the ankles scar, atleast your groin is covered most of time if it did scar. I just hope they don’t scar like others I’ve seen. Why would you risk grafting a toe and pray it takes or doesn’t get infected when just above your toes you have this big slice cut out which has the same vulnerability for infection, especially when grafting depends on blood flow, clean flow.. It’s common sense.. BUT it’s the only option a podiatric surgeon has so of course they will justify it anyway they can.. I sure would not go to a surgeon for a nose job if they only knew how to give one style nose.. That would really suck wouldn’t it?? A PODIATRIST may work with feet but that in no way qualifies them anymore then a skilled plastic surgeon just because they work with feet. Would you go to a ear nose and throat surgeon to fix your ears if they stuck out like Will Smiths?? I think not.. It just upsets me to see a doctor soliciting on this site and posting pictures of a foot like that.. I’d like to see the healed pics of that foot and lets see where you can justify cutting up the feet more so. Unbelievable, is business that bad?? Had I seen that set of pics before having surgery I would of opted out in a heart beat.. To all of those out there who still have webbed toes, NO, that isn’t normal. There are good post op pics out there, you compare for yourself. If that individual would like to fix them I have a number of fantastic plastic surgeons you can reach.. Also, notice the comment about “feeling great” when going under with twighlight sleep, that’s why they want you out of it because they know you can’t ask questions and contribute to the surgery. I went under local anesthetic and was happy as hell I did, I got to speak with the surgeons every step of the way and give my opinion “the one that counts” on how my toes should be.. For example, me personally would not want two 4th toes on my foot if I could have gone to a plastic surgeon and had a proper procedure done without the risk of ankle scarring.. Scars stretch and it will look like stretch marks on your feet, that’s not cool period..

  396. The pics you referred to are immediately post-op and 6 days post-op – not even close to representing the final cosmetic outcome. Just look at someone who has had a major facial cosmetic procedure immediately post-op. The rest of your post is just plain hateful and that’s too bad. This one sentence in your above ramblings says it all: “I WAS married to a plastic surgeon…” With an attitude like yours, it’s no surprise you’re not anymore.

  397. somedudefromwyoming says:

    second and third toes webbed on both feet 3/4 way up- getting them cut, dont want to look different in the USMC

    thanks for the info on surgery and stuff doesint sound to bad

  398. michelle says:

    this is to Liz… surgeon said yes that hair would most likely grow on the area grafted…..but no biggie….once it is healed you could pluck or get it lazer off……but it not going to grow like it would usually gro…..very minimal……….. i know it is gross but oh well…….seperated toes seem like a good trade off to me………any more questions let me know………take care……

  399. Morgan says:

    Hey everyone.My name is Morgan. I am 12 years old and I have webbed toes. On the left foot it is like half way up and on the left it is like 3/4. I am kinda self contouis(sp?) about my toes. I’ve been thinking about sergoury(sp?) Wut do u guys think? If you cud tell me your opioin that would be awsome

  400. Anonymous says:

    how do you know if you will need a skin graft or not?

  401. Anonymous says:

    She died by the way, thank you very much for your sincere statement… Car wreck summer of 99…. We are discussing your horrible podiatric procedures and post op pictures versus much more educated professionals like plastic surgeons not our immediate personal lives…. thanks again for your wonderful pics of simple sugery gone bad…. nice ankle scars…. where’d you get your medical degree? a meat market? Like I said business that bad?? We can see why you solicite here… I also asked for you to present a “healed” picture… We realize what after surgery pics look like… Thanks again Butch aka Web Toe Botcher

  402. Liz says:

    yes, i agree, can you please post a healed picture of that same persons foot? not a different persons, it needs to be the same, in order for this to be valid. or heck, just get a whole different persons toes with post-op pics and then completely healed pics. and thanks michelle, i agree, it’s definitely a trade off. oh, and also, i’m still kind of scared about loosing feeling in my toes if i get it done. can you loose your toes if that happens?

  403. Dougal says:

    Let’s keep things civil, people.

  404. Dave says:

    In response to michelle of post 387, I had the boots for about a week and a half. I was worried about what that would be like as well, as in going out in public with them etc. But you’re really not meant to leave the house for about 2 weeks anyway so it didn’t matter.
    Keep the questions coming people!

  405. michelle says:

    this is to Dave….my doctor pretty much told me the same thing i am taking about 10 days off from work………so I will be off my feet for that whole time……I may take more time if I feel like i dont want to go back to work with them on…….he said i could get back into normal shoes… flats or flip-flops…..nothing that will constrain the toes something open……does that sound about right?

  406. Anonymous says:

    Ok, im a horseback rider..if I get the surgery, how long will it be until i can ride my horse again???? I really want to get the surgery done this summer, but I am also an extremely competitive equestrian and I go to horse shows every weekend. Will this work??? I can probably take like 2 weekends off from riding.

  407. Anonymous says:

    ok you only had it on for a week and half. I would like to know if you could tell where exactly on your toes you had surgery, cuz I really don’t want anyone to notice it!!

  408. Liz says:

    does anyone know if you can loose your toes during the surgery? or after? bc that’s the only think i’m scared about. thank you.

  409. Liz says:

    Also, if anyone had grafting done, and the donor site was from the groin area, how long did it take to heal? and was there a lot of scarring?

  410. Charleigh says:

    This is to Web Toe Fixer. I saw your picture and I think you did a hell of a job. I had my toes done by a plastic surgeon and they don’t look nearly as good as the picture you posted. When that person’s toes heal, that space in the middle will fall together and I’m sure those toes will look great. I had mine separated by a podiatrist about 15 years ago and he didn’t cut them down as far as I liked. He also used the ankle for the donor site and that scar looked pretty much like the one in your picture and it is totally gone now. It’s just a very VERY faint white line that no one would ever notice but me. Because I wasn’t happy with my toes the first time, I went to a plastic surgeon whom I thought would do a much better job. The donor site was from the groin. Once again, they were not cut down far enough and the scarring this time was horrible. (The first time I had no scarring at all, they just weren’t cut low enough) The second time I had a lot of scarring. This scar was very thick and noticeable. One year later he redid the surgery to try and fix the scarring. (this was done in March of this year) Actually my right foot looks a lot better, but I’m still not happy with the left. I guess you can tell by the number of times I’ve had this surgery that I’m determined to have normal toes!!! Believe me, I would love to have the results you showed in that picture. The toes are all even and I’m sure that person will not have any scarring. Most people might think I’m a very shallow person because I have had a lot of cosmetic surgery….nose, breasts, and someday probably a face lift. But yes, I’m very vain and strive for the perfect body. Which most people think I have until they see my toes. I think you should be the best that you can be. You only live once. And from all the surgery I’ve seen and have had done, you’ve done an excellent job. I wish you would have done mine. My plastic surgeone did great on my nose and breasts, but my toes were a different story.

  411. Michael says:

    Charleigh, I feel for anyone who has bad experiences with surgeons in general period. I also had a plastic surgeon do my surgery and was more then happy with the results. I spoke with the gentlemen ‘anonymous’ who requested post-op healed pics of my feet and it was after that he was obviously compelled to write the post. Yes, when talking with him I am the one who coined the phrase ‘bus parked between her toes’ because after all of the surgeies I’ve seen and gone through myself I to was frightened to see a photo set such as those. I have to tell you, it’s like anything now days, for example autos, you can find auto manufacturers all over and they all provide you with a vehicle that can get you from point a to point b. The question is, how do you want to get there and like an auto I imagine you do your research and request photos of every type of auto and option available. If you could go into a dealership and have your choice of a covered wagon with special optional boots to make you look fancier which cost a fortune and serve a minimal purpose for a week or two or go buy a porche for the same price which not only gets you from point a to b with every custom option available but it gets you there in class and style with very obvious and asthetically pleasing lines. I personally do my research and considering it is my body we are talking about I leave no rock unturned. As a result I shopped around and could not justify cutting my toes just to seperate them as well as cut my ankles which A only draw more attention to your feet and lead to more explaining which of course most of us don’t want to have to explain we had webbed toes to begin with which is why we had the surgery and B out of all of the most famous plastic surgeons in my area I also found out not all of these fantastic plastic surgeons work with procedures like this as to where some specialize in micro-hand surgery etc.. It’s extremely important you research this, just because they use the term micro-hand surgery does not mean they cannot do they same for toes. I mean really, would you want your fingers “if webbed” to look like those toes top and bottom which weren’t cut down all the way? Unfortunately just because a doctor is liscenced and able does not mean he or she is artistic and creative in some ways others just are not which like anything seperates the best from the rest. We all have to take our chances and put our faith in those who we choose to go with and this of course again is after much research and photo results. I found alot of great breast implant and lipo doctors who would not take on such procedures, versus others who were highly skilled in these areas. Plus, like you said the podiatrist did not go down as far as you liked, well, that will make for more creative work with the grafting and this possibly why he was afraid to go down anymore. This is common amoung podiatrist, imagine if those were your fingers? If you notice the Web Toe Fixer photos the bottom of the toes are not exactly seperated like normal toes at all and they are spread very far apart. Sure, considering they do not do this tendon surgery I’ve heard about to spread the toes more then the toes should be closer together. I personally am not one to just settle for something just so I can get it, I want the best and if it’s going to cost the same regardless who I go to then I prefer going with a more skilled professional. Plastic surgeons put people back together constantly in traumatic instances as well as cosmetic procedures all to often. There are good and bad doctors out there everywhere, now I am not saying Web Toe Fixer is a bad doctor at all, I’m just saying I would have wanted my money back had that been my toes or atleast had them made to look more natural, that’s all. I have heard of other web toed surgeries go bad and this is exactly why I feel it’s important to stress my opinions in hopes that they will take more pride in their work and/or refine their current methods which some currently use because I have seen many seperation surgeries that are obvious they had webbed toes to begin with, or look much worse then the webbed toes themselves. I’m not sure but it is my guess that looking at photos and judging by the responses between Web Toe Fixer and ‘anonymous’ I would mostly have to believe this was Web Toe Fixer’s first seperation surgery. I’ve seen alot of surgeons who get very offended by an opinion which differs from theirs, if they were wise they would take this as constructive criticism and not to heart and actually listen to what other people “honestly” think about the photos. If anything one in that position should lower the level of pride and just try harder next time around. They are probably a good person just not really quite experienced yet in this procedure. I guess everyone has their own view of what attractive is but yes, if I’m going to spend any amount of money on a cosmetic procedure and both cost the same and I had a choice between the best ‘porche-ferrari/plastic surgeon-micro-surgey specialst’ or a ‘covered-wagon or yugo/podiatric surgeon’, my common sense would tell me to go with the best money could buy. I guess you could also put it this way, a Jesse James bike or a Vespa. They both have two wheels but there’s a big difference in one who specializes in custom work. They both can do it, but how well do you want it done. Charleigh, did you see any before and after photos of this plastic surgeons work and how is it they did not cut down far enough if you already had them cut once before? What did they cut then? This didn’t make much sense to me, did you just do one foot the first time or? I just don’t get how your scars could be worse if they also did not go down far enough had they already been cut, how far exactly did you want them to go down? Also if the webbing is not the same on each foot the scarring can most definitely be different. I suppose considering you already had scar tissue the first time around this could explain the scarring issue you complain of. I’m sure Web Toe Fixer would agree that scar tissue does not heal as well. Web Toe Fixer please post healed photos of other patients please.

  412. Claire Lawrence says:

    I too have webbed toes, my 2nd and 3rd to be exact. I had 2 extra toes as well. My big and little toes were taken off, because the extras were in the middle. My big toe was also webbed to my extra toe. My now “big toe” is shorter than both my webbed toes.

  413. Charleigh says:

    Michael, Thanks for your advice. I especially liked your example with the covered wagon and the Porsche. (I drive a Porsche!!!) But, believe me I did my research. (especially the second time) I chose the most highly recommended doctor in our capitol city. And yes, I saw pictures (some good, some ok) But just because a doctor does a good job once doesn’t mean he will do it again!! My implants look really good, but I had a friend who used the same doctor (because I recommended him, and hers looked pretty bad) Anyway, if you’ll look at the photos of Web Toe Fixer’s patient, you will notice then redness between the toes. My guess is that the surgery had not been done for very long. That redness will go away and so will the swelling which makes those toes look so far apart. And yes they are cut down pretty evenly, especially compared to mine. I want my toes cut down so they all look the same length, if that makes sense. As far as not understanding about mine. Like you asked, “What was left to cut?’ There was about 1/4 of an inch of skin still between my toes. That’s why I was totally sure my toes would have to look better the second and third time around. Go figure. I don’t know how they are still not cut down low enough. I even stressed this to the doctor the third time!!! (And by the way all the times I’ve had this done it has been on both feet) The first time there was no scar tissure, just very thin white lines, not thick or anything. Now the scarring is terrible and here it is June and my toes are still very, very red where the skin grafts were attached. And it looks like my toes are not the right length because they still looked slightly webbed. I don’t know how to explain this……but believe me cost was not an issue at all when chosing my surgeon. Cost was not an issue when I bought my Porsche either. And also, I would love to see the pictures posted by Web Toe Fixer when the toes are totally healed. I’m sure they’ll look great.

  414. Arial says:


    I am a nineteen year old female, and have always HATED my WEBBED FEET. After my family discouraged me to get the surgery, “Nobody notices it… etc” They DO NOT KNOW AS OTHERS SAID, what it was like to have these feet, I decided to get the procedure done. I have also hid my feet in the sand for the past years, have tried drawing a line, and refrained from wearing cute flip flops. I have never gotten a pedicure, and am reluctant to show ANYONE my feet. I do not know ANYBODY PERSONALLY who has webbed feet. I once told someone my friend had webbed feet and they went hysterical asking me to take pictures. I never mentioned that subject again. I am horrified by the thought of these webbed feet. I AM NOT PROUD OF THEM IN ANYWAY, and do not think they look nice. However; this is just my opinion. KUDOS to those who like them, I simply do not. As for the looks of most of the people on this board, I reccomend if you have small children then to just get the operation over with and spare them the pain in the future. KIDS ARE CRUEL, and it is not something you want to grow up with these days.

    I visited a podiatrist a little over a month ago, and he said it is a SIMPLE SURGERY, WITH BARELY ANY RISKS. Considering I am fairly healthy and have no allergies. He has seperated other web toes before, so this wasn’t his first time. Two days ago I went to a hospital(my podiatrist who is board certified to be a surgeon) seperated my webbed toes. My second and third digit were partially webbed maybe a little over 1-2 to 3-4 webbed. I did NOT need a skin graf and that is a lot of webbing, I thought. MY INSURANCE covered it because it is considered non-congenial. I did not fully go under. I went into a twighlight anastesia sleep. The procedure only took about 2-3 hours and I was realeased simply after it was done. My foot was only numb for a day or so. I have been given vicoden and anti-bacterial medicine. I CANNOT get them wet at any cost. I am told to keep them elevated, and constantly ice them, and they are slightly itchy. It is mostly a throbbing like pain in the toes that I feel. The pain is OK, considering I take 360m of Vike’s. I cannot walk, or barely press it. My dad is also getting me a wheelchair since it is BOTH FEET. I cannot wait to see the outcome of my feet. I AM SO EXCITED. I have to go back in about a week or two to get the stiches out, and i will tell you all about it… πŸ™‚

    Otherwise I have bandages around them, some large socks over it, and some huge podiatric shoes on. Only four more days until I see the doctor again.

  415. Anonymous says:

    oh thats great! where are you located? im looking for a surgeon/podiatrist.

  416. Liz says:

    same here! i’m looking for a surgeon/podiatrist…i just wanna get one foot done for now….and also, arial, i feel the exact same way as you…no fun stuff with the sandals or pedicures…it SUCKS…so, there are no risks at all, he said to you?!

  417. Jolene says:

    You folks are lucky. You shouldn’t let a small, little thing, like webbed toes, get to you. I was born with a missing tibia in my right foot. I only have three toes, and two of those are webbed all the way to the top, with the bone fused. My foot is very small as well, about a quarter of the size of my left. And since I am missing toes, it is much narrower. I have to wear a specail shoe… it is very noticeable. It’s not such a big deal now, but when I was a kid, I would usually wear a small snadal or post-op shoe. Kids always made fun of me… But I would never change what I have now. I am married with kids, and hold down an excellent position. Does it turn people off that I have to wear two different shoes? Not at all. I say, live life. Be happy you only have webbed toes, and don’t have to face what I had to….

  418. NAT says:


  419. Anonymous says:

    Whatever, that is your PERSONAL decision to keep your toes like that. I ALSO have a powerful position, am married and have two wonderful children, but I feel so much better that my toes can breathe! What does a position have anything to do with somebodies personal choices. Yes I am grateful that I have feet, etc. But if I can fix it, WHY NOT…. You are pretty close-minded

  420. stef says:

    hey im 16 n hav webbed toes, i hate them, i dont think they are cute at all, im really self conscious of them, and my friends tell me their cute, and i havent shown my boyfriend my feet, he doesnt know bout them and iv been with him for 2 years but i wont wear sandels or open toe shoes, i have applied for surgery, and should be getting it soon, i dont know what the after effects look like, does any one have any photos of what they look like after? and do you think im making the wrong decision about getting rid of them? Please write back on this board, so i know if uv had the surgery done, thanx

  421. stef says:

    i really get upset over my toes, its the 2nd and 3rd toes on my right foot, and it goes all the way to the nail πŸ™ i really want to just have toes like every one else, but am terrified of the surgery, isit true your toe can drop off, because of the blood circulation maybe getting cut off? please reply to my post!

  422. Arial says:

    The doctor said there were BARELY any risks. Obviously, there are risk with any surgery. But your toe falling off is nearly impossible unless you get an infection. The infection is the big risk, but it is somehwat hard to get infected. I mean you have to keep your feet completely dry that is the trick. Good luck

    TO GET A PODIATRIST. Simply look in the phone book under physicians and you will see a podiatry section. Make sure he is a surgeon too. My podiatrist was one. Once you make an appointment ask him if he has ever done this surgery, if he hasn’t try to find someone who has done it, or he may refer you to one…. :)BEST OF LUCK

  423. no name says:

    i dont have webbed toes but i think its cool that yall do.

  424. James says:


    My Daughter has just been born. She is absoulutely lovely. She has her second and third toes ‘webbed’ on both feet. Went to se the surgeon and he actually said he would never operate on feet because there would be complications. We are of course getting a second opinion. Does anyone have experience of these ‘complications’. Not being able to walk properly, not healing, scars etc. Dosent seem so by the sound of the above. Any helpful comments much appreciated

  425. Nicole says:

    It’s me again–Did my last comment get submitted? Anyhow…society sets standards of what is normal and i think this caused people to feel self-concious–What do you think? I also think that the when people tease it should be viewed as closed-mindedness on their behalf if anyone’s. However, feeling good about yourself is very important-should this be graded by having extra-skin between your toes? If that is the case and it bothers you personally, having them seperated may be the answer to better self-esteem- or possibly that may be the temporary answer. Im saying there could be other roots to the issue. i also was teased and i hated being called webbed feet. But somewhere along the lines I made the decision to look at them as a positive, instead of negative. I started being happy about being more unique. After all, im healthy and if someone else hass a problem w/ my toes then that’s theirs-not mine. if they get a lauph out of it-I lauph with them- it benifits my swimming capability:)God knows–if they caused me a problem like pain, or affected my balance then i may have them seperated. Im 23 now and whenever I meet a great man I will love the fact that he loves my feet-like i said they make me even more unique!

  426. Nicole says:

    Please see my first comment under foot freaks, June 22, 2005.

  427. Dougal says:

    James, how far up are your daughter’s toes webbed? If they are anything like mine (just minor, partial skin joining), I really wouldn’t recommend surgery. And even if it’s a more serious case, where the toes are joined all the way to the nails, or the bones are fused, you may not be able to get surgery done until she’s grown a little. If that is the case, you really should consult with a pediatric podiatrist. Make sure you find out what the potential risks are, particularly since your child’s feet will be growing a lot for many years to come.

    Sheesh. I really need to spin this subject off as a separate web site… I think I’ll do that soon.

  428. Krissy says:

    Mm, sorry, I forgot to keep you all posted. ^_^;

    Well I have pics now. I didn’t take any picstures before the surgery because my friends always goof around with my digital camera, so I was afraid that they’d see the pic and be like, “Wtf?..” So yeah. I have after pics though.

    I also had a pin put in my little toe because the bone hadn’t completely fused when I was born or something. So around two weeks ago, I was at an end-of-the-season soccer party at the Coach’s house. There were a lot of people so me and two friends decided to go to the park down the street to play frisbee. One of my friends stepped on the pin by accident, I yanked my foot back by reflex, and the pin came out under her foot. It didn’t hurt too bad, but the shock factor was way high. It stained my white flip flops though. It sucked cuz I was mad at my dad at the time, so telling him was like, blahh. But yeah. Enough of my ranting.

    After 2 weeks and 2 days
    Today 1
    From the bottom
    Today 2

  429. Dave says:

    In response to Michelle, the type of shoes you were talking about sounds about right. The main thing is that you’re toes are protected. The boots are also there to help you walk around. I had to use a crutch in order to walk at all for a few days after the surgery.

  430. Suzie says:

    I have webbed toes!! and i love this website. im surrounded by websters!

  431. I feel privileged to be able to post to this site. My intentions are to share my experience from a Surgeon’s point-of-view. If I have been able to help anyone with any of the information I provide that’s great. Fear is usually based on ignorance, so if you increase your knowledge you will decrease your level of fear.
    I have performed many, much more difficult procedures, to correct severely deformed feet and mangled toes in my 20 years of surgical practice, but this was my first webbed-toe correction. It was not a very difficult procedure and was very gratifying when the patient saw their toes apart for the first time and became overcome with joy and emotion and said “I have two separate toes!” The patient is so excited to finally get a chance to wear sandals, as for 30+ years, the webbed toes have made the patient too self-conscious to do so. I personally tried to talk the patient out of the surgery as it does not interfere with the function of the foot. But, as with any cosmetic procedure, it comes down to how you feel about yourself and what you desire for appearance. If it increases your self-esteem then it’s worth it for you and who am I to judge you. It would be wrong of me not to use my g-d-given gift as a surgeon to help you.
    The most recent photos of my cosmetic webbed toe surgery can be found here:

  432. Rob says:

    I have webbed toes as well and I have started the Webbed Toes Society. Where people with webbed toes can share their thoughts and experiences about having webbed toes. Come join the Webbed Toes Society (W.T.S.)

  433. C says:

    Hey everyone, i’m 15 year old guy and i have webbed toes, 2 and 3 on both feet and I HATE THEM!!! I want to wear sandals and i want to walk around bare foot but i am way to imbarressed to do any of that. I want to be a normal kid or atleast have toes like everyone else so that i can enjoy my last few years in highschool instead of hiding from everyone. I started to wear birkenstocks to school without socks since they covered up my toes. I thought that it would help me in being more comfortable with my feet but it did the exact opposite. Now i want the surgury even more! When i am going over to a friends house or i know i am going to take my shoes off i do not wear the birkenstocks or i will wear them with socks, it’s ridiculous. I really really want this surgury but i am scared that the outcome is going to look terrible. I am also in sports, i play baseball and football and basically i’m willing to sit out a full year if thats what it takes. Seriously if any of you guys have pictures of before and after surgury or any stories of having surgury that would help me so much. I am honostly willing to do anything to get this surgury. I feel like these toes are controlling my life, i want to go to the beach and have fun but i refuse to go because of the toes. So PLEASE PLEASE give me some advice before i go and follow through with the surgury. THANK YOU

  434. michelle says:

    this is to Krissy……how long did you wait to go out in public and walk around…..with flip flops or sandals……I am getting it done Aug12th………so excited….it is my two middle toes on both feet though……….you feet look really good……

  435. Liz says:

    this is to the doctor above…is it possible, when in the surgery, can you loose a toe? i’m just really scared of loosing my toes if i have this done.thanks

  436. To Liz:
    There is a very, very remote possibility that you could lose a toe. I would think that this is an extremely rare complication. If you are healthy and have good circulation (the younger you are the better and also be a non-smoker) the risk should be minimal. Be sure to discuss this with your surgeon to make sure you fully understand all the potential risks and complications.

  437. Dave says:

    This is to ‘Web Toe Fixer’… I got my toes seperated about 5 months ago and a skin graft was taken from my thigh. However the scar on the donor site is still very red and visible. Do you know if the donor site scar will be there forever considering it’s still there after so long, or in time will it go?

  438. Dave –
    I would tell you the best answer will be from your surgeon. I have had some of my patients use a product called Mederma, (available without a prescription) which helps reduce scarring.

  439. Concerned Gal says:

    Hi Folks.

    Just happened upon this website tonight be/c I am feeling that I have a bad hammer toe be/c my 2nd and 3rd toe are webbed much like you all are describing, and it is really starting to bug me. Some days when the weather is bad it gets to be painful.

    Do you think this will cause problems in the future. I am 27 and I am scared that I might have some arthristis in it now.

    Any thoughts.

  440. "J" says:

    My second and third toes on each foot are conjoined and I have been ashamed of them and I want them separated but
    1.Where would I have the procedure done at?
    2.What would the cost be?

    Does anyone have the answers?

  441. Questions about surgery says:

    On each of my feet, my second and third toes are stuck together. I’m sick of not being able to where sandals in public, and it’s damn impossible for me to where toe socks! I’m 16 years old, and I was wondering how much the surgery would cost? Is it an out-patient procedure or do you stay in the hospital overnight? I start school in August and if I don’t have it done before then will I be able to go back to school right after the surgery? South Carolina school systems are so damn stupid students can only miss 10 days or they fail thier grade!(doctor excused or not)

  442. Concerned Gal says:

    Those are good questions too. Hope someone answers our questions.

    I have another, do others have really narrow feet. I have size TRIPLE “A”, which is extremely narrow, and I was wondering that is inpart due to the webbed feet thing.

    My god, my harmer toe is really starting to hurt, and I don’t know if it is my mind working OVER drive or not. I guess I should get this checked out sooner then later.

    Poster 442 raised some good questions as did the one before, how long do we expect the healing process, do we stay over night? I guess it all depends on the situation, the bones of my toes are NOT connected so I was told once it should not be a major problem. I guess I will have to start looking into options.

    Okay, I have rambled enough. Thanks for letting me do so.

  443. Lori says:

    I am 40 yrs. old and have webbing between my 2nd and 3rd toes to the nails, on both feet. I am totally amazed that there are so many of us out there. I think as a young girl, if I knew how many people had this uniqueness, it would have made it easier. However, as I look back, I don’t remember having any trouble as a girl, but I do remember knowing that I did not like it and I wanted them fixed. My mother took me to a doctor when I was about 5, and he told me they would have to take skin from my rear end and I would have to stay in bed for a very long time. (1970) Well, he and my mother convinced me that it was not worth it. Although now I wish I would have had it done. I think my parents were afraid of the anesthesia. It’s funny, I think as I get older, I am more embarrassed of it then when I was a kid. When we were kids we were ALWAYS barefoot, and my friends totally did not care. The only time I hid them was in school wearing sandals. To this day if I wear any sandals, they have to be the kind where I can scootch my foot back so my toes are hidden.
    Right now I’m frustrated because women’s sandals are hard to find without a large toe opening. So if anyone finds a brand that has a small toe opening (that don’t look like old-lady shoes), let me know. Also, pantyhose were a kind of camouflage, but now it seems less and less women wear them (I live in a warm climate)
    In my life I have run into or heard of only 6 other people like us. How refreshing it is to find out that it is much more common. I don’t know if I want to have the surgery…I keep going back and forth. I know I’m getting older, but 45 more years of hiding? It does annoy me that I can’t just get a pedicure without feeling that I owe an explanation as to why I’m different, or feeling that I must apologize. So usually I do my toe nails myself. Whenever I get a massage I put band-aids (which cover perfectly) over my extra skin. Then I just tell the massuese that I’m embarrassed of my toes and to leave the band aids on. I would never admit to the actual “webbing” because I would be afraid it would repulse her. So, you can see that I do have issues w/it, but it doesn’t come up that often. There are many people out there w/o webbing who have a problem showing their feet as well. (and with good reason!) That’s why, even though my feet don’t go public too often, I always keep them in tip top shape!

    Oh, by the way, G-d bless the person who invented those aqua shoes!

    I was adopted, so I was the only one in my family with this. Since I’ve had 2 children, my son has it ever so slightly. In fact, you would never really think it was “webbed” if you didn’t know it runs in his family. You can bet when I have grandchildren, I will be the first to look at those piggies!
    Oh, and one more thing. We all have to have a sense-of-humor. I must say I really got a kick out of all the nick names you guys got. I’ve only had one friend call me Duckie once (in fun), and I thought is was hilarious! Of course I answered her back with a quack! Thanks to you guys, I am now thinking of a cute nick name for mine.

  444. michelle says:

    this is to the Dr. I am having the surgery done aug 12th……I am moving cross country the begining of Sept…..i am taking 10 days off from work… doc says that i should be able to wear flats to work and not the big medical shoes……does this sound correct…

  445. To Michelle:
    All I can tell you is my patient was ready to return to regular shoes 19 days after the surgery. I think 3 weeks is about the average. Hope that helps!

  446. krissy says:

    To michelle:

    I was around in flip flops as soon as I could walk without crutches. That was around 2 and a half weeks. I remember going to Old Navy to get them, haha. I was so excited. Well, I’m gonna miss having the webbing, just because I’ve had it for so long. But atleast now I can wear flip flops and go swimming! I’ve been to the pool so many times already! I have well around 15 pairs of flip flops and it’s only been 2 months.

    That can’t be healthy, can it?

    I just wore closed shoes the other day for the first time, since it was raining. I think that since most people here have webbing between their 2nd and 3rd toes, and I had it on the 4th and 5th, other people should get to the point where they can wear shoes in maybe a week less, since the 2nd and 3rd toes don’t rub up against the side of the shoe.

    Also! Before school ended, I noticed the flip flops that this girl in my French class had. They have these really big flowers right where the flip flop thong goes down between your toes. I was thinking that maybe if anyone with webbing between their 2nd and 3rd could find flip flops like these, they might be a good idea? The flowers are pretty big so they would probably cover everything up, especially if the webbing is minor.

    And if you have a question or comment or anything, could you please email it to me at It’s a lot easier for me because I sometimes forget this site exists, and I check email several times a day, meaning I can get back to you faster. Thankies!

  447. Concerned Gal says:

    Never had a problem wearing shoes. Was never ashamed or embarrassed of the fact, but I am just having mini pains in my foot be/c of a hammer toe. My second toe. I am worried that it could develope into something worse, anyone here have problems like that?

  448. Hollie says:

    Well i have my 2nd & 3rd toes webbed on both feet, and reading all this, sounds like everyone has it !

  449. Arial says:

    its been nearly four weeks since my surgery, and my feet look and feel great. I have been going shoe shopping like CRAZY. MY advice to whoever wants to GET THEIR WEBBED TOES SEPERATED is GO FOR IT! The first two weeks suck and seem so grim, but afterwards, it is WELL WORTH IT!!!

  450. Liz says:

    arial, did you go to a plastic surgeon or a podiatrist? bc i really want mine separated!! also, can you give me any other details about the surgery, like did u have local or general, and how painful was it after? ANYTHING!

  451. rachel says:

    does anyone else have deformed webbed toes? I would give anything if mine looked halfway normal with webbs, but mine are totally freakin deformed on might left foot only, 2nd and 3rd toes. Talk about having an ugly secret. NO LIE. I have had boyfriends for like 6 months at a time, and they never seen my toes. Its kind of sick to feel like you have to hide your toes your whole life. Toes make up such a small part of your body, I dont know why some people have to make it such a big deal. Im 22. Thats a long time to not wear flip flops. If anyone else has this problem write me.

  452. Anonymous says:

    there is a new group in yaho for webbed toes people your invited to join

  453. Anonymous says:

    there is plenty of picturs in this group and your wellcom to post yours too

  454. Fiona says:

    I got the second an dthird toes on my left foot separated exactly a month ago and my new toes look and feel so great. It’s as if they’ve always been like this. I was always too embarrased to wear flip flops or cool sandles out at night but now I can’t stop showing off my new toes… I’m saying nothing so people presume they’ve always been this way…

  455. Joe says:

    hey, half those pics in that yahoo webbed toe group I took!

    those are ladies i have met with webbed toes.

    anyone interested in posing? drop me an email at

  456. Arial says:


    I am a nineteen year old female, and have always HATED my WEBBED FEET. After my family discouraged me to get the surgery, Ò€œNobody notices itÒ€¦ etcÒ€ They DO NOT KNOW AS OTHERS SAID, what it was like to have these feet, I decided to get the procedure done. I have also hid my feet in the sand for the past years, have tried drawing a line, and refrained from wearing cute flip flops. I have never gotten a pedicure, and am reluctant to show ANYONE my feet. I do not know ANYBODY PERSONALLY who has webbed feet. I once told someone my friend had webbed feet and they went hysterical asking me to take pictures. I never mentioned that subject again. I am horrified by the thought of these webbed feet. I AM NOT PROUD OF THEM IN ANYWAY, and do not think they look nice. However; this is just my opinion. KUDOS to those who like them, I simply do not. As for the looks of most of the people on this board, I reccomend if you have small children then to just get the operation over with and spare them the pain in the future. KIDS ARE CRUEL, and it is not something you want to grow up with these days.

    I visited a podiatrist a little over a month ago, and he said it is a SIMPLE SURGERY, WITH BARELY ANY RISKS. Considering I am fairly healthy and have no allergies. He has seperated other web toes before, so this wasnÒ€ℒt his first time. Two days ago I went to a hospital(my podiatrist who is board certified to be a surgeon) seperated my webbed toes. My second and third digit were partially webbed maybe a little over 1-2 to 3-4 webbed. I did NOT need a skin graf and that is a lot of webbing, I thought. MY INSURANCE covered it because it is considered non-congenial. I did not fully go under. I went into a twighlight anastesia sleep. The procedure only took about 2-3 hours and I was realeased simply after it was done. My foot was only numb for a day or so. I have been given vicoden and anti-bacterial medicine. I CANNOT get them wet at any cost. I am told to keep them elevated, and constantly ice them, and they are slightly itchy. It is mostly a throbbing like pain in the toes that I feel. The pain is OK, considering I take 360m of VikeÒ€ℒs. I cannot walk, or barely press it. My dad is also getting me a wheelchair since it is BOTH FEET. I cannot wait to see the outcome of my feet. I AM SO EXCITED. I have to go back in about a week or two to get the stiches out, and i will tell you all about itÒ€¦

    Otherwise I have bandages around them, some large socks over it, and some huge podiatric shoes on. Only four more days until I see the doctor again.

    UPDATE: It has been a little over a month, since the surgery and my feet look and feel awesome!!! IT WAS SOOOO COMPLETELY WORTH IT, AND I AM 100% HAPPIER NOW. I advise all that have this PAINFUL SECRET to just go through with the surgery. The podiatrist I went to, said the risks are sooooo slim. All in all, it was a pretty easy surgery….

  457. rachel says:

    if anyone wants to mail me about their webbed toes you can write to

  458. Lisa says:

    What state are you from?
    I would like to get my toes seperated ASAP..

  459. Bamboo1 says:

    I am a nineteen year old african american female and I did not realize until today that so many people had webbed toes. On boh of my feet my 2nd and 3rd toes are webbed. I saw Ashton Kutcher on tv showing his it made me feel a lil better but not much. My boyfriend of 4 years has not seen my feet but after today i think im ready to tell him my secret. Before now the only people who knew were my mother and close family. It is such a burden off my chest. I think i will start scaring people with it now. im not ashamed anymore.
    Thank u to the person or people who started this webbedsite! (get it?)

  460. Bamboo1 says:

    Any one feel free to email me at about their webbed toes!

  461. e says:

    I am a 19 year old female w/ webbed feet and tomorrow I am going to the doctor to see if I can get the surgery. I don’t know why but I’m a little nervous/embarassed about seeing the doctor. I know about 6 people with webbed feet who love them and always wear sandals but I however, have always hidden them from my friends. I have a twin sister who does not have webbed feet but I have heard that it is common in twins, triplets, and other multiple birth cases. (ashton kutcher also has a twin) Webbed feet runs in both sides of my family but I was just wondering if anyone knew if it were true about webbed feet and twins. Thanks!

  462. Fiona says:

    My mum is a twin and she has webbed toes on both feet. Her twin sister, however, has normal toes. I inherited my webbed toes from my mum. The reason webbing occurs is that when a foetus develops it is fully encased in the womb with all kinds of webbing all over it; between its fingers, around its ears, between its toes etc. (That’s why having no ear lobe is also hereditary… it’s recessive as is having webbed toes) Enzymes in the womb break this webbing down as the foetus develops. However, when the enzymes are in some way deficient they will fail to break down some of the webbing fully and so the foetus will develop into a baby afflicted with syndactyly. It’s not that uncommon and yes it is hereditary, but not in all cases. One in two thousand babies born is born with some kind of webbing! πŸ˜€

  463. Anonymous says:

    wow do you gys have webbed toes intresting (: i wonder how it looks can someone post me some picturs of there webbed toes thanks

  464. JMWoodward says:

    I have webbed toes, 2nd and third toes two-third of the way up, and think they are awesome. I have showed them to alot of people and they always ask the sams questions. “Do they hurt”, “Do you swim better”, and “how did that happen.”
    I tell them that I accidentally glued them together and love to see their reaction. HAHAHA

    My Grandpa, Mum, and 10 month old nephew have them too.

    People who want them seperated are silly. Just think of the horrible scars you will have after you get them seperated. Also, think of the people that were born with worse things than a few toes “stuck together.”

  465. Anonymous says:

    Ariel- what state are you in?? what is your doctor’s name?? glad to know that everything went well..i am looking for a doctor to do the procedure ASAP..and i really like how yours went!!

  466. Anonymous says:

    I am going for a consultation meeting on monday!!! I’m soo excited, and will keep you all posted!

  467. confused... says:

    I have my 2nd and 3rd toes webbed… what is wrong with wearing flipflops?
    Does anyone have extremely narrow feet those cus of their webbed toes? I wear a TRIPLE A shoe as my feet are so narrow.

    I can wear Clark Sandles no problem.

    I experience pain in my one foot as i think i am developing a hammer toe, and it worries me…so I may just get that foot done at some point soon.

    Just a few questions.

  468. manuel says:

    Hi Guys,

    please, please show us your cute webbed toes on more pics. I´m a great admirer of your special toes.

    Send me email with some pics.


    manuel from germany

  469. cameron says:

    so great to hear everyone’s experience! i know that my mom considered having my toes fixed when i was little because of the possible stigma but once past childhood i started to dig my toes, a sign of being special, just like everyone else. during childhood, no one bothered me or thought it scary – just kinda funny or weird but it inhibited me in no way. sometimes we might talk about it at slumber parties for a couple minutes and then move on – no biggy. i have seen “normal” feet that i wouldn’t have over mine. would i change them? well i like the way my right foot looks better than my left foot but there is nothing surgically that can be done to increase the size of my left toes so they still would look unmatched, so unless i was born with two matching feet, i would not do anything to change them and am glad my mom didn’t either. it is hereditary and it also can be from the position of the foot or binding the foot may receive in the uterus – probably my case. we just call them “my baby toes” and it indeed makes me special and makes me smile. none of us are anatomically correct anyhow and there are so many other things in life to think about, webbed toes should be considered nothing more than another pointer to the wonderful uniqueness in each and everyone of us πŸ™‚

  470. cameron says:

    i did want to add that there should also be no stigma for those who decide to change their god-given, mother-given feet. but, for those who have angst over their toes, it probably is much more your hang-up than anyone elses. if you can free yourself from judgement, which is an aging human thing (you had none when you were a child), then you have given yourself an insight into what life is about – acceptance and contentment. but life is also about change so if changing is what your clear heart is leading you toward then do it. again, my personal choice was the right one for me – i like my feet both of them for their individuality and their naturalness. no headtrips.

  471. Ricky says:

    I have 7yr old twin sons that both have the 2nd & 3rd webbed on the left foot.

  472. michelle says:

    Hi everyone…… havent been on in awhile……but just wanted to let you all know that I had the surgery done on aug 12th….I had a plastic surgeon do my feet…and I love the results…..they look great…..if anyone is scared…dont be….the pain honestly is not that bad…..I had great painkillers……It has been almost two weeks and I have no more pain….they are just tender…..and I just keep them well oiled with neosporin and the put gauze in between them to prevent dirt from getting in….It still is a little hard to bend my foot…but they give you little shoe bootys to wear…I wear one to drive….but I put on sneakers for the first time the other day…so I am healing very nicely….and the scarring will be very minimal….if any..anyone have questions let me know…..Thanks

  473. Amelia says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought me and my dad were the only ones with webbed feet. But I was so wrong wow ! I cant belive a lot of ppl have them too. I always felt ashamed but not I dont care.I always tought I was the weird one and never could wear flip flops but I c that its nothing special. See it’s harder for a gurl so I always hid them but hey who cares now. I’m proud of u all

  474. LEISA says:


  475. LEISA says:


  476. michael says:

    Congrats michelle, very kewl. I’m happy to hear things worked out so nicely, that’s tight. πŸ™‚

  477. Michelle says:

    Hey Michael Thanks alot it is great…..and FYI I am down in Scottsdale now so we should definately meet up to go out…….

  478. Charlie says:

    I’m 13 and my toes (and my mothers) are joined, and I really can’t see the big fuss. They don’t feel weird, I don’t act differently because of them, they’re just like normal toes! Get over it people.

  479. michael says:

    Absolutely, I recently just got back in from Dallas myself and have been looking for new property in Scottsdale. It’s tight isn’t it! Lived there 19yrs but since my company is in Chandler I’m kickin it out this way until I can find a new pad. Anyways happy to hear things went so well, hit me up πŸ˜‰

  480. anonymous says:

    i really want to get surgery on my left foots webbed toes, im scared tehy wont heal right and then it will be worse!! im so embrarrased of them i think ill do anyrhing to get them separated!! but is it worth it?? can someone answer me how the healing process is and how long does it take to walk with normal shoes??

  481. Michelle says:

    to anonymous………I had the surgery a month and two days ago..and things are going perfect for me…..the scabs have pretty much all fallen off..and I havent had any infections of any kind……I keep them clean and use a lot of neosporin and vitamin e on the..I was in tennis shoes after about 3 weeks….I can recently start wearing flats but that is it……no high heels or anything like that….prob not for another two to three weeks…the skin is really tender…….It honestly just depends on how fast you heel…….for me it has been pretty fast…..if it really bothers you….which it did for me…..then I say go for it….

  482. Libby says:

    Wow, never in my 14 years of life did I think I would find a blog about Webbed toes. Pretty amazing, huh? Well, hello. My name’s Libby. I have webbed toes, of course, on my second and third toes. My father has them too, but when pressed to tell me if anyone in his family had them, he merely stutters, “I dunno.” At first, I was fine with my webbed toes, gladly peeling off my shoes and socks to show an astonished friend, but when 5th and 6th grade came, people started “Ewwing” and being quite rude. Through those 2 years of life, I kept my socks on, and when I wore flip flops, I’d wear long jeans to cover them up. This, I’m ashamed to say, is how I dealed with my webbedness. But now, I have finally realized they are cool and unique, and thereforth fit my unique crazy personality. I only wanted surgery once, and that’s when I found out I could have crutches or even a wheelchair! But no, I happily stuck to me toes. I hope everyone else has a great webbed day! -Libby

  483. It’s great that so many people posted in webbed toes blog….it’s really amazing…

  484. Candy says:

    Wow I can’t believe this site exists! So many ppl with webbed toes! I am a twin, my 2nd and 3rd toes on both feet are webbed. My twin sister has webbed toes on only one foot. Her baby daughter has webbed toes on both feet just like mine! I have small feet and was never in my life teased about my webbed toes. My mother called our webbed toes “twin toes” and never made any kind of deal about them. Instead she thought they were cute. I never ever gave them a second thought until my baby niece was born and the doctor took special notice of it. I just considered them normal and don’t have a problem with them at all. I feel sad that some people actually hate their webbed toes or have had them separated! Anyway this is great to read that I and my sister are not alone in having webbed toes!

  485. Jeannie says:

    I just had my 1st Child on 9/14/05 a little boy who has the 2-3rd toes on both feet webbed. I had never known about any thing like this I was scared at first fearing I had done some thing wrong. I don’t really have any problem with it as long as my son is happy and healthy I don’t mind. Thanx for haveing this on the web I have looked for days for some thing haveing to do with webbed digits. I feel so much better now knowing he’s not the only one….

  486. Brandee says:

    Strangely enough, until a few years ago I thought I just had really stubby toes then a friend of mine noticed my feet and said “Oh! You have webbed toes too! I’ve never seen any but mine!” I had seen a set of completely webbed toes (toes 3 and 4 though) and I didn’t realize that they could be webbed only part of the way. It really kind of cracks me up that I was 28 before I found out I had webbed toes. :o) Just a side note, both of my sons and my older sister also have webbed toes. :o)

  487. sarah says:

    I love this site! My second and third toes on both feet are completely webbed up to the nails. I have always had people comment about my toes, both positive and negative. I get positive comments because my toes and feet are cute- webbed or not. I really got past other people’s opinions about my toes when I broke my leg in gymnastics and had a long leg cast for 12 weeks. It was summer and I didnt want to wear a sock to cover my toes. Since people look at your toes when they are sticking out out of a cast, I got lots of comments and attention that I just got used to. I would never consider having them “fixed”.

  488. european says:

    i have webbed toes on both of my feet, it depends the second and third toe up to just below the nails, i got them seperated tomorrow, both feet in one time, i have to stay in the hospital for 5 days, hate hospitals, but i hate my feet much more, I hope the best.


  489. sabrina says:

    My second, third, and fourth toes are webbed together on both of my feet. My three middle toes are the same length and they are just a little longer than my big toes. My toes are webbed about 2/3 of the way up to the nails so there is a little seperation between my toes at the tips. This is the only place I can move my toes individually. I have always thought they were cool looking. I am the only one in the family that has them.

  490. Lauren says:

    Well this page had DEFINETELY grown and expanded since i posted on here almost a year ago! I wish i could have read all of these posts before I made the decision to have my webbed toes separated! I am 17 years old now, and when i was 15, i finally persuaded my parents to let me have surgery! I have to say that it was a decision i regreted after i had complications and almost lost my toe! The surgery taught me a huge lesson. I can’t believe i cared about something so minute and unimportant, but i was always so self concious and hated them so much! It’s so cool that so many people on here like their webbed toes! i wish i could have gotten over it before i went through that HORRIBLE experience! well i actually love my toes now.. i am happy with them but it was a long and scaryy healing process to get here. well i just wanted to say if anyone has any questions at all about surgery or anything you can email me at I will be happy to share my experiences with you. anywaysss thanks for reading. The only thing i can say is, be gratefull webbed toes are the most of your worries, and it’s whats on the inside that realllly counts!…completely

  491. typical webbed man says:

    I’m a 20 yrs old male and I too have webbed toes, unlike many of you I am not very comfortable with them. When I was a kid, I didnÒ€ℒt care at all. I even joked with everyone that it made me a better swimmer, and some people called me “the duck”. I didnÒ€ℒt really mind it at all until I got to junior high. I had just arrived to a new city, and I hardly knew anybody. In P.E. we were all required to take showers at the end of the hour, and this was when many people first noticed my difference. Some people were like “oh, thatÒ€ℒs weird” and nothing more was said. But a few people were extremely mean, and called me “freak” for the rest of my junior high years. They were so malicious, that they even went out of their way to tell other people about my webbed toes. Although I agree with many of you, that we should embrace our difference the stark reality is that the period from middle-school thru high school is marked by extreme social conformity, and those who are different are often ridiculed. Kids/Teenages can be extremely viscous, often deliberately inflicting mental harm for their own amusement. The social pressures to be normal or part of the “in” crowd are very real. Needless to say this negative experience made me somewhat self conscious and repressive about my condition. Like any normal teenage male my interest in girls increased exponentially in high school and my libido was off the charts, but I often found my webbed toes to be a barrier in becoming intimate with girls. I still managed to have normal relations with several girls, but I always kept my socks on, and I never let any girl see them, fearing rejection. Now as a junior in college I’ve been thinking about getting my condition “fixed”. I know many of you have accepted your toes and have learned to look beyond it, but for me it has become an obstacle in my life that has caused me undue distress. I want to be able to wear flip flops on campus and go the pool without having to tell every girl whatÒ€ℒs the deal with my toes. I want to be able to go to pool and walk up to any person I see with out feeling self conscious about what they think about my toes. I’m going to begin looking for professional plastic surgeons that have had experience in these types of cases. I’m willing to live with a scar, and I’m willing to go through 3-4 weeks of pain. I just want to be confident in my self about walking around barefoot, and thatÒ€ℒs it.

  492. eleni says web toes are best says:

    i can’t believe it,im not alone in this world!!!!there are people with the same toes as me.For years i thought i was the only one with this,coz none of my friends have heard any thing like this. i love my feet they are so cute, my partner thinks it hilarious and calls ’em alien toes!!.he also says i have toe-tinitus disease and now i wear sandals/flip flops with big flowers on them so summer is great. I went to see a plastic surgeon about seperating them but would cost £3,000, thought you’re having a laugh!

  493. european says:

    just got back from the hospital for 2 hours,
    i had to stay in the hospital from friday unbtwil wednesday, all the time i had to stay in bed all the days, thats because totall rest is the best to heal, the pain wasnt very bad, sometimes i felt it a bit, but thats all, im very happy i did the surgery, both feets in one time wasnt any problem…

  494. My girlfriend has webbed toes too.
    Swimming at the hotel pool the other
    day, we realized something funny. When
    she kicks hard, she turns left. She
    can’t swim in a straight line without
    using her arms. LOL.

  495. mystic_port_2005 says:

    My son was born with his toes fused together plus he has almost an extra toe on his right foot, he has two toe nails on his small toe and it is fused together, I did not have his toes separated, I figured he was born that way I am going to leave them alone, as he is now 23 yrs old he thinks they are kinda neat, he is just worried he will pass them on to his son or daughter, so I said NO BIG DEAL, they will just be different, if it bothers his children then they can make up their mind to have them separated. He also has a nipple and a half on his right side of his chest almost has two nipples…I have no idea why he was born that way, but he is still my baby boy.

  496. WOW says:

    I to had surgery on both my 2nd and 3rd toes on both feet. Yeah like many others on here it drove me absolutely crazy! I now have mixed feelings about the whole thing after running into a few different women in the last couple of years who were not only very attractive but it was cool to see them wearing sexy open toes shoes with pride. For example I was at this place called the Coach House Thursday night just kickin back drinking a cocktail and noticed this gorgeous girl walk in and take note so I smiled and casually walked by to check her out and as I looked down I was shocked to see her toes were webbed exactly like mine used to be. After seeing her toes I had this incredible guilt come over me and for the first time in my life I was at a loss for words. She had the prettiest little toes with red polish and with or without webbed toes these were sexy feet. I figured maybe a shot of Patron would loosen me up and my tongue would find it’s way back into my mouth but instead it made me feel as if I actually betrayed my own kind. As funny as this may sound it really sucked because she continued to smile and make eye contact and flirtateous gestures but I just felt like nothing I could say to her would be good enough and I wasn’t about to tell her in front of my friends that I too had toes like her even though I was dying to. What a dilema! I was totally mesmerized but I’m sure I’ll run into her again one of these nights again and without a doubt I will most definitely confront her and see if she’s as cool as her toes were. LOL I’m willing to bet she is, I’m still kicking myself.

  497. Barry says:

    Hey, “Typical”, join the club! reading your posting It was like hearing my own life story! If you want to chat about it some time, drop me an email

    Boy do I feel your pain!!!

  498. WOW says:

    LOL To think I though all my problems were solved, I also just in the past week feel like I have a lightning bolt shooting up my foot when I go to walk normally on the ball of my foot. It’s obvious I’m totally stepping on a nerve between the two joints right at the base where the surgeon stopped cutting. Go figure, it’s been years since my surgery but omg this sucks. Has anyone else ever experienced this and if so what did they do about it. I’m afraid if I actually land on it to hard it will sever the nerve and yes, I have that asleep feeling in my toes now. That’s just as bad in my opinion. It happened after I was chasing my dog through the house and instead of stubbing them head on the corner went right between. Is it possible I could of displaced the nerve since it was reconstructed to begin with??? If your toes are joined pretty evenly and only like half way up I highly suggest NOT having surgery. Mine were totally uneven one side half way the other up to the nail, not cool but whatever. Even if they were both up to the nail that would of been better then the big difference if you ask me. People say “they are just toes”, yea right, people are incredibly critical when it comes to feet and toes and it’s always the people without webbed toes who say that ya know. Anyways if anyone has this nerve issue I’d love to hear about it. My theory is that the extensor muscles in my toes weren’t developed or ever used since they were stuck together for so many years and so now they are totally prone to injury. Believe me, those of you who’ve had surgery have had to of noticed this and realize you have ZERO strength in your toes due to the previous webbing. Compared to my girlfriends who are always picking things up and pinching me with their toes have pointed this out, it’s like my toes ride the short bus or something. I dunno, but this isn’t cool, I’m extremely athletic and starting to get the cooped up blues.

  499. Kris says:

    I too have partially webbed toes between my 2nd and 3rd toes.Lol, there seems to be quite a few people with webbing in the same spot(my dad included). Although my toes are only webbed to a bit past the joint in my toe, i have always been proud of my webbed toes.My parents didnt even realize until i was about 10 days old!lol, So much for checking for 10 fingers and 10 toes. Anyways, until i came to this board i never realized that some people might dislike having webbed toes. I think that its interesting and not embarassing at all. I think that everyone who wants to have their children’s toes separated should wait until they are older. Its alot of pain for nothing, and the child might like their webbed toes.

  500. Kat says:

    I can’t believe how many people have their 2nd 3rd digits of their toes webbed. I don’t really think anybody can judge a person for seperating them.or not. Mine are also joined about half way and nobody has ever noticed unless I pulled them apart. Yes, it does bother me a little but not enough to go to the extent of having them seperated. On the other hand,if a person does have their webbed toes seperated they should not be judged as if they were a freak for doing so. One way or the other it is entirely up to the person and how they feel about it.

  501. George says:

    I too was born with webbed toes, mine all of them are webbded all the way to the top. I don’t let people see them only my closest friends know anything about them. I was going to get them seperated but the doctor said it would be a very long and hard process. It is only cosmetic it doesn’t affect me in any way.

  502. 14 year old says:

    i’m so sick of having webbed toes. My 2nd and 3rd toes on both feet are webbed and it shits me. it’s so embarrasing, why can’t I just have normal toes so i can walk around bare feet, go swimming at mates house’s without wearing a bandaid around my toes, or going to the beach and sticking my foot in the sand. It’s starting to really shit me. so much so i don’t even want to go to the beach anymore.

  503. Anonymous says:

    I just had the surgery 5 days ago. It went very, very well and I am extremely excited!

  504. stef says:

    im havin the operation tommorow, i have to go into hospital tongiht though! im really scared.

  505. George says:

    14 year old

    I know what it is like and it does suck, having all of mine webbed fully I know what you are going through, but just hang in there as you get older it gets better. Good luck Stef.

  506. Tobias says:

    I saw a very old episode of ‘Mad TV’ or something – there was Dan Aykroyd presenting or making fun of his webbed toes.

  507. Anonymous says:

    Well, wow… I feel better knowing there are so many others out there with their 2nd and 3rd toes webbed. I also have that. As a kid it never really bothered me, I thought it was kind fo cool, but now that I’m a teenager I’m very uncomfortable wearing open-toed heels or sandals. It isn’t really a big deal, and while I’m alone I think it is awesome to be so unique, but when I brought it up with my boyfriend he started talking about being deformed and he would never want his kids abnormal, so of course, I’m crushed. Still, only my closest friends and a few people who noticed randomly know I have them. I’ve only seen two others with toes like this. My dad and another girl at my school has them. Before parading around the school showing off my feet I watched how they reacted to the other girl’s toes. It wasn’t good, so I’m very secretive about it but at the same time proud.

  508. Anonymous says:

    I’ve also got webbed toes on my right foot only. It’s really not that bad but it still bothers me. Who does everyone go to for surgery, a podiatrist or a cosmetic surgeon?

  509. e says:

    i’m getting the surgery done in january by a plastic surgeon. i was told not to go to a podiatrist.

  510. stef says:

    im 17, with the 2nd and 3rd toes on my ryt foot all the way joined 2 da top, had da op jus ova 2 weeks ago, nd the pain was fine, till i started using crutches, i burst out crying as i was in pain, it was an acheing pain for a week or so, then the pain was bearable, bt the pain wasnt that bad, the op went fine, they luk horrible at the moment, ther kinda purple, nd bluddy and r swollen loads, ther pointing out lyk a V shape. Had the stiches out the other day,started crying becus i hated it but it didnt hurt much, it was just the thought of it, and it felt so weird when she put something between them. i have to have it redressed every day, or everyother day now 4 the next 4 weeks, n they luk weird bt cnt wait 4 the end results, they dont hurt at all now, bt jus tingle,iv had 2 have 6 weeks off school for this. I had a skin graph 2 n thts fine, its just a little line, healing, and i didnt feel it the whole tym it was healing, i did for abit regret having this op dun mainly cus i wnt 2 walk, n go out, bt i hav 2 rest it, bt i was tld by nx year on holiday i will love wearin flip flops. So it will be worth the wait!!

  511. stef says:

    i had mine dun on the nhs, as i had a lump on mine, that use 2 rub, and sometimes they ache! So try getting them removed on the NHS!

  512. CHAD says:


  513. CHAD says:


  514. stef says:

    yes, chad, i will marry you. i am also a gay. come to my house at 1:00 sharp. dont be late! i live in marysville.

  515. Sue says:

    I’m 40. I always hated my webbed toes. My grandfather had them also. I never were open toe sandals. Only my family knows about them. I have children. (They have normal toes). When their friends come to us they get embarrased when I walk barefooted around the house. I always hide them at the pool or on the beach. My kids don’t think it looks nice. I’m still embarrased front of my husband. (He doesn’t mind at all). I wish my parents let the doctor separate them when I was an infant. I’m going to separete them next month. Podiatrist or plastic surgen? It is the question? Thank you for the informations. Good luck to you all! Keep them or separate them it is your choice.

  516. Anonymous says:

    I want webbed toes and I want them bad I can’t stand it. in can someone help me make my toes webbed please

  517. Anonymous says:

    i’m a 16 year old female and i have my 2nd and 3rd toes on my right foot webbed together half way up i have on probelm showing them to people i love them thay are the best i think it’s cool having webbed toes i dont feel any thing bad with having webbed toes and i’m proud fo them

  518. stef says:

    sorry but i never wrote the bit bout the marriage, i am NOT gay!

  519. stef says:

    i got an infection on mine a few weeks ago, had 2 go back 3 hospitial, but now im ok, all healing well, 1 toe is really swollen still, but hey i have 5 toes on each foot yay lol! chad dont be immature, you tried to be me, i dont even live in america!

  520. Jonny says:

    My second and third toe are 3/4 on each foot, something to laugh about really lol.They are kinda cool though, actually hate normal feet

  521. Jonny says:


  522. Anonymous says:

    i’m having the surgery in a few hours. wish me luck!!

  523. Laine says:

    Hi all! i had my surgery done 4 weeks ago today, and i thought i would share my experiences with all of you wondering. im 17 and had my 2nd and 3rd toes joined up to the nail. i never liked them, and finally decided on the surgery. the plastic surgeon warned me of all the risks involved with the surgery… i needed skin grafts for my toes, and this made things all the more complex. however, i decided to go through with it… and simply wish that i hadn’t. first of all, its been a month and i still can’t walk properly. my foot is still in bandages and i the only shoes i can wear are slippers (not pleasant in the middle of summer.) after the operation, however, there was little, or or no pain. I wore a cast-type thing on my leg for 2 weeks, and had to keep my foot elevated so the grafts would take. this basically meant lying in bed for 2 weeks – not a lot of fun. the day that the cast came off was not as i had hoped – the grafts had taken, but seeing my foot for the first time was a shock. it was bloody and disgusting and i really could not have imagining it looking worse. my toes were pointing out in a wierd shape, but i learned that this was because of all the bandages between them. my surgeon told me to keep my foot bandaged for 2 more weeks and keep movement to a minimal. the next few days, i had to re-dress my foot whenever i showered. i found this process really difficult – not wrapping it up as such, but more the discomfort involved. removing the bandages and gores was painful, as since my toes were still healing, there was lots of discharge and scabbing involved. unfortunately, its been 2 weeks since this process of dressing my toes has begun, and i havent notived much difference. my toes still look awful, and while the grafts have taken, the stitches make everything look horrible. i have another appointment tomorrow, but at the moment it doesn’t seem that i will be walking properly for quite some time. the surgeon initally told me that i would be healed within a month, but now that the month is here, it seems like i still have a long road ahead of me. for those of you who are thinking about getting it done IF skin grafts are concerned – don’t. this has been the longest 4 weeks of my life… not worth the struggle. of course, i might think differently in a few months from now, but at the moment it seems like i will never be able to walk on my foot again. still, i was warned that this would be a long process, so i guess i only have myself to blame.

  524. three toes of fury says:

    woo hoo – howdy all! its been a while since ive been back to this board and id thought id stop by and say hi. I love all the great observations and comments from fellow webbed foot folk! thanks to all for sharing your experiences, especially regarding the surgeries. I made the decision long ago to not have the surgery but really like hearing about how people feel who choose to do it.

    One thing that pops up alot in the board is how folks feel self concious about their toes. When i was young, i too was pretty scared about others seeing my toes (ive got 3 toes on my right foot, 2 of which are webbed and my left foot has 4 toes webbed together). Fortunately i realized, at a young age, that having different feet is really not bad but rather very cool! Its great to have unique feet! Sure people will look but i find if you are open and self referencing (“yup i got some straaaange toes dont i!”) that it makes the self-consciousness go away and usually makes for a fun conversation. Trust me, webbed toes are not a bad thing at all. Dont worry about them or what people will think about them. Ive had mine for 36 years and i love em and make no efforts to hide them, as a matter of fact sandles have become my favorite
    summer footwear in the past several years. Take Care!!!!

  525. e says:

    Hi everyone. I had the surgery done a week ago. My webbed toes weren’t that bad at all but I wanted to have separated toes. The surgery went well, I had a skin graft taken (I didn’t think I was going to need one) and it is about the length of my hand, which seems huge. The first few days were really painful even though I was taking 3 types of meds. It still hurts and I’m beginning to walk. My toes look great, but the stitches/blood/grafts make it look worse than it really is. I’m anxious and excited about it all but am really nervous because I’m going back to school next week and walk several miles a day. Now I may have to use a wheelchair or get special transportation. Despite all of this, I don’t regret having the procedure done. Laine, good luck and I understand how you feel. πŸ™‚

  526. irish beauty says:

    Hi every1 iv webbed toes,on my right foot. The 2nd and 3rd which seems to be very very very common!lol I hate them though,i would actually do anything to get them seperated….being a teen is so bloomin hard without havin 2 think about ‘them’ (as i like to refer to my webbed toes…i knw i am unique and all like all use but u all no as well as i am if ur different ur labeled as a freak. I wish my paents had got them seperated when i was a baby. wen i do save enough and have enough guts to get the surgery done, ill fill y’all in k. Prob be in like 5 yrs though πŸ™ luv yas xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx webbies do rock but wen we are all togeta. Ps i wod love to finally be in a room with people who only av webbed toes just to feel normal and comfortable in myself.

  527. conewrench says:

    Felow Webbies, forget your mixed feelings about your toes. Be Proud. I’m 40. My dad had ’em, & since he never saw his dad’s feet (!) he figures his dad did too. Really, hardly anyone notices. I think they’ve always made me swim faster
    I’ve always been amazed at how many people I have known over the years have had webbed toes too.
    Webbies unite. We’re on the cusp of an evolutionary leap (or something)

  528. Maria says:

    I am also a member of the webbed toes club. At age 47 I needed Morton”s Neuroma Surgery on both feet and the podiatrist said he could separate my toes at the same time. Sure glad I decided against it. I had the neuromas removed and that was an experience I never want to go through again. INFECTIONS!!! In the hospital 4 times and sent home with a PIC line for IV antibiotics for 4 weeks. Don’t mess up your feet with any surgery. Now I have neuropathy from my botched up surgeries…I’ll keep my little web toes thank you ; )

  529. jennifer says:

    i am amazed at how many people hav webbed toes. iv had my right foot operated on but due to complications in surgery my left is still webbed 3/4 of the way up. i have to admit i do try to hide it as i am not yet confident enough to have them out in the open. i cant wait for the day that i put on a pair of strappy stilettos and feel proud of my special toes. for now though i am looking for a pair of (closed toe) heels that will do for my leavers prom.

  530. Kevin says:

    I have the second and third toes webbed on both feet, the left alot more than the right. I would strongly recomend any parent to have their childrens toes separated at a very young age so they can feel normal, and not be imbarassed to go barefoot. I finally had the surgury at age 35. I would seek out the best plastic surgion you can to avoid problems. it has bothered me since as long as I can remember. even now it still does.

  531. jess says:

    i actually dont have webbed toes, but i was bored and became curious about them!

  532. Drake Brimstone says:

    I’ve got webbed toes, about 2/3 of the way up on one foot and half way on the other, both are the 2nd and 3rd toes. Persaonly I think they are cool, and make a good conversation starter when the occasion calls for bare feet!

    When I was born and my mom did the mom thing counting fingers and toes she noticed them. Got realy angry too, pulled a doctor to her and demanded them to tell her what else they didn’t tell her about. Of course, this was because my brother was borm 2 years earlier with Transposition of the Great Arteries (not a good thing for sure). Fortunatly for the doctor there wasn’t anyting wrong with me at all and he told her that it was fairly common so they didn’t think anything of it. They gave her the option to have them seperated but she declined. I’m glad she didn’t have it doen, it doesn’t make sense to have something that doesn’t cause any real probelms operated on.

    My say on getting surgery is unless it causes actualy problems then don’t do it!

  533. Juz Kickin iT says:

    It’s interesting to see the feedback on people who have gone through the surgery and their views on it now. I had surgery a number of years ago and it’s literally impossible to tell I ever had webbed toes. However, I still can’t help but to think most females with 2nd and 3rd toes partially or 3/4 joined is pretty cute and sexy. After experiencing both sides of the spectrum I just feel it would be cool to be with someone who still has toes like this and was cool with it, atleast around me. Yea, it drove me crazy as a kid but I believe had I ever read a site like this in the early 90’s maybe I’d of made another choice. Regardless I don’t have any regrets but you have to admit it would fun to be able to laugh and talk about all of the stupid comments and ridiculous things we did to avoid people whippin off your sox or all of the artistic line drawing and creative things we came up with to avoid detection. Man, what a drag and truthfully alot of work and thought went into it my crafty excuses and worrying. Oh well, I just hit 30 and still find myself scopin out the toes of girls I just meet in hopes of finding someone who’s like me in that way or like I was persay. Well my right 2nd ‘n 3rd are still partially together since they didn’t require grafting but in reality I can’t honestly be the only one who feels this way no? Ha! Anyone else feel this way or do most of you desire being with so called normal people in that respect? Either way each to their own but I’ve found in my personal experiences that my girlfriends that I did confide in didn’t believe me and said things like ” shut up! nut uhh?!?!?, or that’s whack where did you come up with that?!… LOL SO I obviously I laughed and told them I was just messin with them because overall they were great people but just had this thing about funky webbed toes… Can’t really blame them when every normal toed girl’s idea of a perfect child doesn’t exactly consist of webbed toes… See, I personally could care less, I think it’s cool and unique in my older yrs… It’s all good, what do you do ya know? Peace

  534. Megan says:

    Hmmm well I have webbed toes, and just today in social class I heard something very interesting. Back in the day when someone had webbed toes people would say that they have the mark of the devil which i thought was really weird, i didnt really think that this many people had weebed toes though. Also I am planning on getting mine pierced, I honestly think it will look really cool. But yeah who else thinks I should get them pierced?

  535. Pierced says:

    It’s easy Megan, just be careful not damage any of the nerves that run right along the sides of each toe. The top skin is the easiest to penetrate but the bottom is obviously thicker and most definitely more painful and tougher to get through. I’ve known two other people including myself who have done this not just for appeal but to satisfy the nagging urge to know what it feels like to have something between your toes. I believe that alone is what bothered me the most, not being able to pull them apart. If you do it I would reccomend a smaller gauge like a diamond stud with a small ball or back like a toungue ring. I marked it and let my friend do it. My sister pierced hers up a little high and slowly went to a larger gauge which like an earlobe gave her a hole there that when taken out she could pull them apart and see right through. Sounds odd but because she pierced it up higher and gauged it overtime, five months or so, the skin closest to the tip was now really thin. So thin that she just decided to cut it and just took out the ring. Now her toes which were once joined up 3/4, just the tips seperated, are now only partially webbed about half way up or so and unlike alot of surgery stories I’ve read on here she can totally feel between them. It’s impossible to tell they were ever joined up that high because of how she gauged it, evidently the round stud made it appear more natural versus just splicing them down the middle. Go figure, I’m still waiting to see if it stays that way and if so I may just do that myself versus painful surgery. Mine are joined about the same, a tad less so I may if hers remain seperate. We both have pretty small feet, 5- 6, no fred flinstone feet or gangly toes or anything, just normal overall minus the lovely webbed toes so I imagine it just depends on each individual and where you pierce them. She did this like almost a year ago so I’m sure it would of grown back by now. Food for thought. She repierced them again lower but she’s more then happy with them the way they are. She hasn’t gauged this stud but she did do the same on her right foot as the left, she just pierced it a little lower so I don’t know how long it will take for her skin to become thin enough to seperate them or if she even will. I imagine she will, she has this thing about balance and the whole feng shui principles. Again, just be careful and pierce right down the middle. I tried an insulin syring first to see what it would feel like but it’s a little to thin, unless you know a diabetic or have access to a 18g size I don’t reccomend using a sewing needle unless it’s totally steril. My other friend used the old piercing gun method plus her toes weren’t joined as closely as mine and she had enough room to pull them apart just enough but she was stuck with the wrong type of back on it for eight weeks. She claims it didn’t bother her but I know she had to be uncomftorable. She got the gun from Sally’s Beauty supply. Good luck *~*smiles*~*

  536. Michael says:

    Juz Kickin iT- that’s kewl and all but just the thought of actually posting a picture of myself for chicks to see sounds incredibly embarressing and insane. Sure, it’s kewl and would be tight to meet someone like that but I am SO happy we don’t have to post pics on here. Omg man, not a soul knows I ever had webbed toes nor would my friends ever let me live it down LOL. I can see it now, AOL News Update Michael *^&*& has/had webbed toes!!! LMAO I enjoy reading posts on here and agree it is funny and great to laugh and talk about it with people but to this day I still can’t imagine seeing a pic of my face in relation to webbed toes. AHAHAHAHAHAHA Seriously, do you ever see people post their face pics on here? LOL! We have a dilema. It’s one of those things I was so self-conscious of that for me I’d rather lie and admit to wearing a helmet to the grocery store while sporting my strap on steel skate shoes zooming around yodalling for the first 18yrs of my life. See, I could admit to that with a straight face but mention my webbed toes and I’d instantly crack up and turn red as hell. I challenge all of the confident women to post their pics haha I bet we don’t get a single one. It’s just something about the toes man. It’s so stupid but I know you all know what I mean. LOL!!!

  537. Michael says:

    LMAO I just solved the dilema! Ok, here’s what you do, write a post and say you know someone who knows someone who has webbed toes and you just wanted to show your support by posting a pic of yourself with a link directing you to it. LOL! My helmet induces great imagination people.

  538. Tiffany says:

    haha Too funny, I think I remember you from the short bus! I was the one who wore the huge headgear, off set pig tails and striped tube socks with just my two webbed toes sticking out. LOL Remember??? JK I agree with you there Michael, I’d have to mustar up some serious nerve myself to post my photo. I don’t mind my toes with the lights off or less revealing shoes but you won’t catch me flaunting them either. I’m far from conservative and not nearly as sensitive as I was but now at 24 I still get knots in my stomach over the little stares and whispers or ridiculous “do they hurt” comments. Now that this site is up maybe we’ll see more post-surgery photos because I’ve always been curious if it in fact looks natural or not. The most embarressing moment for myself was when I received a pair of candy cane toe socks for Christmas from a boyfriend who obviously had no idea. He couldn’t wait for me to try them on and I couldn’t wait to throw them in the fire. I loved them but what could I do but admit it to him. Of course I decided to sleep on it and low and behold I wake up after falling asleep in front of the fire with him only to find my bare feet in his hands trying to get the socks on. OH MY GOD I believe I woke up the second he realized my toes were stuck together. lol!2&3 both feet. I don’t know who was more shocked but I’ll never forget that look on his face. Thank God he tried his hardest to make up for it even though I’m the one who ended up apologizing. lol! I still get queezy when I think about it. How crazy rofl

  539. Sandy says:

    I would like to know where I can go to find a plastic surgeon who will do this type of surgery. The doctors I went to will not do it? After reading all the letters, I see no one has mentioned how they found the doctor. How about Ariel. Where do you live and how did you find your doctor? Help, please!

  540. e says:

    well it has been over a month since the surgery and i’m still recovering. i definitely did not think that it would take this long. i just stopped using crutches and now i am walking with barely a limp.(i had both feet done with a skin graft) i would recommend the surgery to anyone that is extremely uncomfortable with their webbed toes and doesn’t mind being in slight pain and possibly immobile for several weeks. sandy, i went to my regular doctor, explained what i wanted done, and she found an orthapedic surgeon for me. basically, i needed a referral from my doctor. overall, the procedure was not bad but the recovery and pain were definitely more than i expected. i’m going to hawaii next week and can’t wait to finally be able to wear sandals and not hide my feet in the sand!! the past month has definitely been worth it.

  541. Julie says:

    Tiffany, Your toe sock experience is so real to me! I too had such an expericne, tried in vain to shove my 2nd & 3rd toes on one toe tube and walked arund with the middle toe tube flopping aaround. He saw this and thought I only had 4 toes!!!! He yanks the sock off and is even more horrified to find my two toes stuck together. He then laughs and says, :I guess you do only have 4 toes” At that moment he became my ex!

    Tiffany drop me an email if you like, you sound like my toe sister

  542. Julie says:


    Boy can I can relate to your posting on 2/19. Ex-boyfriend bought me toe–socks, I tried fitting my 2nd & 3rd toes on one tube, but they couldnt quite fit. He laugheed at how i had them on and pulled my sock off thining i only had 4 toes cause the one tube was flopping empty. when he saw my conjoined toes he started laughing. Thus he became “my ex”

    would be cool to chat to a “toe sister” bout our webbiness. drop me an email


  543. Dan Garrett says:

    I too have my 2nd & 3rd toes webbed up to the nails. I felt all alone & by myself while growing up.When I was young,If I saw anyone looking down at my feet I would panic and try to hide them anyway I could. One of my biggest fears while growing was of the world converting over to those rainbow colored glove like socks that were in the Sears catalog. Ultimately, I feel as if my toes gave me independence and the ability to self preserve. (for lack of a better way to put it) If given the choice, I’d rather have not been different and I’m not too sure how far reaching the response or anticipated response of others have molded my character. You’ll never get used to people looking at your feet.

  544. DrFeetFirst says:

    You may have seen these before and after pictures of the desyndactylization but I added a brief summary. The pictures are HERE:

  545. me says:

    i have webbed toes. im in 8th grade, everyone started finding out in 6th grade. they’re are some people out there who decide to laugh about it and make jokes. but i have friends that find it cool. i personally HATE it. =/

  546. the duck says:

    i always get teased because of my webbed toes. it has gotten to the point where, i myself, have tried to seperate them. i hate them so much. its not i care what others thing. i hate being different..i know sometimes being different is good but not always. i hate it and sometimes i wish i was never born.

  547. Dan says:

    Hey Duck. AKA (POST 547)
    I used to think just like you when I was a youngster. Things can get worse and I’ll tell you how. First, you’ll find a lot of people here who know just how you feel. And it’s ok to feel like you do. BUT here’s a “heads up” for you. Be careful on how you treat your family members. I say that cause I was an angry little fellow when I was young and I took out my anger on my little brother. I made his life a living hell. I also didn’t give my parents their due respect because of my anger issues. I grew up self alienated and angry with not much self respect because I was different and didn’t want to be. Years later, I was disowned by my entire family due to me being an abusive, lying, and sneaky human being and my little(now grown up) brother was able to finally fight back and he did by telling everyone how I terrorized him when we were children. All of which I am sure was a direct result of my childhood shame. In my twenties, I got involved with drugs and that’s also some of the reason my family disowned me. There again, my lack of self respect caused me more problems. I understand that I was a weak hearted child and there are web toed youngsters who do show their families proper respect and this doesn’t apply to them. And you may be one of those folks. Or,you may personally understand just what it is that I am saying to you. The reason that I’m telling you all this is because I read your post and I had flashbacks. You sound just like me when I was younger and we all kinda feel the same pain. So be careful and DON’T make the same mistakes I did cause it can hurt much much more. Use great love and respect when dealing with your family.

  548. Julie says:

    Tiffany, drop me an email a

    we should chat about our “situation” with our toes

  549. toes says:

    My brother has the 2nd and 3rd toes joined all the way up including the nail. He never wanted to get them separated. His 3rd and 4th fingers on both hands used to be conected but as a baby they were separarted. I think they are awesome!

  550. concetta says:

    Hello my toes are also webbed on both feet, i inherited from my father he was an Italian man, untill 3 months ago i never had seen it bevore. Until i went to visit my familie in Itali, i found out that my father had webbed hands, and that some of the women in the family had webbed toes, some man in the family had webbed hands. I also found out that i had more brothers and sisters i did not know. I heard that i had family in Germany and in the Netherlands. My father had, like how should i say, a wild live, he made a few girls pregnant and left. My father has past away and i will never know my half-brothers and sisters. Maby they also have webbed toes, maby one day i can find them

  551. natalie melo says:

    i had a baby 2 months ago and i never noticed his webbed toes until my husband told me that his toes were husband and i both don’t have webbed toes, but i think it’s neat.whenever i change his bum i kiss them cuz i think they r so cute and i never saw that before. both feet have webbed toes. i can’t wait till the summertime to show off his adorable toes.

  552. Theresa says:

    Hey Wow,
    I too have the 2nd and 3rd toe webbed.I am now 47 and my great nephew has the same thing on the opposite foot. I wonder why so many with the 2nd&3rd??
    My mother used to tell me that Mary Queen of Scotts had the same condition. Maybe we’re not mutants , maybe we are ….Royalty!(tongue in cheek here) But seriously , I wonder if we look back far enough if our genealogical paths don’t cross somewhere…. just a thought . Have a nice day.

  553. Christine says:

    I recently met a guy that I am truely intested in dating, but I had never seen webbed toes before. I had to take quite a few double takes before I could figure out what was wrong. His feet are amazingly good looking and kept and he wears flip-flops all the time. We just recently met and I want to ask him about his toes… just to ask and feel more comfortable around his feet… should I? Does anyone else feel weird when someone asks about “your toes”? Does this mean he is lucky? πŸ™‚ Thanks for the advice!

  554. KBB says:

    Hey I am 12 years old and I have webbed toes on both feet my 2&3 ones there are about 3/4 of the way up! I am so emberassed by them I wont wear nothing that shows my feet or Wear no shoes! I wear socks in the pool and dont go to any pool partys or the beach I make up excuses to my friends! None of My friends know but my best friend! My aunt found me some toe socks! They have a spot for ur big toe and one whole one for the rest wear I cna Where Rain Bow Flip Flops! U can get them at Surf Shops or on the internet! My mom said that I could Get them Seperated this comeing summer! I dont have to have any Skin Grafs! But I wotned to ask youll a ? ? Do I need to get Them done at the same time or wait and Get them doen one at the time because Wheel chairs would be to much troubld by going upstairs to get to my room! Crutches are much easier ? What Do you think?????Pleassssseeeee answer me! Thanks a lot KP!

  555. KBB says:

    Hey I am 12 years old and I have webbed toes on both feet my 2&3 ones there are about 3/4 of the way up! I am so emberassed by them I wont wear nothing that shows my feet or Wear no shoes! I wear socks in the pool and dont go to any pool partys or the beach I make up excuses to my friends! None of My friends know but my best friend! My aunt found me some toe socks! They have a spot for ur big toe and one whole one for the rest wear I cna Where Rain Bow Flip Flops! U can get them at Surf Shops or on the internet! My mom said that I could Get them Seperated this comeing summer! I dont have to have any Skin Grafs! But I wotned to ask youll a ? ? Do I need to get Them done at the same time or wait and Get them doen one at the time because Wheel chairs would be to much troubld by going upstairs to get to my room! Crutches are much easier ? What Do you think?????Pleassssseeeee answer me! Thanks a lot KBB

  556. KBB says:

    Hey I am 12 years old and I have webbed toes on both feet my 2&3 ones there are about 3/4 of the way up! I am so emberassed by them I wont wear nothing that shows my feet or Wear no shoes! I wear socks in the pool and dont go to any pool partys or the beach I make up excuses to my friends! None of My friends know but my best friend! My aunt found me some toe socks! They have a spot for ur big toe and one whole one for the rest wear I CAN WEAR Rain Bow Flip Flops! U can get them at Surf Shops or on the internet! My mom said that I could Get them Seperated this comeing summer! I dont have to have any Skin Grafs! But I wotned to ask youll a ? ? Do I need to get Them done at the same time or wait and Get them doen one at the time because Wheel chairs would be to much troubld by going upstairs to get to my room! Crutches are much easier ? What Do you think?????Pleassssseeeee answer me! Thanks a lot KBB

  557. Dan says:

    Hey Christine (554)
    Yea, talk about his toes with him. If he’s like most of us, he’ll not have too many people who he will be comfortable around when it comes to his sharing his toes.
    You have an oppertunity of breaking into the ‘special few’ who can make him feel good about it. It might bring you even closer together. It did with my wife and I when we were young. She used to kiss them and call them “the oaks.” I loved her so much for that. She made me fell great about something that I grew up hating.

  558. Dan says:

    OH, one more thing Christine,
    About the “lucky” thing… that will be the case if you two work together and make a good clean life for yourselves, I hope things work out, good luck with that. As far as the toes bringing luck… I guess that’s all up to him and you and how you see things. Take care

  559. Dan says:

    I was going to get mine done when I was your age but I was talked out of it by a doctor who convinced me that it was no big deal. I’m now 44 and I am glad that I kept them as is. But I also think that having them separated is good. And I would do them both at the same time and get it over with. It will be only a matter of days before you will be able to walk without any help from things like
    wheelchairs (over kill) crutches or canes. You can sleep on the downstairs couch for that matter and have your mom wait on you till you get to walking. WOULDN’T THAT BE COOL? You can scroll up and read about others who did it and see what they say. Take care

  560. KBB says:

    Thanks Dan! I am getting them done, but yea I guess I should Get them done at the same Time where I can Go ahead and get it over with and I wouldn’t have to go to school because It would be the summer and I wouldn’t have to go to school and My mom would give me a bell and I could ring it or call her on my cell Phone when I needed Something that would be So Freaken Cool! Thanks a lot! i ma still Nervouse I dotn wotn it to hurt or nothing or my toes fall off, but I guess it wont hurt as bad because I dotn need a Skin Grafts COMMENT ME BACK! THanks KBB!

  561. Dan says:

    YEP, KBB I am sure that you will be ok with that. Remember that after the surgery, it’s may hurt pertty bad for a couple of days but you will notice the pain getting easier to handle with every passing day. IT WILL BE WORTH IT!!! At first, it may look worse to you than it really is for a while. You will see some dried blood, some stitches, some discoloration, your toes may turn black and blue and it might appear to you that things arenÒ€ℒt going to well. The bandages may kling to the wound making it difficult to change the dressing. Your body will need some time to heal and it could be a while till you will never know that it was done. But eventually, no one will ever be able to tell.
    Also know that you may loose some normal feeling for a while but I believe that you will eventually regain feeling as nerves grow into place. Just think…you’ll be free!!! No more hiding your toes in the sand or others wondering why you stand behind things. No more wearing socks everywhere and when you have to dress out for P.E. at school, you won’t feel the panic that comes with having to be clever enough to hide them from everybody.
    It’s gonna be great and you’ll do fine. Listen to the doctor’s instructions carefully on how to avoid any infections while they heal OK? Be sure to let me know how things are going and I’ll be praying for you.

  562. marika says:

    Having webbed toes is extremely embarrassing. I never want to wear sandals, and when i do, and people are around, I am so embarrassed. I feel like a freak. My friends make fun of them, and it hurts my feelings. Now, don’t get me wrong, my friends are really nice people, but they tell me the truth. My toes are wierd. If you look at it one way, it makes me unique, but to have people stare and look at you funny is not what I call a “good” unique. If anyone can tell me of a good plastic surgeon, let me know.

  563. natalie melo says:

    I think that some of you people are just a little too concerned with what other people think of you! My son’s webbed toes are beautiful, and we’ll never let him be ashamed or embarassed of them! God creates every person unique, and you should be proud that you’re different from everybody else’s (and my) plan, regular toes. I really believe that plastic surgery is definately not the way to go. KBB please reconsider, that money would be so much better spent on your education when you get older. When you look back on this when you’re older, I think you’ll just think that this whole thing about seperation was just plain silly. And Marika, guys love to raz each other for stupid stuff…why do you let it bother you? Tell them it’s just better to kick their asses with!

  564. KBB says:

    I think I am not going to get it dont because I wont to try out for the cheerleading team and I can practice my backhand springs On Crutches! IDK My mom said that I could still practice befor and after How long does it take to heal???????Answer em please ! I am so confused to know what to do When I ma only 12!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thank u!!!!!!KBB

  565. Dan says:

    Hey Natalie Melo,
    You have some valid points. THANK YOU. But you donÒ€ℒt and cannot totally realize how it feels to have webbed toes. You may try to stand in our shoes but you really need to have our feet too in order to fully understand. You say, Ò€œ LIVE YOUR OWN LIFE THE WAY YOU WANT TO LIVE IT!Ò€ Well in KBB’s case, I think KBB said that he/she wants the surgery. That would qualify as to what you said wouldn’t it? Read posts 547 & 548 for an example of how trauma is common for webbed toed youngsters. KBB will not have to deal with the negative side of webbed toes any longer and speaking from experience, I AM one who truly understands. My toes are still webbed and it would have been better if they were separated. Now that I am an adult, it’s doesn’t bother me like it did when I was young so I’m cool with it. But I can still recall when it wasn’t cool at all. And your son will have to face those feelings too. You should NEVER discredit his feelings! Remember what you yourself said… LIVE YOUR OWN LIFE THE WAY YOU WANT TO LIVE IT!

  566. Anonymous says:

    i also have my 2nd and 3rd toes webbed 75% up on my left foot. doesnt affect me. on my right foot everything is normal

  567. Anonymous says:

    because my 2nd and third toe is webbed 75 percent up on my left foot, i can move my pinky toe without moving the other toes. cant do that on my right foot.

  568. KM says:

    WOW! im 11 and my 2nd and 3rd toes are webbed about 1 cm! i thought it was embarressing and i thought i was the only 1!You fellow webbers are the only people i have told!

  569. Commando says:

    Hello everyone. I am 22 years old and I have webbed toes on both feet. The second and third toes are stuck together on each foot. When I was younger I was a bit embarrassed to have webbed toes, however as I cracked on with life they don’t bother me at all. As a matter of fact, I get it from my dads side of the family. All I got to say to those who have been teased over the issue in the past is not be put down by those who gave you a hard time. The bullies are weak and only use the toes as an excuse to make your lives a misery because they have nothing better to do. I put that down to envy to be honest. I myself have never been teased over it, however I can imagine there are a few of you who may have encountered problems. Don’t let them get you down. As for me, if someone wants to form a different opinion of me because of the way my feet are, I will only regard it as a problem to the theirs, not to me. I was born that way, I choose to stay that way and I won’t change anything because a few sad people out there have a problem.

  570. Kelly says:

    I have webbed toes (2nd and 3rd) as well. I was extremely self conscious of them when I was little, especially after my nephew told everyone I was part duck. But you know, noone ever really notices until its pointed out. Mine are webbed only 2/3 the way up. Many think they are the cutest things they have ever seen. I wear thongs all the time. BE PROUD!!!!We are different and special!
    I just recently was listening to a NewAge radio talk show here in Denver on Sunday nights and there was a topic of conversation about people with RH Negative blood. They beleive them to be the descendents of the Star Children (space alien travelers from long ago) since the blood can’t be traced to evolutionary traits from here on earth. OK wierd I know, but I just found it curious cause I happen to have RH Negative blood and it would be an issue if I were to get pregnant so I found it interesting and funny and kept listening. Then they made some comments which rather shocked me. Apparently some common traits of those with the Star Children blood are (gets good) webbed toes and large round eyes, usually green. Both of which I have. FREAKY!!!! So this I just wondered, does anyone else with the webbed toes have RH Negative blood that they know of?? Just putting it out there.

  571. Kelly says:

    I also wanted to say that my heart feels for you guys that feel you have to go under the knife to remedy a bully. Kids and teenagers are assholes and beleive when I say that it will all change into adult hood. I used to be self-conscious about my toes, I looked for sandals that came up to cover them and I wore socks to the pool too. It seemed better to be made fun of for socks at the pool than my toes. There is way more to life than your toes, and if you have people in your life that would make fun or point them out to others to get a reaction, well guess what, they are not the friends you think they are. My FRIENDS would have never done anything like that to me in public!
    But if you feel like you have to risk the possibilty of infection or loosing feeling to the point they would need amputated (Dr. told me this too) then by all means. I wonder what your friends will make fun of you about after you heal? And they will, if they are so mean to make fun of you now. Try standing up to them first, it will save your mom some money too.

  572. Commando says:

    Well said Kelly. Like I said before, I have not been teased over the toes, but there are those out there who will try to victimise some people who do have webbed toes. Having webbed toes never hindered my opportunites to play football, go running, walk etc. And you are right, those “friends” who tease you in public about your feet are not what I would call true friends. My real friends who know about my feet have not said one single degrading comment towards me. As a matter of fact, they were very fascinated by them because they never seen a set of webbed toes before. But still they never took the piss out of me for having them. The more I grew up, the more I felt I was unique to have such feet and my personal dislike towards them faded away time after time and as a matter of fact, I grew up to like them. The bullies out there are simply out there to cause distress because they’re lives are shitty and they want pile all the sadness in their lives on to you simply to make themselves feel better. Don’t let a few stupid words from a few arseholes degrade you.

  573. natalie melo says:

    Strange…My husband and I are both RH Negitive (he is an A, and I am a B), and our son is O Negitive. Maybe there is something to this theory about the RH factor when it comes to toes. Just in cases no one saw my previous post neither of us has webbed toes and it doesn’t run in either of our families, but our son has them, and they are beautiful!

  574. Kelly says:

    Hey Natalie,
    Isn’t that very interesting?? WOW. I am AB Negative. Neither my mother or father had webbed toes either, but my cousin on my mom’s side did as well and 3 fingers on one hand. The fingers he had seperated, but not the toes cause of potential complications that we were told. My mom is AB negative too. There may be something to all that after all. hmmmmm

  575. Linda says:

    Wow – couldn’t believe so many people felt the way I have for so many years. There seems to be so many pro and con opinions on surgery vs living with my “twins”. My closest friends don’t even know my “secret”, because I have always hidden it. I gingerly broke the news to my husband to be many years ago, and he thought I was crazy to stress over it. He insists no one notices, but I have had young children ask me about it. I live in a warm climate, where most people wear sandals most the year. I always try to find some that don’t show my toes. This is the year of the flip flop, so I’m never going to be stylish. My children were born with normal toes, and now I have two grandchildren who also don’t have to face the shame I have faced, so I’m not convinced about the hereditary part of this. I just don’t know what to do. Thanks so much for your website. It means so much to me!

  576. rachel says:

    I have webbed toes less than half way up my second and third toes on both feet, a little more predominant on my right foot. The only people I have showed are my family and my roomate from college, and that took me so much courage. I hate them so much and I still haven’t learned to except them as they are. It sucks because my toes are pretty despite the webbing. Does anyone have information on how much the procedure to “unstick” them would be? Also approx. how long do you have to stay off your feet after the operation? Also, since my feet aren’t that badly webbed, would I have a higher success rate and would be not have to use skin grafts? If anyone has any info i would really appreciate it.

  577. LeeAnn says:

    I gave birth to my son when I was 16 years old & he was born missing the big toe on one foot with the other 4 toes stuck together more than jusy webbed like with tissue between the toes. & 1 of his hands is webbed less than to the first knuckle. I took him to “The Shriners Foundation” & “Mary Bridge Childrens Hospital” for answers when he was just a baby & opted not to have surgery done @ that time but have offered it to him now that he is older(14 years old) & he does not want surgery. His pinkys are both a little shorter than normal also??? Other than that there is nothing wrong with him. I was leary to have more children but finally gave birth to my daughter with a different father 17 months ago & she is absolutely normal.
    All of these years I have been wondering what caused this Syndactyly in my Son. His fathers biological parents put him up for adoption when he was a baby so we have no way of knowing if this condition is a herreditary thing or not. I have had to deal with a whole lot of criticism from having my Son @ the age of 16, so I have always felt that the syndactyly was my fault some how, yet me or his father both have regular feet.I came to this sight looking for answers & don’t know that I know the cause for my Son’s toes but feel comforted to know that it is more commen than I would think & also that there is a place where I can ask questions, Thank You…LeeAnn

  578. Barefooter says:

    Hey Everyone…

    Im a 20 year old guy (surfer) who was born with my 2nd and 3rd toes webbed on my left foot… i LOVE them! I got a tattoo on the sole of my right foot and im ALWAYS barefoot… i also got my webbed toes pierced! its SO cool… anyone else got them? saw a comment that someone said they do, wanna exchange pics? why hide your feet, there’s only a few of us with this spesiality, we’re suppose to be proud to have ’em… DONT HIDE ‘EM, SHOW ‘EM…

  579. webbedtoeslover says:

    i love my webbed toes! they are my only distinguishing feature. Embrace them man.

  580. Boone Cruse says:

    hey i have webbed toes too! its on my 2nd and 3rd toes on both feet, my right is about 90%, and my left is about 50%. i want to get my right one peirced, but i dont know if that would be bad or not. has anyone done this? can anyone give me any information on piercing you webbing? any experiences or feedback would be great

    haha, i also thought it would be cool to get a tatto of a duck on my right toes, across the webing. DUCK FEET RULE!

    do you guys think the extra surface area down there makes us faster swimmers? i hope so

    Give me some feedback on the piercing! my email in . feel free to drop a word

  581. Diana says:

    My son is 11 years old, and was born with his second and third twos grown together to the nail bed. His fathers are attached about halfway, and my older sons are’nt at all.

    He was seen by an orthopedist at about 6 weeks, and we were advised to leave them alone, as the separation would be strictl;y for cosmetic reasons. For this reason, we have decided to let it be our sons decision when he is older. He has never expressed any form of embarrassment about them, and has never suffered from teasing.

    I have actuallly grown very accustomed to them and would hate to see them go. They are part of what makes him, him. An incredibly smart, very welll adjusted 11 year old.

  582. Lynn says:

    I have considered surgery for my webbed toes, but a friend suggested tatooing a line on the top of the extra skin that would create the illusion of a separated toes. Has anyone tried that?

  583. Mike says:

    I had webbed toes on my right foot, the second and third toes were fused all the way to the nail. In 2003 I lost my toes after a boating accident, I miss my webbed toes. The toes on my left foot are also webbed but not as high as my right toes were, the webbing goes only 1/4 of the lenght. Nice to see so many webbed toes around, would love to exchange pictures of webbed toes. Email me at

  584. anne-marie says:

    wow i never realised how many people have webbed feet. i hate mine so much i also have my 2nd and 3rd toes webbed on both feet. i wanted to get mine seperated so many times, but just daren’t if any one wants to chat then my email is there should be a chat room for webbed toed people to get there anger out about there toes by the way im female live in england uk

  585. Aurelan says:

    My second and third toes are webbed about half way. My Dad’s were too, and apparently it ran in the family. I was pretty disappointed when both my sons were born without it – nobody left to carry on the family trait! We never viewed it as anything more than a slight, amusing oddity. Few people notice it and when they do, there’s the usual joke about being a great swimmer (I’m not and neither was my Dad), but I rarely encountered anyone who had a problem with it. Wouldn’t have cared if they did. It’s been an education for me to see that people actually view this as a mutation and have it surgically corrected. I hope if webbed toes show up in any of my grandchildren that they’ll be left alone. What’s next – dermal abrasion for freckles????

  586. BoozeHag says:

    My 2nd and 3rd toes are joined about half way up. My brother’s are joined all the way to the nail. When I was younger, the upper halves of mine, where they weren’t joined, were actually crossed. I never needed to cross my fingers when telling a lie, cause my toes were always crossed! Over time, the crossing went away. I guess I was made fun of, and at 39, my friends still make fun of me, but it’s all in fun at this point. I have one friend who thinks it might be contageous, so I rub my feet on him whenever I’m barefoot. I have never really thought about getting them fixed. Nor have I thought about getting the webbing pierced. But that idea sounds pretty cool.

  587. Lydia says:

    My second and third toes are webbed and I love it. I would rather have this than those people with the skinny second toe thats way longer than the first. Yuck! I have been called webster and people ask me all the time if I am a good swimmer but it doesnt bother me. Its a good icebraker at a party too!

  588. lou says:

    Does anyone know a good plastic surgeon in the St. Louis area? I am considering having my 2nd and 3rd toes separated. I am 32 and am finally sick of not being able to wear sandals in the summer. Reading comments it seems that some people have had really good experiences with the separation. Anyone else with good experiences.

  589. Toes Company says:

    hey dudes, my former girlfriend has webbed toes and i was toe-tally freaked out by them… at first. but then i grew to love them, they made her really unique! Shes lovely and her toes just made her that extra little bit special. My advice to anyone out there considering surgery is… NO!!!! Your toes are amazing and anyone who says otherwise is just jealous they dont have the special
    I wish i did.
    Peace out.

  590. Emily says:

    I am a 12 year old girl and i have always wondered about my toes! I was just siting here and i want to see if i could find anyone ells in the world who had the same thing as me! I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ON!!! WOW this is cool! I also have my second and thrid toe 3/4 the way connected. All my life i thought i was mutated! LOL its good to know i am not alone! Its prety cool right!! All my friends think its kind of weird but cool! wow i this page is awsome!!! wicked cool i am not the only one!!! COOL COOL!

  591. Emily says:

    i am so excited that there are acutally people like me!! i am PROUD of my webbed toes!!
    I LOVE THEM!! never ever would think about spearation! ITS SOOO NICE TO TO I AM NOT ALONE!! U GUYS ARE JUST AS WEIRD AS ME!!

  592. Anonymous says:

    Im 18 and I was born with webbed toes. while growing up i always wore socks to hide my toes. Not until two years ago i realize it was other people with feet like mine, after realizing this i’ve become a little comfortable with wearing open toe shoes. i never had any one tease me about my feet until last year and i tell you that was the worst feeling ever, i went home and cryed my eyes out b/c i just couldnt understand what was the big deal! but i was always in love with my feet i just dont like the reacton they bring! As for the toe socks i just wish i could wear a pair b/c i think those are the cutest socks ever. I just recently got a pedicure and i expected people to stare and the chinese people to start speaking there language about me, but it wasnt anything like that the woman was very sweet and mature about it. I believe thats what we all want someone to understand that webbed toes are normal and who ever toes are not like this they are actually the weird ones! Thank you for this site!

  593. beejay says:

    I luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuvvvv my webbed toes, three quarters on second & third toes on each foot. luv luv em luv em. all the other folks have weird toes. luv sandles, luv bare feet. like to be different!

  594. Josie says:

    Came across this blog while looking for info. on syndactyly repair…the medical term for webbed digits on feet or hands. I have webbed toes and still would like to have them repaired even though I’m in my mid fifties. I was talked out of surgery as a young girl by a plastic surgeon but now wish I had done it. I keep hoping that with advances in technology the surgery will be easier to perform. My advice to parents of infants is to have the repairs done when the child is young…it’s hard to be different as a child. I know I was always embarrassed about it when I was younger and although my attitude has changed a lot since I’ve gotten older it’s still a sore spot.

  595. Bill says:

    Hello! toes webbed or not don’t represent that seriouse of a problem I have stubby toes with the sart of what i think is called banding and some webbing regardless I have a friend that got his toes on his left foot amputated with exception of his big toe by a lawn mower and he can still out run me. My concern is with my hands they were also webbed with banding. On my left hand I have half a pinky. Ring and middle were grown completly together and underformed index My thumb is the only fully formed digit on my left. On my Right pinky and ring are stubs and middle is underformed leaving index and thumb fully formed all my surgeries to seperate and rectify were done after birth and here I am 27 yrs. old man of average size and weight and have the streangth in the few digits I have to literally break another mans bones in a simple hand shake. The problem is as of late my hands are not functioning as well as they should and a lifetime of pain accompanies them In all the yrs. of asking questions and reserch I have found no surgery that would be a viable solution. basically only the cosmedic. so what’s to happen when my hands fail me and I can’t do the physical work I love to do so much when the literature says that syndactyly is such a minor Birth defect/mutation??????????????? do any of you share this? and do you know any way to retain the dextarity.

  596. tired to my connected toe says:

    Well I was born with the two small toes connected on my right foot and i had it seperated as a child but they
    eventually rejoined. probably due to incomplete care after the surgery. well i have always been embarrassed and
    still am today so i never wear sandals that show my toes. I really long to have them seperated and did research having
    surgery but have not.

  597. Russian Missile says:

    “MY 2 CENTS”

    Hey guys and girls. I am 23.. So great to see so many people like me around. I have 2nd and 3rd on both feet webbed 50%. I think my feet are great and look great!!!! and always look at other people who dont have it and think how ugly there feet are. I think my feet look fantastic!!!
    “BY THE WAY”
    “I am Model who is signed with one of the most prestige agencies in the country, and have done many underwear runways, and also swimwear shoots. and no one has even noticed them!!
    Even every girl ive ever been with has never noticed. and if they did notice. they never mentioned it soo who cares.
    I did think about getting them cut at one stage but i am also a very elite track and field athlete and getting them sperated would devestate my training etc I was born like this for a reason, but Forget that. be proud I say!! We are unique, and god made us this way!! WE are Special!
    If someone says something to you, tell them to where to stick it haha.. or Give em a smack to the head if they piss u off πŸ˜›
    Trisha Helfer a super model and Rachel Steven from Sclub7 both totally gorgeous.. Showed the world on t.v and proud of them.. so guys and girls be proud!!
    Ive never liked tattoos but im thinking of getting my toes done.. So then how many people in the world can say they have that hey!! Show them off people.. Then the more who show them off the more people wont critise, when they realise how many people like us exist.


  598. Kelly says:

    I am so sorry to hear about your hands. Has any doctors suggested maybe a physical therapy of any kind. Is it neurological or muscular? Do they even know?

  599. Kelly says:

    I guess noone has checked on their blood types to see if they are of the RH Negative variety. Coast to Coast AM has some very interesting topics that have included webbed toes, blood types, and other out of this world info. I will keep researching. See comment 571


  601. anonyme says:

    Really I onestly edmire the people who dare to show theire toes but I’m not one of them. Im fifthteen and I really want to do this surgury more than anything. It’s hard to be one of the more poulare in school and always hang out with the most gorgeous girls in school and have to hide my feet all the time. My friends are always so perfect with or without makeup and hang out with them and never feel pretty enough and like a mutant it’s hard. My parents won’t let my have the surgury until I’m eighteen. And I really don’t know how to hide it accept allways have my feet out of sight or wear sox.Is it anyone who can give me an edvice how to make it less obvious? (they’re webbed about 45% on left and 10% on right, but I don’t care so much about the right one.) It would be very nice. Also how much costs a surgury? And how long until you walk and take of the bandages.

  602. bobbypins? says:

    Hi I just resently found this blog. I have webbed toes and I don’t want to get the surgury but I would like to try the thing with bobby pins a person wrote about. The thing is I don’t know what a bobby pin is. So if someone could explain what a bobby pin is I would be very happy.

  603. sharon says:

    I have webbed toes on my left and right feet. On my left foot it is 3/4 of the way webbed and my right foot is only a little webbed to where you can’t really notice.I am really embarrassed of them and try to hide them when i’m swimming in public.I don’t know if I should get them separated or not.

  604. Mikael says:

    I am 33 years old and have twin toes on both feet (nr 2 and 3 up to the nails). Very cool to see
    that there are more people that share this kind of thing. About the origin of twin toes: I am from Sweden and the truth or rumour I have heard is that as far back as the vikings had this toes. Some peole says that
    William the conquerer had them…. I dont know, but it would surely be interesting to learn more about this.

    Neither of my parents have it and neither of my two kids.


  605. Sarah says:

    My sister has webbed toes and I’m jealous of them. They are so cute and get positive attention when she shows them to EVERYONE. I’m alarmed at the negative comments I’m seeing on here about webbed toes. What’s the matter with you guys? If your earlobes are attached, are you going to have them detached? Ew!

  606. CCshady says:

    i have webbed feet like everyone else on here lol. the 2nd and 3rd toes 90 percent. im 17 years old and very self concious. i am gettin surgery done tomarrow at 6 am at a hospital done by a plastic surgon foot doctor they are taking a skin graft from my ankle im a little nervous about the ansescia tho im gettin regular anesescia. i am like all other people i will not take my socks off at sleepovers i will not go in the pool i will not go to the beach nothing. i hate living like this. i wish my parents would of done it when i was younger, one foot doctor told me that its not a good idea though for parents to do it when you are younger because it can grow back or somthin like that. i have been hiding this for many years and im really scared to get it done and i should be sleeping right now b/c i have to wake up early for the surgery. i never had surgery done before or have anescia (cant spell) im just nervous of the results will it look like werid or somthing i dont kno. and will it hurt? how bad? idk i have so many questions and i dont kno im just really nervious. what if i die on the anescia..ahhh..idk ill keep who ever reads this posted and who wants to know more. my doctor i have hasnt done webbed feet in like 18 years. so im kind of nervous. and if scaring will be bad or not. i will not tell my bestfriends. i told my friends i was gettin somthin else done with my feet i made somthing up. im so self consious n scared they will make fun of me i dont kno but ill keep everyone posted if they really wanna know.

  607. CCshady says:

    o yea i forgot to say. the worst part is…they are doing one foot at a time…idk why they have to do that. but ill be on cruches…i wish they could of did both feet…but my doctor said the healing will be better for it. it just sucks cus its like going to take up my whole summer..then back to school again ugh. i was planning to do many things this year like go to italy, and vacations. but now nothing. i have gotten very depressed knowing that i will not go out and see freinds. but they can come to my house and see me….my mom said i will be happy after its over with and glad that i have did it. well its not over yet. wish me luck!!

  608. calum says:

    hi i am 13 years old and my 2nd and 3rd toes are webbed on both feet. I never thought this many people were like me and
    I thought I was the only one to have this sort of thing. My mum has it a little but insn’t as bad as mine.

  609. M&M says:

    Hey what’s up people! Yea I’ve also been one of the oh so lucky people to be gifted NOT lol with webbed toes. Just on the 2nd and 3rd toes and I actually already had corrective surgery on my left side which was 3/4 up and the right is like half up but not really. No one ever (minus a few girlfriends who noticed when givin me a foot massage)even notices or if they have never said anything about it. Anyways I often wish I did’t have the surgery not because of any complications but I have to admit it would have been cool to meet a girl with webbed toes herself or one who could care less and liked it. I was never willing to take the chance and show anyone growing up except for one girlfriend and she turned more red then I did and actually got offended that I didn’t tell her over a year ago when we started dating. Yea, that’s whack you know but can you really blame her, it is a trip if you’ve never seen it before. Oh, did you see that episode of Blind Date when the couple went and got a pedicure and the guy had his 2nd and 3rd toes webbed 3/4 the way up and the girl was totally turned off, embarressed and grossed out beyond belief?? Yea, it was pretty funny but that’s exactly what I feared would happen. At the end of the date she tells him “good luck with your fused toes buddy, it’s only a snip here and there!” hahaha Believe me, we can tell ourselves things to passify ourselves about it but it is pretty trippy to the average person. I personally think it’s cute as hell on women and would love to chat it up with anyone female that is who’s over 21, I’m 30 myself. If there’s any single ladies out there who find it just as funny laughing about our experiences and so forth and wouldn’t mind meeting someone like themselves hit me up.…..

  610. I have webbed toes (duh). My mom has ’em and my Grandma too. I used to only wear sneakers, but then flip flops so every1 was amazed, and now crocs. i tell people they can see them for $1. What can i say, i love the mula.

  611. natalie melo says:

    kelly, hey my husband and i are both RH NEGATIVE,but niether of us has webbed toes.our 6 month old son has webbed toes, and no one on either sides of our families has webbed toes.our son has the 2nd and 3rd toes webbed 3/4 on both feet.i hope this can help you out a little.

  612. Anonymous says:

    I read in an earlier comment about buying flip flops with the flower on them to cover up the 2nd and 3rd toe. I tried it and it really worked. Great idea!!

  613. Cute says:

    my fouth toes is stickin up…n my 2nd and 3rd toes join together.. i use to be ashamed of waerin slippers..i wuldnt go to the pool or anthing..jus tryin to hid them from the whorld….my ex-boyfriend’s cuzines thought its was nasty, which make me more sad..but one day at the pool i saw sum girl who had thet same feet as mines…i felt happy that day, that im not the only 1 wit dat knid of feet….im also happy that im not like everybody else.

  614. tamtam says:

    I came across this site as I was looking up information on surgery for dewebbing. I am 26 years old and like most of you I have been blessed with webbed toes. Actually, I do not consider it a blessing at all. I absolutely hate my webbed toes! On my left foot my second and third toes are webbed 3/4 and on my right foot the second and third are webbed 100%. I am amazed that a lot of people feel the same way I do about it and it actually comforts me knowing that I am not the only one that has experienced these feelings. When I was little I didn’t think anything of it but as I became older I became more aware of how different my feet were and how much it really made me uncomfortable. I really hate when summer comes around because there really are no open toe shoes to wear and oh how I wish to wear open toe shoes without being self-conscious! I actually get upset about it and cry sometimes because I really would like to have normal feet. I am debating on whether getting the surgery done would be a good idea but I think I am leaning more onto gettting it done because I am really tired of feeling down about it. I read a comment (I think it was a different website) that someone was having trouble finding a doctor to do it in the Philadelphia area. This has me a bit scared b/c I really do not want to travel far to have it done. I am going to start looking into this today because after 26 years I have decided that I am sick of it…tired of being self-conscious at the pool, at the beach, etc. If anyone knows of any doctors in the Philadelphia/southeast Pennsylvania area please let me know.

  615. maria says:

    hi if anybody knows a surgeon in the uk that seperates webbed toes please get back to me it would be very much apreciated x thanx x

  616. tamtam says:

    I am finding that it is very hard to find a doctor that will do the procedure. I have a consultation appointment with a podiatrist next week that has done this type of procedure before. I really would like to find a plastic surgeon to do it. If anyone has any suggestions on how I should search for this please please let me know. Thanks!

  617. Anonymous says:

    To tarntam
    I found a plastic surgeon to perform separating my toes, however it is in the St. Louis area. I found him by searching the web and looking up plastic surgeons. I just started calling around and got a referral to this guy. I thought it was hard to find too. I had to do a lot of web searching and calling. I went to the Dr. today and they recommend doing one foot at a time.

  618. CCshady says:

    to comment 617, i just got my surgery about a week and a half ago…a podiatrist taht i went to recommended a plastic surgeon so ask your podiatrist if he knows of any plastic surgeon do not get the surgery from a podiatrist cus i found out taht it will leave many scars and u will be unhappy

  619. tamtam says:

    618 and 619- Thank you for your advice. Yesterday I was a little frustrated but today I am doing much better with my search. I have found 4 plastic surgeons that will do the procedure. I have 2 consultation appointments in August and 2 in September. They range from 40 minutes to a couple hours away. I hope that I receive good news when I go. I am excited. I feel like finally I am getting something accomplished about this!

  620. Jamie says:

    Hey, my second and third toes of each foot were webbed also. My right foot was about 3/4 of the way up, it was worse than my left which was only about 1/2 way up. Anyway I am 20 and they have bothered me forever. I did wear open toed shoes but anytime someone would look down I would try to hide my toes in some way so they would not notice. Some of my classmates and friends knew, but a few people noticed them and thought they were nasty but some people did not mind at all. Anyway, my toes just always bothered me. My family thought they were normal and so did my boyfriend. He also thought they were funny. He called me “Webbie” a lot which was funny and I know he didn’t mean anything by it. He and my brother always said they bet I could swim really well, bla bla bla.. But anyway I just had corrective surgery on them on July 7th by a plastic surgeon, we trusted him b/c he also worked with my mom (she has breast cancer). Anyway, he did take a skin graft from my groin area which is not a pretty scar and it’s like four inches long, but I mean I just had surgery so I do not know how it will be. But as for my toes, I am really upset, it has been 10 days since the surgery and I just got my dressings removed today. It turns out the skin graft did not take and I am almost devasted at the moment, but I am trying to stay positive. It is hard, though. I mean, the skin in between my toes on both feet is completely black, it almost looks charred like they have been burnt or are rotting- I know that sounds nasty but it looks pretty bad. The plastic surgeon said it looked bad but he thought the skin would fall off as it deadens and my skin would grow in place of that, but if that’s the case and my skin will grow back- why did I have a skin graft done? I don’t know… I just want to stay positive.. I know I have talked forever but I am worried about my feet.. I had this surgery done so I could now wear open toed shoes and not feel self conscious but if they stay like this I won’t wear them again, I mean it is bad right now… Anyway if anyone has any advice, etc. let me know… Thank you and I hope you didn’t fall asleep reading this.. πŸ™‚

  621. MM says:

    Hey Jamie don’t sweat it, it really isn’t that uncommon for that to happen. I was also told the same thing about the skin growing in place of the sluffed off graft which totally didn’t make any sense to me either. You’re right it doesn’t look pretty at first but believe me it will all work out whether it grows back or they re-graft the site. My left foot did something similar and ended up being just fine. Just keep them elevated and seriously try not walk or put any pressure on them. More then likely the surgeon will re-graft the area and yes, the groin incision where the skin was grafted does heal really well, that’s the last thing I’d worry about. You cannot even tell they took skin from my groin unless I point it out and you really look hard. From my understanding as long as you are not diabetic it should be just fine, our bodies are really resilient.Good luck!

  622. CCSHADY says:

    i also had my surgery done on july 7th i am very upset because my doctor is a pain and is taking forever to let me get the other foot done, my summer is ruined and he said i might have to go back to school like this in crutches. im really upset because it is my senior year and i feel like already its turning into a disaster. im really upset about all this i just want it to be done with. can anybody tell me how long who had surgery took for their’s to heal? for both feet my doctor is telling me 12 weeks. oh and i found out if my insurance didnt cover it it would have cost over 12,000 dollars. but we didnt have to pay anything due to our good insurance. i went to the plastic surgeon today and he took off the dressing on the foot and i have seen my toes separated for the first time it was amazing me and my mom almost cried. i cried in the office because i found out that we coudlnt get the next surgery till august 18th and i go back to school on the 6th of september. i want to get into a shoe by 3 weeks but i dont know if its possible and im upset about it. im thinking about squeezing into a shoe and just getting through that week of school feet hurting and all trying to walk and put pressure on it. i dont know what to do and to go to school on crutches and that big ugly shoe is a big deal to me. i think into the future and i just dont wanna deal with it for school plus it will be the first week and its hecktic. i dont know what to do i am so confused and depressed. ive been off my feet for 2 whole weeks just taking trips to the bathroom and to the doctors office once every week. im going crazy inside my house and my mom bought me crafts and things to do. i want to get out and be able to drive adn go out with friends. im only 17 and its so hard for me right now i feel like dying. it really sucks. if anybody has any advice for me please please help. tahnk you

  623. Anonymous says:

    i also had my surgery done on july 7th i am very upset because my doctor is a pain and is taking forever to let me get the other foot done, my summer is ruined and he said i might have to go back to school like this in crutches. im really upset because it is my senior year and i feel like already its turning into a disaster. im really upset about all this i just want it to be done with. can anybody tell me how long who had surgery took for their’s to heal? for both feet my doctor is telling me 12 weeks. oh and i found out if my insurance didnt cover it it would have cost over 12,000 dollars. but we didnt have to pay anything due to our good insurance. i went to the plastic surgeon today and he took off the dressing on the foot and i have seen my toes separated for the first time it was amazing me and my mom almost cried. he told me that the skin graft took and everything was going good and it was healing good. but its taking so long for him to do the next surgery. i cried in the office because i found out that we coudlnt get the next surgery till august 18th and i go back to school on the 6th of september. my doctor said i have to go to school in crutches. screw that. i want to get into a shoe by 3 weeks but i dont know if its possible and im upset about it. im thinking about squeezing into a shoe and just getting through that week of school feet hurting and all trying to walk and put pressure on it. i dont know what to do and to go to school on crutches and that big ugly shoe is a big deal to me. i think into the future and i just dont wanna deal with it for school plus it will be the first week and its hecktic. i dont know what to do i am so confused and depressed. ive been off my feet for 2 whole weeks just taking trips to the bathroom and to the doctors office once every week. im going crazy inside my house and my mom bought me crafts and things to do. i want to get out and be able to drive adn go out with friends. im only 17 and its so hard for me right now i feel like dying. it really sucks. if anybody has any advice for me please please help. thank you and if anyone has any questions for me let me know. i check this website everyday

  624. CCshady says:

    i also had my surgery done on july 7th i am very upset because my doctor is a pain and is taking forever to let me get the other foot done, my summer is ruined and he said i might have to go back to school like this in crutches. im really upset because it is my senior year and i feel like already its turning into a disaster. im really upset about all this i just want it to be done with. can anybody tell me how long who had surgery took for their’s to heal? for both feet my doctor is telling me 12 weeks. oh and i found out if my insurance didnt cover it it would have cost over 12,000 dollars. but we didnt have to pay anything due to our good insurance. i went to the plastic surgeon today and he took off the dressing on the foot and i have seen my toes separated for the first time it was amazing me and my mom almost cried. he told me that the skin graft took and everything was going good and it was healing good. but its taking so long for him to do the next surgery. i cried in the office because i found out that we coudlnt get the next surgery till august 18th and i go back to school on the 6th of september. my doctor said i have to go to school in crutches. screw that. i want to get into a shoe by 3 weeks but i dont know if its possible and im upset about it. im thinking about squeezing into a shoe and just getting through that week of school feet hurting and all trying to walk and put pressure on it. i dont know what to do and to go to school on crutches and that big ugly shoe is a big deal to me. i think into the future and i just dont wanna deal with it for school plus it will be the first week and its hecktic. i dont know what to do i am so confused and depressed. ive been off my feet for 2 whole weeks just taking trips to the bathroom and to the doctors office once every week. im going crazy inside my house and my mom bought me crafts and things to do. i want to get out and be able to drive adn go out with friends. im only 17 and its so hard for me right now i feel like dying. it really sucks. if anybody has any advice for me please please help. thank you and if anyone has any questions for me let me know. i check this website everyday

  625. maria says:

    to ccshady hi there how u getting on. i just wandered how bad was webbing on ur toes xx

  626. Jamie says:

    Thanks MM, that made me feel more hopeful πŸ™‚ The doctor told me the other day that he was probably not going to do another skin graft so I HOPE this black skin is going to come off eventually. I have to go back to see him August 8th so I don’t know what he’ll say.
    I start back school on August 21st so I do not know what shoes I will be able to wear, definitely not toe shoes right now… I am really trying to stay off my feet as much as I can but isn’t it okay to drive? I have an appt. next week and I have to drive myself..

  627. Ashleigh Brooke Hope says:

    Hey all you WEBBIES i have web toes too im only 11 my birthday wasin may-may31 I am really self conciousabout my toes my second andthird toes are webbed im from a town in southcarolina calledd blacksburg.Blacksburg is a town in cherokee county if any one by that count will you pleas contact me at ashleighbhope2AOL-YAHOO.COM THANKS

  628. Ashleigh Brooke Hope says:

    IN THE FIRST SENTENCE I MEEANT mysecondand third toes are connected and im from a small town called blacksburg with my mom i live in gaffney whith my dad in i live in blacksburg.
    and anybody near thatCOUNTY i meant too will you please contact me .
    Sorry about all the confusion….

  629. Ashleigh Brooke Hope says:

    soryy again my adress is

  630. Ashleigh Brooke Hope says:

    no lets just say instead of aol.

  631. CCSHADy says:

    they were all teh way up to the nail

  632. maria says:

    hello ccshady how u getting on mine are all the way up to the nail and i want to get them seperated, i just wanted to know how long the healing process is keep in touch thanx maria x

  633. jessi says:

    My son is eight weeks old and he has webbed toes on both feet (second and third toe). Do we need to get him tested for other medical problems? Our pediatrician seems unconcerned.

  634. Ashleigh Brooke Hope says:

    jessi if you thank about getting your sons toes seperated im going to tell you what the doctorwill say.He will say the bones may be connected and theres to many little nerves.

  635. Tiffany says:

    Just request an x-ray and that will settle the joined boned issue immediately and in regards to the many little nerves that’s exactly why you don’t want to go to a podiatrist for an opinion, they are not skilled in micro-surgery. When looking for a plastic surgeon look up one who specializes in hand surgery/micro-surgery. Hands have tons of nerves and blood vessels and if they can sew an amputated hand on a donor recipient then they can sure as hell seperate a couple of toes. It hits a nerve when I hear all of these doctors trying to talk people out of such a simple procedure that is easily corrected relieving a pile of humiliation and embarressment providing a much happier healthy and much more active lifestyle. Believe me, my mother also used to say my webbed toes were beautiful, whatever, evidently she was in more denial then anyone. Let’s get real, it is what it is, yes, the majority of the population finds it funky, weird, gross, or strange unless of course they like have a fascination with webbed toes and it’s probably because they don’t even have webbed toes but find feet more of a fetish probably because their toes are deformed in some way, overlapping, extra, amputated, etc.. Not that it matters but my point is *if you haven’t already noticed yourself* is that the largest contributor of the webbed toe people site/group doesn’t even have webbed toes. hahaha! Exactly, talk about strange! Poser. We appreciate your enthusiasm but if you run into me at the mall and ask me to let you photo my toes these webbed toes are going to pull some matrix kung fu kicks on you Mr.Juan Tuhave Webbedtoes. *shivers* Believe me, after reading a few of the postings I now carry a leash with me to the mall or grocery store, seriously, I always wanted a freak on a leash. Hmmmm I wonder if he has a body double? I could have two freaks on a leash. hahahahaha! NOT!! Hey, it is what it is πŸ™‚ muahzz

  636. Mr. Juan Tuhave Webbedtoes says: