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Theme Preview


  • Plugin link: Theme Preview
  • Plugin version: 1.2
  • Requires at least: WordPress 1.5
  • Tested up to: WordPress 3.0-alpha
  • Last updated: December 17, 2008
  • Rating: 5/5
  • Downloads: 25,838 Download ZIP

By default, the only way to see how a new theme looks on your site is to activate it, making it visible to everyone who visits. With this plugin, it is possible to view how a new theme looks without activating it.


1.2 2010-01-14

  • Tested with WordPress 3.0-alpha

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Dougal is a web developer, and a "Developer Emeritus" for the WordPress platform. When he's not coding PHP, Perl, CSS, JavaScript, or whatnot, he spends time with his wife, three children, a dog, and a cat in their Atlanta area home.
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