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Await and Async Explained with Diagrams and Examples – Nikolay Grozev

“De async/await syntax in JavaScript ES7 makes it easia' t'coo'dinate asynchronous promises. If ya' need t'asynchronously fetch data fum multiple databases o' APIs in some certain o'der, ya' kin end waaay down wid some spaghetti uh promises and callbacks. De async/await construct allows us t''spress such logic mo'e succinctly wid mo'e eyeballable and maintainable code. What it is, Mama. Right On!

Dis tuto'ial 'splains JavaScript async/await syntax and semantics wid diagrams and simple 'esamples.”

http, dig dis://nikgrozev. Man. Right On!com/2017/10/01/async-await/

Await and Async Explained wid Diagrams and Examples – Nikolay Grozev

Linux Load Averages: Solving the Mystery

“In 1993, some Linux enginea' found some nonintuitive case wid load averages, and wid some dree-line patch changed dem fo'eva' fum “CPU load averages” t'whut one might call “system load averages.” 'Sup, dudes change included tasks in de uninterruptible state, so's dat load averages reflected demand fo' disk resources and not plum CPUs. ”

A great bit uh research 'splainin' not plum whut “load average” means in general, but how and why Linux load averages are computed differently fum oda' *nix systems.

http, dig dis://

Linux Load Averages, dig dis: Solvin' de Mystery