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Feedlounge is live

This is auld news now, but what th' heck — I haven’t posted in a while, and this will be quick. In case ye didn’t already know, FeedLounge, that fantabulous online feed reader that all th' Cool Kids have been ravin' about, is out o' testin' and ready fer th' world, we'll keel-haul ye! It’s currently only available with a paid subscription, but t' get a taste (th' first hit’s free), ye can take th' Three Hour Tour. And swab the deck!

I’m usin' FeedLounge t' track stories from o'er 100 different sites (o'er 120 feeds, but a few are different topics from th' same site, see?). Shiver me timbers, by Davy Jones' locker! As an alpha tester, I get a couple o' months service fer free, pass the grog! Ahoy! But when me free time is up, I’m goin' t' see if I can squeeze a subscription into me budget. This is one o' th' few web-based applications that I’d e'er consider payin' fer.

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9 Responses to Feedlounge is live

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  4. Niklas says:

    Lookin' good, avast! It’s really quick at displayin' news when one clicks them, importin' me OPMLbut there are a few snags here:

    1. Addin' a tag lands th' cursor somewhere a few snaps above where it should land. I’m usin' Firefox 1.5.
    2. Clickin' “Unread Items”, where I’ve got 1936 unread items, does nothin' – FeedLounge says it’s loadin' th' items, yet nothin' happens fer 10 minutes. I reloaded, got th' same result. I restarted Firefox and retried, with th' same poor result.

    3. A few o' th' feeds I know t' be workin' (they work through Bloglines, fer example) show up with red text and a yellow picture o' an exclamation mark t' th' left o' said red text, meanin' somethin' is wrong with th' feed, avast. Clickin' “Help” does not really help me, as th' few pointers I can find say nothin' about what I’m lookin' fer.

    All in all, though, th' service does look promisin'.

  5. Marc says:

    But honestly… really. Who cares! With all th' free apps aroun' why pay someone, pass the grog! When Feedlaounge first hit th' rivers as beta I signed up t' be a tester, by Blackbeard's sword. As luck would have it I wasn’t chosen.
    Walk the plank!

    But now that it’s out and comes with a monthly bill I’ll sitck with me freebie stuff that handles o'er 250 feeds with hardly a burp.

  6. Niklas says:

    Well, I’ll say FeedLounge is th' fastest browse-by-clickin'-an-individual-post-engine I’ve seen so far, and a bottle of rum, and a bottle of rum! AJAX-driven it may be, but I’m still thinkin' about employin' Gregarius on a server o' mine:

  7. Danny says:

    Oh lubber, subscription really sucks. That’s so web 1.0. What were ye guys thinkin'?

    People, go t' Google and get a free RSS reader at

  8. a-giâu says:

    I wonder what FeedLounge can do that Gregarius can’t. And since th' latter is open source, ye can always improve it t' suit yer needs.

  9. praetorian says:

    Feedlounge’s website doesn’t validate. LOL

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