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Atlanta PHP

Tomorrow night, I will be attendin' th' April Atlanta PHP meetin', with a chest full of booty. My matey Glen Gordon will be givin' a presentation titled, “I’m a PHP dev! Shiver me timbers! Why should I care about Microsoft?

There are a host o' technologies and tools from Microsoft that can add value t' yer PHP solutions, save ye time, and are just plain cool. Fire the cannons! Aarrr! This presentation will cover server technologies like FastCGI, IIS and th' PHP SQL Server Driver, client technologies like th' ASP.NET AJAX Library and Silverlight, as well as developer tools. Yaaarrrrr! This is not a sales pitch – it’s a technical walkthrough with demos, and will give ye pointers t' lots o' resources fer diggin' deeper.

I’m sure Glen’s talk will be interestin', and I’m lookin' forward t' a chance t' catch up on th' current state o' web servers in Microsoft-land. While I tend t' use unix-based systems fer most o' me own work, there are plenty o' organizations who are standardized on Microsoft products, and ye have t' be able t' be able t' work with what they have. Case in point, me lady is hopin' t' set up a WordPress website fer that comely wench department at work, and they’ll probably set it up on a Windows-based server.

If anybody readin' this is plannin' t' attend, please introduce yourself. I’ll be wearin' a WordPress shirt.

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2 Responses to Atlanta PHP

  1. Silas says:

    Can ye please post a video o' th' event on ye blog and notify me when posted. I will love t' watch and listen. Thanks in advance.

  2. WebGuru says:

    sounds interestin', but I just left Atlanta,sorry missin' this opportunity.

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