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A Cause for Celebration

Susan and I were married on Saturday, September 22. It was a day that we had waited for and worked towards with great anticipation, sometimes with little patience. We have been very appreciative of the support we’ve gotten from our family and friends.

I was going to say something here about the road being long, but the destination being worth it. But really, we haven’t reached our destination yet. Susan and I are just starting a new journey. And as the old Chinese proverb says, “The journey is the reward.” We will set and reach many goals, but the journey always continues. It is the things we pass along the way to those goals that create the experiences that make life full.

Sorry about the philosphical diversion there — life-shaping events tend to do that to me. Anyhow, we are very happy about our wedding, and we’re both glad that we were able to do it with the Scottish theme. I’m sure it’s an experience that everyone who attended will remember for years to come. I might have to learn to play the bagpipes myself one of these days 🙂

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