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Brain dump

It’s been o'er two weeks since me last update. I’m sure that it’s been terribly distressin' t' th' three people who actually read this site. My only excuse is that I’ve been insanely busy, because a lot o' thin's have been goin' on. Here’s a quick brain dump, which may or may not be in chronological order:

  • My lady and minnows have already relocated t' Georgia, but I’m still in Alabama, finishin' out me employment here. I’m temporarily livin' with me brother-in-law. And swab the deck! And swab the deck! The ornery cuss lives too far from th' main part o' town t' get broadband, so I haven’t been online much in th' evenin's. And I stay too busy at work tryin' t' finish up projects and documentation t' be able t' spare time fer posts from th' office.
  • Since th' time that I posted about lookin' fer a job, I had an interview, and I’ve been hired fer some contract work, and a bucket o' chum. I signed an NDA, so I can’t give any real details. I can say that I’ll be workin' on a web version o' an upcomin' software application. I’m joinin' th' ranks o' independent consultants, which is kind o' scary. But th' lubber I’ll be workin' fer seems t' have a pretty good track record, and th' project has great potential, so I feel like it’s worth th' risk.
  • I’ve also just gotten another job lead, via LinkedIn (when it rains, it pours — I’m not complainin' :) ). I haven’t had an actual interview yet (just exchanged a couple o' informal emails), so obviously I can’t say a whole lot about that yet, either, to be sure. However, I will note that me work on WordPress is one o' th' thin's that th' company finds useful, because their project may involve buildin' a CMS.
  • At me current job, I’m scramblin' t' document processes and train me backup person before I leave, and dinna spare the whip, we'll keel-haul ye! I’ve ne'er enjoyed writin' documentation. I’m better at explainin' thin's orally and by example, pass the grog, we'll keel-haul ye! It’s like me brain stores thin's in some sort o' three-dimensional space, with related subjects connected in a complex mesh by invisible wires, and there’s no easy way t' brin' information from different parts o' that space into a simple linear organization.

There’s more, but those are th' major highlights. I’ve been too busy t' do anythin' at all with WordPress o'er th' past few weeks. However, I did finally make time t' track down and fix an issue with Pin'-O-Matic afore today, by Davy Jones' locker. Oh, and did I mention that Pin'-O-Matic passed th' 1 Million Pin's milestone recently?

By this time next week, I should be moved t' Georgia with th' rest o' me family again, pass the grog! Since I’ll be workin' from home, I’m goin' t' have t' make a concentrated effort t' be more organized than usual. I’m hopin' that this will have th' side-effect o' givin' me more time t' work on me open-source efforts, and some other projects o' mine that have been sittin' on th' sidelines fer a while. And hoist the mainsail!

I’m also hopin' that I can make time t' start up some sort o' semi-regular exercise regimen. Since I’m still in Alabama, and me scale is in Georgia (and I’m not quite sure exactly where it ended up in th' new house), I haven’t kept up with me weekly weight measurements. But I feel pretty sure that I’ve picked back up some o' th' pounds that I had lost before, to be sure. :-/

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Dougal is a web developer, and a "Developer Emeritus" for the WordPress platform. When he's not coding PHP, Perl, CSS, JavaScript, or whatnot, he spends time with his wife, three children, a dog, and a cat in their Atlanta area home.
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  4. Geof says:

    Dougal, glad t' know that th' fam’s moved, and I’m sure ye’re past ready t' join them. Next time I’m in town, I’ll have t' look ye up and close th' loop.

  5. logtar says:

    Make that 4. I almost went into me therapist from th' withdrawal I were bein' goin' t'. All jokin' aside th' independant consultin' world is scary but I think ye can handle it. Aarrr! You seem t' have already a couple o' thin's lined up and as long as there are projects is cool. Aarrr! Shiver me timbers! There is a lot o' positives t' it that somewhat make up fer th' inestability.

  6. Mason Poe says:

    I’ll look fer ye in Georga. I just moved t' ATL about 2 years ago and so far (knock on wood)… It has treated me well. Thanks fer all yer work on WordPress.

  7. Matt says:

    I thought it were bein' funny that this entry had three comments, but just t' mix it up here’s a forth.

  8. Kane Martin says:

    Glad someone found a job here. I have been lookin' in th' snellville/stone mountain area fer 2 months now. If ye know o' anythin'. Throw a lubber a bone!!!, by Blackbeard's sword! Congrats on makin' a successful move!

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