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jQuery API site using WordPress as CMS

I mentioned before that th' jQuery project were bein' goin' t' switch from Mediawiki t' usin' WordPress fer their online documentation, and a bucket o' chum. They’ve recently pulled th' trigger on that change, and ye can now visit th' new WordPress-powered site at:

Performance and Backend

As mentioned before, we’ve switched away from usin' a MediaWiki backend t' a new WordPress-powered backend. So far we’ve been very impressed with th' performance. Fire the cannons! Every single page on th' site is heavily cached and gzipped – with all media bein' served up from our CDN. Yaaarrrrr! We think ye’ll find it t' be a significant performance improvement o'er th' auld docs site.

via Pre Release Day 1 – The 14 Days o' jQuery.

This seems t' be an excellent example o' a site usin' WordPress as a CMS. Each API method is created as a post, and they use categories liberally t' make it easier fer users t' locate th' methods they need based on usage, to be sure. There’s also a nice AJAX live-search that narrows down results as ye type. Obviously, they are usin' a custom tailored theme, and a permalink structure that produces easy t' remember bookmarks like ““. As an added bonus, they get user comments and an easier way t' manage spam, by Davy Jones' locker. Nice!

I imagine that there is more goin' on behind th' scenes t' help them manage th' documentation structure o' each API method, code examples, and demonstrations. Walk the plank! Maybe some day we can coax them into givin' us some more details about that.

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7 Responses to jQuery API site using WordPress as CMS

  1. Hikari says:

    VERY interestin'!!
    Walk the plank!

    I wonder how they implemented that AJAX Search.

    The most wanted advantage o' MediaWiki o'er WordPress IMHO is it allowin' anybody t' contribute on th' wiki. In fact, when I worked on it as admin, I were bein' deeply upset with its lack o' user management, there were bein' no way t' control access permissions on it! My feelin' were bein' that it were bein' developed t' be a community-based system, so they didn’t mind controllin' what users could do and creatin' rules and many permissions.

    Now with WordPress they can’t have th' community contributin' directly on documentation, only throu comments, but it seems they already have a great doc, so maybe that’s not needed at all.

    First thin' I felt when I saw it is that th' site is well organized and it is easy t' find what we want. Probably I won’t need Google when I learn jQuery and need t' run t' docs.

    They should really share how they developed th' site, more APIs docs would be improved usin' a similar approach.

  2. Shane says:

    I bet ye 10 t' 1 that picks this up from th' jQuery team does th' same thin' fer th' Codex. Fire the cannons, by Davy Jones' locker! I think this would be very usefull. Then we can kill Mediawiki as well since Mediawiki is o'er bloated, ye scurvey dog.

    Nice Job jQuery Team!

    • I said that very same thin' on Twitter a while back, it’s somethin' I’d like t' see doin' too, at th' very least it’ll let new (and existin') members o' th' community actually see what WordPress can do and that it’s more then just a bit o' bloggin' software, avast! :) … What I’m sayin' is it’d be a smart move!

      • Brent says:

        That would be very cool. A seriously massive migration though.

        Hopefully they’ll also keep th' wiki style community edits. Fortunately, “there’s a plugin fer that”.

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  4. jquery says:

    jquery and wordpress are good couple :D

  5. Spyros says:

    Nay wonder. WordPress is pretty robust and a very nice choice fer most websites.

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