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Text Filter Suite Plugin for WordPress

Since Talk Like a Pirate Day is only three weeks away, I spent some time this weekend revamping my old Fun Filters hack. The result is a new plugin for WordPress 1.2 or higher, which I call the Text Filter Suite. This version basically provides a post and comment filtering framework, which can be controlled on a per-post basis.

Download: or text-filter-suite.tar.gz
You can find the current version of the Text Filter Suite plugin in the WordPress Plugins Directory.

Just to demonstrate, all comments to this post will be piratized. You don’t have to do anything special. Just write your comment as you normally would.

There is more information in the README file.


Update 2004/09/19: Fixed a bug in the pirate filter which caused comments to break on Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Update 2005/09/13: I’ve updated the code a bit since last year to make it compatible with WordPress 1.5. Also, there are a few new pirate phrases and some new acronym expansions in tfs-acronymit. Lastly, I added the licensing information to the README (it’s GPL, if you didn’t already guess).

Update 2005/09/13 #2: Kelson Vibber discovered a problem with Comment RSS feeds, which I’ve tracked down. Unfortunately, fixing it requires modifying a core file (wp-commentsrss2.php). The problem is that if the most recent post on your site has a filter specified in the comment_filter custom post field, all comments in the site comments feed will be filtered (feeds for individual posts will only be filtered if a filter is specified on the post). This is due to to the way that the comments feed is currently generated. I’m going to try to find time to put in some patches for this in the next version of WordPress. In the meantime, you can download my patched version of the file (.phps, .txt, .zip), or re-download the TFS Plugin archive, which now includes the fixed version.

Update 2007-04-26: Some people have asked if this plugin is compatible with newer versions of WordPress. The answer is ‘yes’. At the time I write this, this site is running WP 2.1.3, and the plugin is working just fine. One day, when I can find time, I’m going to rewrite this plugin, give it a sexy web-based configuration interface, and put it into the official wp-plugins repository. More news when there’s news to report.

Update 2008-09-19: Currently running on WordPress 2.6.2, and still working fine.

Update 2013-09-19: I’m up to WordPress 2.7-alpha, and the plugin is still going strong. Huzzah!


About Dougal Campbell

Dougal is a web developer, and a “Developer Emeritus” for the WordPress platform. When he’s not coding PHP, Perl, CSS, JavaScript, or whatnot, he spends time with his wife, three children, a dog, and a cat in their Atlanta area home.

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269 Responses to Text Filter Suite Plugin for WordPress

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  11. Carthik says:

    Let’s try this now.

    What would I say if I were a pirate. I’d say quite th' same ’cause I’d stay quite th' same.
    Ahoy! Shiver me timbers!
    Yeah, me, a pirate, right!

  12. David says:

    I just wanted t' try out th' piratizin' stuff. Everyone loves talk like a pirate day.

  13. Adam Kalsey says:

    Thanks fer th' mention in yer credits fer this, but th' MovableJive filter has very little original code from me. I swiped th' “translations” from elsewhere (but I don’t recall where).

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  15. Adam said:

    Thanks fer th' mention in yer credits fer this, but th' MovableJive filter has very little original code from me. I swiped th' “translations” from elsewhere (but I don’t recall where).

    Regardless, it were bein' yer MovableJive plugin that I re-borrowed it from, and I wanted t' try t' give credit where credit were bein' due 🙂

  16. Jay says:

    I’m tryin' out this pirate stuff. I’m not sure I understand how it really works, by Davy Jones' locker.

    Well, here we go so it better be illuminatin'…

  17. Craig Hartel says:

    I’m glad that ye created this as a plugin! Thank ye, good sir. And hoist the mainsail! I plan on creatin' a Newfoundland version o' th' filter, so I’ll let ye know how that goes!

  18. Brian says:

    I say, this has t' be one o' th' most amusin' plugins e'er. I might just install it fer fun. I also like how ye can add filterin' t' th' whole blog with an extra query strin' parameter.

  19. Jina says:

    Okay, I am so usin' this on me site on Talk Like a Pirate Day. This is so fun. Thanks!

  20. BradGad says:

    Avast, I were bein' wonderin' when Talk Like a Pirate day is comin' up. This is a handy reminder.

  21. Janice says:

    Arrrr, we'll keel-haul ye! Thank ye fer this filter. I’m definitely usin' it on TLAPD.

  22. TestOnly says:

    Das wollen wir mal ausprobieren. This is a test.

  23. Anon says:

    Just wanted t' test this Pirate stuff out, it seems pretty cool t' me!

  24. Just Some Guy says:

    Fourscore and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty and dedicated t' th' proposition that all men are created equal.

  25. Matthew says:

    Avast, this is great, I'll warrant ye! Now all I and me team need is money, whiskey, fair women, strong backs, a fair sea, a followin' wind, and good omens!

  26. Sara says:

    Thank ye fer th' plug-in, too fun!!! 🙂

  27. Rusty says:

    Cool plug-in Dougal, avast. I enabled it on th' “Talk Like a Pirate Day” post on me site, and will keep it enabled through th' 19th. Just one thin' though: It doesn’t appear t' be playin' nice with Owen Winkler’s Adhesive plug-in. Works fine in th' permalinks t' th' sticky posts though.

  28. Dave Seah says:

    Very cool plugin! Thanks a bundle fer makin' it available!

  29. Anonymous says:

    are ye bucket o' chum, go walk th' planl

  30. Anonymous says:

    flase hype

  31. Prashant says:

    Is it possible t' have this plugin work on all th' posts instead o' per post?

  32. Pete says:

    There are hundreds o' uses fer these magnets – from holdin' keys or wrenches on machines t' makin' fridge magnets. Walk the plank, with a chest full of booty! Nickel plated with slightly rounded edges, they can be glued in place with almost any glue (epoxy is th' most secure), to be sure. Sold individually.

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  34. test says:

    Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth, upon this continent, a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated t' th' proposition that “all men are created equal”

    Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testin' whether that nation, or any nation so conceived, and so dedicated, can long endure. We are met on a great battle field o' that war. Ahoy! We have come t' dedicate a portion o' it, as a final restin' place fer those who died here, that th' nation might live. This we may, in all propriety do. But, in a larger sense, we can not dedicate — we can not consecrate — we can not hallow, this ground — The brave men, livin' and dead, who struggled here, have hallowed it, far above our poor power t' add or detract. The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here; while it can ne'er forget what they did here.

  35. Amazing Jean says:

    fancy! And swab the deck! pirates own, by Davy Jones' locker. this is amazin'.

  36. mark mason says:

    Yo ho yo ho a pirate’s life fer me.

  37. Lisa V says:

    Welcome t' me birthday party – choose yer weapon and join th' crew fer some chow, drinks, and fightin'!

  38. Lisa V says:

    Happy Birthday t' ye

  39. Anonymous says:

    I’m just testin' this filter out, thanks!

  40. Anonymous says:

    Thanks fer yer work, ye will be missed.

  41. Thanks fer yer work, ye will be missed.

    Am I goin' somewhere?

  42. Anonymous says:

    I’m just tryin' t' see how this works.

  43. steve cooley says:

    I thank ye, this is really cool functionality ye’ve added, lubber!

  44. Blah says:

    Cool stuff

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  46. Orangebeard says:

    Good t' have ye aboard! And swab the deck! Pick up yer bat and swin'!!!! Nay need t' acclimate! 🙂

    Nice t' have another MUS judge here. . .especially one who has a better handle on what is goin' on than Kirk! Aarrr! 🙂

    Speak truthfully and frankly at all times. . .no rules. . Walk the plank! And hoist the mainsail! .except fer th' ones in th' welcome thread. You have passed th' first test by doin' an intro, I'll warrant ye! THanks!!


  47. IBloon says:

    Sweet Acid… This is possibly th' collest hack e'er… I am goin' t' install this onto me blog ASAP… Here goes nuttin!

  48. Jane Doe says:

    Just testin' th' filter out.

    [Ed. note: profanity removed.]

  49. Jason says:

    The quick brown fox jumped o'er th' lazy dog.

  50. cjp says:

    Ahoy me hearties. Shiver me timbers, host th' mainsail and lubber th' cannons. There is klingons on th' starboard bow Cap'n. You see I don’t need this filter I can speak pirate anyway! Still this is very cool. In fact Roger The Cabin Boy says it is cool enough t' freeze th' balls o' a brass monkey!

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  52. Russell says:

    What is talk like a pirate?

  53. KarmaKleeneX says:

    so what is this all about, I'll warrant ye. text filters are some kind o' a mistery t' me. What are they used fer ?

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  55. Jen says:

    Just testin' this out … seein' how it works and … hopefully talkin' like a pirate

  56. missi says:

    Yet another test 🙂

  57. _test says:

    hello, bla bla bla, really , by Davy Jones' locker?

    this is only a stupid test comment, so don’t bother ;>

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  63. mahe says:

    Avast really cool, nice keep on goin'!

  64. Avast ye scurvy sea dogs! Shiver me timbers, pass the grog! Prepare t' be boarded, ye swarthy flock o' sea-gherkins! Blisterin' barnacles!

  65. AJ says:

    I am not sure what this plugin is supposed t' do but all th' comments are in pirate’s lingo.. Does th' plugin change normal english t' pirate talk?

  66. AJ says:

    I sure guessed it correct 😀

  67. Dougal says:

    Actually, it’s a suite o' several plugins. The pirate filter is just one o' them. There are also filters fer Swedish Chef, Jive, and others. Yaaarrrrr, I'll warrant ye! Plus a more practical one which will provide hover titles fer acronyms (e.g. And swab the deck! HTML).

  68. James says:

    Yaaarrrrr! I be officially supportin' Talk Like a Pirate Day o'er here. This be comment number sixty-two

  69. Sam says:

    hello their matey. I just wanted t' give this thin' a try. I thank ye fer this site mate.

  70. Sam says:

    Can I please have a large Boddingtons beer please miss.

  71. Sam says:

    I need a big pint o' beer or off with yer head.

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  75. Kelson says:

    Slight problem… I activated th' pirate filter fer comments on one post, and now me entire comments feed is pirate-ized! Ahoy! (WP 1.5 and just downloaded th' filter suite.) Actually, it’s only th' HTML part o' th' comments feed. Oddly, th' regular post feeds don’t seem t' be affected (i.e. only th' posts with th' option set are converted).

  76. Dougal says:

    Well I’ll be… That’s odd, by Davy Jones' locker. I’ll look into th' problem with th' comments feed and see if I can figure out what th' heck is causin' it t' do that.

  77. Vic says:

    Man, I really like pirates. I wonder what pirates talk like.

  78. Lefebvre says:

    Ainda vou fazer um para português.

  79. Dougal says:

    Okay, in case anybody skipped straight t' th' bottom o' th' comments, and didn’t notice above that I posted a new update, there’s a fix fer th' problem that Kelson mentioned. It’s a one-line modification t' a WP core file (wp-commentsrss2.php). And swab the deck, I'll warrant ye! You can download just that file, or get th' new copy o' th' TFS archive, which contains th' patched file.

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  82. Magnus says:

    Ok – om jag testar att skriva pÃ¥ svenska dÃ¥? Ahoy! Med åäö och ÅÄÖ? Fungerar det, ye scurvey dog? :o)
    English: If I try t' write in Swedish – how is that workin'? :o)

  83. Dougal says:

    As an English speaker, I’m havin' a hard time imaginin' what a Swedish pirate would sound like… Maybe I’d get a better idea if I activated th' Swedish Chef and Pirate filters at th' same time… 😉

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  85. This text filter suite is quite impressive. Thanks fer puttin' th' time into this.

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  90. Anonymous says:

    HER MAJESTY VICTORIA Queen o' th' United Kingdom o' Great Britain and Ireland regardin' with Her Royal Favour th' Native Chiefs and Tribes o' New Zealand and anxious t' protect their just Rights and Property and t' secure t' them th' enjoyment o' Peace and Good Order has deemed it necessary in consequence o' th' great number o' Her Majesty’s Subjects who have already settled in New Zealand and th' rapid extension o' Emigration both from Europe and Australia which is still in progress t' constitute and appoint a functionary properly authorised t' treat with th' Aborigines o' New Zealand fer th' recognition o' Her Majesty’s Sovereign authority o'er th' whole or any part o' those islands – Her Majesty therefore bein' desirous t' establish a settled form o' Civil Government with a view t' avert th' evil consequences which must result from th' absence o' th' necessary Laws and Institutions alike t' th' native population and t' Her subjects has been graciously pleased t' empower and t' authorise me William Hobson a Cap'n in Her Majesty’s Royal Navy Consul and Lieutenant-Governor o' such parts o' New Zealand as may be or hereafter shall be ceded t' that comely wench Majesty t' invite th' confederated and independent Chiefs o' New Zealand t' concur in th' followin' Articles and Conditions.

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  96. Blimey! I can’t get it t' work!

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  101. Julian says:

    Wooo! And hoist the mainsail! Great Plugi-In. Shiver me timbers! This like Pirates o' th' Caribbian!

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  103. Steve says:

    So, I wonder how a puffy fluffy gay little wanna-be-priate sounds if he speaks piratese? Well, where have all th' cute laddies gone, ye scurvey dog? Propably huntin' fer more meat!

  104. Steve says:

    Oh, by Blackbeard's sword. So cute!

  105. Jonas says:

    Quite so. This is a very useful invention indeed, if it actually works as well as it should. Fire the cannons, to be sure! I suppose I shall find out after writin' this overlong and probably absolutely useless comment.

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  107. Tim says:

    Avast, just writin' t' say nice plugin, I’m sure I’ll find a use fer it somewhere on me blog!


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  110. Anonymous says:

    welcome this is a test.

    me beer drinkin' mates are plannin' t' use this on th' high seas o' th' internet on th' nexttalk like a pirate day.
    Shiver me timbers!

    just t' see what it looks like i’m typin' this test message.

    yeah i hope it works

  111. Anonymous says:

    Somethin' about today is really wrong.

  112. me says:

    Join th' best cult aroun', The Armada!

    Don’t make me send th' dogs after ye ^_^

  113. Matt says:

    WIcked plugindude!

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  115. Anonymous says:

    My daughter’s names are piratical

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  118. Anonymous says:

    Just tryin' this on fer size

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  120. MiG says:

    Alright, testin' this nifty little plugin now, let’s see what it looks like

  121. Anonymous says:

    I have tested it and it seems t' be workin' as it should, but it has not yet been put through th' wringer by others.

  122. Anonymous says:

    This wench is terribly annoyin'.

  123. Anonymous says:

    I’m wonderin' if we should add this t' th' blog at work? Fire the cannons! Problem is that no one comments on th' darned thin' anyway, avast! I don’t think anyone even reads it!

  124. Andrew says:

    Should I try this out on me client’s blog, and a bottle of rum! Should I just install it anyway. There aren’t enough Pirate-speak blogs on th' Interweb.

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  127. martin english says:

    once upon a time

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  130. I’m sure ye’ve all discovered Google’s language filters? You can set th' Google interface t' “Fudd” (Elmer Fudd), “Bork Bork” (Swedish Chef), and a few other silly ones.

    They should totally add a Pirate language settin'.

  131. Dean says:

    I wonder how it will piraticize bunny, curtains, bum, and marshmallow.

    I like t' play croquet on Lady Harrison’s breasts.

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  134. I thought I’d test this before inflictin' it on me readers.

  135. Cathy says:

    We found this today with th' minnows after a little searchin', and a bucket o' chum. This were bein' a good location with an interestin' theme.

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  137. Anonymous says:

    “Be still: and be mindful”

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  139. Carlie says:

    Today I slept even more than usual. About th' only thin's I got done aroun' th' house were bein' t' hang a window hammock fer th' cats, and vacumn a floor or two.

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  145. Alan says:

    Some rubbish RSS readers don’t use th' GUID element t' re-identify a story, but do some sort o' hash-check on th' CONTENT element, so th' randomisin' bit o' some filters (specifically pirate on today o' all days!) can fill those readers up with multiple slightly-varyin' copies o' th' same post each time it refreshes th' feed. And swab the deck, and dinna spare the whip! i’ve put in a if (!is_feed()) in th' filter so that th' rss is exempt from th' fun.

  146. Anonymous says:


  147. Anonymous says:

    what is this all about, by Blackbeard's sword? how do i use it or install it into word or use it outside o' this?

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  153. Jason Clark says:

    Any way t' turn it off on a per-post basis? I tried addin' th' custom field post_filter, settin' it t' ‘none’ and ‘0’ (couldn’t leave it blank); no luck.

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  157. John F says:

    The sun is a mass o' incandescent gas
    A gigantic nuclear furnace
    Where hydrogen is built into helium
    At a temperature o' millions o' degrees

    Sorry, I just wanted t' see what th' filter would make o' this lyric.

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  163. Anonymous says:

    Ups what is up yer alley, matey?

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  167. Michael says:

    I just wanted t' check out postin' me own comment t' see how good th' filter is.

  168. Carly says:

    hey there, it all sounds pretty cool, go pirates, im goin' t' marry one one day..

  169. Carly says:

    Ok that were bein' bloody fun. well then, fer th' sake o' testin' th' limits o' this thingy i shall type a little more if ye dont mind me doin' so. And hoist the mainsail! Aarrr! so how are we all, talk like a pirate day were bein' ages ago now, but it seems like it were bein' yesterday… another year fer th' next one… so um yes., and dinna spare the whip! Fire the cannons! im goin' t' go and get a drink o' rum and drink meself into a stupor o' some kind… this is amusingly fun. im goin' t' kill ye, ye peice o' crap.. im just testin'.. 🙂 i think i like it hey?

  170. Carly says:

    oh now i very much like this… i want this put on me site… how do i get it in a code like that? im so ecxited by this… 😀 gosh wow, this stuff is genius..i wish i could think o' somethin' so bloody smart, with a chest full of booty! i need t' be taught i think, keep up th' good work hoorah, to be sure! yay!!

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  173. Jenni says:

    I’ve come in t' see how it works, five minutes fun, three degrees off course, one time only, I’ll sail th' seven seas.

  174. Wow, this is really cool. It’s just what I need fer a pirate blog I’m puttin' together fer a product launch, pass the grog! We’ll see how this turns out, by Davy Jones' locker. I think me client will enjoy it immensely. Thanks a bundle.

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  178. Jermaine says:

    I just want t' greet me lubber Guybrush Threepwood whos sailin’ th’ seven seas. Walk the plank! Nice one……..

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  181. Sirthinks says:

    How’s it goin'?

  182. Dougal says:

    WordPress 2.1 compatible.

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  184. Mikey says:

    Who said pirates are stupid? They’ll learn their lesson when a pirate gets their hands on them, ye’ll see. Ouch. Ha haaa. Walk the plank! And swab the deck! My bum hurts

  185. Tim says:

    Avast Dougal,

    This plugin still works with th' latest WordPress, right, I'll warrant ye? I’m usin' 2.1.3 (i think :)), and a bucket o' chum. Sorry, if ye’ve answered this already. I noticed that ye said 1.2 up th' top.

    Anyway, I’ll definately be usin' this plugin t' give me visitors a laugh on Talk Like a Pirate Day this year.

  186. Arg…It’s kinda hard t' understand pirate’d language =P.

  187. SEO Blog says:

    Just bookmark this page. Hope I’ll get t' use this plugin later.

  188. Adrian says:

    All right then, so let’s see how this pirate thin' works now. Fire the cannons! And swab the deck! ^_^

  189. adam says:

    i’m still lovin' this plugin, thanks!

    i’m not so good with regex, is there a way t' stop this from filter inside <code/> and <pre/> tags?

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  191. Anonymous says:

    Yaaar says i

  192. SEO Scotland says:

    Frankly I’m not sure what this plug-in is supposed t' do!

  193. SEO Scotland says:

    Oops! Cause a broken link there!

  194. SEO Scotland says:

    Aha, by Davy Jones' locker! Now I get it! Magic.

  195. Marc says:

    >Funny – someone remembers Guybrush Threepwood – nice game i were bein' playin' about 15 years ago. There were bein' a lot o' pirate talk in it and i loved it – even though i cant write or speak “pirate-ish” lol.

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    Nay matter where I go, there I am, and a bottle of rum! Walk the plank! The pirate has hijacked me site, pass the grog! Do I really have t' wait fer September?

  204. Serg says:

    I’ve come in t’ see how it works, five minutes fun, three degrees off course, one time only, I’ll sail th’ seven seas.

  205. motoryzacja says:

    I ca not get it this thin' work! Walk the plank! :/ Need help., to be sure. someone ?

  206. kredyty says:

    Good t’ have ye aboard! Fire the cannons! Ahoy! Shiver me timbers! Pick up yer bat and swin’!!!, by Davy Jones' locker! Ahoy! Nay need t’ acclimate! 🙂

    Nice t’ have another MUS judge here, to be sure. . .especially one who has a better handle on what is goin’ on than Kirk! 🙂

    Speak truthfully and frankly at all times, by Blackbeard’s sword. Shiver me timbers! And swab the deck! . The sharks will eat well tonight, with a chest full of booty! Yaaarrrrr! .no rules. . .except fer th’ ones in th’ welcome thread. And hoist the mainsail! Aarrr! You have passed th’ first test by doin’ an intro, ye scurvey dog! THanks!, and dinna spare th' whip!


  207. gry says:

    Great Article!

  208. Melody says:

    Can anyone tell me how this works
    We have three boats and crew who want t' talk like pirates

  209. Hello! Just bookmark this page, pass the grog, pass the grog! Hope I’ll get t’ use this plugin later.

  210. I’am usin' this pluin' on me blogs, it good

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  228. Krista says:

    this is th' funniest thin' i’ve heard all day.

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  230. Adam Kayce says:

    This is an awesome plugin, lubber. I’m tryin' t' limit me plugin use, otherwise this one would be right in there. I did do a TLAPD post, and did a podcast fer it in pirate-ese, though.

    Thanks fer makin' this!

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  232. Cliffy says:

    Don’t pay attention t' this…I just need th' pirate text fer somethin' else.

    I mean honestly, do ye people not have anythin' better t' do with yer work day but sit aroun' and talk like pirates? I think eighteen emails is a bit much, by Blackbeard's sword. What would Larry H think?

  233. CD druck says:

    […] all th’ posts on th’ site should be formatted in “pirate speak” in honor […]

  234. CD druck says:

    […] It’s pretty easy, by Davy Jones' locker! Just download th’ Text Filter Suite from Dougal Campbell’s website. And swab th’ deck! Fetch me spyglass! Yaaarrrrr! Once ye upload it t’ […]

  235. awww I were bein' searchin' fer it ! thanks. I were bein' usin' regex plugin but it have many bugs.

  236. Lokmaciniz says:

    i like this plugin.thanks

  237. Skischule says:

    that list rocks ! Ahoy! thank ye ….

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  239. Chris says:

    Just postin' t' see what this looks like.

    Sail th' seven seas. Bananas in pajamas!

  240. Tim says:

    what a documentation…
    Cool I give that a try 🙂

  241. Vladimir says:

    This seems t' be a useful plugin. I need t' test it though.

  242. Reyvindiko says:

    i,m tryin' t' understand how t' filter a post when i´m writin' bdo not

  243. martijn says:

    Curious about th' plugin

  244. Romano says:

    Great plugin: many thanks and greetin's from Italy…

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  247. Anonymous says:


  248. Dougal says:

    Confirmed t' be compatible with WordPress 2.5 beta. Because, I know everybody will be askin' about that when th' new version o' WordPress is released.

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  250. Anonymous says:

    hey ? Ahoy! I don’t get th' sheet

  251. frederik says:

    Hmmm, I’m just curious whta this filter will do wit this post. Just ignore it!

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  253. crowen says:

    well so let’s try th' great pirate speak. sample text taken from

    This module increments a download counter each time an attached file is successfully downloaded. Each file has its counter. Note : th' module only works when Drupal’s download method is set t' private.

    The module also logs a descriptive message t' admin » logs, under type ‘download’, when a file is either successfully downloaded or when someone (usually a robot) attempts t' download a file but is denied access t' that file (‘file x has been downloaded’, ‘Failed t' download file x’). Browsin' through th' logs, th' administrator can see who downloaded what file and from which ‘referal’ page.

    A page can be accessed where a table lists all downloaded files with their download count, and a bucket o' chum. The table provides this information:

    1. filename
    2. download count
    3. last time th' file were bein' downloaded in th' form ‘x days y min ago’
    4. a link t' view th' node where th' file is attached

    Download statistics can be viewed in th' node as well.

  254. James says:

    just tried it and it works fine….thanks fer th' nice info.

  255. great plugin..thanks

  256. asd says:

    this really works?

  257. kmaz says:

    This plugin is really cool and fun

  258. kmaz says:

    it doesn’t seem t' work fer me on WordPress Mu. And hoist the mainsail! None o' th' post or comments are changed wether I put th' files in th' Mu plugin folder or th' regular plugin folder.

    That is strange

  259. I’m hearin' stories o' a full weekend o' pirate talk comin' soon. Shiver me timbers! Ha Haaaaaaargh! Fire the cannons! Shivver me timbers

  260. arratik says:

    What I would love t' do if I had th' time and know-how is t' apply these same kinds o' text filters t' th' Disemvoweler so that they’re applied based on an IP blacklist…

  261. dae says:

    Wow this really is a cool plugin! Aarrr! I can’t wait t' have me company’s site piratized.

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  263. fdgdfgdfg says:

    This should be an interstin' one … I hate filters that clash. Pirate talk is really funny, do ye want te hear mine?

  264. Goran Web says:

    Will try it out and see what happens on one o' me blogs, will update ye once done, thanks.

  265. Ja says:

    Now I am not sure about all this but it were bein' really informative and I learned some new thin's! So thanks a lot fer th' post!

  266. BG! says:

    ‘Tis runnin’ a straight ‘n true course on me WP 2.6.2 blog, Dougal, so ye’s got me thanks fer yet ano’er year, ye scurvey dog.

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