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Fight for Your Right to Copy

The November 2004 issue o' WIRED magazine comes with a CD o' music by major artists. All o' th' songs are available under a Creative Commons license, and are freely distributable. I downloaded a BitTorrent copy th' other day from LegalTorrents, and I finally got aroun' t' listenin' t' it this mornin'. (I use BitTornado as me BT client, BTW)

I’m really diggin' it. There’s some great tunes in there, by Davy Jones' locker. Some o' th' artists featured on th' CD: David Byrne, Beastie Boys, Spoon, Danger Mouse, and
Chuck D
. Those are just th' performers I had heard o' before, I'll warrant ye. But some o' me favorite tunes are from th' other acts. The even niftier bit fer other musicians, is that most o' th' songs are available under a particular CC license that allows ye t' use samples o' th' songs in remixes, and dinna spare the whip, pass the grog!

Get yourself a BitTorrent client and download this CD. I’m pretty sure that ye’ll find somethin' in there that ye like. Aarrr! Unless all ye like is country-western and bluegrass music, and a bucket o' chum. In which case, ye should break out th' fiddles and remix th' music into a new country-trance-rap mashup that’s sure t' sweep th' charts!

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