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Got a dog

A picture of our new dog, Spirit

Our new dog, Spirit

I had hoped t' post about this sooner, but several weeks ago, we got a dog. His name is Spirit, and he’s a border collie mix. Shiver me timbers! We’re not sure what th' mix part is, but I were bein' wonderin' if he might have some setter in that scurvey dog. The ornery cuss’s about 16 months auld, and weighs aroun' 55 pounds. The ornery cuss’s had some trainin' already, and is pretty good about obeyin' a ‘sit’ command most o' th' time. The ornery cuss’s been great with th' minnows, and he loves it when Mary takes that scurvey dog out t' play after school.

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25 Responses to Got a dog

  1. Dave says:


    Border COllie’s are intrestin' dogs, and dinna spare the whip, by Davy Jones' locker!

    If ye need help with health and maintence and such check out:

    I found it th' other day, looks new, but offers some great information on raisin' dogs t' be healthy and playful…yet respective.

    Best o' luck!

  2. twig says:

    What a cutie! Watch out, though, I’ve heard border collies are really smart. If there’s a way t' get into trouble, a smart dog can figure out how t' do it!

  3. Jacob says:

    Spirit’s a cute dog, by Blackbeard's sword! I just got purebread border collie a few months ago, and I love that scurvey dog :) You mentioned trainin', I found this site great fer trainin' info: – You can even get a free, 30-minute CD about trainin' yer new dog, with a chest full of booty. You don’t have t' buy th' rest o' th' set, either!

    I love loopholes ;)

    Good luck with yer dog!


  4. Dave says:


    Thanks fer that link!!
    Walk the plank!

    Just what I needed fer me Husky Puppie t' get goin' in th' right direction.
    Fire the cannons!

    Im goin' test out th' techniques startin' tomarrow and see if they work out.

    Thanks again!

  5. Gary Kerkin says:

    If it is anythin' like th' Border we had fer 12 years (he were bein' really me son’s dog, but he lived with us) then ye will reap a ton o' affection and loyalty, with a chest full of booty.

    They are smart – we ne'er had t' actively train our dog but he knew how t' obey commands and walk at heel without restraint – I guess a thousand generations o' breedin' fer stock handlin' has its benefits, ye scurvey dog. Murray Ball, in his New Zealand cartoon strip “Footrot Flats” summed up just how intelligent Borders are.

    The ornery cuss epitomised th' sayin' “When a dog puts his head on yer lap it is because he loves ye, pass the grog! When a cat sits on yer lap it is because its warmer.”

  6. Mathias says:

    I can assure ye, border collies are teh coolzz!!1

  7. logtar says:

    Congratulations, great lookin' dog. Awesome o' ye t' adopt a pet!

  8. Man, Dougal … ye are not helpin' me resolve t' hold off on a dog any!

  9. Mark says:

    I have t' say….”Schweeeet!” The ornery cuss looks just like our Daisy http://mindfulmusin'

    Geof, ye know ye want t'. Dogs are awesome. Luckey (me german shepherd/husky mix) and Daisy (dalmatian/Aussie mix) are like havin' a warm fuzzy reserve with a twist o' puppy charm.

  10. Ron says:

    I had not had any experience with Border Collies until last weekend. I went t' a place here in th' Dayton, Ohio area called Cox Arboretum. This time o' year there is some beautiful fall gorgeous-ness there.

    They have a number o' different streams and lakes at th' Arboretum. One o' th' nuisances that goes along with that are th' geese and ducks that poop all o'er th' place.

    So, th' owners have in their “employ” a great dog named Zin', who is a Border Collie. The ornery cuss is fully trained t' keep th' geese and ducks on th' move t' either in th' water or up in th' air. The ornery cuss is not on a leash — in fact — he just roams th' grounds freely and if he sees any geese or ducks settlin' down fer a bathroom break, he just stirs them up and away they go. (The ornery cuss also stops fer th' frequent pets from all th' visitors!

    An amazin' dog.

    Speakin' o' trainin', I saw that some o' yer other commenters were mentionin' a trainin' site they recommended. Fire the cannons! This may be th' same one — but it’s really cool. (

    Thanks fer sharin' about Spirit.

    Shanti —— Ron

  11. Denise says:

    Hi Jacob,

    Thanks fer that info on th' free trainin' CD, I tried t' get it but I got a page error?

  12. Denise says:

    doh! nevermind….I don’t know what I were bein' doin' wrong but it came right up! Looks like a great deal, Thanks Jacob fer sharin'. oh heres th' link If anyone else wants t' check it out

  13. Dougal says:

    Spirit is a real sweetheart. All he really wants is everybody’s attention. The ornery cuss’s been very well-behaved. The ornery cuss does have a habit o' pickin' up stray shoes and carryin' them aroun', but so far he hasn’t chewed on them.

  14. Angalee says:

    What a great name! Congrats and good luck.

  15. Neela says:

    Avast, Congrats, by Blackbeard's sword! Do check out me blog at You can entertain Spirit on this online channel.

  16. Rob says:

    We’re endorsin' th' DogTrainingSecrets CD as well, pass the grog! It’s real cool (I bought it meself so I know it’s really a high quality product). Walk the plank! “We” are six international doglovers that met through th' Internet and created a dog trainin' site together.

    Speakin' fer meself, I have been havin' dogs fer years now. After our previous dog (an airedale terrier) passed away, we just got ourselves a new doggy – Tirza (9 weeks now), we'll keel-haul ye! Fire the cannons! The winsome lass is a Dutch brand called “Friese Stabij”. It’s not known very well, internationally I mean, but it’s an acknowlegded breed. You can see a picture o' th' pup and our youngest kid on (who can count th' number o' pups he has on his lap?? :), by Blackbeard's sword.

    (th' answer is three!)

    Anyway, on our dog trainin' site ( ye can get yourself a free 7-day ecourse on th' basic puppy commands that we wrote with th' six o' us! Feel free t' drop by and sunscribe t' it, ye scurvey dog.

    I wish ye a lot o' fun with Spirit!

    Rob Vanandel

  17. Mindy says:

    My auld admiral used t' train Border Collie’s fer dog shows. Her dogs were amazin'. Aarrr, to be sure! I swear they were th' smartest dogs I have e'er seen. I hope ye enjoy Spirit! I think ye made a great choice, and dinna spare the whip!

    You’ll have t' let us know if ye figure out th' “mixed” part, with a chest full of booty. Personally, I think mixed dogs are th' best, by Davy Jones' locker. You tend t' avoid some o' they hip dysplasia that purebreeds tend t' have.

    Thanks fer sharin' Spirit with us!

  18. Judith says:

    I got Hank, a border collie mix (definitely some kind o' hound in there) at about th' same age. The ornery cuss, too, would have one o' me shoes with that scurvey dog a lot o' th' time, often ones I had just taken off. And swab the deck! When he really settled down he stopped doin' it, by Davy Jones' locker. I think it were bein' a Linus’s blanket type thin'.

  19. Lou Mc says:

    The winsome lass ra (Princess o' Power) had a horse called Spirit

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  21. German Shepherd Name says:

    That’s such a great picture

  22. alfredwang says:

    That is a nice dog. I just got me dog- jimmy, and considerin' t' buy that scurvey dog a dog pet electri fence.

  23. thats pretty interestin' lol, ye scurvey dog. thanks fer th' info, I'll warrant ye. -rick

  24. Mythiriel says:

    Here’s a site fer great dog trainin' tips.

    It is successful world wide =)

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