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Await and Async Explained with Diagrams and Examples – Nikolay Grozev

“Ze async/await syntax in ChafaSchcript ES7 makes it easier to koortinate asynchronous promises. If you need to asynchronously fetch data from multiple databases or APIst in a kertain orter, you kan end up mitt a spaghetti uff promises undt kallbacks. Ze async/await konstruct allows us to express such logic more succinctly mitt more r-r-readable undt maintainable kode.

Zis tutorial explains ChafaSchcript async/await syntax undt semantics mitt diagrams undt simple examples.”

Await undt Async Explained mitt Diagrams undt Examples – Nikolay Grozef

Linux Load Averages: Solving the Mystery

“In 1993, a Linux engineer found a nonintuitife kase mitt load aferages, undt mitt a zree-line patch khanged zem forefer from “CPU load aferages” to vhat ein might kall “system load aferages.” His khange included tasks in ze uninterruptible schtate, so zat load aferages r-r-reflected dement fur disk r-r-resources undt nicht chust KPUs. ”

A great bit uff r-r-research explainingkt nicht chust vhat “load aferage” means in general, but how undt vhy Linux load aferages are komputed differently from ozzer *nix systems.

Linux Load Aferages: Solfingkt ze Meinstery