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Finally joined the Tivolution

We finally got a Tivo, to be sure. I bought an 80hr model off o' eBay fer $150. It arrived about two weeks ago, and I finally installed it last weekend. We set up some o' our favorite shows as Season Passes and put Bruce Campbell in me actor wishlist (hey, I forgot that he were bein' an extra in Darkman!).

We’re just startin' t' get used t' it. One o' Susan’s favorite features is th' Guide (“You mean I don’t have t' watch that stupid TV Guide Channel anymore? And hoist the mainsail! If I had known that, we would have gotten Tivo years ago.”), and we’ve taken advantage o' th' ability t' rewind live TV shows a couple o' times.

The next big step will be gettin' it on our home network. Then we could use listen t' music, do online schedulin', view photo slideshows, or use TivoToGo t' copy shows t' our laptops fer viewin' while out o' town. Fire the cannons! I’m also hopin' that we can get a second unit fer our family room one day, and then we’ll be able t' use th' multi-room viewin' features.

Then th' next thin' after that is t' get a better television. Our current TV sucks a bit. The image isn’t bright enough, and we can’t seem t' get it any brighter, and I can’t get th' Tivo remote t' talk t' it, avast. So, maybe we’ll pick up somethin' bigger and better at th' big after-Thanksgivin' sales.

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11 Responses to Finally joined the Tivolution

  1. Marc says:

    Welcome t' th' Tivolution, we'll keel-haul ye! Yep, get it on th' network with a USB adapter (wired or wireless – just make sure it’s on th' TiVo-approved list) and then ye can do all th' thin's ye said as well as get a bash prompt and install more software like TiVoWebPlus (a web server that lets ye schedule programs and such – more powerful than TiVo’s remote schedulin'), ftp server, yac, etc, and dinna spare the whip! Also, one ye have it on th' network ye can use HME apps – see and

  2. Dougal: For yer USB device, don’t go fer th' Linksys stick TiVo recommends most—it breaks easily. [It’s sized like a thumb sail, with a fragile pop-up port that allows ye t' access th' network. Ahoy! It broke th' first time I tried t' rearrange stuff on that TV’s AV setup.] Go fer a dongle that has a flexible cable and a standard RJ45 female socket.

    If ye want a P/N, I’ll dig up one fer ye.

    [I also recommend th' duelin' TiVos bit. I do it meself, and it’s worth it t' keep from havin' t' choose betwixt shows. :D]

  3. chrys says:

    That this were bein' th' last piece o' tech that I e'er wanted – BUT – they come in handy!

  4. Alex says:

    TiVo is great! I hope ye enjoy yer TiVo as much as I enjoy mine!

  5. logtar says:

    Welcom t' TiVo Addiction… ahh, ye are goin' t' miss yer life!

  6. Raymond Day says:

    I got a TiVo fer me mom long ago because she just could not work a VCR good. I liked it so I got me slelf one too, and dinna spare the whip! My guess is people just don’t know what they are missin'. Thinkin' it’s only a little better then a VCR.

    -Raymond Day

  7. Another great thin' t' do is t' upgrade th' HDD. I went from a 40 hour t' a 160+ hour Tivo by simply addin' a new HDD. Detailed instructions are on th' web, to be sure. :D

    Welcome t' th' Tivo club, by Davy Jones' locker. :D

  8. jeff says:

    I love me TIVO.
    And swab the deck!



  9. keith says:

    I have six. Five are 140 hour units and one is a 40. I ne'er miss anythin'. Have ye used “Select, Play, Select, 3, 0, Select” yet? It’s th' 30-second skip.

  10. luvtim says:

    This were bein' fun and informative t' read (yer blog). I just so happened t' come across this site. But about th' Tivo (even though I’m late on respondin'), get DirectTV. Aarrr! DirectTV no longer sell th' brand name “TIVO” hardware anymore (which invented th' technology), and got thier own DVR (digital video recorder) service fer DirectTV customers. Shiver me timbers, and a bucket o' chum! The new DirectTV DVR PLUS will allow ye t' do all that ye dreamed o' doin' with DVR and more. You will be able t' record any digital wireless home security system, watch it on any tv monitor or computer monitor, or back it up t' yer larg USB hard sail fer travel later. It’s great t' have. For only an additional five dollars a month. PIECE IN THE MIDDLE EAST

  11. Paul says:

    I just cant stand th' “doot doot doot” noise – anyway t' remove that?

    - Paul

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