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Monthly Archives: October 2001

Web Authoring with Style

A tip of the hat to Jeffrey Zeldman for his work on a Style Guide for the New York Public Library. There are good tips in there for any web designer. Use XHMTL to structure your document, and CSS to style it.

“Linux Saved Us Millions”

Aha! Another chance to evangalize Linux. Amazon says that migration to a Linux-based technology platform helped them save $17M last quarter (vs 3Q 2000). I’m not a total Linux-bigot who tries to sell everybody on Linux for every problem. I strongly believe in the Right Tool for the Job, and Linux is not always that tool. But I’m glad to see that big companies are stepping out and recognizing that the OS is mature and … Continue reading

Give Me Shelter

Susan and I fired up the computer and started working on our house plans last night. I’m starting to feel like a grown-up. Wait! I don’t wanna grow up! I’m a Toys-R-Us kid! Well, okay. I guess growing up isn’t a Bad Thing. As long as I still get to play with toys.

Cool Tool

Want to find out exactly what happens as your web browser connects to the server? Check out Rex Swain’s HTTP Viewer. That’s pretty darned slick!

Disco Not Quite Dead?

What’s up with this? I can’t decide if it’s cool or not. I like the song (it’s on the Charlie’s Angels soundtrack, BTW). But that dance…. That dance!

New Gunters Design

I’ve recently done a redesign of the Gunters website. It doesn’t degrade as well as I’d like for older browsers (i.e. Netscape 4) — but then, neither does this page. I hope to get enough feedback from my fellow Gunters to finalize the design within a couple of weeks. Update 10/24: I was able to tweak the CSS, so it looks much better in NS4 now. I’ll do the same for this page soon. Update … Continue reading

When it Rains, it Pours

I just heard from another old friend. This time it was Glen Gordon, who was part of the original Gunters back in our college days at Georgia Tech. I had heard from Glen briefly a few years ago, but then he suddenly disappeared again. Now if my pre-college friends and I could just get in touch with Marlowe Daley (last known to be leaving Utah for some place in the New England area, possibly Boston?), … Continue reading

Old Friends

Remember when you were young? Maybe back when you were in junior high or in high school, and you had a close-knit set of friends? The kind of people you knew would be your friends forever? I feel very fortunate that I have a lot of those kinds of friends. Friendships that were formed from middle school all the way up to college. There are some (mostly the college ones) that I still keep in … Continue reading

Wedding Photos

Our photographer, Rebecca, dropped off our wedding photos yesterday. There are some really good pictures in there! We’ll get an online photo gallery going as soon as time allows.