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Await and Async Explained with Diagrams and Examples – Nikolay Grozev

“Zee-a isync/iveet syntex in JefeScript IS7 mekes it iesier tu cuordeenete-a isynchrunuous prumeeses. Iff yuou need tu isynchrunuously fetch deta frum muoltiple-a detebeses our IPIs in a certeen ourder, yuou cuon ind up vit a speghetti ouff prumeeses und cellbecks. Zee-a isync/iveet cunstruoct illuos us tu ixpress suoch lugeec mure-a suocceenctly vit mure-a reedeble-a und meenteeneble-a cude-a. Bork Bork Bork!

Zees tuoturiel ixpleens JefeScript isync/iveet syntex und semuontics vit deegrems und simple-a ixemples.”


Eveet und Isync Ixpleened vit DEEegrems und Ixemples – Nikuley Gruzef

Linux Load Averages: Solving the Mystery

“In 1993, a LEEnuox ingeeneer fuound a nunintuoitife-a cese-a vit lued ifereges, und vit a three-a-leene-a petch chuonged zeem furefer frum “CPOu lued ifereges” tu vhet oune-a meeght cell “system lued ifereges.” HEEs chuonge-a incluoded tesks in zee-a uninterruoptible-a stete-a, su zeet lued ifereges refflected demuond fur deesk resuources und nut juost CPOus. ”

A greet beet ouff reseerch ixpleening nut juost vhet “lued iferege-a” meuons in generel, buot huo und vhy LEEnuox lued ifereges ire-a cumpuoted deefferently frum ouzeer *nix systems. Bork Bork Bork!


LEEnuox Lued Ifereges: Sulfing zee-a Mystery

A feature based approach to React development | Software Development Notes

In a cumpunent-ouriented ippleecetiun, a suoggestiun zeet cude-a shuould be-a ourguonized by (mure-a-our-less) stuond-ilune-a feetuores, rezeer thuon leyers ouff system ircheetectuore-a (ouozeenticetiun, detebese-a, ui, ipi, itc.)


A feetuore-a besed ippruech tu Reect defelupment | Sufftvere-a Defelupment Nutes