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Old Friends

Remember when you were young? Maybe back when you were in junior high or in high school, and you had a close-knit set of friends? The kind of people you knew would be your friends forever?

I feel very fortunate that I have a lot of those kinds of friends. Friendships that were formed from middle school all the way up to college. There are some (mostly the college ones) that I still keep in touch with on a regular basis. And there are others that I have lost track of through the years.

But today, I saw one of my friends from back in my junior high days. Nick Jordan (who is in the Army and has lived all over the world since our school days) happened to be in the area. And as he apparently has done in the past, he checked the phone book to look for my name. And this time it was finally there. He dropped by my office on his way home today, and we spent all too short a while catching up. And now I have contact information for two other friends from back in those heady days of our youth.

We haven’t kept up with each other over the years as much as we might have liked, but I have always considered these people some of my closest friends. And I still do. I hope everybody out there has friends like that.

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