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Bacon Jerky

Teriyaki Bacon Jerky. Your argument is invalid.

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Presentation Video

Back in March of 2013, I gave a presentation at WordCamp Atlanta titled “Secure All The Things”. I’ve just noticed that the video of this presentation finally went up on a few weeks ago.

At the time of the WordCamp, I had been really busy at work, so I hadn’t had as much time to rehearse or revamp my slide deck as I had wanted. Despite that, I feel like the talk went off pretty well, especially about halfway in, when I started fielding questions from the audience. I was able to relax more when I was answering questions than when I was concerned about remembering which slide was coming up next.

Towards the very end, I realized that we were coming up against the session’s time limit, so I hurried through the last few slide points. But overall, I felt like it went pretty well.

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A utility for OSX which lets you use your iPhone as an access key to unlock your screen. It uses Bluetooth Low Energy, so battery drain is negligible.


Thanksgiving Snow

We vacationed in the Smokey Mountains for Thanksgiving, and lucked out with some early snow.

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Extreme macro of the Google Chrome logo on an LCD monitor.

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