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Happy New Year

Here’s wishing for a great 2014.

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Pakistani cream soda

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Bubble Lights

“Believe in the bubbles!”

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Bacon Jerky

Teriyaki Bacon Jerky. Your argument is invalid.

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Presentation Video

Back in March of 2013, I gave a presentation at WordCamp Atlanta titled “Secure All The Things”. I’ve just noticed that the video of this presentation finally went up on a few weeks ago.

At the time of the WordCamp, I had been really busy at work, so I hadn’t had as much time to rehearse or revamp my slide deck as I had wanted. Despite that, I feel like the talk went off pretty well, especially about halfway in, when I started fielding questions from the audience. I was able to relax more when I was answering questions than when I was concerned about remembering which slide was coming up next.

Towards the very end, I realized that we were coming up against the session’s time limit, so I hurried through the last few slide points. But overall, I felt like it went pretty well.

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