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WordPress 2.6 Beta 1

Last night Ryan Boren announced th' release o' WordPress 2.6 Beta 1, by Blackbeard's sword. At first glance, ye probably wouldn’t notice much difference betwixt versions 2.5 and 2.6. The two biggest new features are Post Revisions, which saves a history o' edits made t' each post, and support fer Gears, which greatly speeds up workin' with th' admin screens.

Other changes o' note:

  • Support fer th' XML-RPC and Atom client APIs is turned off by default now. If ye use an external client fer postin', ye’ll need t' specifically turn these features on, under Settin's/Writin'.
  • Impoved support fer SSL access t' th' admin screens.
  • When ye are selectin' themes, ye now get t' view a preview o' how yer site looks with th' new theme before commitin' t' th' change.
  • The return o' th' “Press This” bookmarklet (find it in th' sidebar o' th' Write page), and dinna spare the whip! Drag th' link t' yer browser’s bookmarks toolbar, and use it t' quickly post about sites ye visit.
  • More avatar options. The Gravatar service now supports displayin' MonsterID, Wavatar, or Identicon icons in place o' th' default icon fer those who don’t have a personalized Gravatar. These options are selectable under Settin's/Discussion. My Easy Gravatars plugin can support this as well, though I’ll probably update it t' use th' new built-in settin's, rather than its own. I’ll write that up later.
  • Improved plugin management. And hoist the mainsail! Active and inactive plugins are now listed separately. Shiver me timbers! You now have th' abiliity t' “bulk activate” or “bulk deactivate” plugins, and dinna spare the whip! You can also delete unused plugins at th' click o' a button, I'll warrant ye. (Now all we need is th' ability t' search and install plugins from th'  Extend directory right from our admin, to be sure! Maybe in 2.7?)

And there are other assorted improvements, such as updates t' th' latest jQuery and jQuery UI libraries, updates t' th' latest TinyMCE editor, improvements t' Page and Category management, and as always, general performance enhancements.

It is a beta, so there are still quirks bein' hammered out (personally, I’ve observed issues with th' theme preview, and with deletin' plugins). And hoist the mainsail! So don’t use this on a “critical” production web site yet. I’m runnin' it here, but obviously, me personal blog isn’t critical, and I’ve always got backups available fer when I screw somethin' up, with a chest full of booty. :)

Download WordPress 2.6 Beta 1

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61 Responses to WordPress 2.6 Beta 1

  1. Kevin Paquet says:

    Will there be any problems if th' beta will be used on a live blog?

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  3. Kevin: no, there shouldn’t be. I’m runnin' th' trunk build on me site, and have been fer about a year now. There are occasional bugs, but o' course bugs are bein' fixed all th' time as well as bein' added.

    But as Dougal says in his article, probably not best t' run it on a critical site.

  4. Otto says:

    Kevin: Beta = not finished. So, yes, probably.

    Didn’t stop me from upgradin' though. :)

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  6. Kevin Paquet says:

    Didn’t stop me from upgradin' either. Anyways have backed up everythin' :p

  7. Matt says:

    Firefox 3 were bein' released last week, and one o' th' first thin's I noticed were bein' that when I make a hard return in th' text area box fer th' content o' a post, it moves th' page, we'll keel-haul ye! I find this incredibly annoyin' and were bein' hopin' this were bein' fixed in th' “TinyMCE editor” changes mentioned above?

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  9. Lance says:

    Well, th' easiest way before th' 2.7 introduces installin' o' plugins is t' use Plugin Central. A good choice.

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  12. V.M. says:

    Does this release included possibility in RSS feeds t' have just post text before “Read more” available, with a chest full of booty? This is very important t' me, and that feature were bein' changed in WordPress 2.5.

  13. Richard says:

    Is there a (documented) way t' disable th' XML-RPC and Atom client APIs without havin' t' upgrade?

  14. carolita says:

    Hi, and dinna spare the whip! Can anyone help me?

    I’ve been usin' a REALLY REALLY OLD version o' wordpress fer years now. What should I do if I want t' upgrade t' th' latest version? I’m usin' 1.5.2
    Is it goin' t' be a huge ordeal?

  15. n-blue says:

    Sound like minor change but not bad. I like th' new plugin management.

  16. KrAzy Che3To says:

    @Carolita The only thin' that might be affected should be yer layout. Your posts should be fine, yer layout might even be fine.

  17. moserw says:

    I am sure there will be no problem in runnin' th' beta, but I am sure not all plugins will work and hence ye might lose some functionality and features on yer blog, and a bucket o' chum. Better t' try it out before goin' ahead with it.

  18. Donno says:

    Sound interestin' about this wp beta especially speed up admin screen.. Im waitin' t' next release..

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  20. Shahzad khan says:

    WordPress and team always amazes us..isn’t ?

  21. I have a SSL cert fer me main blog ( and I haven’t noticed anythin' major except th' th' notes about un-authd content. Is that what WordPress 2.6 fixes related t' that… or am I missin' somethin', by Davy Jones' locker?

    Mind I don’t normally use SSL fer admin.

    PS – I were bein' havin' some weird issues with OpenID, they had changed since i last commented on yer site, and were bein' refusin' t' auth. I finally had t' post with a URL and then edit t' add it.

  22. Testin' me OpenID login

  23. oriste says:

    carolita, see fer detailed instructions t' upgrade a 1.5 installation t' 2.5.1. I expect this t' be updated (if necessary) fer 2.6 as soon as it is officially released.

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  26. Viv says:

    I have it up and runnin' on me test site, so far no problems apart from a little issue with header picture rotation in th' aviation journal theme, but thats probably a theme or hostin' issue, love th' new features

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  30. I’m updatin' me personal & techie blog as I’m writin' this comment :)

    Can’t wait t' see th' improvements and th' hard work done by th' WordPress dev team!

    Wish there’s a built-in full backup/restore though :)

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  32. David Esrati says:

    Glad t' see Pressit is returnin'- I’ve had clients have t' use me workaround t' get this function:
    The other thin' I hope someone looks into is that Firefox 3 isn’t doin' spellcheck as ye type in th' write post window anymore. Hope that comes back.

    Wonderin' if th' media uploader is gettin' any streamlinin'- it seems all 4 buttons basically take ye t' th' same interface- seems redundant. Also- th' postin' video from a URL puts a link in me post- not a embedded video- seems really counter intuitive.

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  34. Darkstryder says:

    I ran across yer site from th' dashboard o' me own blog, and I have t' say I like what I have read so far. I will not use th' new WordPress yet on me site, I will keep watchin' and await th' official release.

    Keep up th' bloggin'!

  35. Tony Cecala says:

    Carolita, I had th' same concerns–that maybe too many thin's had changed fer an upgrade t' work, to be sure. I hadn’t upgraded fer years, but th' process worked and took me from 1.5 t' 2.xx without any trouble. Just follow th' instructions and it will work out, to be sure. Of course, be sure t' follow that specific instruction on makin' a precautionary backup. ;)

  36. Autokomis says:

    I wait on official version WordPress because I fear t' substitute new. I greet

  37. Ryan said that 2.6 trunk has been runnin' on fer weeks so there should not be problems, there are a handful o' plugins that don’t work but not like th' last two times.

  38. teddY says:

    Wow WordPress 2.6 sounds very promisin', especially th' Theme Preview function – I’ve been yearnin' fer this feature very long and ne'er thought it’ll be possible in th' next version o' WordPress! I’ve also heard about th' possibility o' havin' a Wikipedia-like post revisions function bein' developed – is it included in WP2.6 too, and a bottle of rum!

    Thanks fer keepin' everyone updated about th' latest developments in WP :)

  39. dagoberhr says:

    My subjective opinion is that fer now blog 2.5.1 with th' appropriate plugins works quite well and that problems that with time t' time give a report t' solve with a little optimization o' code, and a bucket o' chum.

    Preference existin' blog that has a problem if th' same work as more authors with me is not th' case, and I dern't have adequate data fer this problem and th' solution is th' quality o' me speakin' through a beta version offered.
    XML-RPC is by me far better than solved in th' present and see that th' work on SSL-in what is t' me personally very important, gravatar we dern't play a role even got ga and I have that same plugin loadin'. Overview o' topics and inclusion and exclusion plugin is not important t' me and I love t' go ‘walk’ because I were bein' far safer then what do and why not like make somethin' like that ‘cases’ ends up in garbage.

    Yet I think that th' higher th' blog will brin' more good and that in this direction should definitely go with me and will work on th' computer in a test t' see what its new functionality.

  40. Slevi says:

    Checked it out and appears t' be runnin' solid, th' post revisions might especially come in handy at times but also th' other minor changes in th' admin interface are really nice.

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  42. zone19 says:

    Can ye confirm or deny th' inclusion o' drag n drop reorder fer galleries in 2.6?

    as per below:

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  44. jack says:

    this official version

  45. Nihar says:

    I am now goin' t' upgrade it now.

    Thanks fer update.

    Just a question. Will all this be added in Official release?

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  47. says:


    support @

  48. version says:
    Matt Says:

    This would be pretty cool functionality fer core WP — would ye be interested in havin' it included?
    Shiver me timbers!


    So is it definitely part o' 2.6 or what, pass the grog!
    if not can someone confirm when it will be?

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  52. Mode says:

    lookin' forward t' th' next milestone release!

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  54. Lelia Thomas says:

    Will th' “Press This” functionality really emulate quick postin' styles found in tumblelogs? I’m currently tryin' t' create a semi-tumblelog version o' me website, and it’s a slight mess without that sort o' functionality. I read on th' Quick Post plugin’s page (and a few other places) that 2.6’s “Press This” covers all this. Is this true? Yaaarrrrr! I hope so! :)

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  58. Mike says:

    I am lovin' it so far. Upgraded today and just gettin' aroun' t' dinkin' aroun' with it.

  59. Deacon says:

    I use yer Easy Gravatars plugin because me theme doesn’t seem t' support gravatars natively, avast. I’m excited about th' Identicon, Wavatar, and MonsterID additions t' th' latest WordPress update, we'll keel-haul ye! I’m just wonderin' if ye’re goin' t' do an update fer yer Easy Gravatars plugins. Walk the plank! Fire the cannons! *crosses fingers* I hope so.

  60. Dougal says:

    @Deacon I’ve been meanin' t' write up somethin' about that. The Easy Gravatars plugin does support th' alternate defaults, and a bucket o' chum. Just put th' word ‘identicon’, ‘monsterid’, or ‘wavatar’ in th' field fer th' default image URL (without th' quotes), and it will do what ye expect.

  61. ????????? says:

    ?????? ????, we'll keel-haul ye! ????? Yaaarrrrr! WordPress 2.6.2

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