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Monthly Archives: September 2001

RDP for Unix

I’m a Linux and FreeBSD fan (though I live in a Windows world at work), and I’m always intrigued by unix tools that improve interoperability between unix and Windows. Today I spotted a reference to rdesktop in a discussion about PC Anywhere on a Windows-oriented security mailing list. It lets you use your Windows NT Terminal Server desktop from XWindows. Cool! I don’t use Terminal Server at work, but if I did, this would bring … Continue reading

A Cause for Celebration

Susan and I were married on Saturday, September 22. It was a day that we had waited for and worked towards with great anticipation, sometimes with little patience. We have been very appreciative of the support we’ve gotten from our family and friends. I was going to say something here about the road being long, but the destination being worth it. But really, we haven’t reached our destination yet. Susan and I are just starting … Continue reading

Crawling Toward the Light

The people of our nation are slowly trying to return to some semblance of normalcy. Obviously, though, things will never quite be the same as they were before the attack which occurred a week ago. This was literally a world-changing event, one which will define the beginning of a new era for the global psyche. We almost feel guilty for having a wedding so soon after such a great tragedy. Sometimes we think about the … Continue reading

Morning of Terror

I don’t know if it’s possible to express the soul-wrenching horror that I feel over the events that have occurred this morning — both towers of the World Trade Center down, attacks at the Pentagon and State Department, and a plane down near Pittsburg. And we don’t yet know if there is more to come. Thankfully, my aunt and her family who live in NYC were upstate at the time of the attacks. My stepfather … Continue reading