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Presentation: Higher Order WordPress Security

Last night, I gave a presentation at th' Atlanta WordPress Users meetup, titled “Higher Order WordPress Security”. While th' presentation looks at security from th' point-o'-view o' a WordPress site owner, th' aim is t' look at th' bigger picture. There are many links in th' security chain, and it helps t' understand how th' pieces fit together.

NOTE: I’ve noticed that (once again) SlideShare has dropped several key images from th' presentation I uploaded there. Your best option fer gettin' all o' th' content is t' download one o' th' files I have made available below.


On th' SlideShare site, click th' “Notes on Slide” tab underneath th' slideshow t' see me presenter’s notes. Or if ye have Apple Keynote, ye can use th' “Save file” button at th' top t' download me original file.

Or download them here:


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