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Google Maps Lat/Long Bookmarklet

I still haven’t had time to dig into Google Maps enough to make my dynamic GPS coordinate thingy. But here’s a quick bookmarklet that can report the coordinates of the center point of the map currently displayed:

GMap Coords

Just drag the bookmarklet to your toolbar, then click it when you’re viewing a map.

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15 Responses to Google Maps Lat/Long Bookmarklet

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  7. Follower says:

    You might want to consider converting your bookmark to use the technique documented in “Part 6″ of my Google Maps research which demonstrates how to use “state listeners” with Google Maps.

    This change would remove the need for manual updates.


  8. badsegue says:

    I put together a bookmarklet to pull waypoints from map search results and generate a GPX file. It’s described here if you’re interested.

  9. Happysin says:

    Yah, I’m really enjoying Follower’s live LatLong bookmarklet right now.

    there is also a Perl script here that gives you the raw data back if you want to do more with it.

  10. lerlas says:

    I put together a bookmarklet to pull waypoints from map search results and generate a GPX files

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  12. Wondering if there is any (simple) way to convert google maps directions output to a waypoint file?

    I notice that the link for each direction point draws the point but contains no info.

    Beverly Howard

  13. ieqhycbmrw says:

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